An Elevator Story Ch. 2


As I came down from my cum high, my dick semi-hard, and 4 hands from 4 women keeping up their attentions, I knew I was bound to rise again. The girls were whispering to each other, and it was hard to understand everything. All I knew is they were not thru with me yet and I was looking forward to maybe getting my cock bathed by someone’s pussy juices, if I was lucky!

I heard and felt the girls stirring, and knew by the sounds that clothes were coming off. Hot damn, PUSSY!!! Soon the hands were undoing my shirt, and my pants were coming off. I heard a “MY turn” and felt lips engulf my dickhead yet again. From my right, I felt someone turning towards me and as they straddled my body, I smelled aroused cunt in front of my nose. The woman pushed forward and after a few adjustments, her clit was bumping over my nose. I shot out my tongue and got a quick taste, and she backed away. I moaned and she opened her legs a bit more and thrust forward covering my nose and mouth with thick wet pussy lips.

Damn, she was as smooth as a baby. I lapped my tongue over her nub and licked up into her gash. Oh, man, she tasted good. I continued licking and was barely aware of the whispering as she told the others what my tongue was doing. Soon she stepped over me and another cunt was in my face. This was also smooth, but my nose found a bit of fur over her mons. A different taste, but wow this one had a big clit. I tugged it in my mouth and began sucking, and she backed off and then covered my face with her now wet cunt. I began eating her out paying a lot of attention to that big clit.

My hard was now full size and as hard as iron. The woman sucking me was replaced by another set of lips, and I felt the first one trail down my shaft and start licking my balls. I arched up a bit so she could have a good shot at them. Eventually she began sucking them gently in her mouth rolling them around. Heaven. The cunt at my face was replaced again, and this one had sparse hair covering it all. I gave her my full attention (at least the part that wasn’t enjoying my blowjob and ball job).

The cunt in my face pulled back I was straddled again, but she slid down so that I could suck her titties. I was pretty sure theses were Robin’s. I felt another girl at my side and she was trying to get her tits to my mouth, finding my mouth already occupied. The small tits were replaced by bigger ones and I was pretty sure they belonged to Annie. That left Camille and Angie going at my dick. That gave me a surge of lust and I swear I grew another inch from the thought. My dick hurt it was so hard.

All the girls pulled off and I heard them whispering. I could hear noises and realized they were trying to pull down the mats covering the wall. They must of succeeded cause one of them whispered in my ear for me to stand up. I did and was embraced by a fully naked woman, who groped for one of my hands and placed it on her pussy. This was one of the shaved pussies. I plunged two fingers into her channel and began to finger fuck her as she thrust her pelvis at me.

Soon, I felt hands on me again and I was led a few feet and stepped on the mat, and was pushed down. I lay down, and immediately my head was straddled and a bare pussy was in my face again. Ahhh, the big clit. I began to do what was expected, and after a few minutes, she backed off, leaned down and told me to put fingers in her while I sucked at her clit. I did as requested, and she began to ride me to orgasm. Meanwhile, I felt someone straddle my hips and I felt my knob being rubbed on a wet slit. Finally she pushed me into her wet pussy and sank down. She began to ride me, going forward and back, taking more of me as she thrust forward each time.

Finally I was all the way to the hilt, my knob pressing into her cervix now and then. She rode hard and I heard a squeak and she came. Wet and Onwin spraying my dick and balls as she spasmed. She was still for a minute and then began to ride me again. I heard a whispered discussion, and she was getting off, only to be replaced by another. This one was very tight. I am not gigantic, but I am hung rather well, and this was a cunt not used to someone of my size. I heard her gasp and it took several minutes before she had most of me inside. Meanwhile, the girl on my face came over my fingers, and finally rolled off. Someone took my hand, and guided it to her pussy. I inserted my fingers, reveling in her wetness and head as she sucked them in. She rode them for a bit, and then reached down and pulled my fingers out and took my index finger and pushed it onto her anus. She rubbed my finger around a bit, and then let go. I got the drift and began pushing my digit up into her butt.

What a feeling. I love anal sex and was ecstatic at the thought that soon I may have my thick prick in that tight chute. That was enough to set my balls boiling, and I warned the girl who was riding me that I was gonna blow, and she leaned forward and began riding me harder, slamming her clit against my pubes as she sucked me in. I felt her vagina contract and began clutching in waves and it was enough for me… I began to shoot my sperm into her clutching hole. The girls whose back door I was violating had inserted something vibrating into her pussy and I could feel the object as it pumped in and out of her. She was not far behind as she came quickly.

I felt a mouth on my now spent dick, and was sure I couldn’t get it up again for awhile. She had other ideas, the girls worked me over, tits in my mouth, mouth on my balls, someone biting my little nips, someone kissing me, hands roving and that mouth on my dick, determined to bring it back to life.

It worked. I was about 3/4 hard when she decided she couldn’t wait and she sat on my dick, working it inside. By the time I was hard in her, I needed to fuck someone, not just be fucked. I rolled her over, and found her open hole and rammed in. I began to fuck her hard. Someone got behind me and was tickling my balls and scraping their nails gently over them. In short order, I had the bitch under me cumming hard.

I kept pumping, loving the feel of her clutching me in and pushing me out seemingly simultaneously. I was still humping into her, when I felt hands pulling me back. I pulled my raging hard out of her and she rolled off her back and got out from under me. Now someone else replaced her. This one was on her hands and knees. My favorite position. A hand took my fuckpole and guided it into her smooth wet snatch. I entered slow, and rocked back and forth, deeper each time.

Jesus she was wet. It was heaven. I pushed all the way in, and I just savored the feel of her muscles massaging my cock. I was on my knees, holding her hips as I slid my member inside. Then I pulled back about halfway and began to fuck her. Not too hard, just rhythmically. She began moving back against me and she began shoving at me harder. I was loving it. I shifted position, and got up over her back a little and really began to push as much of my rod into her as I could. She was still as I slammed my cock into her sweet wet cunt tunnel. She tried to push up, and I backed off, and let her up. She leaned back into me and whispered “I want you in my ass” My dick jumped inside her, and I pulled out, and put two fingers in her wet pussy and got them gooey and then began to lube her asshole.

I really wished I could see. There is nothing I like better than seeing my dick swallowed by a woman’s shit chute. I also wanted to know who it was I was fucking in the butt. Which one liked this. The only thing I knew was it was not Robin. But I couldn’t tell which of the other three.

But Onwin Giriş I realized the total darkness really made it more exciting. Anyhow, I was impatient to get into her ass, and I stuck my rock hard pole in her cunt and pumped a few times and then withdrew, and found her butthole and pushed my knob against it. I could hear her telling the others that I was going in her ass, and there were gasps. I felt a hand on my dick as someone checked the situation out. More giggles. All I knew was that I needed to cream her bowels and soon. I needed to be in that tight tunnel, so I pushed steadily. My dick slipped down, and rammed at her pussy again. I re-aimed and pushed again at her asshole. This time, I felt her sphincter begin to open over the head of my dick. Oh shit, my head was in and her sphincter clamped down on my dick, the head encased in hot tight anus. It was almost painful it was so tight. I pushed in a few inches, and then backed out, and then pushed in more. I was more than half in, and I just rested a sec savoring the feeling.

I felt one of my balls get swallowed by a hot mouth. I pushed forward slowly, not wanting to lose the mouth on my nut. I kept pushing and finally I was balls deep in her bowels. I pulled back slowly, still savoring the nut job, and pushed forward again. The mouth on my nuts moved and began to lick my own asshole. I was surprised and thrust forward burying my dick again. I held it in as I got a wonderful rimjob. She had her hands on my nuts, fondling them as she stuck her tongue inside MY ass! Fucking incredible.

The asshole I was lodged in was tight, and I had to move, so I pulled back, dislodging the tongue, and began to fuck the proffered anal opening. I needed to come. I knew It wouldn’t take much longer. I was just too turned on. I hammered harder and faster at the unseen woman’s ass and finally I could feel that feeling in my balls and spine letting me know I had to shoot. I pushed in all the way and sat a sec, wanting to prolong the feeling, when all of a sudden I felt the tongue at my ass again. I stopped a sec to enjoy, and next thing I know I felt something pushing in. A finger. Holy shit. I tried to relax, but this was so weird feeling.

Whatever popped in, and it was not to painful, man it felt funny though. I realized it was not a finger, but what was it. I got my answer. It started vibrating all of a sudden. I bucked harder into the poor asshole of the one woman, and then began fucking short strokes in and out. The vibrator in my ass was incredible, and like a bolt of electricity, I began to shoot deep into my partners rectum. I felt incredible lodged so tight in her butt, shooting my jizz deep in her bowels. I held it, and then pumped another wad in and another and another. The buzzing in my ass making each one feel like the hardest cum I ever felt. Finally, the intruder was removed from my anus, and I fell over the woman’s back. My dick was still hard. I started pumping in and out of her again, and now felt a buzzing against my dick.

Someone had put it in her pussy. She began to come. I felt my balls contracting, but I knew I wasn’t shooting, maybe a dribble oozed out. Holy shit. I felt the buzzing subside, and felt the vibrator back out, and I just lay there my dick up this woman’s butt. I began to soften, and I loved the feeling as she began to push my deflating dick out. Finally I popped out.

I fell back on the floor, and just lay there breathing, and still feeling the tingling in my ass and the stickiness on my limp member and balls. I felt a hand gently caress my pole, and then I felt cold fucking water being poured over my genitals. I jumped hard. I felt hands washing my limp dick and balls and more water being poured over my dick. Now someone had some tissues or something and was cleaning me up. I guess I was considered clean, Onwin Güncel Giriş because now there was a mouth on my dick and balls again.

They gently licked and sucked at me, but I was not gonna rise this time. I heard and felt moving around, and from the sounds, they were trying to get dressed. I couldn’t move. I felt my pants being slipped back on, and my shirt was rebuttoned. I lifted my ass up and felt my pants slip up. I lowered my ass and just couldn’t move. The ladies were whispering among themselves and I felt pretty proud. There were some big compliments towards my member and performance. Once again I felt a mouth on my prick, someone was just gently sucking.

Holding most of me in their mouth and rolling my prick around as they gently licked. Heaven. I think I dozed off, my cock in someone’s mouth, when I felt a jolt. Another jolt and then I realized that we were getting ready to have company. The mouth on my penis let go, gave it a kiss, and I stood up. I tucked in my shirt, zipped up my happy prick, and tried to make sure I was presentable.

Another lurch, and we were moving again. It seemed like a floor or two, and then the doors opened. The light was so intense, that it was a few minutes before I could see. We got off, and there were a bunch of people around asking if we were okay. I know we were all disheveled, but I guess they figured nothing was unusual. We were led onto another elevator and without mishap got off on our floor and hit the office. I called the girls in, and we had a talk. I explained that this was something I didn’t expect to ever be mentioned again, and had better not affect anyone’s performance. We all knew that because of the total darkness, it would be easier than if we had been able to see everything and make eye contact.

The girls understood, and agreed. Camille, had a glint in her eye and asked for one more favor before we filed this away for good. She wanted to see my prick in broad daylight. It was too good she said for her not to have a memory of what it looked like. I told her I really would rather not have them see it in it’s shrunken state, so she suggested we turn out the lights, close the blinds and that I would close my eyes and they would try one more time to make it hard. Jesus, I just couldn’t say no. I knew I wanted them to see it in all its raging glory, so I agreed, but they were not to touch me. I wanted to masturbate for them. I couldn’t believe I said it, but I felt a stirring just thinking about it. I sat in my chair, turned away from them, and removed my semihard cock from its confinement and proceeded to jerk off.

When I was mostly hard, I turned around and went in front of the desk and leaned back. Closing my eyes, I kept fisting my rod, and pulled my pants down lower so I could fondle my balls. I was so turned on. I was now fully hard and proud of my thick pole. I let go and let it wave in front of them.

I slitted my eyes and took in the faces staring at my fucking awesome penis. I felt like a king. I closed my eyes again and proceeded to finish myself off. I was getting close, pulling on my balls and fisting faster. All you could hear was my hand on my rod. I spit down on my dick, and changed hands for the finish. I heard them move closer, but was hoping they would respect my not touching rule. I really wanted to masturbate just for them. I felt myself cumming and thrust forward as cum dribble out. What a way to cum in front of 4 horny ladies, dribbling…

I stood there my now limp dick again in my hands, and they told me to close my eyes again. I did and felt a sweet mouth suck once and then kiss my dick. Another mouth and kiss, then another and finally what I knew was the last.

I tucked my penis in my pants, and turned around to zip up and get straightened out. When I turned back around, they were gone. Good to their word, they never hinted or made reference to that elevator ride. As for me, I jerked off many times wondering who had the big clit, who was shaved smooth, who had taken my thickness up their butt. So far, I really have no idea, and I guess I kinda like it that way.

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