Always in Trouble


Hello readers! Please note that this is my first real story, so forgive me if there’s a stupid mistake some place or another. All kinds of criticism are welcome. This is the first part of a multi-part story, I’ll continue if I find enough support. It’s going to build slowly, this part doesn’t contain much smut. Also note that it contains, or at least comes near, incest.

All characters involved in any sexual acts during the events of the story are at least 18 years old.


I was sitting on my girlfriend’s most favorite leather recliner, looking down at her. Her wet lips wrapped around my cock, slurping on it. The fingers of my left hand wrapped around strands of her long, black hair, pushing her harder on my cock. I was so lost in the sensation. I had been out of town for three days, during which I was too busy to even touch my cock. I’ve been waiting for this release. Haley, my “girlfriend” seemed to be very eager for this as well. She was very focused, her eyes looking straight at my cock, her whole body moving along with her mouth. Very disciplined she was, on her knees, her legs wide apart, her wrists tied behind her back, and her pussy leaking juice onto her thighs, and my black shoes. She had not been allowed to touch her cunt while I were out of town, perhaps that’s why she wanted this as much as I did.

She didn’t seem to notice the sound of my phone ringing, I barely did, and I ignored it. It stopped ringing for a few seconds, allowing me to shift my attention back to the wet, warm istanbul escort feeling around my cock, but then it rang again. I sighed, and silently cursed whoever was calling inside my head. I reached for the phone with my right hand, lifting it up and looked at the screen, which read “Nora.” “Fuck… What kind of problem has she gotten herself into?” I thought to myself.

Nora is my younger sister, and I was supposed to take care of her after our parents had died, but she didn’t seem to like the idea of me taking care of her, unless she fell in a problem she couldn’t solve by herself, and truth be told, neither did I, I had my own life and she had hers. Our parents were overprotective of her, so I guess that when they died she felt liberated, but she was still in grief. She was, and still is, young and beautiful, that’s probably why she tried to escape her grief through experimenting with sex. She was sixteen when she found her first boyfriend. A total jackass he was. I tried to convince her to stop dating him, but she wouldn’t listen to me, until a day came when she was drunk at his apartment, and ended up being fucked by a bunch of his friends until she passed out. I had to intervene, even though I was pretty mad at her. I had to “convince” her jackass of a friend, using some very threatening words, and my boxing trained fists, not to come near her again, ever.

It was not the last time she needed my help with similar situations. She always found trouble, she always chose the worst, most escort bayan abusive boyfriends. And every time, I had to help her through it. She never seemed to learn, and I was getting fed up. She never called except for when she needed out of an abusive relationship or another.

“Stop” I reluctantly ordered Haley, as I slowly pulled her off my cock. I thought it’d feel weird having my cock sucked while I talk to my sister. It took her a few seconds to realize what was going on, she looked at me questioningly, and then she seemed to notice the phone in my hand.

“Hey… What’s going on?” I answered the phone and blurted to my sister, unable to hide the irritation in my voice.

My eyes were fixed on Haley’s pouting lips, which were adorned with a small drop of my pre-cum, when Nora replied to me in a weak, shaken voice, interrupted by her sobs, “Bro… Please… I need your help.”

Damn, I thought to myself, she is my sister after all, and she was in trouble. However mad I was, I still had to help her.

“Nora, calm down. Tell me where you are.”

Haley’s eyes were fixed on my cock. When she heard the word “Nora”, she looked up to me, she looked angry, she opened her lips, she was about to talk, but she knew better than to interrupt me, so she stopped.

I hung up with Nora and talked to her, “We’ll have to continue later, my sister needs me.”

“Come on Ben… Please… I’ve waited so long for this!” she sounded very desperate. I’ve waited so long for this as Pendik escort well, but I just couldn’t leave my sister like this.

“You’ve waited 3 days, you can wait a few more hours,” I grinned at her as I wiped my cock and pushed it inside my jeans, then pulled the zipper.

Haley was the best girlfriend anybody could ever have, she was perfect for me. A smart, successful woman, at 24, two years older than me, she was an accountant at a big firm. An athletic toned body, long tanned legs, and perfect curves. She had a natural tan that befit her hazel eyes and her raven black hair.

She was still on her knees, looking up to me when she exclaimed “What has the bitch gotten herself into?” That was her only problem, jealousy, especially of my young sister.

“Hey! It’s my sister you’re talking about.” I offered my hand to her and helped pull her up, she stood facing me when I declared “That just earned you another punishment.” I couldn’t hide my grin as I ordered her to bring the butt-plug.

Haley was the one who introduced me into the lifestyle, but she wasn’t experienced herself. I was her first Dom, as she was my first Sub. We’ve both enjoyed it a lot, and it was one of the reasons we’ve led a very successful relationship. I loved being in control, being the boss, the man, and she loved submission, she loved following, surrendering control, being denied. It was perfect, and so was the sight of her, bending over the table as I slowly pushed the spit-lubed butt-plug into her. Once she was plugged, I playfully slapped her ass cheek, then pulled her up and closer to me.

“I’m going to come back later and give you the long, hard fuck that you deserve.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered “Oh Ben, please don’t be late.”

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