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AllisonAllison 2 re-writeMy name is Alan Smith, at least I think it still is, so much has happened over the last year, I am beginning to wonder what is real anymore. I suppose it began with my aunt Dolly (moms step-sister, real name Dorothy) aged 37, and uncle Ben two years older at 39, nearly getting divorced, they were constantly arguing, mainly because they had not got any c***dren. Aunt Dolly always wanted a daughter, but were always jealous of my mom and dad who had me. My parents had a varied social life and often let uncle and aunt baby sit me on weekends. Auntie had asked my parents if they objected to her dressing me in girls clothes while I stayed there, they told her that providing I was happy they didn’t mind.When I was around eight years old, auntie used to dress me as a little girl in pink frilly dresses, and white ankle socks, with a short blonde wig, then take me out to the park or shopping. Aunty started aerobics classes on weekends, so uncle Ben took over taking me out and about. Uncle Ben and I grew into being close friends, I became quite used to wearing girls clothes every weekend. Some years ago Uncle Ben had bought a strip of land behind their house which he built a two bedroom single floor house with all amenities as a retreat in case he and dolly ever parted, it was a place of peace in which he often used, built in a side road with only the rear of neighbouring gardens either side not overlooked in any way. To enter, was from the side road where there was a door in a seven foot high brick wall, with no sign of the house behind it. It was a single story building with all amenities, and if the weather was poor he took me there, where we played board games or as technology improved, on the computer. By the age of twelve, auntie started to buy me more grown up clothes, and taught me how to apply make up.My parents asked me why I was always cheerful when I returned home after being with my aunt and uncle, and asked me if it was because I dressed in girl clothes when I was over there. I remember blushing when I said yes. Dad asked me if I would like to wear female clothes at home as well.‘Yes I would like that but what about if we have visitors’‘You would have to wear boy clothes then, the same as you do when going out or to school’mom took me out shopping and bought me some dresses, skirts, and underwear, also a blonde wig similar to the one I wore around aunties.When I first dressed up and went downstairs in my new clothes with a little make up, dad’s eyes nearly popped out ‘my god, you look beautiful’ he spluttered ‘we can’t call you Alan like that’‘Auntie and uncle call me Allison’ I grinned‘Well Allison, it seems I have got a very pretty daughter’So from then I began wearing my girl clothes around my home, I felt so more natural as a girl. After I had reached my f******nth year, my parents told me that they had always chatted with Dolly and Ben and they all agreed that I seemed to be happier as a girl.Dad took me on one side and asked me if I would like to change to a female all the time and eventually have Gender reassignment surgery.‘No dad, I want to keep my boy bits, but I would like to have my own boobs’.About a week later he said he had looked into sexual dysphoria and told me that I would have to take a pill to prevent the onset of puberty, but I would have to wait until I was sixteen before I could take hormone tablets to let my body grow boobs. Sixteen in this State was when I could legally make any decisions about giving consent not only for sex but also to make permanent changes to my body, that is when I would be classed as an adult.I often did some housework for uncle Ben which he used to repay me by taking me to the local mall while I was dressed as a girl, and buying me clothes and underwear. I remember when he bought me sheer nylon hose, he said they gave me a ‘grown up’ look and showed off my shapely legs. It became normal for me to wear my nylons and high heel shoes in his den. Aunty liked to do a Sunday roast and reckoned I looked really cute. I was becoming aware of sexuality and I knew uncle Ben started to admire me as a female so I started to tease him a little by bending over while wearing mini skirts during my housework. One day we were playing a game on his computer and I was sitting on his lap and I could feel his hard dick under me, I asked him if he found me attractive and sexy, he told me if he was twenty years younger he would be all over me like a rash, but until I was sixteen it would be i*****l, I grinned and kissed him on his cheek, I told him I would give myself to him on my sixteenth birthday. He said it would be our little secret. I had often wondered what it would feel like being made love to and having a man wanting me as if I was a real girl, as Uncle Ben was my closest friend I would like him to be my first.On weekends I used to go there and dress up, aunt Dolly was always overjoyed when I visited and called me her little girl.I was very much a boy during the week, at school I did not like taking part in football or baseball although I did like the gym and running. I had a friend from school his name was Reg, we had been pals for years, he often came round to my house during the week, I was always dressed as a boy when he visited, sometimes I went to his home, we often did our homework together. He knew I went to my aunt and uncles at weekends, but as I was getting older I spent occasional Saturdays with him at the local shopping mall. I had never told him about my dressing in girls clothes. The pills I had been taking didn’t seem to have changed me in any way except I did not grow any facial hair or any on my legs and chest, but I did start to notice a few nice looking young men and got a little tingle thinking of being held in their arms.As my sixteenth birthday was on the next Saturday, I reminded uncle Ben of my promise, he said that I could back out of it if I wanted to, but I told him I wanted to keep it and was looking forward to being with him, he said he was really pleased and had been looking forward to having sex with me for some time.On the Friday before my birthday mum and dad said they were coming over to aunt dolly’s house in the afternoon to give me my present. I asked if I could go there dressed up but they said no, not until the next day when I was sixteen. My parents told me they would come to my aunties house in the afternoon to have tea and give me my present, and we were all going out in the evening for a meal.I walked round to aunt’s as a boy, she wished me a happy birthday then hugged and kissed me on my lips, I got an instant hard dick as she was quite a looker, she told me that uncle Ben was in his house waiting for me, and about my promise to him she had given him permission for today. I got changed into my girl clothes, a flared mini skirt with a white silky blouse, nylons, high heeled shoes and sexy underwear, with my make up and wig in place I went through the gate at the bottom of her garden which was right beside the entrance to uncles place, using my key, I went in then round the side into the main front door. By this time I was feeling nervous, I was about to lose my virginity.Uncle was waiting in the lounge.‘Happy birthday Allison, come and give me a kiss’I went to him, he put his arms around me, his lips found mine and we kissed, our tongues met and it became passionate, I could feel his hard dick through our clothes. I leaned back and looked into his eyes.‘make love to me uncle’ I whispered in his ear.‘not until you are prepared sweet thing, I want it to be perfect for both of us’he took me to the bathroom and instructed me on giving myself an enema then to use a moisturiser in it to make my insides lubricated, I put my delicate panties back on and went back to meet him in the lounge, we hugged and kissed again.‘I am ready for you now’ I smiled nervously’are you sure you want to do this’?’yes, very sure uncle’he began removing his clothes, out popped his large dick, it looked enormous, very hard and erect, it was going inside my body.‘would you like me to use a rubber’?‘no uncle I just want to feel you’ after lubricating his dick ready, he placed some cushions on the arm of the sofa and turned me ‘bend over darling, this is the best position for your first experience’I felt him remove my panties then a gentle pressure on my ass, gradually increasing, when suddenly‘Ohh’ I yelped as the knob of his dick entered me, my ass was stretched tightly over his dick, it did hurt a little.‘Do you want me to stop babe’?‘No uncle, please don’t stop’ I wanted him in mevery slowly I felt him getting deeper, at first it felt like my ass was on fire, but gradually it eased and he started gentle in and out movements. I could feel the ripple of the veins and muscle as he started fucking me, it was feeling nice now, I was backing on to him, we got into a rhythm. I was being fucked, and it was feeling good. I knew now that I enjoyed being made love to by a man, the feeling of him thrusting into me and wanting me as he would as if I was a real woman. He put his arm around my waist and gripped my own hard dick and gently started wanking me.‘Are you ok Allison’?‘it feels wonderful uncle, I can feel you so deep inside me’‘you feel amazing, I won’t last much longer darling’‘nor will I’ I gasped‘hang on I will try to reach the tissues’‘don’t pull out, please cum in me’‘oh god i can’t hold back, here it comes’then I felt his large dick inside me starting to throb which set me cumming too. It felt wonderful the feeling of his dick pumping sperm into me and I now knew I could satisfy his sexual needs. He held me tight in his arms until his dick wilted.I stood up and held him close to me, then we got into a lovers kiss, our two soft dicks hanging together like old friends.‘thank you uncle, you were so gentle, I really enjoyed you having sex with me’‘I should be the one thanking you for letting me have the privilege of being the first into your body’we sat arms around each other, kissing and cuddling, I reached down and clasped his spent manhood, leaned over and began sucking on his dick. After a while I could feel stirrings as it came back to life.‘don’t do that unless you want another session’ he gaspedI sucked harder and stroked his dick back to life, I was amazed that I just had this large muscle fully inside me a short while ago‘I want another session uncle’ I said in a little girl voice ‘I want you in me again’‘we will try a different position this time babe’he lay me on my back and lifted my nylon clad legs to his shoulders, he found the cream and re-lubricated his dick. He gently entered me, this time there was not any pain, I looked up into his loving eyes while he slid slowly fully in me, I put my hands behind his head and pulled him to me until our lips met, we had a lingering kiss as he fucked me steadily. He leaned up, I put my feet behind his head and was able to thrust my hips forward so I could fuck him back, my dick had come back to life and was pressed hard against my stomach, we were fucking like rabbits, I smiled with the sound of the squelching from my backside.‘you look like you are enjoying this babe’‘I am, I love it’ I uttered breathlessly‘you really are a very sexy young lady’ he said as his action speeded up‘kiss me uncle’our lips and tongues met, his dick throbbing as he emptied another load of sperm into me, I came this time onto my stomach, I was shattered.When I tried to stand my legs felt like jelly, I staggered to the bathroom and cleaned myself up, gently wiped my sore backside and padded my panties with some tissues, the dress I wanted to wear this evening was back in the main house, I thought I would have a shower later when I got ready for my mom and dad and go out this evening. As we went to go out, I was unsteady on my feet. Uncle offered me his hand, which I took gladly. We made our way into the main house and when we went into the lounge I was totally shocked to see my mom and dad sitting on the sofa right in front of us. I felt my face go crimson and realised I was still clutching uncles hand. My dad grinned from ear to ear and said‘well Ben you look like the cat that’s got the cream, and you young lady look like you are the one that received it, looks to me as if you have had a great sixteenth birthday so far, don’t move’ he lifted his phone and took some snaps of us.‘happy birthday dear, I do hope you are enjoying it’ mom grinnedAunty grabbed a soft cushion and placed it on the seat of the armchair‘here you are Allison, it looks like you need something soft to sit on’ she winked knowinglyI let go of uncles hand and very wobbly made my way over to the armchair and gingerly lifted the back of my mini skirt and sat my tender bottom on the soft cushion.’Well’!! dad said still grinning ‘it looks like your uncle Ben has given you a nice large birthday present already”Aww please dad’ I pleaded still blushing’did you enjoy it’? I looked over to uncle Ben, and smiled’yes dad”how do you feel about it Dolly’ ?’Ben told me that Allison had promised herself to him on her birthday, I told him that providing she wanted him to have sex with her, that it would be ok by me and to carry on, I knew he found her very attractive and he could fulfil his wish, I am pleased it was Ben and not some person who we were not sure of ‘mom turned to me and said after I have had a rest if she could help me get ready for this evening’that would be nice mom’I went carefully up to the room I used when staying here, on the bed there was a beautiful black cocktail dress, underwear sheer stockings, a pair of stiletto shoes on the floor. I lay andstretched out mom came up after an hour. Mom said that I had a wet patch on my panties, uncles sperm must have leaked through the tissues. ‘you are one of us now, I went out a short time with Ben before he met Dolly, so he has fucked all three of us, from what I remember he is well endowed and a good lover’ she gave me a motherly kiss ‘I am glad you have enjoyed him too’.’you get cleaned up and showered, I will do your make up and hair when you get out’.I went in the bathroom and stripped off, had a nice warm shower, found some salve in the cabinet then carefully used some on my tender ass, I realised all the clean underwear was out in the bedroom. I was naked when I stepped into the room, and tried to cover my soft dick.’don’t be silly Allison, I have seen nude people before’ she moved my hand away ‘my word’ she smiled ‘big dicks must run in the family, and I am glad to see that you shave down there’mom helped me get dressed after painting my nails and toe nails a bright red, while putting on my make up.’you have a very pretty face Allison, I would never recognise you as Alan’clip on earrings and a silver necklace in place. I studied myself in the mirror, I was amazed how great I looked, a very pretty teenaged girl looked back at me. The dress fitted me perfectly with a tight waist, flared skirt and the padded out bra I felt so feminine.I went down to the lounge.’wow, what a knockout’ they all chipped in. dad was taking photo’s of me with his phone. We all piled in dads car and went to the restaurant. Once seated we ordered our meal, I had my dad on one side and uncle Ben on the other. Aunt Dolly quietly told Ben to keep his hands off me as he had already had his share of me.We had a nice meal with red wine, after the meal dad handed me some official looking papers and a case. I opened the case and in it was a very expensive laptop computer, with a label from mom and dad.’oh, that’s really great thanks ever so much’I got up and went to mom and gave her a big hug and kiss, then kissed dad on the cheek. As I opened the large envelope. Dad said’those are for your entry into Forest university as miss Allison Smith, to study for a degree in computer science, all paid for until you pass, I have told the head professor of your circumstance, he told me that there were a few transgender young persons there and it would be ok as long as you behaved yourself, you start there on s*******nth birthday on the new term’.’Thank you dad and mom that is a great present”our turn now’ uncle Ben chimed in, and handed me another large envelope.’in there young lady is the deeds to my bungalow, they are made out to you, once we have them signed by you and me with my lawyer this week, it is yours completely, there is a trust fund to pay all expenses, electricity, broadband, phone and canlı bahis any local taxes. As you know, aunt Dolly and I, have never had c***dren and you are the nearest to being our own, so we are glad to hand it over to you’I got up and kissed auntie, then back to uncle Ben, as I went to kiss him on his cheek, he turned his head and our lips met, I quickly moved my head away.’sorry aunty I didn’t mean that to happen”that is perfectly ok today Allison, he is all yours until midnight, after all, he had his wicked way with you earlier, it’s not as if you are strangers’I turned back to uncle Ben put my lips to his and parted them letting our tongues meet in passion’Ahem’ dad interjected ‘please remember you are in a public restaurant, you cannot fuck in here, wait until you get home’.’mmm, am I on a promise then Allison’? uncle asked eagerly’yes, if you will want me uncle’my dick started to harden with the thought of uncle fucking me again’for gods sake, you two, come and have a dance with me Allison’ dad put his arm around me and led me to the dance floor, ‘you will have to excuse my two left feet dad, I have never danced before”that’s ok Allison, you had never been fucked before, but you managed that without any problems’ he grinned and held me close and guided me around the floor. I felt weak and girlie being held in a mans arms.’dad? Did you mind that uncle Ben made love to me earlier”no, of course not dear, as your auntie said, at least it was someone who we knew and he would not have hurt you, or given you a nasty virus’.We danced a couple more tunes then dad held my hand as we made our way back to our table’that looked really sweet, watching dad and daughter dancing together’ mom said wistfully.’if you are not too tired, may I have the next dance Allison’? uncle asked offering his hand.We began dancing, uncle Ben holding me close’you look fabulous tonight Allison, I can hardly wait to get back home so I can make love to you again”no uncle Ben, you should not refer to us making love, aunty may find that a bit too graphic, you are married to a very attractive lady who has let you fuck me, I don’t want to be the cause of you both breaking up”what would you like me to call it then’ ‘just to fuck me, or have sex with me”ok then, I want to fuck you”I know you do, unless that is a large torch in your pocket, I want you as well’ I whispered back, smiling up at him’oh god, you are so sexy’ he pulled me tight and put his lips on mineAfter the meal was over we got ourselves together and made our way back to Aunt and Uncles house, uncle opened a bottle of wine and as he was pouring it out Auntie said ‘don’t waste time Ben, you and Allison disappear for a while, you can have your wine after you have seen to her final part of her birthday present, because after we are back to normal and she will have to find her own man’Uncle turned to me and asked me if I wanted to go to the bungalow, i was shy in front of my mom and Dad. I blushed and nodded, he took my hand, i glanced back as we went out, everyone was grinning as we went out. I was still wearing the lovely dress and high heels ‘you look amazing Allison, i can hardly wait to fuck you again, how do you feel’?‘i want you too uncle, i am so glad you find me attractive’I got prepared and slipped off the dress, as i went back in the lounge he had stripped off and his large dick was ready for meI bent over the arm of the sofa, there was no pain as very gently he slipped his dick into me, this time i fucked back at him as he thrust forward, we got into a rhythm, we were fucking like rabbits for a while then he turned me over put my nylon clad legs on his shoulders and was fucking me missionary style when he began cumming in me i could feel his dick throbbing inside me which made me cum as well‘Allison babe, i have had quite a few fucks in my time and you are defiantly one of the best, you were wonderful’ he gasped catching his breath‘Thank you uncle, i have nothing to compare it with, but i thoroughly enjoyed it as well’‘well, as your Auntie said, you will have to get your own boyfriend now’ as he patted my tender bottom, as we lay together cuddling on the sofa ‘we will have to go in soon’‘can we have just enough time for another fuck’ i pleadedHe wasted no time ‘open your legs’ he urgedHe slipped his semi erect dick back into me and was fucking me again getting harder all the time, soon he was fucking me hard and fast, i was loving it and using my bottom to fuck back‘Ugh Oh’ he uttered as he cum hard inside me, i cum down my legs‘Oh uncle that was great’ i whispered‘We have to go now little one’I padded out my panties with tissues and slipped my dress back on, my legs were like jelly as he helped me back to the house. We went into the lounge, uncle was still supporting me as he helped me into the armchair. The family were openly laughing at my predicament.‘fucked to a standstill’ dad cackled‘are you ok’ mum asked ‘like dad said’ i answered smiling sheepishly ‘it’s one birthday you won’t forget’ dad added.The next week at school was normal, i was back to boy mode and lessons seemed just as dull and boring, but at the odd moments i reflected on my 16th birthday with a smile to myself. My best pal Reg and I were having a chat over a coffee after school on the next Friday afternoon. Reg was complaining that he had not been out with a girl for months, even just to sit and chat with one would be nice, he said. I knew what he meant, at our age the hormones were raging, and making us feel really horny. We finished up making arrangements to meet again in the cafe on the end of the mall the next day at 10 am, and being Saturday, we should get a good look at some of the local talent.I still had some time to kill before my parents got home, so I made my way to my aunts house a couple of blocks from my home, I went down the side road to my hideaway, I went in and closed the door. I quickly shucked my boy clothes, then got dressed as my alter ego, a little make up at the dressing table, there sat before me was the attractive Allison, I walked up and down glancing in a full length mirror from time to time, I had to admit that I looked convincing as a girl, I even fancied her, I bet my pal Reg would as well. There’s a thought, if I could pluck up the courage I could turn up tomorrow morning and give him a bit of girlie company at the café, I am sure he would appreciate it, he was a nice looking boy and has a good personality the thought of having him as a boyfriend crossed my mind. I had never been out by myself dressed as a girl before, I was dying to try it. I will see how I feel when I get up tomorrow whether I have the courage or not.After another hour, I got back into my boy clothes cleaned up and went home.The next morning when I got up I was excited, I was going out to meet Reg fully dressed as a girl, I had a good close shave, even shaved my legs and chest, not that I had much hair anyway, had a little breakfast, I wasn’t very hungry, said goodbye to mom and dad, saying I may be home a little late, then made my way to my den.I removed my boy clothes then picking out the clothes I was going to wear, making sure that nothing was too sexy as I did not want to draw undue attention to myself. I shakily got dressed. I had a blonde bob wig which I carefully pinned into place, then applied make up making sure not to overdo it, standing back to check myself in the mirror, I realised I looked a sexy teenage girl, in a knee length flared cotton dress, nothing like the Alan Smith who was really standing there.I switched my mobile phone off then very hesitatingly stepped out through the door, I felt nervous on my first outing as a girl by myself.The walk to the mall was around 10 minutes, I walked carefully in my 3 inch heels, the wonderful feel of my nylon hose swishing on my legs made me feel so girlie and horny. I was aware of lots of young men about and it seemed as if I was checked out by nearly every one of them. I finally made it to the café, Reg was already there sitting at a table in the corner, I smiled to myself when he also checked me out, I watched his eyes run up and down from my feet to my head and back. I purchased a coffee and looked around, there were only a couple of tables free. I made it look like I was unsure where to sit and walked slowly over to where Reg was sitting ‘excuse me, sorry to be awkward, but would you mind ever so much if I sat here’?’please be my guest’ he stammered as he stood up while I sat down’thanks’ I said smiling I had raised the pitch of my voice slightly, I felt pleased that he had not recognised me’my name is Reg’ he said blushing’hi Reg, I am Allison, if you are waiting for someone I will find somewhere else to sit”no, please don’t move, I am only waiting for my pal to turn up”oh good, maybe we can chat until then’I am glad I had turned off my phone when he tried ringing Alan. ‘no reply’ he explained ‘that is unusual for him’we started talking, I told him I lived in the opposite direction to where my home was, and went to a different school. Our chat carried on, and after half an hour with another coffee I said I needed the toilet.’please can I walk with you Allison’I smiled, stood up and offered him my hand. With Reg holding my hand we wandered through the Mall. his face was a picture of happiness.The toilets were situated half way down the main concourse to one side. We were looking in some of the shop windows and making comments until we came across a Victoria Secret. The window had various skimpy costumes and underwear on show, a French maids and a nurses uniform, both with mini skirts at the front of the window.I turned to Reg and grinning, asked’would you like to see me in one of those Reg’?Reg turned beetroot red and stared at the sexy models ‘well Reg, which one’? ‘the French maid dress’ he sputtered ‘although you do not need anything like that, I think you are sexy enough as you are’.I turned and looked deeply into his smiling eyes’thank you Reg, you are really nice as well’I grinned when I noticed his pants had a large bulge in the front. ‘naughty Reg, are you thinking rude thoughts about me’?we arrived at the toilets, I just remembered in time to go in the ladies side. I found a cubicle at the end, I had a half hard dick all morning through being dressed as a girl, and I felt a bit sexy after seeing Reg had a hard dick because of me. It took me a while having a pee due to my part erection. Standing in front of the mirror I retouched my make up, I must admit I did look horny, even I fancied myself.I met Reg outside and he had a frantic look in his eyes, he grabbed my arm and rushed me through a door at the back leading outside’quick, this way’ he said urgently as he shut the door behind us ‘I have just been threatened by Rick the flick and his two nasty mates, they call him Rick the flick because he always carries a flick knife and he isn’t frightened to use it, so I have been told, he has already done time in jail for cutting somebody and his two mates were classed as accomplices’I had to make out I had not heard about Rick, but I did know him quite well as he was in some of my classes in school, and I was frightened in case he found me dressed as a girl, I would hate to think of his reaction if he found out.’how did he threaten you’ I asked’he was asking who you were, where I had met you and was I fucking you, he said he was pleased we had only just met and he wanted to fuck you first, a bit of fresh meat and some action he said. I told him not to interfere, he pulled out his knife and said if I didn’t cooperate he would cut me up, they started to have a pee, that’s when I dashed out and grabbed you, I don’t think they saw us’out the back we found a quiet loading bay out of sight and went in the corner.’I am sorry Allison’we were standing quite close together, I leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek’you couldn’t help it Reg, it’s not your fault’Reg pulled me to him and tried to kiss me on my lips’no Reg. Stop it’an arm came out of nowhere around Reg’s throat and dragged him back, he lost his footing and finished up on the ground. Rick stood there and looked down on him’When the lady says stop it Reg she means she wants a man like me instead, doesn’t she’? ‘leave us alone’ I pleaded’listen here bitch’ he grabbed my hair and my wig came offStan, the big one of the three, started taking photo’s of me with his mobile’what the fuck have we got here’ Rick said surprised. he put his hand up my dress and clutched my balls and dick. Looking at me closely he said’well I never, you’re Alan Smith, all dressed up as a little tart, and your mate Reg was about to start kissing you, well I think we can sort this out. Dave? Go and get some rubbers, and you young tart go and put your wig back on and make it look good, or Reg here will get the blade, and he won’t look pretty, you have 5 minutes to get to the ladies room and back before I cut him up a bit. GO’ he said looking at his watch.I rushed back through the door into the ladies toilet and put my wig back on. I was shaking like a leaf while I fixed it in place, remade my make up while thinking of what Rick and his mates had in store for me, it looks like they were going to **** me. When I was dressed, it often crossed my mind what it would be like to pick up a man and let him make love to me as if I was a proper girl, my dick gave a twitch at that thought. I could have made a run for it, but I had to get back quick to save Reg from getting the knife.I ran back through the door, Rick was standing there looking at his watch, he looked up at me’that’s better bitch, you look ok and just in time’Big Stan had Reg’s arms held behind him, Dave came back and handed a box of rubbers to Rick.’are you ready for this’? he asked’please don’t hurt me Rick’I felt my dress being lifted and my panties pulled down.’kick them away bitch’I was dreading what will happen next, I had only done this before with uncle Ben, but secretly I wanted it to happen, I was going to find out what it would be like having a man forcing himself in me.’bend forward bitch, I have something for you’I did as I was told, then felt him at my butt trying to push his dick in me’you better relax and take it in, or Reg gets hurt’I tried to relax the best I could, then I felt a sharp pain as his dick entered me.’ouch’ I groaneddeeper and deeper it went inside me, it seemed huge when he got his dick fully inside me, I now know what it feels like to have a horny man using my body as a fuck toy, he began fucking me, tears were running down my cheeks, both from the pain and the humiliation of being fucked’Reg, you get down and suck him off while I fuck him’Reg looked sorrowfully up at me as he came near and lifted my dress from the front, I felt his warm lips over my cock. My body gradually started to respond, with Rick fucking me deeply from behind, I was getting hard in my friends mouth, the pain had subsided a little and it became sex. Dave came up to me and unzipped his fly whipping his hard dick out he put it to my lips, I didn’t hesitate, I sucked him in as far as I could to the back of my throat. He held the back of Reg’s head making sure he didn’t pull away.Oh god. I hate to admit it but I was now enjoying the best sex ever, I was being fucked, sucked and sucking at the same time.Stan was still taking pictures I could feel I was getting near to cumming in Reg’s mouth, I was now backing onto Rick in time with his fucking, pushing into Reg’s mouth, and sucking furiously on Dave’s dick, then it happened, with a groan I shot my load into Reg’s warm mouth and felt Rick pulsing as he shot his load in the rubber.’Wow you make a great fuck bitch’ Rick gasped he leaned forward and kissed me roughly on my lips’thanks’ he whisperedI looked up at him, a little surprised, he smiled and winked’now you have to take my mates on. here Stan you try her, and don’t forget to wear a rubber, we don’t want to leave DNA samples behind’Reg sat back spluttering, I had shot my load straight down his throat. Stan opened the package with the rubber, his dick looked enormous, at least eight inches long and very thick as he struggled putting it on, he went behind me and I felt him pushing hard, his dick stretched me wide as it entered, my sphincter seemed to grab him just behind the large dome on his penis, he gradually got a little into me, I could feel he was trying to be gentle while he took it very slowly. I bahis siteleri had been stretched with Rick’s member but Stan’s was filling me so much more. I eased back on him taking a little at a time, Stan stopped pushing and let me set the pace. After a few minutes I finally bottomed out (so to speak) I could feel his thighs on my butt cheeks, I was so full of his massive cock deep inside me.I had realised that when Rick and his pals turned up, that I was going to be the entertainment for them and get fucked, so I had resigned myself to my fate, rather than get Reg or me cut, and that I knew I would have to give in and take whatever they had in mind. Stan was now fucking me with long steady strokes, I felt every ripple on his dick as he slid in and out of me, he was kissing my neck and shoulders. He pulled out of me with a slurping noise, turned me over and put my nylon clad legs on his shoulders then gently re-entered me, my insides had now adjusted to his large penis and he was able to fully insert it back in me. I gazed up at his smiling face as he lowered his lips to mine. He kissed me using his tongue, I put my hands on his back urging him deeper. I realised that Stan was no longer just fucking me, he was making love to me, I felt thoroughly ashamed with myself as I was now enjoying it.’oh god’ he whispered in my ear ‘I could easily fall in love with you’I didn’t answer, I clutched his neck and kissed him deeply. Stan’s action began to speed up, I knew he was going to climax, he had his tongue in my mouth as his dick erupted in me.He gradually wilted before he eased out of me.’wow, you were great Allison’ he muttered’thanks Stan, you were pretty good too’ I smiledI looked over at Dave,’would you like to have me too Dave’? I asked softlyalthough my backside was sore, I couldn’t leave one of them out, I needed to keep in their good books ‘I am looking forward to it’ he replied,as he dropped his pants, his dick was fairly impressive but not as big as Stan’s. in a perverted way I wanted him in me. He was quite handsome with a fine athletic build. I knew a lot of girls at school would love to have him in their arms, I am going to be the lucky one and have him fuck me. He slipped the rubber over his dick, lifted me easily to standing in front of him, put his arms around my waist and kissed my left ear while he told me that he wanted me to sit on him. There was a low stone wall about knee height which he lay back on, with his dick sticking straight up in the air, I lifted my dress as put my leg over him and lowered myself down guiding his dick with one hand into me. As I had only just been fucked with Stan’s large dick I was able to easily slide down and fully impale myself on Dave’s. I began riding back and forward fucking myself on him, Dave was grinning at my efforts. He put his hands on my hips and helped me ride him. I remembered back to this morning, where I was going to surprise my best friend Reg by dressing as a girl for an ego boost for him. My first time out dressed up by myself. Here I am, just a few hours later being fucked for the third time.Rick, Stan and Reg, were standing a few yards away, watching intently, as Dave and I fucked, I could see that Reg looked quite jealous at what was happening to me, also he had a lump in his pants, I think he would like to have me as well. I felt flattered that I had four men lusting after me. Looking down on Dave’s handsome face, my dick started to rise again under my dress while Dave was fully embedded in my body and pumping hard into me, I hated to admit that I was enjoying being a sexual plaything for the boys.I worked hard trying to get Dave off, finally with his help forcing my hips back and forward, I felt him stiffen in me, he thrust hard, his dick was throbbing emptying the contents of his balls, feeling him cum made me cum on his stomach, my dress was hiding my dick from the others.’sorry Dave’ I groaned’that’s ok babe, you were worth it’, he leaned up and kissed me. I slowly climbed off him, he handed me a tissue, which I reached under my dress and wiped my softening dick, then searching around I found my panties and slipped them on, while Dave cleaned himself up, After straightening myself up, I turned to Rick ‘can I pop into the toilets please’ I asked him’yes, but you come straight back, don’t forget we still have Reg here’I went back through the door and into the ladies room, found a cubicle pulled my panties down and sat for a pee, my bottom was sore, I had been well and truly fucked by three strong lads, I felt so girlie in my cotton dress, high heeled shoes and nylon hose. I clip clopped over to the mirror and saw a young girl with mussed make up and hair, after repairing myself, I considered what I was going to do. I was very frightened at first knowing I was going to get fucked, I had only thought about anything like that in my girlie mode before, but now after my body has had a good hammering by three studs, I felt so much different, very feminine, I was somehow looking forward to maybe another sex session with them, they had all treated me nicely as a female which made me feel like one. I went back out, Dave gave me a wolf whistle, I smiled held the edge of the skirt of the dress and gave a little curtsy ‘thank you Dave’Rick came over, took me to the low wall away from the others’Allison babe, you were amazing, far better than I would have ever dreamed, you never once said ‘NO or STOP’, or even objected to what we were doing so I fucked you and then the others in turn. The boys and myself have agreed that you are a great fuck and would like to have you again, during today you seemed willing and we would prefer that you dress up for us and be our girl tomorrow for the last time, we are being split up next week and have to move away, If you agree, I promise you will not have to do anything against your will and you would not be hurt in any way, just for one day only’I thought about what he said, I had enjoyed being a girl and the sex was amazing, they had not hurt me, even treated me nicely, I wouldn’t mind trying it again. I smiled at him, and said,’in a way I wanted it to happen, I had thought that I wanted to try it, but would never have admitted it. I would never have made the first move. If I agree, would you leave Reg alone as well?, i explained to him, ‘I had not been out dressed before today alone, I only dressed up to give Reg a boost to his ego, he had been complaining about not having any girl company for ages, so I thought it would be nice if I pretended to be a girl and chat with him for a while, you caught us before he had even kissed me. Then you all had sex with me and I found it wasn’t so bad as I had thought. Ok, I will try it Rick, but why me and not a real girl’He told me ‘the three of us live in a probation house and we are all tagged, we are on a curfew every day, so we have to be in by five o’clock and not have visitors after then. The house is inspected at random odd times, nod**gs or alcohol is allowed also we have to keep it clean and tidy. Until a few months ago we had a girl we shared, she was a bit of trouble anyway, but she left some d**gs in one of the drawers, the inspectors turned up and found it, then we had another six months added to our probation, so we have to be careful not to get in any more trouble, we sat Reg on this wall while we talked about you, and we agreed you were perfect for us and we all wanted to see you again, but in all honesty, it has got to be with your consent, we couldn’t afford to get into any further trouble’ ‘do you mean that if I didn’t agree, you would leave us alone’?’more or less, you see, I have to keep up the hard man image so that it keeps us safe, no one wants to annoy us in case they get cut up. Well now you know I am not as hard as you thought, will you still want to see us’?I looked down at my dress and shoes, I felt myself blushing, I realised I would be fucked again by these guys, and I wanted to try it. ‘yes Rick’ I said quietly’14 Carnation road, be there at ten tomorrow morning’ he kissed my cheek ‘I will look forward to see you babe, well we must go, to be back before curfew’ he winked.He held my hand and helped me up from the wall, then walked hand in hand back to the others. They walked off, turned and waved, leaving Reg and me together.’what was that about’ Reg enquired after they had gone.’I have saved us from any further trouble, you are safe now Reg’ I lied ‘I am seeing them again tomorrow morning”god no, you mean you are going to let them fuck you again”yes Reg, it will only be just once more’’why”to keep us safe silly’Reg and I walked slowly back towards home, I was feeling weak and a bit tender around my butt, Reg was quiet, I knew he was upset that I was giving myself to Rick and his pals, but it was jealousy that he probably wanted me instead’you looked like you enjoyed being gang banged by them earlier”what choice did I have, I could have fought them and got us cut up, or, give in as I did”when will I see you again’?‘why, do you want to. Especially what has happened to me today’‘yes Allison, i want to very much’’i will be at school on Monday as Alan”will I ever see you as Allison again”only if you really want to”yes, I do, I really want to’ he said enthusiastically’even though you watched three men fuck me’he stood back, looked me up and down’you do look such a sexy girl, when you sat at my table in the café, I thought all my prayers were answered, you looked like the girl I had always dreamed of meeting’‘i dressed up for you today to give you a bit of girl company, but now you know who i am and you have watched me having sex with three men are you sure you want to see me as Allison again’?‘yes, very sure, in a perverse way, now i know you enjoy sex, i would love to have you as my girlfriend’Reg turned to face me and held me tight to him, he kissed me, I parted my lips and it became deep and passionate our tongues fighting each other. He certainly was a good kisser. If my bottom wasn’t so tender after what happened earlier, I would have given in to him as well. I broke the kiss, we stood apart panting.’I want you so much Allison”maybe soon Reg’ I grinned as I started to walk away‘I will see you Monday at school as Alan, don’t forget i will not be Allison’‘Can i walk you home after you have seen the other boys tomorrow.’?‘If you really want to Reg, i will be leaving there at 5pm’ I popped in to visit aunt Dolly, she remarked I looked worn out,’have you got a boyfriend’?’yes auntie, sort of’ I lied’I thought so, your dress is wrinkled and your lipstick is all smeared you look as if you have been having sex ”no I haven’t, we don’t do things like that, we have just been for a long walk”well you should have, at your age I was having sex regularly, it’s about time you started”auntie please. I will when I am ready”I would like to see your young man just to make sure he is good enough for you, pop in one day after school and bring him with you”yes I will, but you must not embarrass me’we chatted for a while, aunty kept bringing up about my boyfriend, I thought I hope I can get Reg to make out that he is my regular date.I made my way back to my den deep in thought. My life has taken a major turn, I loved being a girl and having men lusting after me, I felt so good satisfying the lads sexual needs and my own. I opened the door and locked it behind me, I went in the second door into my den. I stripped out of my girl clothes and looked in the mirror, standing before me was a pretty girls face, maybe a little weary, but a boy for the rest of the body, it would look better if I had boobs and a narrower waist, ah well, back to boy mode. I removed my wig, washed my face and checked there was no make up, had a shower, treated my tender backside to some salve, then dressed in my boy clothes. When I got home, mom said dinner in ten. At dinner mom said you must have had a good day, you look a bit worn out, I told her that I had met some friends from school and we had a good time around the shops, we had made plans to go round one of their homes tomorrow morning with some video games.’don’t get into any mischief’ she said smiling’of course not mom’ The next morning I woke up, I immediately got a hard dick at the thought of meeting up with the boys. There was an old enema bulb at the back of the cupboard in the bathroom, it was covered in dust, I took it and concealed it in my pants. Made my way to the den, I gave myself an enema and lubricated my butt hole, my dick was still hard at the thought what was to come, I wondered what real girls felt like knowing they were going to be well fucked. I got dressed in girlie clothes, with an above knee pleated skirt and sheer nearly black hose with a white blouse with frills on the cuffs and collar, with a short black satin jacket, once my wig was pinned down and make up on, I inspected myself, I looked good. ‘you lucky girl’ I thought ‘you will soon have three horny men to satisfy’ I carefully made my way to 14 Carnation road, it was five past ten when I arrived, I rang the bell. Rick opened the door, ‘Hiya babe, I am so pleased you kept your word’he held me and gave me a long lingering kiss. He led me into the lounge, I was amazed how clean and tidy it was. Dave and Stan stood from the sofa like perfect gentlemen,’wow you look great’ Stan said’perfect young lady’ Dave added’thanks boys, I do my best, I am pleased you approve’Rick said, ‘you know why you are here Allison, are you really sure you want to carry on? you can back out you know”I am happy to carry on Rick’ I said blushing, I knew I was going to get well and truly fucked.’have you any preference who goes first’?’no, I thought I would leave it up to you’ I said smiling weakly’we all wanted you bareback, but that would not be nice for the last one, so two of us will wear rubbers and the last one has you without one, that is if you have no objections”do I have a choice’? I asked ‘of course you do, I promised we would not do anything against your will, or hurt you”then that will be ok by me’ I said softly’we will draw cards, and the highest will go first, the lowest last who won’t use a rubber. The other question is, we all have our own bedroom, would you prefer privacy in our rooms, or in the lounge here”I think I would like the private rooms’they all took cards off the deck. Then held them out. Dave had a king, Rick was a nine, Stan had a three.Dave came forward and held my hand then led me to a bedroom. Once inside he put his strong arms around me and kissed me. I responded like a girl, holding him tight to me, I was going to have the handsome one first I thought.’are you ready Allison”yes Dave, I really do want you’my dick had got rock hard while we were kissing, I wanted him to fuck me.He dropped his pants and his dick popped out, hard and ready, I knelt in front of him and sucked him into my mouth, after a few minutes with my head bobbing on his tool, I stood removing my panties, putting them on the chair. He lifted my skirt to around my waist, he held my shoulders and eased me on my back on the bed, opening my legs wide using his knees,Dave put on the rubber and covered his sheathed dick with some white cream then knelt between my legs and eased into me. Unlike yesterday I was able to relax, there was hardly any pain as he slid slowly deep into me, he began fucking me, I wrapped my legs around him and fucked back in time with his thrusts. My hard dick trapped between us.’oh god, you are one great fuck Allison”and you feel good inside me Dave’I liked having this good looking young man wanting me, appreciating me as if I was a girl, I gazed up to his face, he had a happy expression as he fucked me with long determined strokes, I tried gripping him with my butt and drawing him into me, after a while, he breathed in my ear,’I am going to cum Allison darling”hold me tight Dave’ I whispered we kissed hard as I felt him cumming which made my trapped penis unload onto my stomach at the same time, he pulled out of me, reached over to his bedside cabinet and picked some tissues handed me some and removed the rubber and cleaned himself up. I mopped up my cum off my stomach, he pulled me down to him, held me in his strong arms and kissed me again and again. I loved being held tight by this handsome guy.’thank you so much Allison, you really are a great fuck darling, I suppose you had better go, Rick will be waiting. I stood bahis şirketleri up, ‘thanks Dave, I really enjoyed that’I turned and smiled at him as I left. I quickly ran into the bathroom and tidied myself, remade my make up, checked that I was ok in the mirror, walked in the hall.’in here Allison’I heard Rick’s voice calling me from another bedroom. I went in, Rick was laying on the bed without his pants, sporting a good size hard dick.’yummy’ I grinned’you are looking good Allison come and join me on here’ he said patting the bed beside himI went and sat down on the bed and realised I wasn’t wearing my panties, I had left them in Dave’s room, he put an arm around me.’are you really sure you want to carry on with being with the three of us like this’?’yes Rick, I love it, as long as you are happy, I am happy”yet you say you had never done this before”it’s true, I had never even kissed a male before yesterday”you nearly did with Reg”I was going to let him later, but you stopped him”I was amazed you let us have sex with you”I sort of half wanted it to happen anyway, but once you started, I found out I really liked it. I had often dressed up as a girl in private and wondered what it would be like having sex with a man”but there are three of us”now I love all three of you’he kissed my cheek and grinned’what did Reg have to say after we left’?’he was a bit upset, he said it looked like I was enjoying myself, so I lied to him and said it was a case of having to grin and bear it or get hurt. so I put up with it to keep us safe so you would leave him alone as well”I bet he was jealous”yes he was, but Rick please, enough of him, please make love to me, I really want you in me’ he unzipped my skirt and helped me out of it, I kicked off my high heels and felt a bit vulnerable sitting just in my panty stuffed bra and nylon hose, he went to open a rubber, I put my hand on his’please don’t use a rubber this time Rick, yesterday you were my first lover, they say a girl always remembers her first, I will always remember you, and I want you to be the first to cum in me’he leaned over to his bedside table, picked up a tube of cream and lubricated his dick’come and sit on me darling’I lifted my leg over facing him and lowered myself guiding him into me, it slipped into me easily’mmm, you feel good Rick’ I saidI raised and lowered myself on his slippery pole, after a while he said he wanted me on my back. I lifted off him and lay on my back’Open wide’ he said grinning grasping my ankles he slid his cock fully home in me and began slowly fucking me, it felt nice having him without a rubber, sort of natural feeling.’I can’t get over how pretty you are, you make such a great looking girl”thank you kind sir, I am happy you are pleased with me, but I wish I had breasts for you as well”that could be arranged’ he grinned’no not implants, I would like to grow my own”that could be arranged too’ he said, while thrusting in mewe fucked, it seems like ages, some while later he muttered ‘oh god, I hope you are ready for this darling’he leaned and kissed me deeply, as I felt his cock erupting deep inside me, ‘that was fantastic Allison”I loved it Rick, now I have lots of your little tadpoles swimming around in my belly’he burst out laughing.while wiping his dick, he offered me some tissues, I wiped my bottom, but I knew most of his sperm was still deep inside me.We cuddled and kissed for a while, then he helped me back into my skirt, zipping me up.’there is a case and an overnight bag in the cupboard with lots of dresses and underwear in, I will dig them out, when you have been with Stan you can come back and sort them out.I went into the bathroom and tidied up, still without my panties I went into the lounge where Stan was still on the couch, Dave by the TV said’do you fancy a coffee or something Allison’?I sat next to Stan on the couch sipping my drink. Rick came in’we will go out later for a bite to eat, you must be getting hungry Allison”that will be nice Rick, but I haven’t finished here yet’ I said patting Stan’s knee’off you go Stan you lucky sod’Stan stood up, he was well over six feet tall, he must be nearly ten inches taller than my diminutive five foot five frame. He lifted my hand and kissed the back of it’come babe’entering his room, he put his arms around me and we kissed, I bent in front of him unzipping his fly’you know what I want big fella’he dropped his pants and boxers, out sprang his huge dick. I licked and kissed up and down the sides, but I did not attempt getting my mouth around it, it felt like sheer muscle in my hands.’how would you like me Stan’? I asked softly’doggy style first then when you get used to me, on your back like we did yesterday’ ‘help me with my zip please’?’please leave your hose on, I like the feel of your silky sexy legs’I removed my skirt and knelt on the bed. Stan put cream on his huge dick and my butt hole, then pressed his dick ready to insert me. Although I had just been fucked twice, I had to force myself back onto him hard before he was able to enter me, once more stretching me to my limit. My sphincter gripping him tightly as I slowly eased myself back taking a little more of him into me, it took a few minutes before I felt his thighs on my butt. Once again I had this monster man meat so deep inside me. Slowly at first, Stan started to fuck me. As my insides stretched to accept him, it felt good, I could feel every ripple of this large dick sliding in me without a rubber, I was still amazed I could take it all inside me, I began fucking back. Stan withdrew from me, I turned over onto my back and raised my legs, he grasped my ankles and lifted them to his shoulders, I raised my back for him to have easy access. Stan very gently pressed and penetrated me, I wriggled myself getting him deeper, his face showed sheer ecstasy as he continued fucking. He stroked my nylon clad legs from my ankles to my thighs, telling me how perfect I was as a girl, repeatedly leaning forward to kiss my lips without missing the regular pounding he was giving me, I was enjoying being used as fuck toy for these lads. He seemed to last for ages until he began speeding up. With our lips glued together he stopped while deep inside me, I felt his dick throbbing as he cum, the wonderful feeling of accepting his copious amount of sperm into my body, it made me cum as well. it was so erotic, knowing I could satisfy the sexual needs of this big man, We lay in each others arms, I felt so weak and vulnerable while being held tightly by big Stan.’how do you feel little one’? he asked quietly’well and truly fucked’ I grinned ‘but happy’I looked at the clothes in Ricks cupboard, they were mainly goth type, but one or two bits were ok, i put on a black skirt and leather jacket over a blouse and patterned black tights, all the underwear was black and shiny. With me being shielded they escorted me to a McDonalds where we had burgers and coffee, Rick asked me if i wanted a wander around the mall or go back to the house. Knowing i had to be out at the curfew time at 5pm i said ‘as this is the last i will see of you, do you all want me again before i have to leave?’They all wanted me again, so we went back to the house. ‘you needn’t wear rubbers if you don’t want to’So they all fucked me in turn bareback, i loved it, i could hardly stand as the last one cum in me. I cleaned up in the bathroom on wobbly legs, took the small case with the clothes in, after three passionate kisses goodbye i assured them i would be ok.It was just 5pm as i left, sure enough there was Reg waiting for me.‘Let me carry that’ he said taking the case, ‘hold my other hand, you look like you need some support’‘thanks Reg’ i leaned over and kissed him on his lips. As we walked Reg asked me when i was going to see them again‘That is the last time as they are being split up on parole around the country, don’t worry Reg, i will not stray anymore’ i gave him a weak smileI led him back to my den, showed him the side road entrance, he was surprised as we came to my front door behind the wall we went in and i flopped on the sofa‘help yourself to drink from the fridge or coffee or tea, I’m sorry i am not much of a hostess today’ i smiled weakly.‘I think you are wonderful’ he said and kissed me on my lips‘what? even though i have just been well fucked by three young men yet i am a boy, and you still want me as your girl’?‘yes Allison. You have a sweet nature and very sexy, i would very much like you to be my girl’‘Oh Reg, I would like that, if i wasn’t so sore right now you could have me, but you will have to wait until next Saturday when i will be Allison again, i am Alan during the week and become Allison at weekends’‘is that a promise’?‘yes, but you will have to meet my Aunty first, she wants to vet you and make sure you are a nice person’‘can i kiss you and hold you right now’?‘yes if you want to’He leaned over and put his arms around me then kissed me whispering in my ear ‘i want to’We kissed and cuddled for some time, i was looking forward to letting him fuck me next weekend.The following week was slow at school, i met Reg a couple of times, he was very cheerful and told me he had met a wonderful girl who he was going to see on Saturday. On Thursday i went to Victoria secret and purchased the French maid outfit. Saturday arrived, i was up early and went to my den, i dressed in a summer cotton dress with stockings and sexy underwear. Knock, knock, i answered the door and ‘Hi Reg’, we kissed, ‘come and meet Aunty, then i am all yours’‘I can hardly wait, you look great’I led him round to Aunties and went in, she was in the kitchen preparing a meal‘Hi aunty, this is Reg, my new boyfriend’‘hi Reg, nice to meet you’ and kissed his cheekThey got into a question and answer chat, she was being protective for me, then,‘when you have sex you should use a rubber’‘don’t worry Aunty, i think we can decide that’ i grinned, Reg had gone beetroot red‘nice young man Allison you be good to him, he thinks the world of you, now pop along and enjoy yourselves’I took Reg’s hand and led him back to the den.‘wait here darling i will get ready for you’ we kissed as i left for the bathroom. I quickly changed into the maids outfit and returned to the lounge‘wow, you look amazing’ he said ‘and the dress is the one i said would look good on you’We kissed passionately, i led him to the sofa where uncle Ben had taken my virginity on my birthday, I had lubricated my bottom and grasped his stiff boner and helped him ease into me, in no time Reg was fucking me and French kissing me‘i hope i am as good as you expected, i really would like a relationship with you Reg, and be your girl’ ‘Oh Allison, you are fantastic,’ he speeded up, then i felt his dick swell and throb as he cum deeply in me‘I am sorry darling, i wanted to last longer than that’‘don’t worry Reg, that is because i am new to you, i am sure you will be fucking me again in no time, we have all day.’Sure enough 10 minutes later he was back in me, we carried on fucking with short breaks all afternoon, during one of the breaks he told me that he was in love with me, and i told him the same and wanted this so much. Auntie phoned and said she had prepared some sandwiches for us and to go up when we were ready. Reg was a bit reluctant but i took him up, i had tidied myself up but kept on the maids uniform.‘you look really great and sexy Allison’ uncle Ben said as we entered ‘and you must be the lucky man’ he said shaking Reg’s handI did notice that secretly uncle Ben gave me a couple of lustful looks, while auntie sorted out the food.Aunty turned and smiled ‘that is a very sexy outfit she is wearing, i hope you are making good use of it’ she winked at the blushing Reg‘Yes he certainly is Aunty’ i said grinningWe sat and ate the meal, with small talk and they asked Reg many questions‘well you two better get back, you still have time for a bit more loving’Reg took my hand, and led me back to the den.I took off my panties and helped Reg out of his trousers, he had a stiff dick waiting for me, which after a bit more kissing i lowered myself on him‘fuck me Reg, show me how much you want me to be your girlfriend’‘with pleasure, i can’t get enough of you Allison darling’We had to break, it was getting late and i had to be getting home. Reg offered to walk home with me, so i decided to stay in girl mode but i would have to change, i put on the cotton dress i had on when Reg arrived.We were holding hands as we strolled, Reg remarked that i even walked like a girl does, with shorter and dainty steps. I turned to him smiling broadly ‘that’s because i have been well fucked and i have a sore bottom’He grinned ‘you shouldn’t be so sexy’‘i am pleased you think so, i loved being your girl today’‘and i have fallen in love with you’We were at my home, he held my arm and we finished up kissing‘can i call for you in the morning’?‘that would be nice, make it about 10’I went indoors, dad said ‘if you are going to snog outside, please at least do it on the doorstep not in the middle of the pavement’ he was smiling broadly ‘sorry dad’‘i thought i was going to have to get a bucket of water, to part you, i gather that he is your new boyfriend’‘yes dad, he is going to pick me up in the morning’The next morning i was up and getting ready for Reg, sure enough, dead on 10 o clock the doorbell went‘you are not going out until you have introduced him’ dad called from the kitchen‘come in Reg’ as i answered the door ‘mum n dad want to see you’He kissed me on the cheek ‘you look great Allison’‘thanks’ ,i said as i led him in the kitchen, ‘Mum, dad, this is Reg’‘Hello Reg’ they both greeted,A few questions followed, was he keen on me, where he was from etc. Then dad came up with ‘i hope you use a rubber young man’I chimed in ‘no he doesn’t dad, we do it bareback, but i am sure he would if i had a chance of getting pregnant’‘i agree’ said mum ‘you enjoy yourselves’‘we will mum’ i said grinning‘lucky sod’ dad muttered‘come on Reg, let’s go and do it’ i grabbed Reg’s hand‘Bye’ he called back ‘nice to have met you’He turned to me as we strolled ‘your parents seem ok with ne shagging you’‘they would think you were weird if you weren’t’ i said‘i could hardly wait to see you again Allison’‘i feel the same about you Reg, am i walking better today’‘you still take smaller steps like a girl, are you still tender’?‘no, I feel fine today, maybe you can make me tender’‘I’ll try’We both laughed, We arrived at my den, I led him through the outer gate then in the front door, I wanted to get my panties off and his dick in me. We began making love, i kissed and slobbered over his dick and to my surprise he was doing the same with me, we both became horny as hell, i held his dick out and helped him into me‘oh Reg, that feels great’‘I’m in heaven and in a beautiful girl’ he whisperedThen we started fucking, it was a long time with him thrusting in me, we tried different positions, before he began to swell and throb his love juice into me,‘wow, you certainly lasted a long time today’‘it was wonderful to get back inside you Allison i didn’t want it to end’We kissed and cuddled, just enjoying being together as lovers.‘do you know what i would really like’‘go on, not the little ginger girl in year four’‘no, silly. I would like to be in that cafe where i first met you and have a coffee, then back here for another love session with you’‘not even with the little ginger girl’ i k**ded‘I don’t want anyone else’ he saidWe got dressed, i only needed my panties but also got tidied and washed, we held hands and made our way to the mall, i felt really girlie now, i was dressed like a girl, holding hands with a boy who had just fucked me like a girl. Reg looked so happy as we strolled.When we arrived at the cafe we were pleased to see our table free, it was Sunday and fairly quiet, ‘you sit down and I will get the coffee’ he saidI sat at the table and watched Reg get the drinks, he kept looking over and smiling, ‘What is with the smiles Reg’ i asked as he sat down‘i am still finding it hard to believe that you are my girl, at last’‘believe it Reg, i promise i won’t stray, i am yours now’‘i would like you to meet my mum and dad’‘yes, that would be nice, but how would you introduce me’ ‘as a girl Allison, they already know Alan’We chatted for about an hour, then made our way to his home, i was a bit nervous but needn’t have been, his mum n dad, seemed over the moon that he had met such a nice pretty girl, we had a good laugh when we had left at what his dad said ‘i bet Alan will be jealous’‘even funnier’ Reg said ‘ my dad quietly told me to always use a rubber’ We both had a fit of laughing,

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