Abby T-Girl #1

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Abby T-Girl #1Abby T-Girl #1Follow up to Abby T-GirlIt had been 2 weeks since Abby’s family formed. The men spent the days at Hudson’s farm making repairs and making plans for enlarging the house. Abby had got recommended hormones and injections. Her sperm count and seminal fluids had increased and an additional d**g was guaranteed to make her actually lactate. She and Little Al were in the city when she ran into Sadie. They hadn’t seen each other in 6 years. “This is my son, Al”, Abby said. Sadie gave him a look saying, “well girl thing, you have been busy”! Sadie invited them to her house so they could chat and catch up.Abby told Al that Sadie was “just like her” and that he could be his self around her. She told Sadie that she also had 2 husbands, she replied “you whore” and laughed. Abby laughed telling her that she had forgotten what “horny” felt like! Today she just felt happily satisfied. She saw Al looking bored. She told Sadie to “watch this” and winked, “Al, Honey….I forgot… I’m sorry, come here”. Sadie watched Al sit beside her as she lifted her dress. Sadie gasped as he laid his head on her thigh and she covered him. “Is he”, Sadie asked? Abby smiled saying “Nursing? Yes he is”. She giggled, “he’s just sucking. It’s too early to feed him. I’m just giving him a pacifier”. Sadie replied “Ohhhh girl, I envy you”! Sadie watched in amazement as Abby lifted her dress to let her see Al’s face plastered against her, half covered inside her pantie leg opening before she recovered him. More minutes passed as they chatted, Abby said “Stop that Al, it’s too early… I’ll feed you when we get home”. Sadie said “what”? Abby grinned replying that he wanted her to “milk”. Sadie screwed her face up, Abby mouthed “cum”. Sadie snickered “give it to him”. Abby giggled “Hush! My men spoil him enough letting him nurse when ever he wants! They walk by and just pull my dress up, the next thing I know, I got lips locking”. “You Mean Ole Mother, not feeding him”, Sadie said. Abby waged a “no” finger at her! “I’m on hormone boost now making more “milk” for him and he drains me”, she added.They chatted another 15 minutes with Sadie giving her hand signals to cum. Abby grinned “no”. Sadie reached under her own dress, pulled her cock out and began jerking it. Abby watched her cock growing. In a minute, Sadie stretched her pantie gusset down, then shot her cum inside! Adjusting her panties into place, she smiled at Abby who mouthed “Damn you”! Abby said, “Al, Baby boy..Here and don’t take it all, leave some for later”. Abby leaned back and smiled as Al sucked the cum out of her. For 3 minutes, she lay still then said “that’s enough Baby. Let it go….We have to get home, OK”? In 30 seconds, Al was uncovering his self. He sat beside Abby a minute saying “Thanks”, then kissed her cheek and walked away. “Damn girl, I’d kill to be you”, Sadie whispered. Abbey smiled saying “Girl, it’s nice!…Now I have to go home and both my men will fuck me once before dinner and at least once each before they go to bed”.Three weeks had passed, Abby was at her doctor. He measured her cock at 1.5 inches long and almost a ½ wide. He told her that it was as small as it would get, the extra hormones had reduced it. Her ball sack was essentially gone, her frontal view resembled a hairy bulging vagina. Her cock literally disappeared beneath her hair. She had gained a cup and a ½ in her bust and with very little massaging, she lactated. A colon check was normal with the exception that she was prolapsed. She smiled saying, “I know. My men love it”! He laughed replying, “get you a bikini and show off those hips”! She arrived home, Hudson was in the shower. He came out to find her standing nude, he screamed loudly! He ran to her, she stopped him! She grasp her breast, squeezed them until milk squirted out her nipples! It trailed down her torso in a steady flow. He screamed again! She squatted down, opened her legs wide and he saw no cock and gasped! Standing she kissed him, he said “you’re all girl now”! He fondled her crotch, she said, “it’s still there. More nipple than cock. The only time it’s a cock is when I’m fucked”.“Gary and I decided that we will suck you less and let Al have your cock/nipple. He seems to love doing it”, Hudson spoke. “Thank you. I love you sucking me and I’m sure I make enough for all, but I do so very much enjoy nursing him, Abby replied. “Has he tried to fuck you yet”, He asked? She told him “no” but she was more than ready! Hudson spun her around, thrust his cock into and fucked a nut into her as they stood! He kissed her neck from behind saying, “I love you, Abby”. When his cum flow stopped, she turned saying, “yes Hudson, I love you more”! An hour later, Gary came in. She was sitting in a casual, red dress without panties. He walked over, kissed her saying, “I see your hairy cunt woman”! She giggled as he pushed her over, climbed over her and thrust his cock into her! “Mmmmmm, Hudson warmed you up for me”, he said. She rolled her hips up, offering him a straight shot to stroke deep into her saying “I know how you like your pussy! You want it ready for you! Wet and open”! He rammed and slammed into her saying, we’re not wearing you out are we”? Abby giggled replying, “I’m your woman, you can’t wear me out”. Gary groaned as his cum fizzed into her! Like compressed foam, he blew cum until he slumped saying “this fucking pussy is going to kill me”! Abby laughed softly. Hudson walked in saying, “Damn Bro! Did she pussy whip you again”? Gary climbed off her grinning “Hell yeah”! Abby got up saying she needed to shower before Al came home.It was 45 minutes when Hudson laughed, “here he comes, walking fast” as Al approached. He came in the door, “there’s my boy”, Abby said. She was sitting in a lounging robe. He rushed over as she put her heels on her seat, opening her thighs. Al’s head went between them and in seconds he mumbled “Mmmmmm Mama”! Gary said “already”? Abby giggled, “flowing like a faucet”. They all could hear Al slurping and sucking loudly, Hudson said, “you’re really making a lot now”! She giggled, “I’d burst if he didn’t take it! I continually make it now and love it”! Al mumbled, “mummmmm..Mmmmmm…Mmmmmmm”. “Gary giggled “how much will you give him”? Abby snickered “Shut up Gary! When he’s had enough, he will stop. Until then, I’ll feed my boy”. Some 15 minutes later, Al released her, sat beside her, and hugged her, she said “did you get enough”? He smiled, “yes Mama”. She kissed his cheek saying “OK Baby boy, you know Mama’s got it for you”. Al left to get a shower, Hudson grinned, Gary giggled “Cow”! Abby winked at Hudson, then pulled out a tit! She squeezed it and squirted milk! Gary gasped “when did it start”, as he rushed to suck her! She giggled, “actually about a week ago, but it’s at full flow now”! Gary gulped and swallowed saying “Shit”! Abby laughed. When Al came out, Hudson told him to take Abby shopping tomorrow, he replied “yes, Sir”! Gary snickered “Sir, Hell he don’t call me Sir”!They had shopped, bought many new clothes and under wear. In the car Al asked her if he was sucking bornova escort her too much? Abby told him absolutely not! That actually she produced so much that at 3 hrs she got uncomfortable. That her joy was to have his lips on her nipple because when he took it, it was a nipple! She felt like a mother feeding her c***d and he only , made her feel that way! She held his hand saying, “Allen, you’re my son”. He smiled, she said “one more thing! If the time comes..that you need to fuck me…you can…. you don’t have to, but if you need to, I am here for all your needs, OK”? Al smirked and hugged her! He squeezed her tightly she said, “careful Honey. You didn’t know but Mama has actual milk in those breast now”! He squeezed one softly and her blouse soaked through, he screamed “wow”! She laughed, “give me on of those new blouses, I can’t walk around with a wet mark”. They stopped at a “KFC” for lunch and Al saw his friend Brett checking them out, he told her. Abby glanced telling him that he was trying to glance her legs, Al grinned. In a second he said, “flash your panties at him”. She giggled, “you really want me to?..I’ll do it”? He winked and she popped a quick “accidental” crotch flash to him. A few seconds later, he was at their table and Al invited him to sit.Al told him that Abby was his stepmom and that he lived with her now. They AL chatted until she excused herself to go freshen up before they left. Brett told Al that Abbey was a fucking MILF! That he should be getting some of her! Al laughed saying that he knew but, she was off limits for him. Brett said “not me”! Quickly thinking, Al told him that he couldn’t get to her because she had recently miscarried, had surgery and couldn’t fuck! Brett told him that he would hit that ass hole! Al grinned, “yeah, her old man was wearing it out and her tits were still full of milk even though she lost the c***d” Brett replied, they did look full but, he’d hit her! Abby was walking back toward them, Brett said, “Hell yeah, I’d hit that ass in a New York minute”! They all chatted more, then they left. In their car again, Al told her that Brett wanted to fuck her. Abby smiled, “do you want him to?.. I’ll make it happen for you.. We can work it out because Mama makes her boy happy”. They were still parked as Al laid his head in her lap. Abby giggled as he sucked her.For the next 2 weeks, Brett and Al talked daily. Brett tried t get an invite, Al delayed it until the men would be out of town over night. Brett finally got his invite and Abby had made a plan. Brett and Al were sitting after Al’s ears had been filled about Brett wanting to fuck Abby. Abbey came in a little Black Dress, thigh top stockings and heels, supposedly to have been in an county meeting. She came in the door taking off her heels and complaining that her feet hurt. She chatted for a minute, then fixed herself a fake mixed drink and sat beside Al. She sat chatting, sipping, laughing with them until her drink was gone. She got up to mix another and flashed her red panties at Brett. They sat, she sipped it down and left them to change. “Dude! Red Panties”, Brett said! Al laughed, “Man! Get out from under her dress. Told you can’t fuck her”! Brett said, “can’t fuck her cunt! But I can fuck her”! Abbey came back out in a knee length, house lounge robe and bare legged. She held a Baby Aspirin in her hand, popped it her mouth saying my feet still hurt. Al said, “pain pills and alcohol, Mama? She replied, “I’m home son, You’ll take care of me”. Brett quickly said “Ms Abbey, I would have massaged your feet”. Al grinned, she said “oh you dear boy. Would you”? And slid her foot into his lap! Brett grasp one and massaged it, “oh god, that feels good! Don’t know why my son didn’t think of it”. Al moved beside Brett across from her and took her other foot, she moaned “oh yes, boys! Feels better”! She slouched placing her head against the back rest and chatted. In five minutes, Brett was gently sliding her foot to the side opening her thighs. Al elbowed him and grinned whispering “ quit trying to see her pussy”! They both viewed her plump red V and saw hair peeping around her leg openings. About that time, Al reached into his pocket saying “cell vibrated”.He answered it dropping her foot, He stood making a fake conversation. Abby said, “move over here Brett and let me turn on my side”. Al walked away talking as he moved. He sat, Abby turned to face the back of the couch with her feet in his lap. Her robe fell covering her ass inches below he cheeks. Al came back, resumed his seat as Brett massaged and leaned trying to peer under her robe. Al wiggled a “no” finger at him, Brett mouthed “shit”! Al hung up his cell saying “Mama, I’ve got to go arm Gary’s home security, I’ll be right back”. Abby mumbled “OK”. Al whispered to Brett “Dude, really…. don’t bang my mom while I’m gone. Seriously, you know she’s recovering from surgery”. “I won’t touch her”, Brett lied. Al went out the door, made the sounds of running down the steps and turned to look in the window. Brett already had her robe pulled back exposing her red panties. Al watched as he massaged her ankles, up her legs, then her thighs to rub her ass cheeks. His hands fondled her cheeks, then slid under her pantie. Softly and slowly, he d**g a leg opening into the crease of her ass, then rubbed her bare skin. In a minute, he had it twisted to expose both cheeks through her leg opening. He slowly traced a finger, down her anal cleft. Several times, he did this, then he wet his finger in his mouth and traced again sinking deeper into her crease. Over and over, he wet a finger and traced until her cheeks glistened with spittle.Al saw him free his cock and stroke it! In a minute it was hard. Brett slowly slid her feet off him, crept to his knees behind her ass which hung at the edge of her seat and he wet his cock! Easing his cock glans against her, he slid it along her ass crack. Back and forth, he d**g it slow as he pressed inward. When he touched her ass hole, he stopped then pushed forward. Al knew he was sinking into her! In seconds, he saw Brett making slow gentle shoves as he fucked her. It didn’t take long before he saw Brett freeze! In another minute, he slowly backed, his cock fell out of Abby and his cum squirted out of her like foam! Brett seemed to be looking for something to wipe her with? Finding nothing, he sank his face in her and licked her clean. He soon sat in place with her feet in his lap, panties in place and resting. Al gave him 5 minutes then faked running up the steps. He came in, Brett said, “she’s sleeping! It was all I could stand to be civil but I didn’t touch her! But one of these days, I’ll try”! Al grinned, “Thanks Man!.. I mean she’s my mom..Hell, she might let you, but I don’t need to know”. They talked a minute, then Brett left. Abbey sat up, giggled “did you see me get fucked? He shot his cum like he was taking a piss”! Al walked over, on his knees he hugged her. Her tits dribbled milk on his chest. Al pulled them out and sucked them hard saying “wow! It’s real milk”! She replied, “yes escort bornova it is! It lacks many nutrients, but it’s milk Baby”. He dropped and raised her thighs saying, “I still like this “milk” more”! He suckled her cock, she replied, “and I love giving you all you can get out of me, Baby”. He stopped sucking long enough to say, “I’m going to suck you all night”. She giggled, “Oh Baby, please do! I want to really know how much I can put out! Make Mama sore, make me a milk factory, if you can”! Al pulled her up running to the bedroom.She was laying center of the bed, legs spread comfortable as Al sucked her. It had already been an hour since he had started and she was still flowing cum into his mouth. Her whole body was draining! Her tit’s were solidly dripping milk soaking the bed around her. Abby was in ecstasy, in sexual frenzy! “Drink Baby…Drink!…I love feeding you!…. I love you!….. I’m all woman for you!…I’ll be every woman for you!… Mother, Lover or even a whore for you”. Al released her streaming cock, crawled up her torso and sucked her dripping tits. “Yes my Baby, feed off your Mama”, she whispered “no one makes me more woman than you do! I wish I could have your babies. I would if I could”!Al reached back, grabbed her thighs and folded them back! Abby felt his cock slid through her hairy bush, she cried “oh My Baby..You’re going to do it!..You’re going to fuck me”? Al grunted and pushed! His cock slid into her loose, cum filled hole easily. Abby shuddered head to toe saying, “yes, my Darling! Be my Man!… I’ve wanted this so very long!..Fuck me! Make me YOUR Pussy!…Mama isn’t here now! Your woman is”!…Al thrust into her! He pummeled her! Pounding hard against her! That’s the way! Fuck your woman!…Get it!…Let your male b**st out!… Do it, Mr Allen!…Break your Bitch in!…Show me no mercy”! Al was raging into her! Her words made his body burn with lust! His cock vomited cum into her! Abby screamed “Breed me! Knock me up please”! Al roared like a lion as his cum blasted into her! “ohhh Al!…I’m cumming!..You’ve done it!..You’ve made me cum”! Al felt her relax as she completely passed out!Abby woke an hour later. Al had kissed her awake. She tongue swirled him then smiled saying “I have 2 husbands that claim me…Allen, YOU are the husband that ..has.. me”! He smiled as he crawled down her torso, locked on her cock saying “and your son”! Abby giggled, “yes, Baby boy”!The next morning they talked. Al told her that he had drained her lower nipple for nearly 6 hours through the night. She replied that she had fell asleep and didn’t know if it continued? He told it that it never stopped and asked how did she feel? She replied “Marvelous, not even sore! Completely rejuvenated”! She asked if his first experience with her pussy was good? Al told her it was better than great and he would have her often! Abby spun around, happily hugging herself, she told him that she honestly didn’t know since she was being fucked so much. Allen smiled at her forcing her down on the couch. Abby smiled and giggled as he raised her legs and thrust his cock in her saying “since you mentioned it”. They fucked furiously for 10 minutes, then he felt her spasm around his cock! Seconds later her felt her splash against his stomach, he kissed her! “Was that a good one”, he asked? She grinned, “they can make me cum, but they can’t make me shoot like that! That really is new for me! My husband, my boy, I love them..But I “am” in Love with you”! Al kissed her and let his cum spurt into her! He laid on her talking, saying that he wanted to see her fucked more often! See her flash, flirt and seduce. He wanted to flaunt her! She told him she would to! That he made her feel like the woman she wanted to be! Nice, naughty and down right nasty! She made him lift off her. She smiled as she bent her thighs against her chest saying, “Push your hand in me”! Al slid in, she said “make a fist”. He did, she said “punch it in and out”. She smiled at him saying, “Baby, I have all the pussy for every and any need you see fit for me to use it”! Minutes later, Al was punching his fist into her, she said “having fun” and laughed loudly! The men arrived later and Abby was all “wife” again. They each hurriedly fucked her, twice! Abby said “you two missed me”? They grinned! In private, she told Hudson that Al fucked her. He told her that it was about time and kissed her!Two days later, Abbey sat with her thighs wide as Al nursed on her. She saw an approaching truck saying, “let it go Baby. I think Brett has unexpectedly shown up”. He snickered and hid down the hall. Brett came in, she told him that Al wasn’t there but she expected him soon. He sat, chatted while attempting to peep under her dress. She got to get her cell, bent picking it up giving him a high view from behind. In her reach, she “accidentally” knocked it to the floor. As if without thinking, she reacted and quickly tried to catch it! Her bare ass came immediately into his full view. Pink cheeks and what appeared to be lower hairy vagina flashed for a few seconds. She sat, appeared to be texting, then said “Al texted he will be here in 20 minutes”. Brett sat breathing hard, she said “Brett, the other night when you were here, did anyone stop by”? He answered “no”. She smiled saying, “then you fucked me. I know Al didn’t, he wouldn’t..You had too! I woke full of cum”. He sheepishly replied “I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist it”. She smiled telling him that it was OK but no one had ever find about it. He smiled “Thanks”. She said, “want some more? It will have to be my ass again, I have issue’s”. She moved beside him on her knees telling him she would keep watch out the window for Al. Brett was behind her instantly, wetting his cock with spit! He thrust into her and rapidly stroked her! Al watched from the hall. “Ms Abby, I swear this is better than pussy! I’ll take this anytime I can get it”! She giggled “I’ll remember that”! Al saw him slump over back and swirl his hips. Abby felt him pulse cum into her! He straightened up hissing “whewwwww”! He eased back and saw her ass cheeks dribble cum. She sat across from him and smiled. Brett stood saying, “Tell Al, I’ll catch him next time. I’ll leave and it’s the perfect excuse to come back”! He was out the door in a minute! Al walked in, she said “did you enjoy it Baby? Mama gave some pussy away”? Al dropped on his knees, lifted her thighs and probed his tongue into her messy ass hole. Cleaning her, he immediately sucked her cock again. Abby caressed his head saying “naughty boy, cleaning Mama’s pussy”. Al moaned, then rapidly thrust his fist into her loose, ass hole! Abby said, “yes Baby! Fuck Mama”! He punch fist her, while she giggled. They soon left, drove to where Hudson was mending fence. Al got out saying “I brought you something as Abby stepped out. Hudson smiled “you must have read my mind! You brought exactly what I need”! He bent Abby over the hood of the car and thrust into her. He fucked her 10 minutes, came deep inside her, then stepped away saying “that will hold me until dinner”. bornova escort bayan They drove to Gary as she giggled. Stopping, Al said “surprise”! Gary rushed to the car, opened the door as Abby laid back. Pressing her feet against the roof, Gary long stroked her. He took his time, slow and deep. Al watched her upturned ass cheeks and his cock sinking in and out. He would pull completely outside, then sink in slowly allowing her sunken ass hole to stretch in Al’s view. Her exposed ass hole was frothy white with churned cum until Gary grunted. He stroked as he came. Shooting cum outside, then inside Abby. Done, he climbed off as she laid with cum trailing out of her red ass bud. They drove away and when they were out of his sight, Al pulled the car over. Abby crawled over the seat into the back giggling “come get it”. They were laughing as he thrust into her. Al fucked her a quick 5 minutes before he dumped his load into her. Two hours later, the men walked into Abby in a robe with Al covered nursing on her. She said, “dinner is ready, help yourself”. Gary replied “I see somebody started without us”. She snickered “hush Gary! Growing boys need their “milk”! Hudson said, “I’ll take some of your upper low fat milk later”. Abby giggled.She crawled into bed with Al later. As she laid down, he saw her breast hanging, red and discolored with her nipples swollen and stretched. He said, “they are loving your milk”. She smiled, crawled into his chest raising her thighs. Al sucked her nipples, caught one as he slid his hand under her and pressed his fist into her ass hole. He sucked and pushed his hand deep until his elbow was folded against against her ass bud. He thought, 18 measured inches to the fold and wondered how much could she actually take? They woke the next morning, his head against her chest, his arm still inside her. Al smiled at her asking “how much can you take” as he wiggled his arm? She blushed red replying “who’s asking? My Baby Boy or Al”? He replied “both”. She groaned “well Damn. My Baby Boy doesn’t want to know”! He grinned “Al does”! She covered her face saying, “your whole arm”. He giggled, “how do you know”? She smirked, “You really don’t want to know”. They had showered and dressed, ate breakfast and he was still asking. The men left, she said “Charger” and giggled. Al thought for minute, then said “Gary’s Palomino”? She snickered “I took him for ride..or several”. Al shouted “Whoa”! Abby laughed “Gary has idea’s that Hudson never imagined”.“Let’s go to Gary’s”, Al asked? Abby replied “no, Gary’s there”! Al frowned, she said “OK, let me change. I know what you’re thinking but I’m not sure if I can pull this off”? Abby changed into an Indigo Blue Denim Jumper, grabbed a towel and 4 apples. Gary met them when they arrived. He saw the apples, snickered saying “Charger” is in the barn stall. Gary held Al in conversation as she went inside. In 5 minutes, Abby came out as Charger ran circling the corral. Gary said, “he’s hyper from the apples” and walked toward the corral. Al stood, watched them chat a second then Abby walked up giggling. As she stood, he looked to the ground as she dripped massive clumps of yellowish cum. He opened her door and behind it, she literally released a quart of pudding thick cum for more than a minute! She grabbed the towel, stuck it under her jumper and sat down saying “satisfied”? He chuckled, she said, “back to the house, I have to shower and change”.Later, they drove to Brett’s. Abby wore a casual summer frock. Inside with Brett, he gave Al and “off the wall” reason for stopping by. Al told him that he had to use his bathroom and hoped had air freshener. The minute the door closed, Brett had Abby bent over plowing into her! “You came ready”, he grinned. She told him that she lubed up in hope they had a chance. In 5 minutes, Brett dumped 2 loads into her slick ass cunt. They sat as Al came out saying “that took a load off me”! They laughed as Brett replied, “I know the feeling”!Back in the car she asked “where are we going”? Al snickered “Rest Stop on Hwy 49”. She laughed “Oh my goodness! It’s only a quick rest spot for truckers! You’re going to whore me, aren’t you”? Al smiled, wickedly! The truck parking was nearly full. They parked, went to the concession area and came to sit at a picnic table. “I can feel the eye’s on me”, she said. Al told her to cross her legs several times as they munched. Several drivers, stepped out as if inspecting their trucks. In a minute, Al said “gap them”. Abby grinned, “you’re going to get me fucked to piece’s”! The men began gathering in small groups, talking and looking their way. Opening her legs wide as Al helped her stand, they walked toward the restrooms, looked around as he shuffled her into the Men’s side. They were in a stall when they heard men entering. In a minute, they saw a cock come through a crude glory hole. Al kissed Abby as he lifted her dress and pressed her back into it. He felt her body gently rock against him as the guy thrust into her. “Guy’s there is a good piece in here” a voice said! “Hurry the fuck up, Man”, another voice replied! Al felt Abby rocking fast against him, he said “he’s close”. She grinned, “he’s there! Throwing cum right now”! The guy slid out, another cock sank into her groaning “Fuck”! Al grinned, Abby giggled as that cock rapidly flew inside her! She said, “he’s really getting it”. Al smiled, she said “and there he goes! He’s shooting….He’s pouring, must have been on the road too long”! That cock slid out, another replaced it. It slammed in, a voice said “you’re soaked! Let me clean you up some”. Al felt her tremble as she said, “he’s eating me…His tongue is scr****g me out…Damn he’s good”! The cock slammed back into her! Abby collapsed against Al, he said “yes my Darling, let him have it! Give him that pussy”!For the next hour, cocks came and went. Abby was thoroughly fucked as Al kissed her making love her, ignoring the pounding her pussy was getting. He asked, “had enough”? She smiled replying, “my Love. I’ve only had enough when you decide”. They had moved away from the hole when a voice said “hey”. They turned to see a thick, black cock with it’s mushroom dripping. Abby grinned, took a squat and emptied some cum. Al kissed her, pressing her backward into it. The man thrust deep and hard causing Abby to gasp loudly! He stroked into her, ramming so hard that the stall wall shook! Al slid down, sucked her cock and she literally sprayed cum into his mouth, with each thrust of the black cock! Abby leaned over Al head, giving the cock a direct line into her. She whispered “Oh my god Al, he’s knocking the cum out of me”! He grabbed her hips holding her up as she slumped on him. The man thrust harder until they could hear the doors of other stalls began to rattle! The man rammed, stop moving and shouted “Mother Fuckerrrrrr”!Al looked at Abby’s hairy crotch and saw cum wads, dripping on the underside of the black cock! Abby pushed Al back just as piss jetted from her crotch! Second later, the man said “Shit”! Al saw his cock lurch then deep yellow piss blasted into Abby! She whispered, “he’s pissing in me. Come kiss me, Love”. Al locked lips, swirled tongue as the man douched her. The man hissed, breathed and hissed again as his flow continued. When his piss flow ended, he slipped out. A loud, wet, splashing sound echoed as Abby purged herself.

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