Amber’s Initiation

Big Dick

Lacey pushes me up against the full length mirror in the girls locker room, her hands pushing my sweater up, as she leans in to whisper in my ear. “Today is your initiation rite,” she hisses seductively. “Do you understand?”

I can only nod, my pussy already throbbing, as she presses me tighter against the cold mirror. My hands are braced against it, my breath leaving little misty circles. She tweaks one of my nipples, hard, and I moan involuntarily.

“Good, you realize you can’t be on the cheerleading squad until you pass this, don’t you?”

Oh god, do I ever. I hadn’t really believed the lurid stories I’d heard about initiations, and group sex, until I tried out for the squad. Only to discover all the stories were true, so very true….

“Now…you have to take this dildo..” She holds up a huge, knobby thing, and my eyes go wide in fear. “…and go into the boy’s locker room with it…”


“You heard me, Amber. Go in there and spread your hot little self out on the bench and FUCK yourself with it!”


“And only when you’ve come, and given them all a good show…then they can do whatever they like to you…” Her voice is breathy with lust, and my own body responds, tingling and tightening. Visions of what she is saying flood my brain, and my knees buckle. She drops down behind me, and reaches up under the short little skirt of my outfit. First she smacks my ass lightly, and then she reaches up between my legs. I’m wet instantly, a sharp arc of need whipping through me. “Let’s get you warmed up…” she murmurs, teasing me through the moist silk of my virginal looking white panties.

Virginal….what a joke…I think for a moment. “Aw…you’re all wet, sweetie. How perfect…you’re going to do well, and the boys will love you so…very…MUCH!” And she thrust her fingers into me, and I scream, pitching against the glass, panting with a mixture of surprise and delight. Then her mouth is on me too, her tongue licking me, into my pussy, as her fingers move in and out, deeper and harder with each thrust.

“Ohhhh….” Words and strangled sounds of pleasure spill out of me, as the climax starts to wrench through me. I stare at my reflection, seeing my eyes wide, and my mouth open, my long red hair in disarray. My hands are skidding on the slick surface of the mirror, as she takes me higher and higher into pleasure. I’m almost there…just one more…please….don’t stop….

But she does stop, leaving me doubled over and panting, my pussy quivering like mad. I feel dizzy and disoriented, as I stare at her. With a mocking little grin, she gets to her feet, and spins me around to face her. Her mouth covers mine, and I’m shocked at the wetness and the taste on her lips. I’ve never kissed another girl, never wanted to, and certainly never had my clit sucked like this by a girl, or had their fingers in my cunt. And yet I respond to her like never before, grinding against her hips, trying to grab her breasts, my tongue meeting hers in wild abandon. Then she pulls away from me, wiping a hand over her mouth.

“There…now you’re ready to go in there. If you want me later….we can finish this too…”

And she hands me the dildo, steering me towards the door. “Go…they’re expecting Bycasino you, Amber. Have fun….!”

I take a deep breath and cross the corridor, pausing with my hand on the door. Just do it….and I push the door open. I hold my head up and strut across the crowded room, my gaze noting several guys naked, some in towels, or jock straps – having just finished their practice, I’m sure they’re all revved up, testosterone levels sky high. And here I am – tiny little auburn haired cheerleader wannabe, a big black dildo in one

hand, marching into their midst. I can almost smell the sudden sexual arousal, the way their eyes are appraising me, lustfully, and predatory.

The room is suddenly quiet, as I drop down onto the bench. My hands are shaking, as I lay back onto the narrow slats, letting my legs fall open on either side of it. I set the black dildo down on the floor, and reach up under my skirt, hiking it high on my thighs.

My fingers catch the edge of the panties, and I snake them down my legs, lifting my butt off the bench. Someone whistles in the background, and I toss the panties aside with bravado. “I’m here to give you a show…my initiation…” I say softly.

One of them nods, a big grin on his face. “We know…so get to it…” I can see the towel around his hips twitch, the rise of his cock tenting the material.

My pussy is starting to throb, and I grasp the dildo in one hand, pulling my skirt higher with the other. It’s hot, and steamy from the showers, and the room feels suddenly smaller, as the guys start to crowd around. Letting myself go into a place where I’m the star, and not caring about anything but making myself come, I stroke the wet folds of my cunt with the head of the dildo. It feels huge, rubbery and demanding as I rub it

harder. I’m slick and wet, throbbing still from Lacey’s mouth on me. Remembering how I felt at that moment, I moan, and nudge the tip of the dildo into me.

“C’mon, girl, take it all…” someone shouts out. “You can do it…”

This ignites a frenzy of hoots and shouts, and I push the thing just a little further into me. It feels huge, bigger than any guy I’ve fucked, and I try to relax. The huge head of it stretches me wider, as I inch it slowly deeper. I can feel the knobs and little veins along the sides of it stroking me, as I start to moan. My hips flex upwards on their own, my feet fighting for traction on the floor. I’m impossibly wet, and thank god, otherwise this wouldn’t slide in. “God…god…” I mutter, pulling it back and then shoving it in harder. My head rolls back, and my whole body shakes at the sudden intrusion. It feels strange, dirty and nasty, yet so amazingly thrilling. I lose track of the guys staring

at me, as I start to fuck the dildo, letting it slide in and out, my wetness shining on it. My other hand struggles to push my sweater out of the way, and suddenly more hands are helping me, yanking it over my head. Now only my tiny little bra covers me, and I unsnap the front closure impatiently, desperate to touch myself. “Ohhh…oh…” I murmur, cupping my breast, feeling how hard and aching the nipple is against my fingertips.

“Fuck it baby…”

“Do it harder…”

“God…pull those Bycasino giriş tits, baby…”

“Take it all…look at her pussy, god that’s hot…”

Voices surround me, and I thrust faster, lost in a swirl of pure pleasure. My legs curl up, and hands support me on either side, as my frantic movements pick up pace. Unfamiliar fingers are stroking me, adding to the deliciousness. “Wait…she needs to come first, dude…” A deep, dark voice cuts through the crowd, and I look up into the face of the team captain. He’s tall, with black curling hair and deep blue eyes. He’s naked except for a towel slung around his narrow hips, just above the cock standing at attention. Impressive body, I think for a second, before my eyes close, and I moan in delight. The orgasm is building, my pussy clenching around the dildo, as I bounce against it.

“Do it…do it…” The chants are increasing, as I pinch my nipple, and grind against the dildo. Faster and faster I work it, my cunt stretched wider, welcoming each deep penetration. It’s relentless, and wicked, and I let my breast go, grabbing the dildo with both hands and pumping it in and out like a sleek piston.

“I’m…god..fuck…fuck…I’m COMING!” I shriek and moan, the white hot climax roaring through me in waves. I’m writhing, and screaming, my back arching off the bench, until I see stars in front of my eyes, and the room spins. With a final shudder, I fall back against the hard bench, unable to move for a moment. My legs fall apart, the dildo stuck inside of me, my cunt pulsing around it still.

“Very nice, little girl,” the captain murmurs in my ear, as he kneels down beside me. Now his hand slides along my sweat drenched skin, as he kisses me, hard, his tongue in my mouth. “And since I’m the captain, I get to fuck you first…are you ready for this?” And he drops his towel, revealing a huge urgent cock, drops of cum already leaking out of him. He fondles the length of his shaft, obviously very proud of his size. Before I can say anything, he puts the slick head of it against my lips. “Take it…suck it first…” he demands, and I do that – accepting his fullness between my lips.

“C’mon Mark…just fuck her so we can have some fun…”

His cock is hard and throbbing against my lips, my tongue swirling around it, trying not to choke on the size of it. I breathe deeply, and stroke him harder. My eyes lock onto his, as he pushes against me, seeing the lust burning there. Knowing it’s me that’s making him so horny, only increases my own thrill. I can taste the salty cum, and feel him tensing. Is he cumming like this, in my mouth? But no, he pulls away with a groan, and pulls me down to the floor, yanking the dildo out of me so fast it makes me gasp. Then he’s driving into my pussy with a howl of satisfaction. “God, you’re tight…” he mutters, pulling out partway, before ramming it home again. “I like you…”

Our eyes meet again, as he pumps into me, and then he comes in a massive explosive jolt, and I can feel him spilling cum into me. A shiver of orgasm takes me as well, before he pulls out of me, his cock softer, yet still impressive looking. He leans over me with a primal look of satisfaction, kissing me again, as he grabs my Bycasino deneme bonusu breasts. “You’re

damn good, little girl. I’ll be back for seconds…” he tells me, before standing up.

“Well…who’s next?” I purr, looking at the circle of cocks around me. All sizes, all shapes, and all deliciously hard. For a moment, nobody moves, and then they fall onto me, hands and mouths and cocks everywhere. .. there’s a cock in my mouth, and in my hands, and stuffed in my pussy. Cum is dripping along my chin, and between my breasts, and flowing between my legs. Guys that aren’t fucking me are pulling at their dicks, and cum squirts over my belly, and into my hair. God…I feel so naughty, and yet so in control. I’m the one they want right now, the one making them hard and horny.

They pull me up then, and I’m on my knees, one guy under me, sucking on my breast, and another at my ass. His fingers play along my tight cheeks, seeking to move inside of me, and I tense, looking over my shoulder at him. “C’mon…you gotta do whatever we want…it’s the rules,” he says grinning at me, sliding his finger between my cheeks.

“But…I’ve never…” I start to say, when Mark takes the other guy’s place. He waves a bottle of lubricant in his fingers, with a nasty grin.

“Dave’s right…you do what we want…and I want to fuck your ass…” He spreads a liberal amount over me, his fingers invading my virgin hole, and my head snaps back. Oh god…he slides one finger into me, and I squirm. The guy beneath me grabs me and holds me still, his fingers digging into my skin. “Hold still…you’ll like it…I just need

to get you all primed up for me,” Mark mutters, pushing a little deeper. One more finger and I’m moaning, panting…my breath in ragged gasps. Oohh…this is nasty…

Then the other guy pushes up into my cunt, as Mark starts to push the head of his cock against me. Deeper and deeper, he penetrates me, the other cock pushing into me at the same time, until I’m stuffed full of cock, unable to do anything more than feel the thrill of it, the intense rush as they both fuck me good and hard. Waves of satisfaction roll through me, and they both start to cum, shooting into me, drenching me until it’s running out of me from everywhere. Dirty little girl, I think as they stop then, but damn it feels good.

Mark pulls out of me, slapping my ass as I collapse and roll off the guy who fucked my pussy. I lay on the cool, wet tiles, too tired and sore to move. “You did good, little girl. I’ll tell Lacey you passed,” Mark says, throwing a towel at me.

I can only nod, closing my eyes. The room is quieter now, as guys are leaving, and I pull myself up onto the bench, dabbing at the cum covering me, looking around for my clothes. Mark hands them to me, and I flash him a little smile. “Thanks…”

“Hey, you can take a shower before you go…if you want, everybody’s left anyway.”

“I’ll just run across to the girl’s shower, but thanks.” I stand up and wrap the towel around me, holding the bundle of clothes. For a second he just stares at me, and then he kisses me hard, all tongue and teeth, before letting me go.

“I’ll call you…” he says, walking away, with the swagger of a male completely satisfied and in control. I shake my head a little – he won’t call. But there might be more chances like this one – god knows I’ve heard enough juicy stories of the parties that go on with the football team and the cheerleaders. Road trips, especially. With a small smile at that thought, I head over to clean up.

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