An Abnormal Day At The Office

Public Sex

Hi, everyone this is my first story. Hope you enjoy, if you have any feedback then please let me know.

I found it hard to concentrate that day. When my new co-worker walked in on her first day, I instantly noticed her. She was quite simply hot. Her long, slender legs were half hidden behind a painfully revealing skirt and her nipples were clearly getting hard from the cold and partially visible through a semi-transparent t-shirt. Not for the first time was I happy that the office had a casual dress code. Her blond hair fell to her back and her eyes looked nervously around the room.

Regrettably, I averted my eyes from her stunning body. Looking at the screen in front of me I struggled to keep my dick from hardening as the supervisor walked over to her and assigned her to the empty desk next to mine. “If you need help with anything then either ask me, or ask the guy next to you” he said whilst pointing at me, “his name is Mark.” I took a sideways glance at her putting her bag on the floor, and got a glorious view of her round butt. My dick stirred some more.

A short while later the inevitable happened, she asked for my help with the computer. I tried to adjust my semi-hard cock, attempting to make it less visible and walked over to her. I discovered that she was called Chloe and as her hand dropped to get something from Escort bayan her bag it touched my thigh. My dick jerked a little and she must have seen it, a small curling of her lip being the obvious sign. As her hand come up it once again touched me, this time right beside my now very noticeable, hard cock. As I bent over to reach the mouse her hand moved and she slowly, expertly stroked my dick through my trousers. I stood there for a while, pretending to be working on the computer as she wonderfully worked on my dick. I saw the supervisor heading towards us to check that everything was alright; I silently cursed and hurried back to my desk where I willed my dick to go soft as I reflected on what had happened.

I sent her a message that said “meet me in car park after work”. I saw her read the message as it came up on her screen and she turned to look at me and smiled mischievously before sending her reply. I read it. “Ok then, I can’t wait to suck you”. My dick jerked again at the thought. The rest of the day was relatively uneventful but it seemed to drag on until it was finally time to go.

I met her in the car park and she got into my car, I drove us quickly to my house as she once again played with my dick through the trousers. I pulled into the drive and we hurried inside. I was shocked by the speed at which Bayan escort she attacked me after I closed the door. She leapt at me and we begun kissing but this only lasted for the couple of seconds it took for her to pull down my trousers and boxers before engulfing my throbbing member in her warm, moist mouth.

At first she slowly bobbed her head up and down on my shaft, gradually getting faster. My dick was throbbing continually as I enjoyed the greatest blowjob ever. She brought me to the point of cuming three times before finally deep throating my 8.5 inch cock. It was then that I exploded down her throat. She released my dick and licked her lips before kissing me again.

I led her into my bedroom and removed her clothes before forcing her onto the bed .I was right. She was absolutely stunning. I kissed her mouth, her chin, her nick and nibbled her ear before sucking on her tit. My hand played with the other as I sucked, licked and gently bit her nipple. My mouth transferred to the other tit before repeating the treatment. My hand sneaked its way down her body before tracing a line along her pussy then a circle around it, I teased her like this for ten seconds before she yelled at me “fucking stick it in you bastard”. I complied. Sucking on her tit whilst fingering her pussy bought her to her first orgasm; her Escort whole body shook violently as she entered a realm of bliss, her fingers dug into my shoulders where she had been holding me. I then followed this up shortly by sucking on her clit as my finger moved to penetrate her ars. Once again her juices poured, this time filling my mouth with their sweet taste. I kissed her on the mouth, letting her taste herself.

By this time my dick was well and truly hard but she stroked it a bit just to be sure. I laid down beside her and she straddled me. Sliding my dick into her pussy she let out a moan. She began to ride me, slowly at first then fast. Her tits were bouncing above my head and I reached up to grab them, I squeezed them as she neared another orgasm. Her juices flowed from her pussy and down my dick before soaking my bed.

We changed places. This time I entered her butt. At first, I fucked her fast and hard before slowing down to go slow and deep, I then sped up again. I slammed my dick into her ars like a pile driver, pneumatically penetrating her. She was moaning continually now, a never ending cycle of “oooh”s and “aah”s and “oh yeah baby”s. I plunged my cock in one more time before cuming like never before, I shot spurt after spurt deep into her ars before collapsing onto the bed beside her. My arm reached over and I pulled her close to kiss her again. We fell asleep like that and fucked several more times before going to work the following day and acting like nothing had happened. At twenty past ten I got a message, it read “my place at eight o’clock”.

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