An Abuse of Power Ch. 02


Six days have passed since he explained what a submissive is and what his expectations would be of one. He’s given her a week to think about it. And in the spirit of fairness, he’s made it clear she will remain in his house despite her answer. But he wants her, no, needs her to say yes. It will be so much more fulfilling if he knows she wants to be there.

In the meantime, she has blossomed. The house is immaculate. His bed is always turned down at the end of the day and he’s never even seen her touch his clothes, but they are always cleaned and pressed and returned to his closet. Whenever he has seen her, she smiles shyly before her eyes fall to the floor.

He replays their conversation in his mind for the hundredth time. She’s obviously inexperienced, but, not a virgin. She said nothing during his explanation, but her eyes widened at several points. He explained the significance of the collar, his expectations and summed it up with “if you do what I want, you will be rewarded. If you do not, you will be punished. It is really that simple.”

This week has been agonizing. Tomorrow, I will know tomorrow. He keeps repeating to Pendik Anal Escort himself. He tosses and turns that night, when he wakes up it feels like he’s barely slept at all. But he spies a sheet of paper on the floor.

Written in beautiful cursive is:

Hard Limits

Nothing that will leave a mark that lasts more than 24 hours, including burning or caning.

Nothing involving bodily waste.

No doing or saying anything that would let my family know what we are doing.

No hitting my face.

If you can agree with these, than I will be your sub.



He raises his eyebrows as he reads, surprised that she would have thought of these items, but impressed that she is taking advantage of a sub’s ability to set hard limits. His past subs came up with limits only when things went too far. This sub is obviously more thoughtful than the others.

As he exits his room he spies her in the hallway, leaning in close as he passes he whispers “be in my room at 7:00 tonight.” She blushes, gives her small shy smile and nods before moving on.

When he Pendik Yaşlı Escort enters his room, she is sitting calmly on the bed, her legs crossed at the ankles. She doesn’t smile, in fact, she seems…depleted. His heart sinks, has she changed her mind?

“I-I need, I’d like to ask you a favor” she stammers. Her eyes flick between her folded hands sitting in her lap, and his face; she sounds apprehensive. He nods encouragingly. “It’s my sister” she says, pausing to steal a glance at him. He says nothing but again nods. “She’s broken her arm” she says timidly. “She’s broken her arm and she’s trying to hide it from the guards, but she’s assigned to dig trenches and it won’t be long before they find out. I need her to go somewhere where she can heal, without any of the guards knowing she’s hurt” she says, the words tumbling over each other in her haste and nervousness.

His eyes widen in surprise, he’s never heard her speak so much.

“Welllllll” he says slowly, his mind reeling. “That can be arranged. I suppose she could go to the medical facility, and roll bandages, deliver meals to patients, that sort of thing” Pendik Zenci Escort he answers carefully.

“Thank you!” she says, her face brightening and she lunges forward, hugging him. He reaches up and carefully unwraps her arms from around his neck. She sees his stricken face and pulls back, suddenly apprehensive. “What is it?” she asks.

“Have you seen your family since you arrived?” he asks, woodenly.

She looks like she’s been slapped. “No, no I haven’t” she answers, her voice thick with emotion. Her answer is like a punch to the gut. He nods, collecting his thoughts. She watches him as he stands, and then begins pacing.

“So, when would you like to begin my training?” she asks, tentatively, not sure if interrupting his pacing is a good idea.

“Tomorrow” he answers, brusquely. She nods, confused by his sudden change, but stands and walks to the door. She has one foot in the hallway when he stops her.

“Did you agree to be my sub just because of your family?” he blurts out.

She turns to look at him, understanding dawning on her face. “In part” she answers. “But, I also want to be your sub, very much” she adds, blushing brightly before she wishes him goodnight and shuts the door softly behind her.

He sits down heavily. His mind racing, cock throbbing. He jumps up and races to his desk, where he begins to furiously scribble all his training plans for his new sub.

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