ALLOWING MY WIFE TO FUCK AROUND Part 01supprimésuppriméANY ONE WHO R INTERESTED TO FUCK MY WIFE CONTACT MY FBI first realized that I liked sharing my wife, when she told me about how she used to get groped in buses before our marriage. My cock grew rock hard as I listened to her talk about how men massaged her flesh, squeezed and fondled, and sometimes pinched her. I imagined her standing in a crowded bus surrounded by horny men, trying their best to extract pleasure from her body by rubbing themselves against her thighs and ass.I can understand why men would want to touch her. She is 5’4 and weighs 55kgs, very full figured with a delicious 34c rack,28 inch waist and 34 inch hips. She knows how to purposely walk and make all her juicy bits jiggle. Her body is firm, skin is warm and soft, in short, she is sex on legs.I was wild with desire that night, imagining what she had told me in the day, and it was obvious. I had her on her back, with her legs held up against her shoulders, driving as deep as I could, as I imagined strange men playing with my wife’s tits and ass. I had my eyes closed, and when I imagined her responding to their touch, I orgasm harder than I ever had before. My orgasm triggered hers, and we struggled and gasped together during the best climax of our lives so far.As we lay next to each other, she was playing with my flaccid cock and smiling, she teased- “I know what made you such a stud today” I smiled and challenged her to tell me.She said those life changing words- “you like the thought of other men enjoying my body” I didn’t say a thing, she looked down at the 5 inch iron road that was now throbbing in her hand. She had her answer!I wordlessly turned her onto her stomach, gave her a sharp pat on her succulent, saucy butt, and pulled her up to all fours. I took her hard and fast, doggy style, making her yelp during my rough and hurried entry, she giggled as I fucked her as hard as I could for the 2nd time that night.My wife’s pussy was giving me so much pleasure, I felt like I was going to die. I asked her “do you want to have sex with someone other than your husband”. “Who won’t” she said smiling and turning her head towards me. “Are you sure?” I asked her again. “Yes….very much sure. canlı bahis Look I don’t want to be an unfaithful wife. I am very much happy with you and my married life. I don’t need any one other than you in my life, ever, and you know that. But if you give me the permission to do it willingly then why should I hesitate to enjoy the fun” she said. Then she added “I like being fucked and sucked by other good looking men and I often fantasize about that when I see any sexy muscular looking attractive guy on the road “. Hearing her I came like a volcano! We were both exhausted and fell asleep straightaway, but in the morning, I woke up and saw her naked form next to me and grew horny again. I started thinking of other men waking up next to her, and feeling her warm breasts. I climbed on top of her and started fucking her even before she was fully awake. She woke up quickly once I was fully inside her. She asked what you are doing. I quickly told her the reason why I was so horny. Hearing me she said she wanted it in doggy style, so that she could imagine it was someone else deep inside her pussy. I almost blew my load right then, but I somehow managed to hold back and pull out of my wife’s hot, sticky pussy. She rolled over, raised her perfect ass off the bed and spread her smooth thighs wide for me. She smirked a little and looking directly towards my eyes said, “Fuck my pussy hard Ranjit”. I was a little shocked when I heard my wife calling my bosses’ name, but then, that passed in a flash as I imagined my 50yr old, balding boss mounting my young wife from behind. I closed my eyes, thrusting into her and listened to my wife calling his name again and again while she played with her clit and orgasm several times. Just thinking about other men lying in between my wife’s thighs and inserting their cocks into her pussy was driving us both wild. For months, we fucked like rabbits, both of us fantasizing and telling each other stories. Our sex life was brilliant. But after giving birth of our first c***d Sonu she became very busy with him. When my son sonu started going to school she again gave birth to our second c***d, Dipti. She became busy again.7-8 years passed very quickly and we found out that the quality bahis siteleri of our sex life was decreasing with the time and pressure of raising our k**s.We started to fantasizing about the idea again but this time it had not worked out like before.Then, we started craving for the real thing. We started thinking about how we could safely turn our fantasy into reality, and we got our chance. A friend of my father in law from USA was visiting our town on business, and needed a place to stay. My wife knew him from c***dhood, when I told her about my father in laws phone call she very eagerly said he can stay with us. I suspected the reason too. He was very good looking and in his 50s, six feet tall, and heavily built, he used to be a bodybuilder when he was younger, but now had gotten slightly out of shape. My wife was flirting with him all the time and I was dying with anticipation. She started wearing saris in the evening when he’d be back from work. Tying the sari well below her deep navel she was actually forcing him to ogle her. She also kept exposing her tummy and left breast by wearing stiff saris. Her blouses were always tight, and after some encouragement from me, she stopped wearing bras when uncle was around. Several times, I caught him devouring my wife’s body with hungry eyes, and I knew he wanted her as badly as both of us wanted him to fuck her. We were new to this business of wife sharing and didn’t know how to take it further. We again started enjoying crazy sex every night with uncle lying in the next room. Actually just before our uncle came to stay with us we changed our bedroom with our c***dren’s bed room so that we could stay near our uncle. My wife would purposely make more noise than usual to let him know that she was being fucked. We probably drove the old man crazy.One day, my wife showed me the laundry from his room. There was the unmistakable stain of semen on his bed sheet. My wife looked at me in the eye as she caressed the stain with her left hand. Then she slipped her right hand down to her crotch and started masturbating in front of me. I took the sheet from her hands, and placed it on the table, turned her around to face it, and stood behind her. She asked me if it was ok bahis şirketleri with me. I said “I love you….enjoy yourself.” I then quickly closed the door and checked that our c***dren’s are not near our room. As I gave her the all clear signal she started masturbating furiously and I stood behind her again. I started rubbing my cock against her butt and squeezing her breasts as she violently masturbated.”I wish my Ravi Uncle was doing this to me” she whispered. I came instantly, without even taking my cock out of my pants when I heard her say that. She moaned and pushed back at me, while her left hand clutching at the cum stained sheet.Now, we were desperate. We knew he would be home early today. My wife asked me to take the c***dren’s away from the house. I agreed, unhappily. I wanted to see her adventure secretly but she had a valid point. Uncle was probably not making a move because I was always around. When I was not around our c***dren stays with their mother. I left the house at noon and took the c***dren’s with me to watch a movie. I was wondering all the time what Ravi uncle was doing to my sweet and horny wife. After watching the movie I took the c***dren’s to my sister’s house and asked her to keep them for tonight. At around 6pm, I got a call from my wife. She whispered over the phone “it was great and I have a surprise for you also”. I rushed back as fast as I could. She opened the door for me; I hugged her and kissed her hard, then took her to our bedroom. As soon as we were inside the room, I pulled off her nightie. She stood naked nervously smiling before me. I could see little bite marks on her breasts, a few on the soft inside of her thighs; I looked at her face, worriedly. She answered before I asked the question.” No he didn’t hurt me! I liked it! He was very rough, but I really liked it!”I sighed, relieved, then looked at her pussy, there was dried semen sticking to her pubic hair,and her pussy was still dripping.I threw her onto her back and slid deep into my wife’s freshly used pussy though she was resisting. Her hole was loose and slippery. It was obvious that uncle was much bigger than I was. I started thrusting her madly. After thrusting a minute or two I lowered my face to her breasts and got the smell of Ravi uncle’s cigarette on her left nipple. I asked her about it…. ….yes…she was breast feeding him when I rang the calling bell. I lost control and came instantly into her pussy. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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