Allison’s Addiction Ch. 03


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Allison’s Addiction” is a joint literary effort. I joined forces with an author named Anon140 to create this story. If you like this story, he should get part of the credit. As always, if you have any suggestions to improve the story, please click on my name, and e-mail me your suggestions. ”

* * * * *

It had been at least six months since the last time I had seen Chloe naked, however she had to take off all her clothes for the two of us to shower together.

I know I keep protesting that I’m not gay, but when Chloe was naked, I couldn’t help but admire the quality of her naked body. She has really toned calves, and a very firm, well-shaped butt. She hasn’t danced in years, but she still has legs like a dancer. She has tight, flat abs and a narrow waist. Her whole body is very well put-together. Chloe caught me staring at her naked body, and I could feel my face heat up with embarrassment.

“See anything you like?” Chloe asked.

“I’m sorry,” I responded, “It’s the modirall. Almost everything arouses me now.”

“Even your best friend?” Chloe asked, “You know, you’ve seen me naked before, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen you gaze at me with a look of sexual hunger in your eyes.”

“It’s the modirall,” I repeated, and then I remembered the triplet from my dream asking me if it was really feasible for a drug to change a woman’s sexual orientation. It was a loaded question, and I wasn’t really comfortable thinking about it too much. I’d rather just blame the drug, and not have to think too deeply about the issue.

And then Chloe ambled forward and stood dangerously close to me, her face inches from mine, her thighs and breasts very nearly rubbing against my thighs and breasts.

“In about seven days, you’ll be all out of modirall,” Chloe informed me. “Do you think that look of sexual hunger will disappear around that time?”

Chloe didn’t wait for my answer. She just stepped into the shower. I had an unobstructed view of her naked buttocks when her back was turned to me, and there was a soft, wet pulse between my thighs as I admired the view. Chloe’s ass was the most delicious part of her anatomy. It’s was exquisitely-shaped. It was sculpted perfection, wrapped in smooth, flawless skin.

Following that thought, I shook my head, as if trying to shake myself awake from a dream. I wasn’t just ogling my best friend’s ass, or was I? What sort of person would do that to their BFF? If I were going to stare fixedly at somebody’s naked ass, I was pretty sure it shouldn’t be the shapely ass that belonged to my best friend.

I tried to slow down my breathing and restrain my sexual impulses until after Chloe put her clothes back on, but then she turned around and I noticed her vulva was very neatly trimmed and shaved. There was a neat, manicured landing strip just above her pubic lips, perhaps slightly more than two inches from top to bottom and less than half an inch wide. It did nothing to obscure her pubic lips from my view.

“I’m not gay, I’m not gay, I’m not gay”, I silently told myself, but I had a hard time tearing my eyes away from the slightly swollen pubic lips between Chloe’s toned, and perfectly-shaped thighs. At what point did my interest in other women’s bodies slide over from admiration and into homosexuality? I was kind of afraid to ask the question. If I asked the question out loud, I might get an answer I didn’t like.

“Just face me and hold still,” Chloe said after we were both in the shower and the shower curtain completely closed, “I’ll do most of the work.”

“Most of the work?” I asked, clearly confused.

“I’m going to wash you,” Chloe announced, “I’m also going to shave your underarms, your legs and your pubic area.”

“Wait, wait, wait, hold on,” I said, “The agreement was that we shower together so you can make sure I’m not masturbating in the shower. You never said anything about washing me! I should still be able to wash myself!”

Chloe raised one eyebrow at me and said, “It wasn’t long after Carrie and I began showering together, that I began washing her as well. I think it made a huge difference in inciting her libido. If you want to raise your libido up into the stratosphere, you’ll agree to letting me wash you every day.”

I ground my teeth and thought about arguing with her. I was already in a confusing and awkward state regarding my sexuality, and allowing Chloe to run her hands all over my naked body would make things significantly more confusing and awkward, but I eventually backed down and decided to allow Chloe to do it.

“Okay,” I said reluctantly, “go ahead.”

Chloe poured a generous amount of body-wash into one hand, and then reached out to touch me. The first area of my anatomy that she intended to wash my left shoulder. But even being touched there had a profound effect on my body. At her touch, a protracted shiver traversed its way across my naked skin, and I stifled rokettube porno a gasp. Dear God! If I reacted this strongly to Chloe’s hand on my shoulder, how was I going to react when her fingertips glided across my already-swollen nipples? I was reevaluating my decision and considering changing my mind about showering together with Chloe, when I felt both of Chloe’s hands rubbing body-wash into my breasts.

My whole body was super-charged with sexual tension and my nerve-endings were gloriously hypersensitive. When Chloe’s palms, thumbs and fingertips pressed into my breasts and rubbed aromatic, soapy liquid into my bare skin, I tried (and failed) to stifle a moan. My heart sped up, and my shower with Chloe suddenly resembled one of my erotic dreams.

Chloe’s hands were magical on my breasts, and suddenly all the nerve endings in my body responded to her ministrations. Maybe the magic started in my breasts and my nipples, but the tingly magic resonated deep within my loins, my thighs, in the soles of my feet, and even in my face and ears. My whole body seemed to be throbbing with excitement and sexual heat. My nipples were throbbing, my loins were throbbing, my ears were ringing, and some parts of my anatomy were so feverishly hot that it felt as if they were melting.

My breathing became embarrassingly labored, making my sexual arousal blatantly obvious. Then Chloe proceeded to wash my torso, my buttock, my legs, and even the soles of my feet.

“Oh, God,” I exclaimed as Chloe’s hands awakened a disturbingly strong sexual need within me. Then; making things even more awkward; Chloe inserted her fingers into the tight seem between my buttocks and proceeded to soap up the tender flesh of my anus.

“Chloe,” I protested, “Seriously?”

When I had agreed to let Chloe wash me, I hadn’t suspected that it would mean she’d be touching me in such an intimate, tender part of my anatomy. I was shocked by the presence of her fingers in that hitherto private area.

“What? You think you can’t get dirty back there?” Chloe asked in defense of her intrusion.

And it just got worse after that. Chloe had saved the most intimate part for last.

When she had done a thorough job with the rest of my body, she placed a hand between my legs and began to lather up my vulva.

Even before she touched me there, there had already been a throbbing in my loins and my pubic lips had already become swollen. The pharmaceutical company that manufactured modirall developed it as a drug to combat chronic fatigue. They didn’t seem to realize that it was a powerful aphrodisiac. As a result of taking it, I was in a state of constant arousal. I didn’t need Chloe’s fingertips to stroke my labia to get all hot and bothered, and when her slick fingers stroked my swollen nether lips, it was just overkill. I moaned and squirmed at Chloe’s touch, and I felt feverish with sexual need.

It didn’t take long for Chloe’s fingers to bring me over the edge. She spent perhaps six or seven seconds working aromatic-smelling lotion into my loins, getting me clean, before a potent orgasm overwhelmed me and reduced me to a screaming, writhing, shuddering collection of nerve endings.

I shook and trembled and panted for several seconds as the orgasm subsided. Chloe watched me carefully the whole time and said nothing. She just studied me and seemed to take great interest in all my sounds and motions. It was almost as if she were a scientist closely monitoring a research subject in the lab.

“Okay, I wasn’t expecting you to be so sensitive so early in your training,” Chloe commented when my orgasm finally subsided, “I suppose I’ll have to make some adjustments, and train you slightly differently from the way I trained Carrie, otherwise you’ll be having orgasms all day.”

* * * * *

As part of my training, I had to be naked all day long, while Chloe got to wear clothes. It seemed unfair to me, but, from the outset, I have to admit that I got a sexual charge out of it. At the same time, I realized that it was slightly bizarre that being totally naked and exposed while Chloe was respectably clothed gave me a fluttery, feverish sort of thrill.

Chloe was a lesbian and had a great appreciation for the female anatomy, especially when it was utterly nude and shamelessly on display. And with me being totally naked (even to the point of my pubic hair being shaved off), Chloe was free to admire my firm breasts, my thighs, my buttocks, and even my exposed pubic lips.

Chloe wasn’t shy about staring at my naughty bits while her body was covered. It was an unequal situation. Chloe had me at an unfair disadvantage, but instead of resenting that disadvantage, I was loving it. Something about Chloe exploiting my situation was creating a constant throbbing in my loins. My best friend was sexually objectifying me! Why was I getting a sexual thrill from this?

Chloe’s training regimen involved rus porno a lot of physical training that didn’t make sense to me at first. She had me doing leg exercises, flexibility exercises and core-strengthening exercises, similar to those I used to do back when I was a ballet student. I didn’t see what any of this had to do with strengthening my sex drive.

Although I didn’t understand it at first, by the second day, I was starting to get some sort of insight into how it worked. It was less about the exercises and more about making myself subordinate to somebody else. Being naked and obedient and following all the orders of a fully-clothed, domineering woman somehow triggered something deep inside of me and quickened my sex drive.

When I had been a ballet dancer, I subordinated myself to choreographers and took orders from them all day long. I never got a sexual thrill from it back then. Did being naked, while I was ordered around make a huge difference?

I didn’t really have any answers, so I just decided to give constant nudity a chance.

“Core stability is important,” Chloe reminded me, as she supervised me and forced me to perform a grueling series of abdominal exercises, “If you don’t have strong muscles in your core, you won’t have a solid base for leg extensions. In addition, I want to sculpt your body to maximize its appeal to me and others.”

I already knew the role that abdominal muscles played in stability. Although I had lapsed when I left the world of ballet, I had taken ballet lessons for years and used to have a ballerina’s core strength. I also knew the role that they play in creating an attractive image, but a shiver ran down my spine when Chloe announced her intention to mold my body.

Any doubts that I had about what that would entail were dispelled when Chloe told me to lie on my back with my head and shoulders raised off the floor while she palpated my belly. She began by probing the rounded mound of my tummy just below my belly button and proceeded down the ridge of muscle that ran from there to my pubis. As her hands descended, she dug her finger deep into the muscles that my raised head and shoulders forced into prominence.

Having my taut muscles prised apart was an excruciating experience. Flashes of intense pain were accompanied by equally intense erotic sensations. When she reached the region just above my pubis and dug her fingers into the muscles there, I felt a subtle but distinct tug on my vagina and felt my clitoris emerge from its protective hood. I never would have guessed that the pain and pleasure are so closely allied.

At the same time that her fingers were penetrating into my belly, her words were penetrating into my mind. As she probed them, she told me how much she looked forward to transforming my body into a work of art that she could take pride in displaying. The combination of the pleasure/pain that she was inflicting and the words that she was speaking had a profound effect on my psyche. On the one hand, my rational self resisted the notion of becoming Chloe’s property. On the other hand, my emotional self realized that I had a deep emotional need to be her property.

I didn’t understand exactly what I was going through, however every nerve ending in my body was alive with sexual stimulation. I may not have understood what it all meant, but I wasn’t about to give up on the scrumptious sexual spell Chloe was weaving just because I didn’t understand it. I was enticed by what she was doing, and decided to stick with it, no matter what.

* * * * *

When Monday rolled around, Chloe had to go to work, and I was left at home all by my lonesome. Without Chloe to supervise me, I was free to do what I wanted. I could have ignored her training regimen and found something else to do with my time.

I considered calling up Carrie and catching up with her. Chloe had allegedly put Carrie through the same training that I was currently going through, and I would’ve really liked to ask Carrie about that. When I objected to an aspect of the training, Chloe was fond of playing the Carrie card, and making me give in by telling me that certain things worked for Carrie.

But, was it the truth? Did Carrie really acquiesce to all the things that I was going through right now? And did they really work for Carrie?

I was going to call Carrie, but just as I found my phone, there was the telltale click-clack of somebody unlocking the front door to my apartment.

My eyes became glued to the front door and I froze. Who the hell was out there? Chloe had already left for work about an hour earlier. I hoped it wasn’t building maintenance. The idea of some middle-aged, overweight man in dirty work boots eyeing my naked breasts and bare butt sent my heart into a panicky rapid heartbeat, and I reflexively used my hands to cover my breasts.

My heart rate slowed down somewhat when I saw who it was. It was Natasha Sorokko. russian porno She lived in apartment 306, along with her twin brother and her scary mother. She and I were friends, although I had never given her a key to my apartment, so, I was rather confused and suspicious when I saw her using a key to enter my apartment.

“Nat?” I asked, as I watched her enter my apartment and close the door behind her.

“Hi, Allie,” she said, her tone cordial, although with a slight undertone of amusement, “Chloe told me that you’d be naked, but I wasn’t sure if she was serious.”

I was still using my hands to protect my breasts from being viewed by Nat’s eyes. My pubic lips were still pretty much on view, but I only had two hands. There was only so much I could do to cover up my nudity.

“And how did you get a key to my apartment?” I asked, still somewhat embarrassed that my naked body was being exposed to my eighteen-year old neighbor.

“Chloe gave it to me,” Natasha replied, “She said that you were undergoing some sort of experiment or medical test or something, and that it wasn’t a good idea for you to be alone for too long, and she asked me to check up on you from time to time.”

I set my phone down and massaged my temples. Of course, Chloe would do something like that! Because being embarrassed about Chloe seeing me naked wouldn’t be awkward enough. Chloe was making certain that other people got to gawk at my naked body as well.

“So, what is this experiment about?” Natasha asked, “Chloe wouldn’t explain it to me. She said it would be better if I asked you about it.”

I massaged the bridge of my nose and tried to think of something that didn’t sound too weird and humiliating. I ended up telling her a story that was pretty close to the truth.

“It’s a psychological experiment,” I explained, “We’re studying the effects of chronic nudity on the human libido.”

“Cool,” she said, with that ambiguous tone that teenagers are so famous for using, and then she changed the topic and said, “Do you have any coffee? I didn’t get a chance to have any before I came over here, and I’m feeling really caffeine-deprived.”

Chloe had made a pot of coffee before she had left for work. I poured Natasha a mug, and then I poured a mug for myself.

After she had taken a long, slow sip of her coffee, Natasha asked, “So, how’s the experiment going so far?”

“Well, my libido is now up in the thermosphere,” I replied, “so, you tell me.”

Natasha furrowed her brow, and said, “What’s a thermosphere?”

“Nat, didn’t they teach you anything in school?” I asked.

Natasha apparently assumed it was a rhetorical question and didn’t say anything in response. She just stared at me, apparently, expecting me to answer her question.

I set down my coffee mug and gestured with my hands, “Okay,” I said, “here’s the ground level. Above that we have the troposphere. Above that, we have the stratosphere. Above that we have the mesosphere. And above the mesosphere, we have the thermosphere.”

I held my hand at waist level when I mentioned the ground level, and then I raised my hand several inches higher each time I told Natasha the name of the next level up. By the time I got to the thermosphere, my hand was way above my head.

“So, the thermosphere is pretty high up there,” Natasha said, phrasing it as a question.

“Yeah, it’s pretty high up there,” I replied, and picked my coffee mug back off the kitchen counter.

Natasha didn’t ogle my naked body the way Chloe did, but I still felt somewhat uncomfortable being naked in front of her.

I felt more comfortable if we talked about something else (anything else) other than my nudity, so I deliberately tried to steer the conversation in a non-nudity direction.

“So, you and Nathan have graduated from high school,” I said, “Will the two of you being going off to college now?”

“Well, one of us will,” Natasha said, “My parents can only afford to send one of us. Nathan will be attending Pacific University in the fall.”

I nodded and took a sip of my coffee. I found it somewhat suspicious and unfair that it was the boy who got to have a college education, and the girl that was forced to go without. Did they even take any time to think about it before they made that decision? Or did they just decide that males were more suited to higher education than females?

Rather than say any of this out loud, I simply asked, “So, does that mean that you’ll be getting a job?”

Natasha frowned and took a sip of her coffee. She seemed uncomfortable with the question, and I wasn’t even certain she was going to answer, but eventually she got around to it.

“Not a job exactly,” she said, “I’m getting an internship at Brie Pharmaceuticals. It doesn’t pay anything, but after my internship is over, I should be able to get a sales job there. According to my mom, a pharmaceutical salesperson can make a lot of money.”

At the mention of Brie Pharmaceuticals I froze. Brie pharmaceuticals was the company that manufactures modirall. If Natasha was going to be an intern there, she’d probably have access to the entire building. If I asked her nicely, she’d probably be willing to bring some home for me.

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