ALIENS OUT WEST Part 2The men Didn,t waste time riding into nearby Red Rock named for nearby Red Rock County where they found Sheriff Mack Spencer enjoying a piece of apple pie and cup of coffee. They related whatvhad happened earlier and if they hadn,t known Mack for years he would have thought they,d all been hallucinating, but he,d had various reports of missing cattle and horses previously with no trace of who or what had taken them so Didn,t hesitate to accompany them back to the scene. They were perhaps half way when they noted a lone rider heading their way travelling fast. When the rider approached they were all amazed to see it was the missing Stan Collins! Breathing heavily trying to catch his breath the lawman produce a canteen so Stan could take a drink and calm down slightly. “Hi Mack! I think I been dreaming. One minute I,m shooting at some canlı bahis sorta machine, then I,m in it on some sorta table with odd looking creatures lookin at me! Next I know a female with real big boobies and great big eyes is standing by the table and I,m necked as a jay bird! She starts getting my dickie all hard and then lowers her pussy on me and rides me like a bucking bronco till I blow my load in her! Then next I know I,m laying in the dirt not far from where we was watching with all my clothes on again and my gun by my side as if nothing happened at all! I,d think that, but my right arm is real sore and I got marks on it like someone berm jabbing needles in it!” He held his arm out to prove his statement and the others looked at the puncture marks. “Well you,re here, Stan. How do you feel?” Spencer asked.”Not too bad though my stomach feels fuzzy.” bahis siteleri Stan replied. “Wish some gal from outer space would fuck me!” Turk s son teased. “Still don,t solve what,s happening to the livestock though we seem to have a crazy idea that some things or bodies from outer space are stealing them!” Spencer mused. “I think we,d. best see if we can stop them tonight.” the lawman proposed. “ How about we meet up at about 7:30 tonight?” “Okay Mack. We,ll get our chores sorted out and meet here then!” they agreed. Turk Benson rode his mount into his coral, dismounted and entered the house to meet his wife Freida who was busy baking bread, the lovely smell filling the house. “Miss me Sweetie?” Benson took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. “ I sure did, Honey! I needed your big cock in my pussy, but all I had was my fingers! I still need bahis şirketleri your cock real bad!” “Quite an eventful night!” The breads cooling, but I,m all Hot and Wet! Come to bed and tell me all about it!” She fondled his hardening cock through his tight jeans, releasing it and then pulling him into the bedroom by his knob! Once they were both naked there was little need for foreplay as Turk was as hard as a rock, wife Freida soaking in pussy juices so Turk easily slid in her cunt and began to piston in and out making loud squelching noises as he fucked her quickly. His climax approached faster than usual and Freida was soon swimming in his heavy ejaculate. Loving the feel as it dribbled down her inner thighs. “That,s exactly what I needed!” she kissed him. “Hope you shot triplets in me this time!” “Suck it for a while and maybe I,ll shoot quads in you!” He chuckled. “I prefer some fresh cream for breakfast” she laughed and used her mouth to bring him back to life, then carried on till he spurted down her throat so she could swallow every delicious drop of cum. TBC

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