A Young Witch Meets Her Maker

A Young Witch Meets Her MakerAll beautiful young women believe they have a power over men, but just for that reason it is the man who has power over women to whom they will surrender. Men must struggle to win or create or find that power over the women he desires. As a man loses the simple but powerful lures of youth and looks, he must fall back on his wisdom and experience.My stepdaughter, Sara, was a young woman I had come to desire. I had married her mother, Beth, when Sara was only 11 and her sister Ashley only 9. Beth was 28, a beauty, and a widow, her husband Peter killed in a traffic accident only five years after their marriage. She had struggled as a single mother, until the day she came to work for my firm as a temp.When Beth came into my office that day her simple beauty took my breath away. She was 5’8″, a classic lustrous redhead, white ivory skin and green eyes, and a toned body that gave no hint of the two c***dren she had borne as a teenager. I was 37, single, with my own practice, and I had been thinking about the benefits of a good marriage for some time.I knew from the moment I saw Beth that I would be paying a lot of attention to her work, and even more attention to her, no matter how distracting my work might be at the time. Beth proved to be a godsend, efficient, reliable and very grateful to have found a decent job so soon after she had finished her belated secretarial education. Soon she was on my staff.Beth was a devout and earnest Catholic. She had married as a virgin and had never cheated on her husband, and had still not been with a man since his death. As I got to know her over drinks at work in the weeks after she came to me, I could tell she enjoyed being with a man who was attentive and gave her real respect. Beth opened up to me slowly but surely.I decided to take things carefully with this one. I had always wanted a dutiful, capable and adorable wife, and Beth was showing all the signs of being a woman I could rely on and yet deceive when I had to or wanted to. I never thought marriage would cure my insatiable lust for sweet young cunt, so I wanted to find a wife who really wanted to believe my stories.I paid attention to her and I found excuses to drive her home after our office drinks one night. She didn’t have to be home early that night, her mother was with the k**s, so I suggested dinner. It was so easy to be with Beth, she was so happy to have found me, and I got the feeling that the fact that I was single, successful and serious had not gone unnoticed.Over dinner Beth was hanging on my every word, and as she drank the exquisite wine I ordered for us, she began to open up like a flower. I could see that underneath the serious and responsible woman I had seen so much of lately, there was a sensual being, who loved to laugh and smile, and who knew how to let a man know that she was thinking of him.We couldn’t stay out late, or what I would call late, so by 9pm I was pulling my car up to her driveway.”It’s only early, Bobbie, would you like a coffee? You didn’t get to have one with dinner.”It wasn’t like something sinful when we both knew her mother was in the house, but then again we both knew her mother would be leaving soon. Beth was just being the very well mannered person I knew she was. But there as something in her eye that made me think that I would really enjoy a coffee tonight – since I might not want to go to sleep anyway.”Sure, that would be great.”We went in and, after some pleasantries, her mother mentioned some television show and scooted out the door. The girls were watching television and both nodded vacantly when I was briefly introduced. Beth made the coffee and we started to talk in the kitchen. It was a big house, the one asset of her marriage, but it was not her’s to sell until the girls were 18.She had struggled and as we talked, and as she relaxed more, she told me how very happy she was to be working for me. At 10pm the girls were ordered off to bed and Beth excused herself to tuck them in and say goodnight. She didn’t really give me a chance to leave then, and I guess she could tell I was in no hurry to. It was a Friday night after all.When the girls were in bed Beth returned and suggested we move into the living room and offered me a nightcap. I said yes to a scotch and soda so she made herself one too – a nice touch I thought – and came over to the couch and sat next to me. Our conversation became more personal, and Beth was soon opening up to me more and more. I was having fun.”I suppose I have to admit I am just so lonely now. I haven’t been with another man since I lost Peter, and it’s been hard to feel I had anything to offer a man.”Beth’s innocence and the demands of trying to raise her family alone had kept her single. And her principles had stopped her from thinking about men, but there was a secret that Beth wouldn’t tell me this night, a secret about her life that she had never told anyone. What she was saying now was a mask for what she really knew was making her feel so lonely.”You have so much to offer any man, Beth. I have never known a woman with more to offer a man than you.”Beth looked into my eyes. I could tell that the combination of wine and attention was having a delicious effect on her principles. As she looked at me, small almost imperceptible signals reached me, she tilted her head slightly, her lips were slightly parted, her eyes were dilated. Seeing my opportunity I leaned forward and kissed her. She closed her eyes. She was mine.I didn’t know it, but Beth had decided to give herself to me already. But she was shy and uncertain, so rather than giving me anything, she was just going to let me take her. As I kissed her I pulled her over to me and put my arms around her, passionately pushing my tongue into her mouth, down her throat, feeling her body surrender to me.Sensing her submission I wanted to waste no time in taking what was being given. My hand moved decisively up her dress to her panties. I pulled them down and Beth obeyed my unspoken insistence, lifting her hips so her panties slid easily to her knees. Now my hand returned and she spread her thighs, so my fingers could easily reach her open quim.Beth’s cunt was dripping wet, as I explored her mouth with my tongue two fingers were caressing the soft lips of her slit. Her cunt was puckering and I eased my fingers into her and put my thumb on her clit and rolled in a slow circle while my fingers moved deeper into her warm wet gash. Beth’s cunt was tight and soft, and I felt her squeezing on my fingers.With my free hand I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled my thick hot meat out into the air. Taking Beth’s hand in mine I led it to my cock. Beth wanted to please me this much at least, and her hand closed around the girth of my shaft. I felt Beth’s breathing quicken as she felt how thick my cock was in her hand. In time with my fingers I began to thrust into her grip.I knew Beth was surrendering herself to me. I took my hand from her hot slick hole and puller her panties right off. I got onto my knees between her legs and took my cock in my hand, holding hers tight. I moved the knob of my cock towards the sweet wet slit of her cunt and she broke off the kiss gasping and looking up at me.”Should we Bobbie? Should we?”I put the knob of my cock into the sweet spot of her cunt lips and with her hand helping to guide it into place, I thrust the knob into Beth’s engorged cunt.”Yes!” I said as she gasped. I reached up and took hold of the couch with each hand and using all my strength I thrust my priapic vein-bulging cock deep into Beth’s cunt.”Oh Bobbie! Oh Bobbie! Oh Bobbie!” Gasping at each thrust of my cock deeper into her belly, Beth was lost to the sensation of my thick cock stretching her sweet honey hole. I leaned back on my knees and looked down to where Beth’s soft cunt lips were stretched around the base of my shaft. I took hold of her dress and she sat up to let me take it off.As she leaned back onto the couch I pushed her bra up freeing her gorgeous tits, each topped with a thick pink nipple. Her skin was like alabaster. I leaned forward and took a nipple in my mouth and began to suck. I felt a twitch in Beth’s cunt on my cock as I sucked hard and the stimulus made me drive my cock deeper, thrusting and sucking this luscious redhead.I felt a tremendous control in my cock, lodged deep in Beth’s belly, and her complete compliance with my lust made me feel powerful and deeply horny. I now began a long slow exploration of the pleasures of her body, taking my time, feeling her build and burst into spasming orgasm once, then twice, while I pumped my hard cock into her thrusting cunt.Now I wanted to take possession of this gorgeous conquest, I had Beth kneel on the floor and bend over the couch, while on my knees behind her I eased my bulging purple cock into her tight hot slit and thrust my length deep up along her backbone. Taking hold of her hips I now fucked her for my pleasure, holding her tight so I could control every thrust.I don’t know how it is for other guys, but when I cum I like to just focus on myself for a few moments, just feeling all the wonderful sensations from a girl’s cunt on my cock. I like to hold the girl so tight she can’t move, so I can get it just right, the last five or six thrusts, feeling my cum build up, feeling the girl’s cunt stretching on my knob before I blow.Now I held Beth’s hips in a fierce grip and pushed my cock deep to the hilt into her cunt as she moaned. Holding my cock deep while I felt my orgasm building I made a few short deep hard thrusts, the knob of my cock banging into her cervix and going deeper, stretching her cunt on my glowing knob and then a spasming surge as I let my hot thick cum spurt.That was the first of several fantastic orgasms I had that night. When we had recovered from the desperate fucking I gave Beth on the couch, she took me to bed and we fucked til first light. She was worried about the girls finding me in bed with her in the morning, so I reluctantly got dressed and she showed me to the door, for a long lingering goodbye kiss.My relationship with Beth blossomed after that. That first night she had told me her guilty secret, that she had been taught about masturbation by her best friend at the Catholic girls school she had attended, and from that first awakening, despite all her religious beliefs, she had been making herself cum day and night ever since. She had never even told her husband.Beth had been so riven with guilt in her teenage years she had stayed right away from boys and eventually married a guy from her church. He was as religious as she was and only believed in sex for procreation, so her sexual experience had been small and boring, almost only functional, despite the deep urges she felt and guiltily satisfied all alone.Peter had been a good man with a small dick. Since his death Beth had kept herself happy with a series of toys she kept locked in a metal chest in her closet, safe from her daughters. Feeling guilty and sinful all her life had meant that she had never spoken to her daughters about sex except in the most formal way, desperate not to pass on her godless lust.That first night, while I stretched her, Beth gave herself up to me completely as she orgasmed again and again on my thick cock. She told me all her secrets, all her fears, all her desires and she happily complied with every request, learning to be obedient to me, learning how to use her cunt to heighten my pleasure, learning how to give me what I wanted.Beth had never been with a man anything like me, and when she realised I was genuinely happy about her intense sexuality, she relaxed completely. Soon she was giggling guiltily as she sat on my cock, slowly moving her cunt on me, enjoying for the first time in her life the pleasure of having a big thick hard cock to play with like a dirty schoolgirl.Best of all, Beth was obedient. I could tell that she wanted nothing more than a man to care for and to centre her life around. This was what I wanted in a wife. In bed that night each time I wanted to enter her again, despite the fact she had never had oral sex in her life, Beth sucked my slick cock hard and did her best to take the whole length into her mouth.We were married six months later. I kept my city apartment and moved into Beth’s house. It felt great to have this homey atmosphere around me. The girls were going to be hard to get used to, and Sara seemed to have a resentment against me from the day I moved in. Ashley was totally different, a nice shy girl, who obviously wanted to like me to please Beth.I have absolutely no interest in sex with u******e girls, and even when each girl started to blossom into womanhood, I felt no desire to abuse my position in their lives. My sex life with Beth was amazing, and we spent many hours in her room with the door locked, Beth trying to suppress her moans and squeals of delight if the girls were awake. It was heaven.Both Sara and Ashley went to the same strict Catholic girls school their mother had gone to, and both of them were nice girls, until at about age 16 Sara took a turn towards being a bit weird and got into the whole Goth look when she was at home or going out. She had strict limits on her social life until she was 18, but after that she was able to go a little wild.My relationship with the girls was attentive and affectionate, but I understood Sara’s distance, even if I didn’t like it. Ashley was sweet and shy and very much her mother’s princess. Both girls were redheads like their mother, and both developed the shapely body that had drawn me to Beth. When you live with two gorgeous young women it is impossible not to notice.From the moment Sara got into the Goth scene she started to treat me as a boring old man. I thought of myself as anything but boring, but then I couldn’t tell Sara about the girlfriends I saw in my city apartment to keep the spark in the wonderful sex life I had with her mother. She had always seemed to dislike me, and somehow it made me think about her more.Sara was taller than her mother, about 5’10”, still a little gawky, exactly 128lbs (I knew from constant conversation about her weight), with full firm tits, a 36C cup (I knew from years of shopping with her mother – same size), and a nice round ass. I had taken the occasional opportunity I had to look at her naked. She was a real redhead, redheads are my weakness.The first time I saw her naked after she went Goth, peeking through her half open bathroom door, I noticed she had shaved her bush. She looked like a green-eyed Pre-Raphaelite goddess with an attitude. Since she had left school she had been more rigorous in keeping her privacy, and I didn’t get to see her luscious body again until one remarkable incident.I came home from work one day and Beth and Sara were having a huge argument about something – it wasn’t really unusual by then. I made myself a drink and sat in the livingroom. Suddenly I heard Sara yell, “It is not gross! Mother you are so twisted!” With that she barged into to where I was sitting and looked at me. “I bet Bob won’t think it’s gross or disgusting.””What won’t I find gross and disgusting?” I said, bracing myself for some teenage shock.”This!”And with that she pulled up her T-shirt just as Beth walked in, and revealed her gorgeous tits with golden rings punched through each thick nipple. Leaving her Tee bunched under her chin she took hold of each ring and pulled her luscious tits to a point. I felt my cock jump with this wicked surprise. Sara had never done anything like this before.”Sara don’t try to embarrass your father.””Come on Bobbie don’t you like my tits pierced? Doesn’t that get you hard?””Sara!” Beth said with all her motherly authority. “Stop it!”Sara wiggled her tits once more for me then pulled her top down, giving me an aggressive and dismissive look – the look of a girl who thinks she is wanted but is in control. I kept my mouth sensibly shut while she walked out of the room in a huff. I exchanged looks with Beth, who was looking at me with a curious smile. It must have been obvious I liked the viewing.Beth walked over and stood my me. I let my hand, cold from my drink, wander up her inner leg. As instructed, she wasn’t wearing panties – she was never to wear panties in the house – and I felt her luscious slit wet and hot. I slid one finger into her hot cunt. With a smile she pushed my hand down and went upstairs, our little signal that she wanted me.Sara had stormed out to her room over the garage, on the internet now no doubt, with music blaring. Ashley was no doubt sound asleep, so she could be up at 6:00 for a five mile run. Beth and I shut the door and the hardness I had felt from seeing Sara’s gorgeous pierced tits was translated into her mother’s groans and clenching orgasms as I satisfied my wife.It wasn’t long after that incident that I saw Sara’s door open and her computer on. There was a chat box flashing on the screen – yahoo messenger – and I saw Sara’s ID was “gothgoddessoflove”. Sara was in her bathroom with the door shut and I just had time to wander in to check out what she was doing before I heard the toilet flush and I ducked out.I had immediately hit on the idea of using this information to find out a little bit more about my mysterious, and apparently horny stepdaughter. I had a study downstairs now in Sara’s old bedroom. I kept papers there I wanted to keep confidential, so there was a good lock on the door and the family knew they had to knock to gain admittance.I had spent a few too many fun hours chatting on the net, pretending to be all kinds of males chasing all kinds of females, and I had experienced the power of the technology. I already had a yahoo messenger ID, so tonight I made up an identity, “WitchmakerSocrates”. I surfed a little and found an appropriately august graphic for my identity, and finished my profile.I was deliberately mysterious and I wove the general knowledge I had acquired in my life about witchcraft and wicca into my grandiloquent self-description. I typed Sara’s identity and pulled up her profile. It carried a very hot pic of her in nothing but I thin white robe, with her hair hanging loose and her makeup making her look like a Gothic virgin queen.The details Sara had on her profile were accurate. She türkçe bahis was learning the ways of energy to become a wicca witch, she told the world, and wanted to find others who felt the energy of nature and could share in her learning and experience. She described herself accurately as 19 and said she was still looking for the right man of power to bring her into the charmed life.I guessed with a profile like that she would be very popular. I hit the “goto” command and found myself in a BDSM room. I watched the elaborate and pompous pronouncements of the people who take this kind of thing seriously on the net. I am a rationalist, and my interest in wicca extended no further than what it would take to gain a new insight into Sara’s mind.I clicked on Sara’s ID.”Greetings Goddess. I have been looking at your picture. You are very pleasing.””Greetings Socrates” she replied. “I am glad I please you. You are a witchmaker?””Yes. Your profile interested me. Do you have a master to instruct you?””No. I have only started learning and so far I haven’t felt drawn to any master.””I have a sense about you Goddess.””You think you have a connection with me? Why would you think that so soon?””Yes. I know about you. I know you feel lost and in need of guidance.””I don’t feel lost. I seek guidance but I don’t believe I am lost.””You have no man to guide you in your life. You have no man you respect in your life.””Well yes. You are right about that. My father died.””Every young woman seeking to connect with the energy of life needs a man to open her to the deepest forces.””There is no man like that in my life, you’re right. My stepfather has no idea about me. I hate him. He has totally taken control of my mother.””Have you ever been with a man? I don’t think you have.””You think I should tell you these things without knowing anything about you?””You want to tell me. You know you want to tell me. You are a virgin aren’t you?””Well yes I am. Only because I want to be. How could you tell that?””You more or less say so on your profile. You can be very powerful as a virgin, but you can never be a witch. You don’t understand the most powerful forces in life.””I know that. I haven’t met any man yet who made me feel the way I want to feel.””You are beautiful. Has no man ever asked you to take his seed?””Well yes. I guess I don’t feel ready yet.””You are ready Goddess. Don’t you want to feel the power of a man’s seed inside you.””I do, but I am a little scared of it. I had a bad experience when I was younger.””Tell me what happenned.””It wasn’t anything too terrible I guess. But the first night my stepfather went out with my mother, I was 11, and I woke up and heard these weird noises. So I got up and went downstairs and I saw him fucking my mother. I was really innocent at the time. I was completely shocked by it, and scared, but I kept watching.”The memory of that night came flooding back to me.”Did it make you scared of sex?””Well I stood and watched for like a long time. And his cock was just huge and red, and the tip of it looked like the tip of the Devil’s tail, and he was pushing it into my mother really hard and she sounded like it hurt her, but she kept letting him do it. And then I have this really vivid memory, he started fucking her doggie style, really hard.”My cock was pushing against my pants with the recollection of that amazing night.”And I thought he was really angry with my mom and I didn’t know what to do. Then he must have cum cause they relaxed and then my mom reached back to him and told him that she loved him. That really shocked me, and they were moving so I rushed back to bed and never told anyone about it. But then that night I touched myself for the first time.””You had your first orgasm that night?””Yeah. I just touched myself and when I touched myself my clit got hard and I kept going and the orgasm just came on me. And since then I have felt really guilty – like I wanted to have sex with the Devil. That was what got me interested in witchcraft. I wanted to find out if I could stop the feelings that night gave me. I feel so wicked all the time.””Do you bring yourself to orgasm thinking about that night?””Yes. All the time. I really hate my stepfather for that. I have never been able to get him out of my mind, and he totally controls my mother. I used to hear them fucking all the time, so I made them let me come out and live over the garage. And I got given a Catholic education, which made me feel worse, and I have been trying to find some other way to deal with it.””Haven’t you ever wanted to have sex?””I can’t. Every time I dream about sex, I dream about my stepfather fucking me with that huge cock and me telling him that I love him and then I see my mother watching me, and she is masturbating. I can’t get those ideas out of my head. Some boys have tried to get me into sex, but as soon as they try to touch my clit, I can’t handle it.””You need to confront this and overcome it. Do you want to find a master who can help you control your fear and move on?””Yes I do, but so far none of the Masters who have contacted me have made much sense to me. It’s like they want me to commit to them without even knowing them.””I think you know that I connect with you. Do you want to open yourself to that connection?””I want to be open.”We talked for hours into the night, only metres apart in real life, with Beth asleep upstairs. As she opened up to me, I used what I knew about her to heighten the sense of a fated connection. She was much more timid than I had expected, nothing like the brash, self-confident persona she showed her parents. I had to be patient and careful.I tested her and talked to her and did my best to maintain an apparent knowledge of the elemental forces Sara wanted to conjure up. At four in the morning I told her that I wanted to get to bed before the sun came up – a silly thing to say, but she accepted it solemnly. She went to bed with a promise to be online at the same time the next night. I clambered up the stairs.My wife had learned to cope with my long hours and high sex drive. When I crawled into bed behind her with my cock still hard from my conversation with her daughter, she was asleep, naked and on her side. I took some lube from the bedside table, applied it freely to my knob, then onto her luscious cunt, and eased my knob into her. Beth woke up, “Oh Bobbie!”The next morning I told Beth I was working at home. She went to work taking Ashley to school and soon after Sara left for college without any farewell. I waited half an hour then went over to Sara’s upstairs dungeon of a room. My search was diligent and careful and soon I found a bound book hidden under a chest of drawers. Now I had this girl in my power.I spent the next two hours reading Sara’s journal, making notes that would help me in my evolving plan. The fact that Sara was a virgin had come as a complete surprise to me, and the sexuality she had spoken of, so intense and uncontrolled, just like her mother, had put the idea in my head that maybe it was me who needed to free her of her guilty innocence.At 9:00 that night I went into my study, saying I had a lot of work. At 10:00 I saw Sara come online and immediately renewed our conversation. Using what I had learned in her room, I was soon able to make Sara believe we really did have a deep connection. I was able to predict the outcomes of her stories, and I could tell she was slowly falling under my spell.After three nights of this, Sara agreed to fall under the power of her first master, and I began my slow and tantalising instruction. I had spent a hours online and in the city library researching wicca and witchcraft in general, I even got out Sara’s birth certificate and paid good money to have a detailed astrological chart prepared. She was fascinated by my insight.I began to suggest spells that she might use to make her life better. I suggested a spell for wealth, and then told Beth I thought we should increase Sara’s allowance and buy her a new car for her birthday. Of course, I had Beth tell Sara all this, and watched with real pleasure as Sara’s face lit up with wonder and joy at this apparent magic, at my apparent power.My knowledge came at a price. I was her master and I need to exert my authority. I had her agree that when she was ready or when I demanded, I would be the one to take her virginity. Then I told her I wanted to see all of her body, and the next day I heard Sara sweetening up Beth and working around to the request for a digital camera.So regularly was Sara online by 10:00 each night she never would have made the connection that I was always alone in my study by that time. As time passed I became more demanding. First I wanted pictures of her naked, after some time and research, I had her sending pics to me of her cunt spread open with a jinsing root eased a few inches into her tight virgin hole.The idea of using Halloween as the night of nights for my Sara dawned on me when Beth asked if I was going to be able to come to a party we had been invited to. I hesitated, and the idea flashed into my mind. “No,” I finally said, “I have a men only function at the club, for men who have lost the spirit of All Saint’s Eve.” Beth knew better than to question me.I had four weeks to pull off my plan, but first I had to have a plan, and I spent some luscious hours fucking my wife while letting my mind wander on the subject of exactly how I was going to fuck her daughter. When I had all the details clear in my mind, I told Sara, “gothgoddessoflove” that the time had come for her to submit her body to mine.Sara is an intelligent girl, and I was surprised at how suggestible she was, but I had excellent information, and after a while I had relaxed with my power over her. I knew she would do it. Over the next weeks I gave her instructions on how to prepare herself and her dungeon bedroom for her sacrifice to Eros. I had to spend my seed in her – at midnight, of course.I instructed her to let her pubic hair grow out and then have it all waxed off the day before Halloween. She was to fast from the midnight before our assignation, she was to bathe in a bath tinged with special oils, she was to douche both her cunt and her ass with pure water, she was to wear no make-up. Over the days I thought up a lot of fun ideas and instructed her.On Halloween night, Beth and Ashley were going to leave early for a family party at a friend’s place on the other side of town. They were going as fairies, in tutus, and as they paraded for me I found myself looking longingly at Ashley’s sweet round ass. Then I noticed how even now her mother’s ass looked good in tights – my lust had kept her firm and young.As always before she went out at night alone, Beth came over and whispered in my ear that she wanted to say goodbye and walked up to her room. This was a little ritual I had introduced to keep her good and make her happy. Women love to think that their husbands are still jealous of their bodies and their physical needs. I still loved to fuck Beth.I followed her up to her room. Beth didn’t go out without me very often, and I enjoyed the sensuality of this part of the discipline I imposed on my wife. I went into the room and closed the door. Beth was leaning against the foot of the bend with one hand, her other hand down her tights. I stood behind her and dropped my pants and pulled my cock out of my briefs.I pulled her tights and thong down to her knees. I could see her finger sliding into her wet cunt as she got herself ready for me. I pulled the cheeks of her ass apart and put my hard cock between her legs. Beth took my shaft in her hand and guided my knob into her pretty cunt and I thrust deep into this woman I knew so well. Tonight she was an appetiser.Beth and I shared a deep love of a good fuck. While she liked romance, she also loved it that I still enjoyed a quick a****listic fuck to empty my balls and pump a load into her belly. While I stood behind her holding her hips and fucking her deep, Beth tickled her clit and squeezed tight on my cock. She had been looking forward to this all day.Beth was so deeply orgasmic she could cum almost as soon as my cock was inside her, but she was a good wife and knew the feeling of my cock swelling ready to blow. When she knew I was ready Beth let her orgasm come, pushing back hard onto the base of my cock. As I felt her cunt clenching on me I thrust deep and felt my seed burst into her spasms.When we recovered I pulled my cock out of Beth’s fluttering quim and she pulled up her tights with her cunt dripping cum. That was the way I liked her to go out into the world, and most mornings and any night she went out alone, Beth would have my wad inside her, and a recent memory of the feeling of my cock swelling and pushing and throbbing inside her.Soon Beth and Ashley were on their way to the party. I knew they would stay there until well past midnight, so I would be unlikely to be disturbed. Sara had rolled her eyes with horror when Beth had invited her to the party, and I knew that she was deeply involved in following my directions for the night. Over the weeks I had watched her preparing herself for me.I put on a tuxedo and went out to back yard and climbed the stairs to Sara’s door, they were metal and my leather shoes were noisy. I knocked on the door and tried to open it. It was locked with music blaring. I knocked again and eventually Sara opened the door – not enough to let me in – and stood looking at me both nervous and apparently annoyed.”I just came to tell you I was leaving. Your mom has already gone. I won’t be back til late.””Like I care. Try not to wake me up when you get home.””Have you got any plans? I thought you would be out tonight.””You don’t know anything about me Bob. Have a nice night with the suits.”She shut the door and the music ramped up again. It was just 9:00pm. I had told Sara to be ready for me at 11:00, so I had two hours to complete my preparations. I got in the car and drove three miles to the motel where I had booked a room. I checked in and took my costume from the trunk and went up to shower and change. I had gone to some trouble for tonight.My costume was a laced leather vest and leather pants with a laced leather codpiece. I had a tight fitting black leather mask with a goat’s head mask to go over that. To complete the cover I wanted for myself I had a long black cloak. In a bag I had the implements of what I had planned as a ritual of sacrifice. Sara didn’t know all the details yet – I had some surprises.I had learned some Latin at college and I had made up a few ritual sounding chants to use during my performance. While it wasn’t in any way imbued with magical powers, I had also brought along a thick hard dildo, 12 inches long and a good thickness and weight. I checked myself out in the mirror then had a couple of drinks to settle myself. I was on schedule.I took the goat’s head mask off to make my way to my car and drove back to a park that was a hundred yards down my street. At ten to eleven I got out of my car and walked quickly down the street to our house, and silently slipped into our yard. I had rubber soled boots on so my footfall could not be heard. Our house was dark. I carefully climbed the stairs.I tried Sara’s door and found it open. I waited for the chimes of the clock I had ordered Sara to purchase to sound eleven. When the first chime sounded I opened the door and slipped inside. The room was more tidy than it had ever been before. Sara was lying in the middle of her bed, covered by a white sheet, with a black blindfold covering her eyes.One candle burned by her bed and there was a chant from the Tibetan Book of the Dead murmuring low from her stereo. Incense filled the air. The windows were blacked out and there was very little light. I was well disguised and Sara was blindfolded, but I wanted to make sure there was no chance of her realising my true identity. She had obeyed exactly.I carefully shut the door and let the bolt off slowly, deftly (I had practiced this) so there was no sound. I walked over to Sara’s bed. She was beautifully calm, obviously committed to this ritual and her quest for the powers of nature. Without putting down my bag I took hold of the sheet and pulled it down off Sara’s body. She stayed perfectly still. Now it would begin.I had instructed Sara that she must not speak or move during the ritual, that she must surrender her body to mine, for me to take from her the freshness of her virgin spirit, and for her to earn the knowledge that I would pump into her body with my precious semen. I was in complete control. I set down my bag on the bed, and took out its contents.I had a bottle of almond oil, a birch switch, tarot cards, some silk ties, a bottle of red ink, a Chinese calligraphy brush and, of course, my dildo. Sara was laying out in front of me now, naked and blindfold, her body moving evenly with her breathing, her two pierced nipples hard and thick from the chill in the air, her gorgeous mound bare, her pink cunt lips peeking out.I had told Sara the ritual involved repeating certain chants a certain number of times while we shared energy at the centres of her bodily energy. This would give me the flexibility to make it up as I went along – and as things progressed. I had told her there would be one major channel of that energy for the ritual, and I knelt beside her and undid my codspiece.My cock was hot and hard and thick. I took her hand from the bed and clasped it around the thick base of my meat. I saw Sara’s lips part as she felt my cock for the first time. She remained still and I took my hand away. I started a repetitious low chant under my breath, barely audible in my pig Latin and I poured oil into her belly button. It ran down her belly.I put my fingers into the oil in Sara’s belly button and then ran them lightly over the parted lips of her mouth, letting my finger slip in. Tasting the sweet almond oil Sara, started to suck on my finger and I repeated my chant a few times while this most modest penetration sent a little shiver down to my cock. I noticed Sara’s grip tighten on my cock.I took my fingers out and then with both hands I dipped my fingers in the oil and took hold of both of her erect nipples, anointing them with oil, then squeezing them, güvenilir bahis siteleri tugging slightly on the rings which pierced the sensitive flesh. As I chanted a new chant I squeezed her nipples and played. Her breathing quickened and I saw glistening dew on her bare cunt lips.After a little time I stopped chanting and let go of her now red nubs and poured some oil into the palm of my hand. With oil dripping onto her belly through my fingers I moved my hand down to her cunt and simply cupped her whole mons in my hand, covering her with oil. I began to rub against her clit with the palm of my hand and I heard Sara gasp with pleasure.I slipped one finger into her cunt, so tight, so tight, and began another chant, fingering her slowly and deeply in the rhythm of my meaningless murmuring. I slowly built up the rhythm and as Sara’s gorgeously tight cunt opened up I slid another finger into the tight rim of muscle and began to push them deeper into her cunt in time with my monotonous chant.Sara was u*********sly stroking me with her hand on my cock as my fingers probed her cunt. I poured oil onto the knob and shaft of my cock and it ran down to Sara’s fingers. The lubrication meant her hand started to work along the length of my shaft, and for a little while I fingered her while she beat me off, my cock getting harder and thicker and slicker.During all of this I took my time, spending long slow minutes in each part of the impromptu ritual I was performing. I had an hour to spend enjoying Sara’s body before I was time for me to empty my balls into her womb, and I wanted her to be aching for the hard bone of my cock when I finally eased it into her to take her maidenhead and cast my spell upon her.Finally I stopped the chant and slowly removed my fingers from Sara’s hot honey pot. I took her hand away from my cock and stood up. Sara didn’t move, but her chest was heaving now as she sucked in air and her whole body seemed to be almost electric in the soft candle glow. I stood at the end of the bed, pulled Sara’s legs apart and got on my knees between them.My cock was hard and thick and glistening with oil, Sara’s cunt was open and puckered from my fingers, slick with oil and her juices. I leaned forward and put my knob into her tight ring then into her cunt, watching her cunt lips stretch over the thick rim of my knob, swallowing it. Her cunt was not completely open, a vestige of hymen impeded my deeper entry.I fell forward onto my hands and arching my back I said one quick little chant and then thrust my cock deep into Sara’s divine cunt. She gave a little cry and I felt her legs spread wider as my cock thrust deep up into her heavenly soft wet cunt. I forgot about rituals now and put my elbows on either side of her head and just began to rut, thrusting my cock up her.I could feel the silky lining of Sara’s cunt stretching on my hot bone. She was wet and soon I was drawing my cock fully out of her on each stroke then pushing the knob into her tight cunt again and thrusting deep up into her belly, my knob banging into her cervix. She was moaning now as I pumped her. I just kept up a steady rhythm, exploring her with my cock.How can a man adequately describe the bliss of feeling a virgin’s cunt hot and wet on his cock? What delicious glee I felt at having this girl who had disdained me for so long now submitting to my every desire. I knew that if things went to plan, this was going to be the first time of many times I took my pleasure from my beautiful, haughty stepdaughter.The easy fuck I had with Beth before she left gave me total control now that I had my cock in her daughter’s sweet hole. There was no way Sara could know that my cock was still covered in her mother’s secretions but the secret thrill I felt made my skin even more sensitive to the soft folds of flesh rippling against the rim of my knob as I thrust.Sara was now spread open for me, her legs wide, knees a little bent, her arms spread wide, her fingers clutching the covers as she braced to take the hard deep thrusts as I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her body. She really was beautiful in this light, and I was taking a deep pleasure in the visions of what I had planned for Sara in the future.Gradually I noticed Sara was instinctively arching her back and pushing her cunt back onto my cock on each thrust. I started to thrust even harder into her, grinding my mound into her clit, I had thought she would cum quickly, and now her urgency was obviously building to a big climax. Sara begin to squeal on each thrust, her whole body now pushing onto my bone.I pushed my cock as deep as it could go in this position and felt Sara’s lust as she pushed her cunt onto my shaft. As she came she let out a deep moan and I thrust hard into each spasm of her cunt as it gripped the base of my cock. I wasn’t anywhere near orgasm yet so I could relax and enjoy the sensation. The first time a girl cums on a man’s cock is a wonderful moment.My thrusts into Sara’s clenching cunt were prolonging her orgasm, and she kept pushing onto my cock, now her mouth was open and she was letting out a little “Oh! Oh! Oh!” with each spasm of her orgasm, then she moaned again and began to build and I realised her first orgasm was going to turn into her first multiple orgasm on a man’s cock. I pushed into it.Sara’s cunt clenched on my meat again and again. I kept my cock deep inside her thrusting deeper and deeper and her orgasm slowly abated. She had not said a word but she had been noisy and now was silent again. As her hips sank back into the bed I pulled my cock completely out of her hypersensitive cunt and then pushed it back in. She gasped.I continued my slow, careful exploration and domination of Sara’s organ of pleasure with my cock. Now she was so wet, my cock slipped deep up into her belly easily, her cunt now soft and yielding to my hard hot knob. Sara was learning that her being satisfied was not the end or even the purpose of our meeting. I was going to use her cunt til midnight then cum.Time now drifted as I lost myself in the pleasure of my knob stretching Sara’s divine cunt, feeling her responding as I changed the rhythm of my strokes or simply held my cock as deep inside her as I could push it, so she could feel my pulse beating inside her body. I wanted her to feel that I was using her cunt for my pleasure, without regard to her own.I had a lot of plans for Sara by now and this demonstration of domination was part of them. I wanted her to remember exactly how my cock felt inside her that night for the rest of her life. I wanted her to think I had performed this ritual opening many times with many virgins, and while she was so compliant, I wanted to have something to remind her of in the future.Two more times the steady rhythm of my fucking brought Sara to orgasm, her cunt now totally moulded to the shape of my cock, her moans and squeals of pleasure more and more unrestrained, the feeling of power coursing through my body grew stronger every time this girl lost herself in the pleasure of my cock inside her. She was her mother’s daughter.After enough time, I hoped, for Sara to begin to feel my cock as though it was part of her own body, the first chime of midnight struck. I now lifted up onto my knees with Sara’s legs over my thighs, I leaned forward and pushed off Sara’s blindfold so she could see the randy old goat with his cock deep inside her, and I took hold of her hips and started to fuck her hard.Now as the chimes continued, my thrusts began to race them to the point of midnight. Holding Sara tight, I rammed my cock deep up her to feel the sensitive base of my cock hard against the rim of her cunt, and as I thrust I let my orgasm build, I felt my knob swell and as the last chime struck I drove my cock into Sara’s cunt and a jet of hot semen burst inside her.Sara’s eyes at first had blinked in even the candle’s light, but now she stared wide-eyed at the pagan figure with his thick organ deep inside her, her mouth came open in almost shock, and her moaning became more urgent as she felt my cock swelling inside her until again she had her eyes shut tight as her cunt spasmed uncontrollably while I emptied my balls into her. During the hour I had spent taking Sara’s virginity, I had almost forgotten the ritual pretext I had used to take this amazing adventure. As my cock spasmed and my spurting cum made Sara gasp in shock, I remembered a little Latin chant and intoned it in a whisper as I felt the hot knob of my cock, so sensitive after I cum, still pushed hard into her cum-soaked quim.When the throbbing of my cock had totally subsided I slowly pulled my still tumescent cock out of Sara’s now widely stretched cunt lips and got back up to my knees. I then said the one word I had decided I had to say out loud to live out my fantasy that night with Sara. With my cock hanging hard and dripping in front of me, I stood up and commanded her, “Kneel!”Sara was totally spread open across the bed from the hour long fucking I had given her. Her cunt lips were puckered and deep magenta, her legs were wide apart, her body aching from the pounding I had just given her. Slowly she moved and rolled over and got up onto her knees on the bed, facing away from me. I got back onto the bed and retied her blindfold.Now I took a black silk tie I had brought, pulled her hands behind her and tied them at the wrist. She was on her knees, her firm round ass on her heels, she looked amazing, her hair wild now, her cunt hidden in shadow, her tits pert and full. She was breathing hard, and before she had turned around she had seen the dildo and the birch switch on the bed.I was as horny as any man would be after planning such a wicked adventure for weeks. My cock was still hard and I now moved onto the bed in front of her, on my knees too. Sara was tall and supple. I put one hand behind her neck and pulled her face down to my cock, with her hands tied behind her she was bent at the waist down to the level of my groin.Sara knew what I wanted and as her mouth reached the tip of my knob she opened her mouth. I knew from our online talks that Sara had never sucked cock before, and I was surprised again at how accepting she was of this total sexual domination. As I thought about it I pushed the knob of my cock into her mouth and she started to suck it softly. It focussed my mind.I once again started a little chant in Latin. As I pushed my cock into Sara’s warm mouth and felt her tongue exploring the tip of my knob, I felt my cock getting harder again, I wanted this one to be quick and merciless. As my boner came back to full size I pushed my knob along the roof of Sara’s mouth and I put my other hand on the back of her head.Feeling my orgasm building in my balls already, I enjoyed the feeling of Sara sucking on my cock, licking it, probably thinking that was the idea in sucking cock. I was going to teach her something different and without any warning I thrust my cock deep into her throat. Sara gagged a little, but then we both learned together that she could give deep throat.I could feel my knob lodged against Sara’s soft pallet but she wasn’t gagging, I could feel the muscles of her throat swallowing quickly, but she could take my whole cock and I felt her lips on the base. I had found only a handful of girls who could or would do this in my life, and I imagine Sara was making a special effort to deal with her masters demands. I was ecstatic.The sensation of having my whole cock sucked and Sara’s throat contracting on my knob was amazing. I held my cock deep and she kept sucking, her tongue pushing along the ridge on the bottom of my cock. Thrusting just three or four times, I was there, and I felt and heard Sara snorting in air through her nose as my knob swelled in her throat and then spurted cum.I had forgotten all about the chanting and I think Sara had too. I held my cock where it had been and the shuddering of my cock slowed and stopped. I felt Sara swallowing my wad and then she was sucking on my cock, sucking the last few drops of my precious seed into her body. She really seemed to be enjoying it – sucking and licking while my cock pulsed.Slowly I eased my cock out of her mouth and moved off the bed. Sara raised herself upright from her waist, still on her knees, waiting for what might come next. As I needed some time to recuperate before the final penetrations I had planned, I took up the calligraphy brush and red ink. I had put in a little bit of effort and learned four basic Chinese figures.Going back to the chanting, I now very slowly I wrote the figure for “I” on Sara’s right breast. Then I meticulously and slowly wrote the figure for “love” on her left breast. I continued my chanting. I moved around behind her and slowly wrote the figure for “young” on the left cheek of her lovely round ass. Finally I moved to the right cheek and wrote “virgins”.This process was elaborate and slow, giving my system time to build up for the finale. For more time I now kneeled behind Sara, still holding herself upright and obedient on her knees, her butt pushing out. Again I filled my palm with oil and then slid my hand under Sara’s butt to her soft wet quivering cunt lips and rubbed my whole hand over her cunt.With her cunt now again lubricated I began to caress Sara’s cunt with my fingertips, running them along the soft lips, around her hard clit, and then dabbling a little where her now stretched cunt lips opened to the chill air. I love fingering tight young cunt, and the sensation I had as my fingers slid again into this orgasmic young pupil went straight to my cock.For the next ten minutes I slowly and gently probed and explored Sara’s sweet honey cunt, fingering her then caressing her clit. Holding her hands still tied behind her for leverage I was soon pushing three fingers deep up into her, enjoying the feeling of her stretching quim almost as much as I did on my cock, and then I tickled her clit til once again she orgasmed.Now my cock was half hard again. To get it thick and stiff again I moved back in front of Sara and once again pulled her head down to my cock. I hardly had to pull, she seemed to be hungry for it, and again she took the full shaft into her soft suckling mouth. Her tongue worked on my shaft as she sucked and soon I had a rigid boner in her mouth.I pulled her up from my glistening cock and went back behind her. Pushing her forward so her ass came up, I once again pushed my engorged red pole into the soft folds of her cunt, but this was for inspiration only and while my cock was nicely lodged in Sara’s now welcoming cunt I slid one finger slowly into the puckered hole of her ass. I heard a rush of breath.As I moved one finger slowly in and out of her ass, gradually getting deeper and deeper, I could feel her tight hole being to relax and dilate. Sara arched her back and pushed her cunt back onto my cock. When her ass was nicely lubed I eased my cock out of her yearning cunt and took hold of it, putting the tip into her puckered ass I pushed the thick knob into her.Sara gasped but accepted the pain. My cock was slick with her juice and now I eased the long shaft up into her ass, feeling the tight ring squeezing all the way along my shaft. I was impressed by how Sara was taking it, and her ass felt sensational on my cock, and I felt Sara slowly moving her ass on my thick bone like she had moved her cunt on me before.I was pulling her onto my cock by her hands as well, I must admit, taking a few moments just to enjoy the sheer pleasure of Sara’s wonderful hole. In my plans Sara would soon discover the true identity of the man who now had his hard cock deep in her ass like a second backbone. I wanted her to remember just how much I had enjoyed it – how I had used her.What was most wonderful was that Sara was naturally a sensational fuck. She had already relaxed onto the thick pole inside her and was now squeezing her ass tight on my cock and fucking on me. It was time for the final penetration I had planned. I reached down and grabbed the dildo in my left hand and guiding it with my right, I put the knob into her cunt.I reached up and took hold of her shoulder with my right hand and then, without any warning, I pushed the dildo deep up into Sara’s wet hot open cunt, pulling her down onto my cock and the dildo as I did. Sara tried to pull up off the hard penetrating rubber, but her cunt was sopping with our juices, and I felt the dildo pushing against my cock in her ass.Now I held her tight and pushed the dildo deeper til my fist was up against her clit and I began to fuck into her ass and cunt, dildo and cock working in rhythm. With her hands behind her back Sara was helpless, her mouth was open, she was panting as the two pistons worked deep into her belly. Now her ass was dilated and I was fucking into her hard.Sara was made for this, she used her weight to push down onto the thrusts of my cock and my dildo and I ground my hand against her hard clit. Then she started to push down hard onto the dildo and my hand and her moans made it clear she was about to orgasm again. As I felt the throb of her spasms in her ass clenched tight on my cock and I lost it and shot my wad.The thrust of my cumming stroke pushed her forward but I held her tight and held my cock deep as each spasm sent more hot cum into her ass. Sara was still spasming from her own crazed climax. I was happy now. When she found out who had done this with her she would no longer be able to think there was anything boring or predictable about me.As I was enjoying the final spasms of our mutual pleasure, I heard Beth’s car pulling into the driveway. There was very little chance anyone would come to her room at this time, but it was one of the risks I had calculated. I had instructed Sara to black out the room. I heard Beth and Ashley chatting about the party as they got out of the car, and they went inside.The little rush of adrenalin had made my cock begin to shrink, so I eased it out of Sara’s ass, now pink from the fucking, but I left the dildo deep in her cunt. Now, kneeling behind her, I took the birch switch in my hand and gave Sara a hard cut across her pretty butt. She gasped. I had hit her hard, but not so hard as to break the skin. Now I took hold of the dildo as well.Holding her still with the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri dildo deep in her cunt, I proceeded to give Sara 12 more cuts across her behind. When she pulled away she pushed herself deeper onto the dildo. I wasn’t hitting her hard but it was hard enough to hurt. I gave a little chant as I did it, but I thought Sara would have realised pretty much from the start that the ritual was cover for a good fuck.Finally when I had put down the switch and the dildo, I moved to Sara’s front and carefully removed her nipple rings. She hadn’t expected this, the idea had only just occurred to me. She remained obedient and did not speak. I had big plans for those tits, but the mask I was wearing made using my mouth a pleasure I would have to delay with Sara.Now for the second and last time I spoke, in a portentous stage whisper to cover my voice, I commanded her, “Prostrate yourself!”I went to the tiny bathroom we had built-in when Sara moved out here, and I washed my cock and balls under a tap. In the light coming through the bathroom window I saw that there was a tube of expensive skin cream on the sill. I had given both Sara’s tight holes a good fucking and the cream felt good on my cock. As I rubbed it in I felt my cock still stirring with lust.When I was finished my cock felt smooth and tingled from something in the cream. “Something I will have to try again,” I thought. As I walked out of the bathroom I was about to do up my codpiece when I saw the vision of Sara laying out in the candlelight, her perfect round ass raised, her legs spread, her cunt lips a deep magenta from her first fucking.She was prostrate, but still wide awake, waiting for what was to happen next. It had been my intention to take off but now the sight of her had my cock standing tall again. The tingling of the cream and the sight of this luscious body was too good to ignore. I got on the bed behind her, covered my smooth cock in almond oil, and eased the head into Sara’s hot cunt.I was on my knees straddling her ass, my cock deep up in her from the first stroke. Still obedient, Sara said nothing but let out a little gasp as my cock pushed deeper into her. I reached forward and took hold of her shoulders and just started to go for a good old fashioned ride on this spirited new mount I had discovered. There was no pretence of ritual.I was just a horny man having one for the road. Sara’s cunt was still wet, and when I pushed hard to get deeper into her she lifted her hips to let my knob sink deeper, so the thick base of my cock was now pushed into her cunt lips, I could feel my knob pushing past her cervix, deeper than I had been all night. I did not want this to be a long interlude.I moved my hands to Sara’s hips and pulling her back onto my cock I kept it deep and let hard little thrusts push her mound against my pubic bone while I felt the soft folds of her cunt stretch again on my hot tingling cock. I held her tight and enjoyed this last fuck for the night, for now, pushing into her on a steady rhythm and feeling her pushing back.I wanted her to cum so I kept pushing deeper and deeper on the rhythm as she set it with her backward thrusting hips and I felt her getting faster and faster and when her gasping breaths indicated she was going to cum I let go of control over the orgasm building in my balls and as I felt her cunt squeeze hard on me I let it go and again pumped hot semen into her.It was a lovely fuck. It was time for me to get out of there. Now was not the time I wanted her to discover who I really was under this mask. I stood up, laced up my codpiece, packed my bag and finally took a parchment envelope out of my bag and left it on the bed by Sara’s feet. I packed my things and her nipple rings into my bag, walked to the door and left.As I stepped out into the street I had to restrain myself from running I was so thrilled with having performed this amazing plot to perfection. Being stopped by a cop was the last thing I needed now. I made it to my car and cruised off at a steady speed to my motel. By that time I was roaring with laughter at the deliciously effective deception, and it was going to get better.I knew that by now Sara would have found the envelope. She would have opened it and read this instruction, “You now have my seed inside you and my powers will grow inside you like seed if you nurture them. You must cast your first spell of power. Before the cock crows you must make the man who is now your mother’s your own. Take his power with his seed.”This was either going to be the masterstroke or the great blunder. Either she would make what seemed an obvious connection and realise the truth, or her desire for her secret world to be real would blind her to what might otherwise be apparent. I am a student of the desire to believe, and the way Sara had abandoned herself to me made me think she was a believer.It was now about 1:30. According to the witchcraft manuals, if there isn’t a cock in your backyard, cockcrow is first light, when you can still see the stars. I had looked up the charts (Sara had them in her room) and first light today was at 5:36am. Adrenalin was coursing through my veins when, back in my tuxedo and after a couple of stiff drinks, I went home.As I pulled into the driveway I killed my lights. The house and Sara’s room seemed to be in darkness. I got out of my car and walked into the kitchen. When I got there I realised there was a light on in the dining room and music was playing low. I put down my keys and put my head in, Sara was sitting on a chair, in a satin robe, free of Goth makeup, she looked great.”Hey Sara. Can’t sleep?””Hello Daddy. Did you have a good party?””‘Daddy’? You haven’t called me that in a long, long time. What’s up? Did you crash the car?””No silly. I was just thinking I was maybe being too nasty to you lately. I was thinking that tonight.””And that thought kept you awake? Sara, I’m touched.””Well I know I am a bitch to you sometimes…””Yeah, sometimes.””… but I do really like you. And I like it that you make Mommie happy – and you make her very happy.””Well I like making her happy Sara. I would love to make you happy if I just knew how.””Well, could I talk to you? Could I talk to you in private about something personal without you telling Mom?””Sara, I know you have to trust someone to speak to them openly. I keep confidences for a living, and if you want to talk to me in confidence, no one else will ever know.””Well, could I talk to you now? I can’t sleep with thinking about it.””Okay, sure. I’ve had a few drinks but I’m cogent.””Could we talk somewhere private? I don’t want Mom walking in on this.””Well we can go into my study if you like.”I got my keys and we walked down to my study. My study was large and comfortable, and I had spent the money to have it soundproofed against lawnmowers outside and the catfights inside. It was comfortable, I hit some switches on my desk and lights and music came on and we sat on one of my few luxuries, a leather couch large enough for even me to sleep on.As Sara sat down I noticed something different in her manner. She was a witch now, and she had taken some control of her demeanour, she was intending to cast a spell on me at the direction of her master, and she wanted to succeed. What I liked was the confident way she was going about it. She was going to seduce her mother’s husband without a scruple.I knew she would have opened the erotic spell book I had instructed her to buy some time ago. I knew what spells and rituals she would have already undertaken in the hour since I left her. I knew she would have showered thoroughly, anointed her nipples and clit with jinsing cream to make them tingle, and I noticed she had a phallic charm on a chain around her neck.”Daddy, I have to tell you something.””What is it?” I mimed a look of parental concern.”Daddy, will you promise not to be angry?””Of course Sara. What is it you have to tell me?””Daddy, a long time ago, when you first met Mom, one night, I woke up and came downstairs and saw you having sex.””Oh.” I said. I didn’t want to say or do anything to put her off her scheme.”Don’t worry! I was shocked at first, but I didn’t mind. I liked it really.””You did?””Yes. That night was the first night I ever touched myself. Mommie looked so happy with you that night. It had a big effect on me.””And?””Well, I have never forgotten that night. I know how much Mom loves having sex with you, and it’s just, I have had problems, and I need some advice.””What problems.””Well you probably think I have been having sex for years, but I haven’t. I always feel like I wouldn’t enjoy it. I always say no. And it’s because of you.”I looked at her. I wanted her to do all the work.”Are you angry at me for saying that?””No Sara. But what do you want me to tell you?””Well, it’s not really advice. It’s just an idea I have.””What idea?”Now Sara moved towards me on the couch and leaned closer, looking into my eyes. “Daddy, I don’t want to have sex with anyone but you.””What? You want to have sex with me?””Yes Daddy. I want you to do what you do with Mom with me. I want it so bad.”Now Sara took hold of my right hand and pulled it towards her, pushing it down between her legs and under her robe and nightie. She spread her legs and pushed my fingers against her hot wet cunt. This was beautiful. Her cunt was hot and wet, still open from the fucking I had given her only an hour before. I went with it and let one finger slip into her hot quim.”Fuck me Daddy! Please fuck me!”I worked my fingers in Sara’s delectable soft cunt.”What about your mother? What if she finds out.””I will never tell her. I promise. Please Daddy just once, let me feel what you do to her.”Sara reached out with both hands and undid my fly and pulled my cock out into the air. Without hesitation she leaned down with my fingers still working her cunt and took my cock in her mouth. Her experience had already shown her she gave great head, and now she was going to use it to make me lose control. She thrust her head down onto my cock and sucked.I let her work her newfound magic on my knob for a while, enjoying the now familiar soft folds of her cunt on my fingers. I was hard already with the excitement and expectation but I probably only had one good fuck left in me tonight. I was in complete control and thrilled with the success of the second stage of my plan. Sara gave really great head.My plan was working, it filled me with a sense of certain power, and after all that planning I was going to relax and enjoy it. Sara probably thought I would be careful and reluctant, scared my wife might find out, ready to cum in a moment. I was going to show her I wasn’t. I put my hand behind her neck and pushed my knob deep into her throat til she gagged.Sara lifted her head from my lap, but that wasn’t what I wanted. “Come on Sara. I want to fuck your mouth.” I pushed her head down again and she obediently took my cock in my mouth. I pushed my cock deep again and held it there for a few minutes while Sara sucked on my cock and used her tongue on my shaft. I was planning on having her suck me every day.I decided I may as well take the bait in this little game. With two fingers in her cunt, I pulled Sara towards me. She was on her knees with my hand between her legs and took her mouth off my cock and moved over to straddle me. While I held my cock upright with one hand Sara positioned herself over me and then eased her cunt down onto my cock.She was still stretched open and my cock eased deep into her while she began to push down in a rhythm on my cock. No doubt she had expected I would spasm at the first touch of her cunt, but I had other plans. While she moved on my cock I pulled off her robe and pulled her nightie over her head so she was naked, her lustrous body served up to me again.The mask I had worn to her room stopped me from using my mouth, and this was my opportunity to make up for that. I leaned forward and took her right nipple in my mouth and started to suckle on it hard, sucking hard and thrusting up into her cunt with my cock, I could feel the thrill go through her body from her nipple to her cunt as I sucked and bit her.For a while I just enjoyed myself sucking her tits hard, sucking them into my mouth and flicking the nipple with my tongue or just sucking hard, demanding and deep. Sara’s cunt felt divine on my cock again, and I could feel she was enjoying it, casting a spell or not, Sara had learned to love a thick cock in her cunt. She was moaning and gasping as I gorged.I took my mouth away from her nipples.”Do you like the feel of my cock in your cunt Sara?” I asked. Now I could talk.”Yes Daddy! Yes! Fuck me Daddy!””I want you to cum on me Sara. Let me feel you squeeze your cunt on me.”Sara had fucked in total silence the first time. Now she was going to learn some new tricks.”Squeeze your cunt on me baby.” I said to her, again and again.I felt Sara squeezing her cunt tight on each downward stroke on my cock. She was a natural, and she was enjoying this. We were in synch, but I was in control, enjoying the feeling of her working for my pleasure, enjoying how easily I had been able to take control. I wanted Sara to feel how a man can take control once a girl lets him fuck her.”Cum for me Sara.” I said to her sternly. “I want to feel you cum on me. Tell me you will cum for me.””I’ll cum for you Daddy.” Sara moaned as she felt my cock thrust deep.This was as I hoped. Now she started to fuck down on me harder, taking control, working her cunt on me deep, pushing her clit down onto my bone, while I kept pushing my cock up into her. In only a few strokes this naturally gifted girl was moaning and thrusting as the desire to cum crowded out the other things she had on her mind. Girls always lose control when they cum.”Don’t fake it Sara! Don’t fake it! I want to feel your cunt spasm on my cock!”Sara was lost in it now.”Are you gonna cum for me babe?” I demanded, intruding my presence into her orgasm.”Yes! Yes! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”I felt Sara thrust down on me again and again like she had been fucking for years, as I just kept my cock pushing up into her. I felt her thrusts build and then she pushed hard and I felt her tight cunt clenching on my shaft like a fist. I thrust up into her orgasm and she moaned and fucked on me, she was totally out of control, but I was not.Sara probably thought that feeling her cum on my cock would make me shoot, but that was not my plan. When her spasms had subsided I took her shoulders and pushed her down onto the couch, letting my cock slip out of her as she moved. As she looked at me I put my head down between her knees and put my mouth over her cunt and let my tongue slip in.Sara’s cunt was so soft and open and hot, and the feeling of my tongue on her stretched cunt made her sigh with pleasure. Now I began to suck and lick her clit and she leaned back and spread her legs wider as she felt the soft suckle on her clit for the first time. I held her legs against each side of my head and kissed her cunt like it was her tongue, probing inside her.I love eating cunt, which is a great attribute to have if you want girls to let you do it. I really love waxed bare cunt, so silky smooth, and as I felt Sara spread her legs open I pushed my tongue deep into her cunt, pushing the hard tip deep, the thickness of my tongue against the soft skin inside her. I wanted her to learn from my boring persona the joys of cunnilingus.I brought my lips up to Sara’s clit and began to suck it and flick it at the same time. This immediately made her flinch with a shock of pleasure and I kept working on her love button until five minutes later she was again telling me she was cumming, pulling my head against her cunt and pushing down on the one finger I slipped into her to feel her spasms.Now I moved up her body until my cock was again at her hot sweet slit. I put my knob into the stretched rim of her whole and then leaned down and kissed her for the first time. As my tongue pushed into her mouth my cock thrust into her cunt, and I began to tongue her mouth and fuck her cunt in one motion, making her feel this double penetration.I let my control slip and began to work my cock in Sara’s cunt building up to a final throbbing hiatus of my wicked adventure with Sara. I put my hands underneath Sara’s ass now, still kissing her, holding her ass in my hands, I could fuck into her cunt as hard as if it had been my own fist. Focussed on my pleasure I took control of Sara’s body and fucked her.Sara’s legs were now up in the air, I pushed into her cunt and building up over the last few strokes I thrust deep into Sara and let my last load erupt into her. The whole thing happenned with my tongue down her throat and when my spasms stopped I broke off the kiss and took gulps of air while keeping my tingling cock deep and still in Sara’s honey pouch.”Thank you Daddy.” Sarah was breathing hard too.I pushed myself up on my hands and off her and gently eased my cock out of the clinging soft lining of Sara’s crimson cunt. I still had my tuxedo on, now a crumpled ruin. I sat back on the couch and Sara came up to me and kissed me. “Thank you Daddy. I wanted that so much. I won’t ever tell Mommy what we did tonight. I promise.”Sara obviously thought she was in control of this event. She thought I was going to be guilty and overcome with gratitude at this wonderfully easy one-time-only fuck. I had other plans, but now was not the time to reveal them. Everything I had planned had worked tonight, and now I had only to see if my estimations of Sara’s reactions would be accurate.I stood up and took off my jacket and did up my trousers and fly. “I have to go to bed now Daddy.” Sara said.”Okay Sara. I really enjoyed having you tonight. You are a wonderful fuck.””So are you.””Let me walk you to your door.””Okay,” she said. Sara obviously was now trying to demonstrate disconnection, that the event was over and now past. We walked timidly down the hall together, out the kitchen and up the stairs to her door. She turned to me and pushed up on her toes to kiss me on the cheek – as if nothing had happenned – she was still my innocent stepdaughter. It made me smile.She turned and opened the door.”One more thing Sara.””What Daddy?””Trick or treat?” I asked happily.Sara was surprised, she must have thought I was going to do something lame.”Treat.” She said, holding her hand out.”Happy Halloween!” I said, dropping her interlocked nipple rings into her hand, I smiled into her incredulous face then turned on the stair and walked back into the house.

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