Accidental Affairs: The Grocery Store.

Accidental Affairs: The Grocery Store.A burst of lust took control of me as I reached out and groped her breasts only to suddenly awake with my eyes clenched shut tightly as I tried to fall back into the lustful dream I was having. My erected cock lifting my boxers and bed sheets up as I groaned in sexual frustration, I could still see the image of my hands groping her breasts firmly but it was fading fast. I slowly opened my eyes as the imaged faded into my eye lids. A loud sigh escaped me as I tucked my morning wood under the elastic of my boxers holding it firmly against my crotch. After a quick shower I went into the kitchen for breakfast as I noticed the egg-carton was almost empty, “Better head to the store” I thought out loud to myself.Entering my room as I went to pick up my car keys; I glanced at my bed and allowed myself to daydream of her for a moment longer. I could almost see her bent over my bed looking back at me and begging me to shove my cock deep inside her ass, “I’ve been wanting you inside me for so long…”. Hearing a loud noise outside ripped me away from my fantasy, I grabbed my keys and went out to my car. As I was opening my car door I noticed what the loud noise came from, a guy I grew up with in high school who I used to consider as a friend slammed his car into his garage door. I laughed to myself at him saying, “What an idiot.” I glanced over at the him again after sitting down and buckling my seat belt into the driver seat of my car. My eyes opened wide as my attention was stolen from a woman jogging straight through my line of sight. Her breasts were throwing her sports-bra up and down in her short, pink, V-cut shirt exposing tons of bouncing cleavage. I forced my eyes to unlock their lingering gaze up to her face, she was staring right at me as she jogged by and winked at me. I thought to myself, “Can this day get any better?” I started my car and looked through my rear view mirror to check out her ass. I noticed how tight her black, skin-tight sweats were as she went further down the street. Lustful chills rushed and shook my body before I set my mind and eyes back on the road before departing for the store.Arriving in the parking lot I found a parking place close to the entrance of the store, turned off my car and jumped out after locking it up. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was strutting through the front door until I noticed a group of girls checking me out as I grabbed a grocery cart. I walked by nodding with a quick smile and continued onto the snack aisle. I found a few of my favorite candies and tossed them in my cart before wandering around aimlessly around the store to try to remember what else I wanted to buy. After a few minutes of walking around the store I started heading back to the refrigerated section for a carton of eggs. Turning out of one of the grocery aisles I stomped my feet to stop in place as my eyes recognized something familiar. Looking down at some skin-tight, black sweats I slowly raised my eyes in disbelief and then saw a tight pink shirt with the V-cut cleavage started turning my way after stomping my feet to stop. Our eyes locked for what felt like a minute but was really only like 2 seconds before she blushed and looked back at the egg carton she was holding in her hand. I could see her eyes trying to look back at me with her face shying away as she softly bit her lower lip. I set my grocery cart aside, as if I didn’t want it anymore calmly walked forward, and paused as I observed her actions for a brief moment longer. I pretended to be looking through some frozen products in one of those large freezer tubs. She began breathing faster and slowly set down the carton of eggs glancing at me for a brief moment just to lock eyes with me again. She quickly turned away, I could see how heavily she was breathing. With each deep breath her large breasts were rising and lowering in her tight, pink shirt. I found a reflective chrome-plated piece of metal on a open freezer çukurova escort to watch her as I pretended to turn and look away. Instantly I could see her turn biting her lip harder as her nose flared taking in even deeper breaths. She glanced around before reaching across her chest with her right hand rubbing her left nipple through her shirt acting like she was just going for an itch. I also noticed her left hand sliding down her stomach toward her crotch, again, acting like she was just itching something. I lost focus and accidently tapped some boxed frozen food off the shelf. She then realized I could see her still and was watching her. She quickly turned away, her face completely blushed red. I turned around looking around for anyone near. Quickly walking up behind her, her eyes still trying to look back at me as she shied away. I slowly wrapped my arms around her, “It’s okay, continue.” I said, as I gently grasped her hands I put them back to where they were. Her left hand reaching toward her crotch and her right hand firmly cupping her left breast. She began panting as she spoke, “Are you sure? .. What if someone sees us?” I pressed her fingers inward with my own, squeezing and rubbing against her nipple through her clothes while I lead her left hand against her clit pressing against and rubbing it in random circular directions. With my head over her right shoulder, “What’s your name?” I asked in a soft, deep whisper. Lost in pleasure, arousal, and lust, she seemed to forget her own name; after brief hesitation she replied, “Kelly.”I don’t know what came over me, it’s hard to explain, but it felt like I already knew Kelly. I only know the feelings were immensely rushed, intense, completely mutual, and real. Pulling her hands away from top of her clothes, I quickly lead them underneath and down into her black, stretchy, skin-tight sweats and down her cleavage beneath her bra. Grasping her nipple with our fingertips and pressing/rubbing her clit randomly with bare skin intensified the pleasure for her so greatly that she began moaning with her lips pressed shut as she tried to muffle herself. I began grinding my hips against her butt; she instantly responded by clenching her butt and grinding back against me. I could feel her pussy getting wet as I reached and pressed two fingers into her pussy lips. I quickly stopped as I heard a grocery cart coming close down one of the nearby aisles and pulled my hands out from underneath her clothing. I kept my arms wrapped tightly around her, holding her while keeping her ass tightly against my clothed cock. An older lady strolled herself by; meanwhile I am hugging and pressing my clothed cock roughly against Kelly’s ass, a woman I have barely said a word to and didn’t really know. Kelly and I watched as the older lady turned down another grocery aisle then we quickly locked eyes with one another before meeting our lips together. Lost in arousal and complete lust we found our way to some swinging plastic doors that lead into the back of the grocery store. We managed to only break our lips apart only when we needed to see where to go next. Fondling each other at just about every corner we ran into, but we didn’t stay for long. I could feel Kelly’s lust radiating from her soft skin as we sought out for a more secluded area. I noticed a small enclosed office with a paper sign reading, “Employee’s only.” Our arousal levels met new heights as we went to check to see if anyone was behind the door. As I turned the handle I noticed there was no lights on in the office, and quickly peeked my head out to see if anyone saw us go in. As I confirmed that nobody saw us, I flicked the light on and quickly locked the door and shut it tight.Turning around and away from the door that I just closed and locked I saw a pink shirt laying on a filing cabinet. Turning my head further I saw a loose sports bra laying on the counter next to the cabinet. I quickly blinked keşan escort once in anticipation and complete lust in what I was about to see. The moment the silhouette of her bare-skin came into the line of my sight it felt like time slowed as my over-stimulated senses recorded her half naked body sitting back on the desk. She was facing toward me as I began staring upon her soft bare skin that was awaiting me. Her slender arms resting softly against her sides and down into her lap with her large breasts hanging out and slightly overlapping them. Her round, wide-tear-drop-shaped breasts hung down and perked up just above her elbows with large areolas surrounding her dome-shaped, perky nipples that were eagerly pointing out at me. Interrupting my gaze at her perfect breasts I searched back up to her suave, smiling face and locked eyes with here once again. I reached down pulling my shirt up over my head and flung if off me and made quick work parting my from my shoes and unclipped my belt; all while not breaking eye contact with her. Kelly hopped off the desk, causing her breasts to bounce up and down, and grabbed a hold of my pants and boxers flinging them to the floor. My thick erected cock sprung out at her as the elastic waistline of my boxers past over it. She eagerly grasped onto my cock before it could even bounce a second time and put it deep into her mouth and pushed herself forward to force it down her throat. I barely held my balance as I was hit with immense pleasure. Instinctively, with my left hand, I began weaving my fingers into her hair and cupping the back of her head I helped her sink the rest of my cock into her throat by thrusting forward and pulling her toward me. My right hand reached down onto her left breast as my finger tips gathered around her nipple pulling and twisting it around, up and down, and side to side. Pulling her hair back she suckled down tightly on my cock with her mouth. I moaned out as she also started roughly licking the tip of my cock. Feeling her lips lock tighter and pull harder on my cock as she kept eagerly licking against the bottom tip of my cock. I felt my knees begin to shake as I pleasure was starting to overflow my body, a warming, tingling pleasure was flowing all the way down my legs and into my feet that kept getting warmer and warmer. It was soon almost too much to bear so I quickly pulled harder on her hair causing her tight lock of her lips and tongue to travel roughly over the tip of my throbbing shaft. I groaned out at with raging lust, swung both my hands under her arm pits and lifted her up onto her feet. Gathering her right breast in my left hand, I lowered my mouth over her nipple. I pressed my lips against it and began to suckle tightly onto her nipple pulling it as far into my mouth as it would go and sucked tighter and tighter. I began licking all around her nipple by pressing my tongue roughly against it and spinning her nipple all over in my mouth. Keeping the tight suction of my mouth clamped down I pulled my head back steadily and let her nipple slowly slide out of my mouth; my tongue never stopping it’s lustful licking and tumbling all over her nipple until it exited my mouth. As I let it slip out of my mouth I yanked down her sweat pants, panties, running shoes and socks clean off of her and laid her on the desk spreading her legs wide apart. I stared deep into her eyes as I lowered my head down onto her pussy lips. The instant my lips met her nether lips I kissed and suckled down onto her clit pressing the tip of my tongue roughly against it. Slowly, I began flicking and licking her clit around and again pressed the tip of my tongue roughly against her clit before running the length of my big tongue down into her pussy causing my tongue to roughly lick against her clit at the same time. Her body began jolting in sharp spikes of pleasure as she uncontrollably moaned out at me, “Mmmmore.. Mmmore, don’t stop!” aksu escort My left hand caressed and groped her right thigh as I reached my right hand up onto her left breast, twisting and pulling on her nipple. My nose passionately breathing against her crotch as I pressed my face in against her, now, soaking wet pussy. Her moans only fed my raging lust as I even more vigorously licked side to side against her clit and simultaneously up and down into her pussy. With short deep breaths her entire body began convulsing in waves of orgasm. I beard my face down against her jolting body as made her take her orgasm thoroughly. Kelly moaned louder as her orgasm hit a whole new level and began squirting all over my face in with a hard spray gushing out of her pussy. Sucking up the juices as they came flowing out I pressed my left hand against her clit roughly rubbing it back and forth. I glanced up at her face, her eyes were rolling into the back of her head as she was overwhelmed in orgasm. Grabbing my bare, saliva-covered, throbbing-cock, I let her orgasm slow and pressed my cock against her soaked pussy lips. I leaned in over her still-jolting body as aftershocks of orgasm pulsed through her body. I waited till I was able to stare deep into her eyes. Kelly opened her eyes and looked into mine and immediately she felt sudden pressuring pleasure penetrate deep inside her pussy as I shoved my bare, thick cock deep into her tight soaking wet pussy. Searching her eyes, my raging lust heightened as I could see, hear, and feel her lust for me. Pulling my hips back I could feel her pussy gripping my cock eagerly as it tried to keep my cock inside. I stared down at her breasts and began roughly thrusting repeatedly deep into her pussy and watched her boobs bounce around in up-and-down half-circular motions as they laid spread apart toward her sides. Unable to only watch, I groped tightly onto both of her bouncing breasts and began fucking her tight pussy even harder. I could feel her pussy lustfully squeezing my cock, trying to coax my cum inside her. I moaned down at her, meeting eye contact again as we were getting lost in pure lustful-pleasure, she moaned back and whimpered out loud “Cum inside me!” Her pussy contracted even tighter around my cock while I kept digging in the length of my thick shaft deep inside her. Her request stimulating me almost to the point of no return, I could feel my balls building up tension and aching to cum. I lifted my hips out further and plowed inward fucking her even harder and faster. The tingling pleasure overwhelming my body, building up from my cock and networking out through my body, down my legs and into my feet. Holding back my orgasm as long as possible I became overwhelmed with pleasure, my cock was aching to cum, my balls throbbing in lust. Moaning out uncontrollably at her as I felt her begin to orgasm on my cock which tipped me into my own orgasm. I quickly shoved my shaft all the way inside her right before my balls began contracting causing my entire shaft to pulse and throb wildly against her constricting pussy. My hot cum sprayed hard against her cervix deep within her pussy as my body jerked in spasms of overwhelmed, lustful, pleasure. Keeping my cock buried inside her with small, fast thrusts while I let every drop of cum spill out into her pussy. We locked lips in deep passion while both of our bodies experienced aftershocks of orgasm and gently rocked and humped against each other. Slowly pulling my shaft from her cum-filled pussy she quickly cupped her left hand under her pussy and her right on my cock. Standing flat on my feet she quickly squatted down in front of me catching the dripping cum from her pussy as she sucked our juices clean from my cock. I gathered her clothes for her but kept my eyes on her as she proudly poured the cum from her hand into her mouth before swallowing it. As we got dressed side by side, I groped her breasts one last time before exchanging information with her. With one last passionate kiss after sneaking our way out of the back of the grocery store we parted ways in extreme sexual satisfaction and smiles on our faces. I got the carton of eggs I went to the store for, purchased them and headed home. As I got home I got a text from Kelly stating, “I can’t wait for another round! <3"

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