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All characters are eighteen or older.


I met Amanda and Brooke at Ignacio and Rachael’s beach house during one of their big, swanky parties. It started when I was talking to Ann over by the big salt water fish tank; the one with the octopus. We were talking about the hosts’ odd relationship when she nudged me and nodded her head in the direction of the ocean. “Hey Craig, there’re two hotties checking you out,” she said around her cigarette.

“Aha,” I said serenely. “The new mustache is paying off.”

Ann smirked at me. She’d been anti-mustache since I first conceived it. “They probably think you’re queer and they need a shoe consultant,” she joked.

“We’ll see,” I said while taking a sip of my drink. It was only Sprite. I was planning to get laid that night and I don’t like to cloud my judgment or ability when I’m on the prowl. Without turning my head I asked, “Where are they?”

“Out on the deck, they’re giggling and pushing each other like fucking school girls. I think they’re trying to decide who’s got dibs on you.”

There was a big, wall sized mirror in front of me and a little to the right so I was able to get a bank-shot look at the girls without craning my neck. Ann was right. They were hot; one blond with short wavy hair, blue eyes, a freckled nose and pert B-cup tits under a snug pink halter top; the other a chestnut-brown brunette with long, straight hair, big, dark doe-eyes, a ready smile and a pair of big gorgeous breasts that were straining the fabric of her tight black dress. As Ann had reported they were stealing looks my way and playfully nudging and swatting at each other.

“Yeah, I see them in the mirror behind the piano. I can’t see below the waist though. How’re things down there? Any peg legs, cloven hooves, obvious penises or anything else I should be aware of.”

“You could turn your goddamned head and look for yourself y’know.”

“I’m playing it cool and making plans. I’m thinking of a flank attack. That requires surprise.”

“OK Rommel,” she said with a roll of her eyes. “They look adequately put together downstairs as far as I can tell. Although, it would serve you right if you got one home and she whipped out a big veiny schlong.”

“Oh Ann,” I said, chastising her. “Your jealously only makes you more desirable.”

Ann laughed at my joke. She was a mannish television producer who had a thing for hefty young women so there was absolutely zero sexual tension between us. We’d been good friends for years.

“Which one are you planning to try for? The brunette with the big rack?” she asked.

“I’m hoping I won’t have to choose,” I said with a lecherous arch of my eyebrow.

“God you’re a slut.”

I laughed. “I’m a man. For me that’s not even an insult.”

“OK Casanova, if you have to choose, which will it be?”

“Well, I always prefer…” I started to say, but the moment I had been waiting for suddenly presented itself. As I watched, a tall, balding, middle-aged man in a conservative suit approached them. I recognized him from television as a moderately famous political commentator. As he tried to strike up a conversation with the two girls I watched their polite smiles, shifting eyes and awkward body language. I knew that the time for the attack was at hand.

I excused myself to Ann and weaved off through the crowd as she called after me, “Go get ’em tiger!” When I got to the bar I grabbed a half full bottle of tequila and three shot glasses before circling around out through the living room, down to the patio, past the pool and back around up to the deck. When I hit the top stair and started walking up behind the girls I slowed myself down to a cool saunter.

I finally got a good view of the lower half of the young ladies. Ann was right; there was nothing wrong below the equator with those two. Blondie was wearing a pair of white denim short-shorts that seemed painted onto her tight, narrow ass while Doe-eyes’ slinky dress showed her full curvy hips to perfection before opening in a leg baring split high up on her tanned sinewy thigh. Doe-eyes wore a pair of black, open-toed fuck-me heels and Blondie was wearing pink cowboy boots. I was tempted to pause for a minute to appreciate the view, but I had work to do.

I strode up to the girls and their wanna-be suitor and began speaking to the young ladies like we were old friends, “I got the tequila. Let’s head down to the beach and knock back a few.”

The square dude in the suit scowled irritation at my cock-blockery but the girls recovered from their confusion quickly and with looks of profound relief.

“Yeah, that’s right, the beach,” said Doe-eyes.

“What took you so long,” said Blondie with a conspiratorial smile.

I leaned in and gave them both a friendly kiss on the cheek. They both seemed surprised and delighted by my forwardness.

“Dude. You should join us,” I said to the T.V. pundit, indicating the bottle of tequila in one hand and the three shot glasses in the other. Blondie and Doe-eyes gave me Bycasino a what-the-fuck-are-you-thinking look.

“Uh… Yes. Sure,” he said, just as surprised as the girls that I was willingly including him.

“Go in and get yourself a shot glass and meet us down over there by the beat up old boat,” I told him cheerily, waving the bottle in a vague direction off away from the house. As far as I knew, or still know for that matter, there was no old boat out there.

“Yes. Sure. I’ll be right down,” he said and started to dash away before remembering to play it cool and slowed down to a quick walk.

“Come on, lets get lost before he gets back,” I told the girls urgently and I watched relief bloom across their faces.

I led them off the deck the way I had come. Doe-eyes had trouble stepping rapidly down the steep wooden stairs in her towering heels and Blondie sighed impatiently at her slow descent. We made much better progress once we hit level ground and we trotted around the back of the patio to the pool-house. As we ducked inside I saw our abandoned dude reach the deck stairs and start rapidly jumping down the risers three at a time while looking searchingly out into the darkness for any sign of us.

The girls were starting to giggle as I shut the door so I shushed them and led them down the corridor. I knew from previous parties at Ignacio and Rachael’s that these little changing rooms got heavy use from amorous couples so I didn’t bother checking the closed doors. I went straight to an open room halfway down the hall. I waved the girls inside as their faces beamed with the shared thrill of a successful escape. Chicks love a caper.

The changing rooms in the pool house aren’t roomy, but they are comfortable. Paneled in pine and carpeted with a utilitarian, neutral toned berber; they each have a closet, a chair and a little built in cushioned bench that is long enough to serve as a bed if you need it to. I took the chair and let the girls sit down on the bench. I handed them each a glass and poured us all a shot.

“Victory!” I toasted and drained back my shot. Doe-eyes threw hers back too while Blondie took a small sip and scrunched up her face like she’d just found half a centipede in a pricey avocado and pine-nut salad.

“Ug, that’s nasty,” she said.

“I’ll take it if you don’t want it,” said Doe-eyes.

“Ease up you Alky.”

“Don’t worry ladies, there’s more,” I said holding up the bottle and swishing the golden liquid around. “By the way, my name is Craig.”

“Hi, I’m Brooke,” said Doe-eyes with an eager smile.

“Amanda,” said Blondie. “I gotta hand it to you Craig, you were pretty slick luring us down here. What’s your plan now, get us drunk, have your way with us?”

“Oh, I don’t care if you get drunk or not,” I said with a leering smile. Amanda laughed.

“If you’re so suspicious you can just leave,” suggested Brooke to Amanda. She turned to me and smiled wickedly as she finished speaking.

“I’m sure you’d like that you little slut,” said Amanda with a kidding voice and hard, serious eyes.

“I’m bet I’m not the only one,” said Brooke and cast another sly look at me.

Amanda gave Brooke a dirty look as she took another painful sip of her drink. I offered Brooke another shot and she eagerly agreed. I poured myself a half glass and only drank a little of it. I didn’t want to get shit faced. I was starting to think I actually had a shot at these two; if I could keep them from cutting each other’s throats.

“So, what do you do Amanda?” I asked.

“You know, the usual… a little modeling, a little acting.”

“Mostly waitressing though,” laughed Brooke. Her laugh was snorting and graceless, but somehow charming.

“Brooke’s just jealous. She can’t get modeling jobs because her ass is too fat.”

“Fuck you, bitch,” growled Brooke as she turned to Amanda with fiery anger in her eyes.

Actually, I preferred Brooke’s more womanly hips to Amanda’s stylishly thin and vaguely boyish build. But I couldn’t very well say that. Instead I merely said, “Now, now, ladies; I don’t know if it matters, but I think you’re both alluring women with very lovely behinds.” That shut them up, although they still glared at each other with bitchy malevolence.

“What about you, Brooke? What do you do?”

“I work for Rachael, the woman who owns this place,” she said while still throwing simmering looks of annoyance at Amanda. Amanda kept her face calm and took another little sip at her drink.

“At Rachael’s gallery?”

“Yeah, in the city.”

“How about that. I’m having a show there in a month. I’m an artist.”

” Oh! You’re Craig… Walker, right? I knew I’d seen your face before. You’re the hot ‘coming soon’ guy on the pamphlet,” she said with glee. She turned to Amanda, “See! I told you I saw him first.”

“You’re probably seeing him second and third right now with as much as you’ve been drinking,” sneered Amanda.

As usual, Ann had been right, they’d Bycasino giriş been staking claims on me while out on the deck. Although it was flattering to be fought over, I was growing tired of their bickering. I got up from my chair and sat on the bench between them. “I’d thought you two were friends, but it looks like I’m going to have to keep you separated.”

“We are friends.”

“We just get a little competitive sometimes.”

“There’s no need to get competitive,” I said reaching up and putting an arm across each of their shoulders. “There are compromises we can make so no one feels left out.”

“Oh?” said Brooke.

I turned to Brooke on my right. Her pupils were dilated with arousal, turning her dark eyes almost black. I turned to Amanda on my left. Her big blue-gray eyes were hesitant; nervous but also tempted. But as I held her gaze I saw her face soften; her eyes open wider; her eyebrows rise slightly; her lips part.

That’s when I knew the moment was right.

I leaned in towards Amanda and brought my mouth to hers. Our lips parted slightly and our breaths mixed intoxicatingly as we tasted each other with slight probes of our tongues. I moved my hand up behind her head and pulled her face closer towards me. We kissed each other greedily as Brooke leaned in to kiss my neck, occasionally indulging in light bites that raised the fine hairs on my skin. I ran the fingertips of my right hand across the smooth skin of Brooke’s bare shoulders then drew my palm down the fabric of her dress; enjoying the ridges of her ribs, the curve of her slim waist, the flair of her hips and the tightness of her ass as I gave it a firm squeeze. She responded eagerly and hummed her approval as she nibbled the lobe of my ear. I felt her hand squeeze my thigh and slowly run up and inward; settling in my crotch; cradling my manhood. I parted my legs and she began to stroke me slowly through my gabardine trousers.

I pulled my face back from Amanda. She looked at me with disappointment as I turned to face Brooke who impatiently brought her lips to mine with desperate urgency. Amanda leaned in to nibble along my jaw line as Brooke ravenously kissed me. I turned to kiss Amanda again, then Brooke, then Amanda, until, finally, we were all tasting each other at once as three tongues and six lips moved around and over one another with a wet and energetic sexual ferocity.

Brooke could feel that I was now fully erect. She broke off our frenzied kissing to pull down the tab on my zipper and unbutton my waistband. She dropped down to her knees to yank down my boxers. My manhood sprung free of the constraining fabric and stood before her at marvelous attention.

“Wow Craig. Impressive,” said Brooke with her face now inches from my fat, empurpled head. She leant forward and began bathing my cock with wet laps of her skillful tongue as she pulled my pants off.

Amanda looked down at Brooke lavishly slobbering up and down my cock. “Oh God. I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she said in a voice dizzy with sexual vertigo. She looked at me with a lost look, uncertain what to do next. I reached up to pluck at the strap of her halter-top. She got the hint and quickly pulled it off, exposing her pert, perfectly formed breasts. I slid my left hand into the waistband of her shorts and guided her closer to me while pulling her up so that her lovely little chest was brought to my face. I bathed her tits with my mouth; licking along the soft, bulbous undersides; kissing along the tight lovely slopes of her tits; taking her nipples between my teeth as I teased them with my tongue. She ran her trembling fingers through my hair as she hummed in delight. I reached around her to knead her tight, tiny ass through the denim of her shorts. She sighed with expectation as I reached up with my right hand to pop the buttons on her fly and began pulling off her shorts.

Brooke was bobbing her head up and down on my penis while cradling my balls and stroking my taint. She was bringing me too close to climax too quickly so I reluctantly stopped trying to remove Amanda’s shorts so I could reach into Brooke’s hair and pulled her face off my cock. “Whoa,” I said. “I think we need to make sure both of you ladies come before I do and that ain’t helping.”

“OK,” said Brooke with enthusiasm. She sat back and pulled down her dress, freeing her big D-cup tits. They swayed heavily with each movement and every breath.

“Who’s first?” asked Amanda looking equally nervous and horny as she stood there topless with her shorts half off.

“Are you guys bi?” I said, struggling to keep my voice calm as I asked the awkward but unavoidable question. It would be a damn shame if things fell apart at this late stage.

“Sure, yeah,” said Brooke impatiently.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” said Amanda. “Not with another girl.”

“Then let’s show you how minor a thing it is,” I said to her gently as I took her hand and pulled her down to me for another kiss. I turned to Brooke and asked Bycasino deneme bonusu her to finish getting undressed.

Brooke stood to shimmy out of her dress then pushed her panties down so they dropped around her ankles. She beamed at us with a horny smile as she kicked off her shoes. I guided her onto the bench cushion and opened her legs so her glistening pussy sat ready for Amanda and me.

“Are you scared?” I asked Amanda.

“I really shouldn’t do this. I promised myself…”

“Come on Amanda,” pleaded Brooke. “Be fun.”

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, but, as Brooke said, it’s more fun if you join in.”

I lowered myself onto the floor and ran my hand up Brooke’s inner thigh to tickle my fingertips along her moist labia. She hummed in delight. “Will you touch it?” I asked Amanda.

Amanda got down with me and lightly ran a tremulous finger along the length of Brooke’s vulva. Brooke exhaled heavily with pleasure. I took Amanda’s hand and guided it up and down the perimeter of Brooke’s pussy before finally bringing her fingers down into and through her damp crevice. I looked questioningly at Amanda who smiled back at me before kissing me with a hungry, horny soul kiss as our fingers parted to explore Brooke’s silky folds separately. Eventually I broke off the kiss to lower my face down between Brooke’s parted legs and, with one beckoning look back over my shoulder, buried my mouth into Brooke’s pussy.

Soon; surprisingly soon considering her reluctance; Amanda’s face was next to mine; kissing me once on the temple before bringing her tongue alongside mine to slide and slurp along Brooke’s now dripping wet slit. Taking Amanda’s hand I intertwined our index fingers. Brooke gasped out joyous guttural expletives as we began penetrating her with our fingers while we both lapped at her lust-engorged clit. Finally she dug into our hair with and pushed her pubis hard onto our faces as she grunted out a sharp yelp. I could tell by the way she sagged back into the cushion that Brooke had come, but as I raised my face from her I was surprised to see Amanda reluctant to leave. She looked back up at me with a wet, sloppy grin and once again returned to lapping along the length of Brooke’s steaming sex.

“Oh God… Amanda,” croaked Brooke.

I moved back behind Amanda and hurriedly pulled off my remaining clothes, losing two buttons from my best silk shirt in the process. Then I finished pulling off Amanda’s shorts, thong and boots. I played along her ass with my lips and tongue as I probed inside her with my fingers. She arched her back and thrust her ass up, inviting me inside. I moved up to grind my pelvis into her and tease her ready pussy with my cock; dipping barely inside her; slapping her clit with my glans; pushing back into her again slowly; pausing; pushing deeper; pulling out; pushing deeper still. She groaned from within Brooke’s pussy as I finally buried myself fully inside her snug, velvety tunnel.

I looked up to see Brooke staring down at the scene with wild eyes. “Fucking shit, I’m gonna come again, Ahhh… Ughhh,” she gasped as she began to buck back against the wall in the throws of another orgasm.

I figured it was time for Amanda to get her turn so I withdrew from her and pulled her up onto the bench. I turned to Brooke. “I think you owe Amanda something special, eh?” I said with a leer.

“Yes,” she panted. “Anything.”

I sat down on the cushion and pulled Amanda over. “Get on my lap, facing out,” I told her. She straddled my lap as requested. “Help Amanda onto my cock,” I told Brooke. She slid off the bench to get between my legs and guide my shaft to the gates of her friend’s eager hole.

Amanda sank onto my penis with a satisfied wheeze and began moving up and down along my length. Brooke buried her face into the action, licking my balls and shaft, then Amanda’s clit and lips. I had to ask her to leave my balls alone or I was going to come too soon. But it was no good, with Amanda’s tight pussy running up and down my shaft, Brooke’s busy tongue occasionally slipping from Amanda’s clit to flick my shaft and Brooke’s long straight hair falling in silken cascades to tickle my balls I soon felt myself tipping over into the point of no return. Just as I realized there was no holding back Amanda gasped, “I’m… coming” and we climaxed together; she thrashing and wailing as she pulled Brooke’s face tight up against her pussy; Me pumping pulse after pulse of sperm deep up into her in an ecstatic, growling convulsion.

As I lay there sweaty and panting with Amanda atop me, Brooke arose to reach down and help Amanda off of my rapidly deflating member. With surprise I saw Brooke ease Amanda back onto the bench and dive into her pussy again; lapping my spent cum from Amanda’s used hole.

“Holy fuck girls, you put on a show like that and I’ll be hard again in no time,” I said with delight.

Brooke turned to me, greasy white smears of my jizz on her lips and chin, and said, “That’s the idea dummy.”

Amanda laughed and settled back to enjoy being thoroughly cleaned out by Brooke’s probing tongue and fingers. She seemed to enjoy having me watch as I masturbated. As I slowly worked myself back to firmness she squirmed and moaned until finally she came again with a stifled scream.

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