Amber’s Six Pics


They say that opposites attract. It’s a cliché but it was certainly true for Larry and Amber Patterson.

Amber was 23-years-old and was a fun-loving, beautiful blond, 5’5″ tall with the figure of a fashion model. She never applied herself in school and became a waitress when she was 17.

Larry was also 23 and was on the short side, just two inches taller than Amber. He was thin and not the least bit athletic, but he was highly intelligent and was a computer whiz. In fact, as young as he was, Larry made a good living as a well-paid I.T. expert at a major company. He also did some computer consulting on the side.

After his I.T. career got underway, Larry was determined to break away from his overbearing mother and he bought a condominium apartment in a nice complex across town from his parents. He liked to eat out and one of his favorite restaurants was the bar and grille where Amber waited on tables.

From the first time he saw her, Larry thought Amber was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. She was very friendly too. She learned early on that a big smile and some friendly chatter would lead to bigger tips. It certainly worked with Larry.

Amber thought that Larry was cute in a puppy-dog sort of way. She became really fond of him as a customer because he was so polite and unassuming, different than the men she had dated. Plus he was a big tipper and was obviously successful. One night, as she cleared Larry’s dirty plate off the table, Larry made a shy remark about how nice it would be if she could join him for dinner some time. Amber said it would be nice, and she would join him, if he would just ask her. Larry took the hint and invited Amber out to dinner on her next night off.

A few days later, Larry arrived early at the weary one-bedroom rental apartment where Amber lived. Amber greeted Larry with a friendly hug and a kiss on the cheek that he clumsily accepted.

Larry was a perfect gentleman. Almost too perfect, opening her car door, pulling out her chair, and doting on her in every way. Amber wasn’t accustomed to such polite treatment but she totally enjoyed it.

Following their leisurely meal, Larry took Amber to the movies. It was still early when the film ended and Amber told Larry she would like to see his apartment.

Entering Larry’s comfortable condo, Amber told the truth when she said it was the nicest place she had ever seen. Seating herself on the leather sofa, Amber surprised Larry when she asked him if he had any weed. She was not too surprised when he said that he had never smoked anything, apologetically adding that he would gladly get her some marijuana if he knew where to buy it. Larry said that he did have two bottles of red wine, prompting Amber to say she would love to have a glass.

After Larry brought two glasses of wine to the sofa, Amber took a couple of sips, then set her glass on the coffee table. Amber figured it was up to her to take the lead and she began to seriously make out with Larry on the sofa. She was the first to French kiss, noticing that Larry seemed a bit tentative at first, then he eagerly adapted to Amber’s perfectly glossed lips and playful tongue.

After several minutes of passionate kissing, Larry dared to put his hand on Amber’s boob, squeezing lightly through her top and bra. Amber immediately sprang to her feet.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry,” Larry pleaded.

Amber laughed as she unbuttoned her blouse. “It’s fine, Larry. I just want to get this fucking blouse and bra off so you can get to my tits!”

Larry laughed too and he couldn’t believe what was happening when Amber dropped her bra, showing him her perfectly proportioned breasts and inviting nipples, then sitting back down next to him on couch.

The couple kissed again as Larry reached over to squeeze one of Amber’s tits.

“Oh, yeah Larry,” Amber purred, “Squeeze them both. Suck on them. Milk me like a fucking cow!”

Larry followed instructions, squeezing one tit while he sucked the nipple of the other, then switching sides to give both tits equal time. Amber just laid back and moaned as she gently swept her hands over Larry’s head and face.

After many minutes of receiving titty action, Amber eased Larry’s head off her chest and motioned for him to stand up. As Larry stood facing Amber, who kept her seat on the couch, Amber unbuckled his belt, pulled down his zipper, and brought Larry’s pants and underwear down to his knees in one motion. Larry then stepped out of his pants and presented his stiff penis to Amber at a height parallel to her face.

Amber said nothing, but was not impressed with Larry’s cock. It was about five inches long, fully erect and oozing precum, and was not very thick, maybe twice the size of his thumb. Amber leaned forward and kissed Larry’s cock, then took it into her wet, warm, mouth.

“Oh Amber,” Larry moaned, “Oh that feels so good. Oh baby, I love it!”

Amber increased her action, skillfully moving her mouth back and forth on lezbiyen porno his cock. Amber prided herself on being a talented cocksucker. She was a little too good for Larry, because after about two minutes she felt his cock stiffen and he started to grunt.

Larry pulled his cock out of Amber’s mouth just as he came, squirting his cum in her face.

“Amber, I’m sorry!” Larry exclaimed. “I didn’t mean to do that! Let me clean you up!”

Larry ran off to the kitchen to grab a roll of paper towels, his softening penis flapping with every quick step.

“It’s okay,” Amber said, “don’t worry about it.”

When Larry got back to Amber he was surprised to see that she was wiping the cum off her cheek with her fingers, then licking them clean with her tongue.

“Let me help you,” Larry said as he gently blotted Amber’s pretty face with a paper towel.

Amber started to laugh and said, “You know, you could have just cum in my mouth!”

“I wish I’d known that!” Larry said, laughing a bit himself.

As Larry finished cleaning the jizz off Amber’s face, she looked at him and said, “I can’t believe I still have my skirt on.”

Larry sat down on the couch and hugged and snuggled with Amber, then said, “It’ll be better next time.”

Amber thought to herself that it couldn’t get much worse. She wanted her pussy to get fucked and it wasn’t even touched.

They spent a little more time on the couch, just making out. Larry couldn’t quite determine whether he was actually tasting his cum in Amber’s mouth. Eventually, Larry said that he had better get Amber home, so he handed her her top and bra and dressed himself, then drove her to her place.

Before he kissed her goodnight, Larry asked Amber if they could go out again and she agreed to a second date, deciding she’d give Larry one more chance because he was such a nice guy.

On their next date, Larry and Amber again returned to Larry’s apartment. Their make-out session on the couch was a repeat of their first except that Amber only sucked Larry’s dick for a minute before she stopped, not wanting Larry to cum too fast again. Amber then led Larry to his bedroom and quickly stripped off her clothes. The mere sight of Amber’s beautiful naked body was almost enough to make Larry erupt. Amber pushed Larry onto the bed on his back and sat on his face.

“Eat my pussy, Larry sweetie,” Amber said softly.

Even though Amber kept herself clean, Larry found the smell of her pussy a bit unpleasant. But, relying on the porno videos that he had seen, Larry extended his tongue and did his best to pleasure Amber, lapping at her pussy as if it were an ice cream cone.

“Tickle my clitty, baby,” Amber pleaded.

Larry tried to do better, but when he was still not hitting Amber’s button with his tongue she slipped her finger in between her pussy and Larry’s mouth and began to rub herself.

“Here, Larry,” Amber whispered. “Lick me here.”

Larry then got the hang of it and started making progress. Amber allowed herself to fantasize that she was with her last boyfriend, who happened to be black, and she experienced a decent orgasm. She then eased herself off Larry’s face, laid on her back, spread her legs, and said, “Now fuck me!”

Larry’s modest cock slid right into Amber’s sopping pussy and he mechanically went up and down on her for a good three minutes before he could feel his orgasm building.

“Do I need a condom? Larry asked breathlessly.

Larry had a brand new box in his nightstand, just waiting for a night like this.

“No,” Amber said softly, “I’m on the pill. Go ahead and cum in me.” She managed to hide her disappointment but had been hoping that Larry might last five minutes.

Hearing Amber’s words was all it took and Larry pushed his dick in as far as he could and squirted four streams into her pussy, moaning and grunting as he did.

After their moderately successful interlude, Larry basked in the afterglow while Amber tried not to feel too disappointed. At least she got fucked and came, although she had to prompt her own orgasm. Larry couldn’t believe his good fortune in having this beautiful, sexy woman in his bed. Larry wasn’t stupid though, and it was very obvious to him that Amber was far more skilled and experienced in intercourse than he was.

“You were amazing, Amber,” Larry said quietly. “I can tell that you’ve had sex in the past. How many boyfriends have you been to bed with?”

Amber told a little white lie, saying, “Oh, I’ve had a couple.” Then, turning the tables on Larry – whom she could tell was inexperienced – Amber asked Larry, “How many have you had, loverboy?”

Larry told a little white lie himself, echoing Amber’s answer of “a couple.” Actually, Larry figured that he was probably the oldest male virgin in town. Until that moment, anyway! He never dated much and was awkward around women. Everything that he knew about sex he had learned looking at porn liseli porno sites on his computer. He satisfied himself by jerking off at his computer screen and developed the ability to make himself cum fairly quickly. He didn’t know it at the time, but he was afflicting himself with a chronic case of premature ejaculation.

Amber was certainly not a virgin, but she wasn’t a slut or a nympho either. In the four years that she was sexually active, after losing her virginity in her senior year of high school, Amber had had nine lovers before Larry, four of them black. Amber estimated that she got fucked at least once a week, on the average, so in four years her lifetime “been fucked” total stood at well over 200.

Amber actually preferred black guys over white and if she had ever teamed up with the right black guy she would have happily spent her life with him. But, she never did. Her last steady boyfriend was black and he was downright abusive, both verbally and physically. Amber had a high tolerance for pain, but after taking a beating that nearly sent her to the hospital, Amber broke up with the bully and swore off men, for the most part. That is until she met Larry.

Larry and Amber continued to date. Larry lavished her with gifts and frequently surprised her with flowers. His thoughtfulness and generosity made up for his sexual “shortcomings”, so to speak, and the couple fell in love.

Larry’s mother did not care much for Amber, mainly because she had tattoos and she peppered her speech with words such as “fuck” and “shit”. Larry’s mom referred to Amber as “that potty-mouth tattoo girl” until Larry put his foot down one day and insisted that she use Amber’s given name.

After several months of dating, Larry proposed and Amber immediately said “yes.” Amber’s mother was poorer than she was and her father’s whereabouts were unknown, so Larry paid for their modest wedding and reception.

Amber happily moved into Larry’s nice condo. Larry bought her a BMW to drive and continued to treat her like his queen. They took exotic vacations and went on Caribbean cruises. Larry made plenty of money and Amber didn’t have to work anymore, but she wanted to. Amber worked part time at the bar and grille, covering lunch and dinner shifts a few times a week when other servers called in sick, or whatever. The wages and tips she earned were hers to keep and spend any way she wanted.

After a while, the couple decided to start a family, so Amber went off the pill. Their sex life improved a bit as they began to fuck more frequently and with a purpose. After a few months, Amber had still not conceived. They weren’t too concerned about it and figured they would talk to fertility specialists if Amber wasn’t pregnant by their second anniversary.

Amber and Larry were very happy together, and except for their somewhat less-than-perfect love life, things could not have been better.

The Pics

Larry was elated when he learned that he had landed a lucrative consulting contract with a government agency. As a formality, he had to submit a ridiculously thorough bureaucratic application, and because Amber was listed as a partner in his consulting business, for tax purposes, some of the questions included her personal information. Larry needed some info, such as the date of her high school graduation. Amber was working a dinner shift at the restaurant. Rather than wait until she got home, Larry decided to gather the info himself.

Amber kept a plastic file box in their bedroom closet with all her personal records and documents inside. Sitting on the closet floor, Larry opened the box and began looking for the items he needed. Larry quickly found Amber’s high school diploma in a standard padded folder. He jotted down the date of her graduation, but as he closed the folder a white envelope fell out from behind the certificate. He opened the envelope and found a half-dozen photographs. What he saw in the six pictures would change their lives forever.

The photos were of Amber, who appeared to be about 20-years-old, and a young man, about the same age. The young man was black. Really black.

In the first picture, Amber and the guy were standing side-by-side, smiling for the camera. Larry could tell from a rustic pavilion in the background that the photo had been snapped at a lakeside park just outside of town. Amber wore a skimpy bikini. Her dark-skinned friend was bare-chested, wearing nothing but a baggy swim suit. Amber’s arm was behind the guy and his arm was around her. His black hand was clearly visible grasping her tiny white waist.

Larry got more excited when he viewed the second picture. Amber and the black guy were facing each other, embracing one another, and kissing!

In the third photo, the guy was standing behind Amber, towering over her. His arms wrapped around her and his hands were each cupping one of her boobs through her bikini top.

The fourth pic was very similar except mature porno that no bikini straps were visible on Amber’s shoulders. She was topless and the guy’s hands were each covering her bare breasts. They both had broad smiles on their faces.

In the fifth photo, Amber and her beau were positioned the same, him standing behind her. One of her perky bare tits was visible, nipple and all. The other tit was again shielded by the guy’s left hand. His right hand was inside her bikini bottom, touching her vagina! His fingers were scarcely visible through the clingy fabric that covered her private parts. Amber had a sly smile on her face, gazing at the camera.

In the sixth photo, taken from a closer distance, the guy held up Amber’s right wrist with one hand while he extended the index finger of his other hand, pointing to the tattoo she had on the underside of her forearm. The ink on the tattoo was dark and vivid. Larry had seen the tattoo a thousand times. He surmised that it must have been brand new when the picture was taken.

The tattoo on Amber’s forearm was that of the ancient symbols for male and female – two circles, one with an arrow pointing northeast, representing the male, the other with a cross at the base, and symbolizing the female. The circles were linked. The arrow on the male symbol pointed toward Amber’s thumb. The cross on the female orb ended just short of her inner elbow crease. The male symbol was done in a thick dark line. The female symbol consisted of two thin lines with Amber’s pale white skin showing in between. Larry had never paid as much attention to the tattoo before. Now he realized, for the first time, that the symbol with the arrow stood for a black guy and the female symbol represented a white girl, both symbols hooked together.

Larry knew that his gorgeous young wife had had previous lovers, but he never knew, until that moment, that at least one of them was black!

Larry gazed at the six pics for several minutes as an erection grew in his pants. He knew that he would want to look at the photos frequently, then came up with a solution. Larry took the pictures to his computer and scanned each one of them. Next, he copied, enlarged, enhanced and cropped them. He created a close-up of their smiling faces, another close-up of them kissing each other, two tight shots of the guy’s hands cupping Amber’s boobs, with and without her bikini top, an extreme close-up of the black hand fondling her pussy, and a close-up of the black hands above and below her forearm tattoo.

Sitting at his computer, viewing the revealing pictures of his adorable wife, now safely stored in a hidden computer file, Larry reached into his pants to stroke his raging boner. He immediately had a tremendous orgasm and blew a huge cum load in his shorts. He knew that the pics would be his constant obsession from that point forward.

Larry took the original six pics back to the bedroom closet and returned them to the hiding place where Amber had stored them.

Tattoo Talk

A couple weeks after Larry had discovered Amber’s six pics, as they snuggled together on the couch, watching TV, Larry took Amber’s right hand in his, turned it over, and gently stroked her forearm tattoo.

“Whatever caused you to get this tattoo?” Larry asked her, smiling.

“I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time, just like my other tattoos – the tramp stamp on my lower back and the dragon on my shoulder,” Amber answered with a chuckle.

“Well, it’s the symbols for male and female,” Larry said. “Was it a special guy you were dating who came up with the idea?”

“He wasn’t as special as you,” Amber said with a smile. “Now I think of me and you whenever I see it. You should too.”

Amber wasn’t really being honest. She thought back to her young black lover and how she told him she would always think of him whenever she glanced at her arm. In all the years since that black boyfriend took her to the tattoo parlor, not a day had gone by that Amber wasn’t reminded of him when she saw the ink imbedded in her skin. She was a little dismayed when Larry persisted.

“What kind of guy was it who made you want to mark yourself?” Larry asked quietly.

“He was just some guy and I was just a kid!” Amber snapped back, hoping to end the conversation.

“Don’t get mad,” Larry said. “I’m just curious, that’s all. I mean, you never got a tattoo for little old me,” Larry added, trying to be cute.

“If you want me to tattoo ‘Larry’ across my tits I’ll do it for you!” Amber almost shouted at him. “But you’ll have to tattoo my name on your chest too. Otherwise, just think of us when you look at my arm!”

“You’d look pretty trashy with ‘Larry’ on your boobs!” he laughed. “It is interesting, though, how the male symbol is done one way and the female symbol is different – one dark and one lighter.”

“That’s just the way the tattoo artist chose to do it, honey,” Amber said. “Now I don’t want to talk about my stupid arm anymore!”

Memories in Pictures

It was a Saturday, a few days after Larry asked Amber about the tattoo that he had become obsessed with, believing it held the key to Amber’s previous black-white relationship, which Larry found so erotic.

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