Alex and Charlie and the Boys


Charlie was visiting, and we talked about his first night with Alex. I wrote about that experience in “Wife Becomes a Toy”. I told him I had watched using the security cameras. He turned bright red but then settled down and apologized profusely about having his friends join in. We hadn’t specifically discussed rules about something like this, but it was certainly overboard and not expected by me or Alex. He begged me not to tell her, as she might pull the plug on the entire arrangement. I told him I was going to tell her and he can hope for the best. He was practically sweating, and mumbled a little quiet praying she didn’t entirely freak out.

Alex rejoined us and I just told her about his friends being there. Her eyes got huge and her mouth hung open, and then she laughed and said she was not falling for this and knew it was not true. Then she laughed, and I said it happened. She still thought I was trying to embarrass her and that it simply wasn’t true. So I told her she can go on believing that if it made it easier for her to accept.

So then I said that i thought it a good idea to include more men for their second experience, and she was shocked. I could visibly see her hands shaking, as she knew I was not joking about that. Charlie seemed very relieved about her not believing his friends were there, plus that he could do it again. I said that however, I would be there in person, as I wasn’t trusting his unknown friends being alone with her. Alex was relieved at least about that.

Later in the week, Charlie told me he arranged for five friends plus himself for Saturday night. I was surprised at the large group idea, but obviously this was something he got very excited about, so I figured why not. It would be good training for Alex, and I was actually excited by the idea. I said I needed to speak with the entire group beforehand

Charlie said, “Of course”.

We held the little meeting just before Alex was due to arrive at the carriage house.

The rest of the week, both Alex and I were on fire thinking about it. Same rules as before, pretty much anything except cock penetration in her pussy. This night would be about a lot of foreplay and tortured waiting for more. Each guy had an assignment to bring a favorite toy and a plan to see who could arouse Alex the most. The winner would be considered for a reward with Alex that would not disappoint. So I had no idea what they would come up with, but I was genuinely excited and curious to find out. All Charlie’s friends were lacking social experience, so I didn’t really expect too much imagination in their plans. Boy was I wrong, and I hereby swear never to knock a nerd again for lacking sexual imagination, as this group proved me dead wrong.

So in walks Alex, her eyes so big, I wasn’t sure she could calm down and enjoy herself. She was fawned over by everyone, and she drank the wine they offered her. For her body size and drinking experience, she drank way too fast. She needed something to calm her though, and again I could see her hands shaking and her leg tapping up and down as she sat with her feet tapping the floor. Alex wore a very pretty dress, not cut low, buttons from top to bottom, but not too short. It was just short enough to highlight her thin, beautifully shaped legs. If she followed my instructions, I knew she would have no underwear beneath it.

The guys were so taken with her, I enjoyed watching each try to make points with Alex. They treated her respectfully, and heaped compliments on her continuously. I knew they were sincere, as Alex looked breathtakingly beautiful. Her slight frame, very pretty face and hair, and perfect shape are irresistible, but I am of course prejudiced! In case you are trying to imagine her, think petite, 5’4″ almost, and literally stunning. Not an overly rounded figure, she’s more boyish really with slight collarbones and with very feminine breasts and perfectly shaped legs and bum. I was practically beaming, since I am her biggest Kartal Olgun Escort fan and loved her reaction to the compliments. She is very modest, and actually shy and soft spoken, in spite of her sexual openness.

It didn’t’ take long for her to become a bit dizzy and unsteady from the drinks. The guys took turns steadying her when she stood, and hands were all over her body in a proper way. As time passed, those hands did take small liberties, and Alex kept her composure and never moved away or brushed their hands away. She seemed to be loving the attention. James reached around her from behind, and gently pulled her back onto his lap as he sat back on the sofa. She had to hold her legs together, as in this position with her legs parted, the dress would be too short. He kissed her neck and sniffed her hair, and lovingly caressed her shoulders and sides, then stomach and tops of her thighs, pulling her dress even shorter, but still keeping her covered where it mattered. Alex appeared to be enjoying it, but was embarrassed I’m sure with five others standing around her staring. James unbuttoned about four buttons over her mid section, and slipped his hands inside, caressing her abdomen. His hands made their way up, covering her breasts under the dress. The others got very quiet seeing his hands working under the buttoned part of her dress.

Alex closed her eyes and sighed, and his one hand slipped down to just above her pussy. Her eyes jolted open and her belly jumped. Then he moved lower and her head fell back onto his shoulder, as his fingers slid over her pussy. She jumped and he held her more tightly with his other hand on her breasts. It seemed he tickled her between her lips a bit as she began breathing more deeply but didn’t resist.

The others were mumbling to themselves and each other, entranced with this scene. I must admit, I was also unable to look away from Alex being seduced in front of us all.

He withdrew his hands and unbuttoned her entire dress, and it fell open below her chest to both sides. I just remember sighs and groans coming from the onlookers, and Alex tensed considerably. But James’s hands went back to caressing, and her stomach kept clenching as he touched her pussy. I could see her muscles firming then releasing, over and over. It was fascinating and very hot. Alex is waxed, and completely visible now between her legs as James worked his own legs under and in between hers and then moved hers apart. From where I was sitting to the side of them, I could not see between her legs, but the others were wide eyed and developing reactions of their own in their pants. He had her legs pulled open now and his finger dipped inside her.

Alex had her eyes closed and moaned under her breath. As he slowly pushed his finger deeper inside her, her hips rose slightly to encourage this. So James now slipped his soaking finger in and out, softly but consistently, as Alex got hotter and hotter. Everyone could see how wet she was, and they commented on it. James pushed her dress off to the sides completely so her breasts were now available to be seen. He pinched her nipples and she clenched again, as he fingered her, moving deeper all the time. Alex’s hips were moving up and down to meet his finger. She was so on fire, I was loving watching her and her audience.

Suddenly, she orgasmed, surprising us all. Her hips rose and shook, her belly clenched down tight, her mews and moans escaped her mouth in spite of her seeming to try to keep quiet. She collapsed onto James, and everyone clapped! It was kind of funny, but it was sincere appreciation for a beautiful scene.

Alex opened her eyes, glanced around, and blushed profusely. She was handed another glass, and drank it quickly and nervously. She had her hand in front of her face, and muttered how embarrassed she was. I smiled at her and said quietly, I know you are embarrassed, this is just the beginning.

Jason gently pulled her to her Kartal Sarışın Escort feet and pulled the dress the rest of the way off of her. She stood naked, legs squeezed together and one arm across her breasts, the other covering her face.

Jason told her we’d stand there until she relaxed and uncovered her body for us to see. Some talked about how they could see the wet running down between her thighs. This embarrassed her more, but finally she dropped her hands and turned full circle as someone requested. Hands reached out and caressed her here and there as she turned. She looked at me for assurance, and i winked and blew her a little kiss. I knew she was ok, and saw a teeny smile escape her lips.

Jason laid her on the sofa and sat next to her. He familarized himself with every inch of her body, touching and squeezing continuously. Alex reacted with obvious enjoyment, and he just could not seem to get enough of her. Her breasts especially got the most attention from him, and everyone looked on with excitement. He leaned down and sucked each nipple into her mouth and pulled it out with a popping sound. We all got used to his ravaging her breasts, as this was clearly his point of interest. She was a little sore, but he wasn’t doing anything over the line, so I let him continue. Finally he moved between her legs and licked her pussy surprisingly well for an inexperienced nerd. This wasn’t Jason’s first rodeo, I could tell!

Alex could not help but respond, and she moaned and wriggled under his assault. then two fingers slipped inside her and she almost came. He was working her over like an expert. Everyone was talking and commenting on the job he was doing, and Alex’s inability to resist his skills. He held his two fingers tightly inside of her while licking every spot looking for reactions from her. I think those fingers were busy inside, but I really could not tell other than from her reactions. She had her hands on his head encouraging him to where she wanted his tongue, and then wham! She orgasmed again and clenched her legs tightly around his head until she finally stopped cumming. She collapsed and lay with legs apart, eyes closed, breathing heavily. I remember thinking how fabulous this was, even better than I expected it could be. Alex was on fire, and learning to be the sex toy of seven men at once. This was invaluable training, because I had plans for Alex to willingly service whoever I permitted. This was just the start of where we would go. Seeing Alex unable to resist cumming from the attention, was thrilling for me. And I know Alex, this was wonderful for her too.

Sammy, I think his name was, picked her up and set her down on her hands and knees on the carpet in the center of the room. He moved her legs apart and slid his own fingers inside her. Alex reacted again, unable to deny her own arrousal being the center of attention and the only female. She is a little showoff, and we both know it. She was drenched, but Sam put some lube on his fingers and began a slow process of now invading her ass. She is very small and tight back there, but he didn’t seem to be in any hurry, so I watched. She showed some discomfort as he pressed in, but he encouraged her to relax and she finally began to after about ten minutes. Then one finger worked it’s way deep inside her, and she moaned loud. I think part discomfort and part enjoyment. He sawed in and out of her until she appeared completely comfortable except when he totally pushed inside. Eventually, he had two fingers in her pulled them out, and slid them in, over and over. His other hand then went to her clit and he toyed with her button while fucking her ass with his two fingers. Then boom, she orgasmed again, and I swear almost broke one of his fingers she clenched down on him so tight! He was locked inside her until she finally stopped clenching. He pulled out and she slid to the floor, breathing heavily and motionless otherwise.

The next participant shocked Kartal Şişman Escort me, but in spite of that, I just can’t remember his name. I like to think I’ve done a lot of sexual things with Alex, but this was nothing I did or thought of. He sat her on the floor, her back up against the front of an upholstered arm chair. He leaned her forward while tying her hands behind her. He used a scarf and it was a good tightness, so all is well.

He tells Alex to do just what he tells her to, and she glances at me and i silently said “we’ll see” to her.

She seemed to understand and shook her head yes. He removed his pants and was masturbating, so I figured ok, he wanted to cum on her face, which was within the rules, although not specifically discussed. I decided to allow it to go on. So he’s getting close, and takes a small, glass funnel, like two inches in diameter with a delicate, short glass pipe coming from it, with one bend in it. I’m not sure that can be pictured from my description,but i hope so. He carefully puts the end of the pipe just inside her nostril and cums in the funnel. He told Alex to sniff in very hard, and the cum shoots inside her nose as she starts coughing with the cum running down into her throat. He has her open her mouth, and it’s very much full with the cum! I was incredulous watching. Alex coughed a bit but was comfortable otherwise, and didn’t look at me to stop the situation. He asked for a volunteer to shoot some more in the other nostril, and it repeated, with Alex coughing as it ran down into her throat. Again he opened her mouth and she had a significant amount of cum in her mouth.

He told her not to swallow, got another volunteer to start. he tilted her head back and had the volunteer cum in her eyes. I was pretty amazed but was feeling arroused from it! Alex looked at me the best she could, through cum covered, bloodshot eyes. It irritated her eyes a bit, apparently, but I could see she was ok, and enjoying it. He told her to swallow, which she did, and not to wipe the cum out of her eyes or off her face. We sat and watched while the cum on her face ran down and dried somewhat, leaving trails on her pretty face. He held up a mirror to show her, and she blushed. But she seemed fascinated by this happening, and I didn’t step in to stop it. So now Alex will spend the rest of the time with cum on her face, something I’m sure she was humiliated about, but a good thing.

Charlie was next, and he fondled Alex, held her like a lover, made sure she was ok and happy. Then he had her give him a loving handjob, with him kneeling over her as she lay on her back on the floor. She edged him painfully, and somehow kept it going for about 20 minutes or so. Finally, he explodes screaming and shooting all over her face and in her mouth, which she opened wide for her audience to see. When he was done, she displayed what was in her mouth, finally swallowing and leaving her face covered in even more cum.

Steve wanted a conventional blow job. Alex sat on the floor between his legs, while he sat on the arm chair, slumped down a bit. She drove the poor man nuts, teasing and slowly playing. I could tell she was enjoying his cock, which was a good size and he was a good looking guy. She kept going for close to a half hour I would estimate. Finally, he filled her mouth with his sperm, and had her show everyone before he told her to let it run down over her breasts.

So last was David, who sent her to shower and return, which she did, looking sexy with wet hair and makeup washed off. David made out with her like they were in high school and sweethearts. He touched her here and there, but mainly wanted to kiss her. Eventually, he was so excited, he had Alex remove his pants and she jerked him off in about a minute.

We mingled and chatted for an hour or so before they left, and Alex remained naked, everyone groping her gently. I expect at least some of them will fall hard for her. And certainly if they stop over to visit, I will have Alex seduce them to loving her even more. So she now has the job of play toy to six men- ok, plus me, so seven.

Alone, we talked for hours, and she was all over me for those same hours. She loved every minute of the experience, and I will plan more for her soon.

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