All In The Family Ch. 04



It had been more than a month now since my affair with Debby had begun. We had done practically every thing to each other, except for the one thing I wanted to do – to fuck her. I am a patient man, and though I badly wanted to get inside of her, I was biding my time. I realized that she was relating the act of actual fucking to an actual full-blown extra marital fling, and I guess that was making her feel guilty. For all her enthusiastic sexual experimentations, she was still quite orthodox. I didn’t want to blow it off, because her wild acts were sufficient enough to satiate my desire.

But, a fuck is a fuck and no matter in which different ways you cum, the feel of your cock inside a pussy is the ultimate act. I respected her wishes and avoided making any reference to the act. But after she had heard my fantasy with Trish and my two pals, I got a feeling that maybe she was getting ready for the final act of consummation. And then, there was the fact that she had actually pushed a couple of fingers inside her pussy in the mutual masturbation that followed after I had related my fantasy to her. Therein, I reckoned, lay the key.

I devised a plan. I remembered I had spoken about X-rated films on that fateful day when it had all started. Coupled with the fact that she used to be extraordinarily aroused when I had told her of the actual incidents about fucking, and her reaction after watching Rhea and me, I guessed that the proper direction to proceed would be to expose her more to situations, which depicted actual fucking.

It was the third time that I mentioned X-rated films to her that got her attention to that particular area of sex. She had mentioned to Arnie that she had a dinner meeting with her old pals and I had told my wife that I would be working late at my client’s office. Actually, Debby and me had decided to rush into a motel on the outskirts of the city and have another session.

When we were driving over to the motel, I asked her if she wanted to watch a adult film.

She nodded eagerly. “Oh, Mike, could we really watch one today?”

“Sure thing, baby. Leave it to me” I had replied.

On our way to the motel, I stopped by a video library I knew well and had picked up a couple of CD’s. They were inside a plain white cover and she was disappointed that there was no printed cover. I laughed, “Oh, c’mon Debby, why the cover when you are actually going to see the whole works?”

The motel stood about a couple of miles off the highway, secluded and very private. I had heard (unofficially, of course) that it was a favorite haunt of big shots and the effluent carrying on unusual activities – read sex. She waited in the car, quite nervous, while I arranged for a double room with a surprisingly pretty receptionist.

The room was on the third floor, at a corner in the back of the motel. I ordered wine and French fries from room service. She disappeared into the bathroom when the liquor and fries were delivered. When she came back, she was wearing her transparent nightie that she had been wearing when I had first watched her spying on Derek and Rhea. The same nightie that reached to her knees and had a deep ‘V’ in front. I felt my cock stir inside my shorts. She never failed to arouse me, especially, when so much of her milf porno tits were revealed.

I opened the bottle of wine – she was a light drinker, and toasted each other. We sat on the couch beside each other, real close. I had already stripped down to my shorts, and was wearing a T-shirt.

She turned to me and put her mouth on mine. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt the wine from her mouth enter into mine as we kissed. Boy, was she inventive. She pulled back giggling. I too took a sip of the wine, then, pulling her to me, kissed her on her open mouth, feeding her the liquor.

We drained our first glass in this manner, feeding each other with our mouths. When I was refilling the glasses, she said, “Okay, Mike. Let’s watch.”

I smiled at her, handed her one glass, kept mine on the table and walked over to the large TV. I rolled it closer to the couch without realizing that it now was just below a large mirror. I plugged the CD in the player and carried the remote with me back to the couch.

As we sipped on our drinks, we watched the TV come alive.

They don’t waste time in such flicks. Straightaway, the film started by showing three typical large breasted, scantily dressed porn starlets sitting around a table with four guys. They were sipping from tall glasses, talking with each other.

In such films, the conversation is not important: the action is.

Debby’s mouth was slightly open as she stared at the screen. We could see ourselves in the mirror behind the TV.

The busty blonde in the movie leans across the table and offers her mouth to the bald guy. He licks her lips. Seated beside her, the other black guy shoves his hands into her blouse and fishes out her tits. The brunette seated beside the black reaches down to unzip his trousers. Across the table, a tall, massively built guy, wearing spectacles, turns to kiss the second busty blonde, who is dressed in a skimpy red dress. By their side, the redheaded girl is leaning back allowing a pony-tailed guy to suckle her large tits through her blouse.

“Wow, Mike!” Debby gasped, “Do these always start like this?”

I laughed, aware of my hard on. “They aren’t Hollywood you know. Can’t afford to waste film.” I tried to sound casual. In the mirror, I could see Debby crossing her legs together. She began to swing one leg back and forth, and I had a pretty good idea what she was doing.

The blonde is kneeling on the floor and she is sucking on the black cock, simultaneously jerking off the bald guy’s cock. Both the guys have huge cocks, as should be expected in porn. I have often wondered if every porn maker uses trick photography. The guys are always huge.

The bespectacled guy pushes the red dress up the other blonde’s waist. She is naked above and below it. He is sucking on her tit, hands wrapped around her back. Her head is thrown back, mouth open and eyes closed.

Ponytail is hunched down, his head between the redhead’s legs. She is lying on the sofa, pinching and milking her own tits, as he licks and sucks on her cunt. The brunette is sprawled on the floor, her mouth crammed with ponytail’s cock.

It was like telepathy, the way that we both set our glasses simultaneously on the table. I pretended to ignore her as I proceeded to pull my straining mobil porno cock out of my shorts. I concentrated on the screen, gently beginning to jerk my cock to and fro with my right fist.

I heard Debby giggle and turned to her. She was looking at my hand stroking my cock. “Naughty boy!” she admonished me, then, proceeded to raise her nightie over her hips. She put one hand inside and I saw the billowing movements as she began to rub her own pussy.

The blonde kneeling on the floor is now rubbing the black cock over her lips. The bald guy stands behind her and rubs his cock over her cunt lips, reaching down and below her to grab her huge tits.

“That blonde has tits just like yours,” I commented.

“I was about to say that the black has a cock just like yours,” she countered.

I laughed softly, continuing to stroke my shaft. Debby had now lifted her nightie up above her waist; she wasn’t wearing panties, and I could see her naked cunt lips as she started to rub her fingers across them.

The bald guy now manages to sink his entire dick into the blonde from behind. This causes the girl to jerk forward, and the black guy’s cock disappears into her mouth. The bespectacled guy, next to the trio has now straddled the other blonde and is lazily fucking his cock in and out of her sumptuous tits. She is holding them together, staring at him, as he uses one finger to press the swollen shaft and hold it in the cleavage.

Ponytail and the brunette are in a sixty-nine, she lying on his top, bobbing her head up and down. He reaches below and captures her tits, and she raises her shoulder so that he can begin to squeeze them as he licks her pussy.

“My God, Mike, that woman has a cock in her mouth and another in her cunt!”

I nod; looking once at the TV, then back at her reflection in the mirror.

I watched her dragging her large purse toward her. She reached inside it and drew out a thick seven-inch dildo.

“Debby! What a surprise.”

She actually blushed. “Don’t tell anyone about it. Angela gave this to me.”


“You remember me telling you about my aunt and uncle going at each other? My fantasy? Well, you might recall that Angela is their daughter, my cousin.”

“Oh yeah, now I do. But this peter cheater! Since when did you need it?”

“C’mon, Mike. Every now and then, I do need something inside me.”

I turned to face her, now ignoring the screen, and looked into her eyes. “You still not ready to let my cock fuck you in your cunt, Debby?”

She stared back at me for a long time. “Please, Mike. I’m not ready.”

The blonde is now lying on her back, legs raised and spread wide apart for the black to fuck her cunt at a furious pace. The bald guy kneels at her head and pushes his dick in and out of her mouth.

Debby stares at the screen for a while; then, slowly, she let her body fall onto her side, so that she was now lying on my lap. She pushed my hand away from my cock and grasped my prick by the base. She offered the dildo to me.

“Fuck my cunt with this, Mike.”

I took the dildo and leaning down, I rubbed the tip across her gash. She moaned and in one swift movement, engulfed my hard on in her mouth.

Her cheek hollowed as she sucked me deep in her mouth, her olgun porno fist sliding down to fondle my heavy balls. Her other hand gripped my fist, which held the dildo, pushing it toward her cunt.

I plunged the dildo inside her in one swift movement, making her gasp and cry out. She almost bit my cock as I began a fast and furious stroking of the dildo inside her cunt.

“Fuck that cunt, Mike, fuck it harder, oh god,” she chanted, pulling her mouth away from my cock for a while.

I leaned closer till I was almost hunched over her. I clenched the dildo in my fist and began to really slam it in and out of her cunt. With my other hand, I reached down and pulled her nightie off her shoulders. She wasn’t wearing a bra either, so her large tits tumbled out. I grabbed one of them and immediately began squeezing it just as furiously as I fucked the dildo in her cunt.

I lifted my hips up during her down stroke; and backed up when she pulled her head up away from my cock. I timed the thrusting of my cock with that of the dildo.

She pulled away again from my cock. She slid up; at the same time curling her knees up toward her so that she lay in a fetal position to enable me continue to fuck her cunt with the dildo. She shoved my cock into her cleavage.

“Oh god, oh god, fuck my cunt, oh Jeeze, fuck it harder, yes, harder now, fuck me, fuck me,” she whimpered, heaving her chest up and down to milk my cock between her tits. It was erotic, all right. Both of us curled up on the sofa, my cock getting fucked between her tits, and me leaning across to shove the dildo in and out of her cunt, holding it in both my hands.

She turned her head to look at the TV and what she saw must have turned her on more because she began to move her buttocks more urgently against the dildo. I had been concentrating on the dildo fucking her cunt and watching from time to time my cock shoving in and out of her tits, so that I had missed most of what had happened on the TV. Now, I glanced at it too.

The black and the bald guys are now on their knees, the busty blonde lying on the floor between them. The two of them are furiously jerking on their cocks as she waits for their spunk, her mouth open, legs spread wide apart.

The juice explodes almost simultaneously from the two guys’ cocks, arcing across the girl’s body. Some of it enters her mouth, some lands on her face and hair while some more splatters her tits. In the background, the bespectacled guy is furiously stroking his cock between the other blonde’s tits, while the brunette has now managed to push her head between the blonde’s legs, munching at the cunt while ponytail is fucking her from behind.

“Ooohh…Mike, oh god, oh Jeeze, I’m cumming…yes, yes…”

Her legs stiffened and she went still, leaving me to move my hips back and forth to fuck her tits. She moaned, squeezing her tits together as my cock speared in and out between them. And then, she shuddered to her orgasm.

I slammed the dildo in her cunt and held it there as I jerked my body faster, masturbating my cock in her cleavage. I could also feel my juice starting to boil up from my balls, then, opening my mouth, I groaned. I let go and watched my cum blast out from the tip of my cock, hitting her chin, then rising up to land on her nose, before dribbling out between her tits.

We lay like that; my hands on the dildo buried inside her cunt, my cock nestling between her huge tits.

“Oh wow,” she exclaimed, using her hands to spread my juice over her face.

In reply, I could only grunt and collapsed on top of her.

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