After Dinner Refreshment Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: Encounter at the Theatre

We are now at the theatre, in your “private” box, relaxing, having a cocktail. The lights are up and everyone is talking and visiting before the play begins. I am still thinking about my little exploit at the restaurant and feeling very hot, excited and needy. The fact that I am anticipating what form my “punishment” will take, later in the evening, only incites my libido further.

You have stepped out of the box and are standing in the corridor talking with two very dear friends of yours. Two very handsome, virile men I have been wondering about. You have told me that you and they have “played” together in the past. Going to clubs and to private “scenes”, sharing each others “slaves” and even casual dates. I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be “shared” by the three of you in a long, wild, erotic weekend of “games”!

Feeling quite stimulated and in need of some attention I sit, waiting for you to return to me. Looking around I watch people, looking at the clothes, hair styles and such of the other women. I glance across the theatre, into the boxes directly across from yours and notice a tall, dark, muscular man standing back in the shadows, watching me. I can not see his face clearly, but he exudes an air of mystery, danger and sexual power. How long has he been standing there? Why is he so intent on what I am doing? What does he want? I glance back, over my shoulder, wishing you would return to me. Feeling somewhat uncomfortable knowing he is standing there, still watching me.

Finally, you come back into the box. You glance around and lean down, giving me a long, deep, hot kiss. I am so hot and needy by now that my nipples harden instantly and I feel them poking against the soft, clingy material of my gown. You also notice this and reaching out with the index finger of your right hand, you flick my left nipple firmly, causing me to jump and gasp. I grab your wrist and softly murmur “please don’t, someone is watching.”

Without raising up you glance around and also notice the tall stranger in the dark corner of the box across the way. Standing up, you look directly at him, then down at me, then back to the dark stranger. As you stand staring at him, he steps out, directly to the front of the box, into the full light of the theatre. You both stand, staring at each other for several long moments. Then he shifts his attention back to me and with an intense, hungry look on his face, he licks his lips ever so slowly and smiles a dark, brooding, hungry smile at me, while staring directly into my eyes. Seeing, büyük meme porno feeling the intensity of his emotions, I gasp and pull back, trying to hide myself in the shadows of your box.

Watching this interchange between the stranger and myself, you reach down, grasp my forearm and pull me to my feet, directly in front of you and push me to the edge of the box. In fear, I try to pull away, wanting nothing more then to run, to hide, away from the two of you. The stranger leans forward, bracing himself on the edge of the ledge surrounding the box he stands in. Pushing your body against my back, to prevent me from moving back and away, you reach around me and grab each of my breasts in your hands. I reach up grasping your wrists and try to pull your hands from my body. I can feel my face burning in embarrassment and try with all my strength to pull away from you.

In a harsh, rough whisper, with your mouth against my ear, you growl “STOP it! Stand still and do as I say…bitch!”

Where is my Master? What has happened to you? You’ve never talked to me like this before and in shock and fear, I stop fighting you and dropping my hands to my sides, I stand, unmoving before you. The stranger has my eyes locked with his, I can no more resist him then I can resist you at this moment. Thankfully the lights dim as they prepare to start the play. Maybe now you two will stop this game of wills that seems to be swiftly getting out of hand.

Growling at me “stay here…don’t move an inch. Do you hear me? I’ll be back shortly!” you storm from the box. Standing, shaking in shock and fear I want desperately to flee. To run home and hide in my bed. To get away from the sudden war that has sprung up between you and this strange man. Tears are streaming down my face and realize I’m crying when I hear myself sob.

Then I see you step into the box across the way and watch you and the dark stranger talking. At first you both seem upset but then I notice you both turn and look me. You continue to talk, I know you are speaking about me. Then to my amazement you both laugh and shake hands, then you turn and leave him.

As you walk away, he turns back to look at me and a slow smile spreads across his face. Seeing the look in his eyes a shiver runs over me. He’s looking at me like a starved wolf that has cornered a young deer and knows it will eat it’s fill soon. Then as I watch he licks his lips and reaching his hand to his crotch he begins to slowly rub himself through his pants. He points at his crotch then at me. As I realize what çinli porno he is trying to say to me I slowly back away from the edge shaking my head. He throws back his head and laughs, then nods as if saying “oh yes, I will have you!”

You step back into the box and grabbing my arm you hiss “didn’t I tell you not to move?”

You pull me forward, back to the edge of the box again. Then grasping both my breasts in your hands, you begin to knead and maul them, pinching my nipples till they are hard and protruding. One hand drops to my stomach and begins to rub and caress me there. Despite my efforts not to, I begin to respond to your attentions and slowly drop my head back onto your shoulder. My eyes close and a soft moan escapes me.

Still squeezing and fondling my breasts, your other hand drops to the juncture between my legs. “No…please! Not here, people will see. Please don’t!” I beg.

“Hush! Just do as I say and relax and enjoy this!” you whisper into my ear as you nibble and suck on it.

You slowly pull my gown up, inch by inch, till it’s up above my hips. Then in one swift movement, you rip my thin bikini panties from my body. Bringing them to your face, you rub them over your mouth and nose and inhale deeply. All the while looking at the dark stranger across the way. Who is still staring intently at every move we make.

Dropping my panties, you reach down once again, slide your fingers into my pussy and proceed to stroke my clit as you fondle my breasts. Having no choice but to do as You say, I close my eyes again and let the feelings you are producing take control of me. Soon I find myself moving to the rhythm of your fingers as they slide in and out of my now wet and needy pussy.

Suddenly you grab the back of my dress and pull it up over my hips. Shoving me forward so that I am bent, leaning, on the low wall of the box. You now begin to shove your fingers into my dripping pussy from behind, ramming them hard and fast into me till I am panting and grunting from the force of your pounding fingers. And forgetting everything, the theatre, the other patrons, the dark stranger, all of it, I can feel my orgasm building. I’m now shoving my ass back onto your fingers, pushing against the wall to add force to the deep, fast thrusts of your hand.

“Harder! Come on…fuck me harder!” I demand.

But instead of granting my wish, you stop. Wondering why on earth you would stop now, I look back over my shoulder to see why you won’t finish me, only to discover you extracting your engorged cock from your pants. değişik porno

“Oh God yes! Please fuck me! I need you so badly.” I moan.

And stepping up close behind me, you lean over and demand “Look at the stranger. Look him right in the eyes. Don’t take your eyes off of him. Do you hear me?”

“Yes Master, I hear you and I obey, as always!” I gasp.

Then turning to look at the dark cause of this strange scene, I brace myself for the first thrust of your cock into my ready, needy pussy. But I am not prepared for the hard, deep, painful thrust of your cock as you bury it’s full length in my unprepared ass. And without realizing it I let out a yelp of pain.

But rather then cause you to stop or worry about the other patrons, it seems to incite you even further. Grabbing my hips in your hands you proceed to pound your cock as hard, fast and deep into my ass as you can, grunting from your efforts.

Gasping and grunting, holding onto the wall to keep from being shoved over from the force of your crazed fucking, I feel my juices oozing out of me and down my legs. Suddenly I’m cumming and I feel my cum gushing out in spurts, spattering my legs and feet. And I hear myself, like an animal, but I could not stop if my life depended on it.

As my pussy is jerking and twitching in the throes of my orgasm, I feel your cock as it swells and jerks and your hot cum spurting in waves into my battered ass. And through all this, I’ve been watching the dark stranger as he pulled his cock from his pants and stroke for stroke matched every thrust of your cock. Making me feel as if I were being fucked by both of you at the same time. And just as I came, I saw his cum pumping in spurts from his cock onto the floor of the box he is standing in.

Slowly you withdraw your now limp cock from my well used ass. I feel your hot cum gush from my ass and run down my pussy, onto the floor. After straightening your clothes, you help me to stand. You pull my gown back down, adjust my hair and attire. Then you put my cloak around my shoulders and lead me from the box.

As we stand, waiting for the valet to bring your car around, the stranger walks up, looks at you as if for approval. After a nod from you, he pulls me to him, reaches down, pulling the hem of my gown up. He slides his fingers into my sopping wet pussy, stroking deep into me. Then pulling his fingers from me, he takes them into his mouth and sucks and licks both our cum from them. Then still holding me to him, he leans down and grasping the back of my head, gives me a deep, slow, hot kiss. Thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth, I suck our cum and his saliva from it.

Releasing me, he steps over to you. Shaking your hand he says “I am truly looking forward to our next encounter. Thank you for a very pleasant evening.” And he turns and walks away…

To be continued…?

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