An English GILF in Fort Lauderdale


An English GILF in Fort LauderdaleAn English GILF in Fort LauderdalePart 1: It Doesn’t Get Much EasierAs a fairly attractive young black man living in Florida I often hang out in the tourist bars and clubs of my home town of Fort Lauderdale. The bars near to Pompano and FL beaches are particularly good places to pick up eager, frustrated or down-right curious white women but the restaurants and bars around the bottom of Commercial Drive are also productive hunting grounds for me. Nothing beats the buzz I get when I cruise from one place to another on the lookout for white women on vacation to pull while their guard is down. Don’t get me wrong, I love a tight pussy, but my prey of choice is mature or older white women. They are usually super easy to pick up. The holiday atmosphere seems to loosen their inhibitions (and clothes) so getting a blowjob or fucking them isn’t that hard. It never fails to surprise me how many white wives are looking for an opportunity to experience the feeling of a big black cock in their mouth and/or pussy and will open their legs after just a small amount of flattery. Getting them away from their husbands for long enough is, of course, the real challenge but sometimes I find that they’ve already done some of the work for me. I remember one such instance earlier this year when I started to chat to a white English GILF who had come all the way to FL with her husband to attend the wedding of a friend. Her husband had posted a message on the ‘couples and women looking’ forum board of the website. He was asking for suggestions of bar(s)/clubs that he could take his wife to where she would be likely to be ‘hit on’ by black guys if he left her on her own for a short time. He qualified it by saying that they were both new to this kind of thing and nervous so didn’t want an intimidating environment. I nearly dismissed it because these kind of forum posts are almost always from fantasist single white guys wasting everybody’s time but the way this was written was different, sort of apologetic and caring. I replied with a couple of suggestions and was surprised when I got a similarly polite answer back, perhaps this was genuine after all. We moved quickly onto email exchanges and I learned that his blonde wife was 57, a bit overweight but with big tits. He told me that she wasn’t keen to meet a stranger, especially a black man, but that they agreed to experiment sexually and this was his choice. I was still sceptical but in early February I got an email confirming that they would be coming and would be in the Aruba bar at 7pm on the 16th February. He attached a picture and hey..she wasn’t bad, definitely plump but ‘what the hell’ – never look a gift horse in the mouth (or pass up a white pussy because of its age). He also tried to limit my expectations by saying that she may back out of the sarıyer escort meeting completely or not let anything develop. I didn’t say it in my reply but as far as I was concerned this white bitch was going to get some black cock inside her while she was in the good- ol USA! President’s Day holiday week was in full swing and the beaches were packed during the day. I’d been at work in the high end Mall at Boca Raton doing the valet parking gig for the rich shoppers. Showered and changed I swaggered into the Aruba bar. She was sitting in a booth, seemingly on her own and nervously sipping a glass of white wine. I sat down at a nearby table and eyed up my forthcoming prey for the night. She he had mid-length golden coloured hair accentuated by full ruby red lips. Although definitely overweight her large tits (he certainly hadn’t exaggerated) more than compensated for it. The low cut yellow dress she was wearing created deep cleavage and barely covered those big white mounds. My gaze also took in her wedding ring and a big diamond engagement and eternity rings that she seemed to take comfort from, fiddling with and gazing at them as she sat there uneasily. Sliding into the booth I sat opposite her and introduced myself. It was hard work getting past that English ‘reserve’ I’d read about and her obvious nervousness didn’t make it any easier for me. It wasn’t like a lot of the brash white trash American sluts I regularly chat up, they can talk your ear off but they do also drop their panties no problem. ‘Hubby’ had made himself scarce like he said he would and hadn’t returned so, after ordering another large glass of wine I moved to the other side of the booth and sat beside her. I don’t normally buy drinks because I pride myself that I can get plenty of pussy without having to pay for it but I had a feeling that this woman probably needed it! In conversation she told me that her name was Wendy and nervously admitted that her husband’s prolonged absence was deliberate (no shit Sherlock!), explaining that before they had left England he had finally persuaded her to try ‘a fling’ away from prying eyes. Now visibly relaxed her story tumbled out from between what looked like would be a good pair of cock sucking lips. Over that last couple of years hubby’s dick had become as limp as the lettuce in a Big Mac. Understanding and supportive she had tried to perk things up, even condoning him looking at Porn, where he’d come across interracial websites. It hadn’t helped and she had become increasingly frustrated and resentful at the lack of a hard cock in the house. While she sipped wine more details of their pathetic sex life emerged and she told me that her attempts to put some spark back had backfired because hubby would now rather look at interracial porn on his PC than esenyurt escort try get intimate with her. That was the moment to make a move so, after placing my arm round her shoulders, I let my left hand rest on that big old left titty. Sensing no immediately negative reaction I placed my right hand mid-way up her right thigh and then slowly worked it under the hem of her dress. My cock began to stiffen…she had a garter belt and stockings on! Who wears that good shit in Florida! Anyway, while we kissed, my right hand was busy easing its way up to and then into the side of her panties. She shuffled away saying she was concerned that people would notice, but I wasn’t going to stop until I’d gotten that pussy nice and wet. Pulling her chunky right thigh back towards mine and pushing the dress up quite a bit more in the process I created just enough room to get one finger partially into that married white cunt. She continued to squirm about, trying to pull her dress down while I concentrated on easing my finger up and down her slit and occasionally back and forth trying to get more than my finger tip in the still dry snatch. No longer letting her dictate what was happening down there, I laughed inwardly because the squirming about actually worked against her, giving me the opportunity to get her legs further apart and to position my hand at a better angle relative to her slit. Reassuring her that the booth table made it hard for anyone to see, I eventually had the hem of her dress bunched right up around the tops of her thighs, exposing those stocking tops and the matching yellow panties in the process. Her pussy, still dry because of her embarrassment, gradually began to respond to the obviously longed for attention that I was providing. I teased her….“this is what you wanted isn’t it”. Pushing her thighs further apart allowed me to get the whole of my finger into the now moistening cunt. Ignoring her now admittedly more feeble attempts to close her legs and pull her dress back down I got to work in earnest on the rapidly stiffening clit. I told her straight that this was going to end in one of two ways ‘Suck or Fuck’. I remember that her back was beginning to arch slightly and she was staring at the ceiling when I gave her the choice. She whispered that she didn’t want to be fucked! I told her that was a real shame because her married white pussy was obviously ready to get stretched round its first big black cock. To her surprise, in one swift movement I removed my sticky hand from her panties, grabbed her by the hand and pulled her out of the booth. Her focus was on minimising the embarrassment by pulling her dress down, so we’d gotten all the way to the door before she managed to demand to know where we were going. “It’s blowjob time” I told her matter of factly as I dragged her out into the avrupa yakası escort street and marched her down towards the beach front “I told you it was going to be suck or fuck so since that pussy’s off-limits for now we’re gonna put that GILF mouth to good use”.It was now turtle egg laying season so the whole beach area was kept unlit in order not to disturb them. I recall that her attempts to pull back on my hand as I almost dragged her along NE 36th street reduced in proportion to the number of people that were about. Crossing the road and stopping just through a gap in the low wall that separated the path from the beach I pushed her down onto her knees and told her to take my cock out of my pants and see if she could get it hard again. I teased her that her hubby’s limp dick may have been the result of her poor blowjob technique. She was hesitating so I switched to a much sterner tone of voice and told her “Wendy… shut the fuck up… you’ve been wasting my goddamn time….now get that big black dick between those white cock sucker lips”. Using her name with the accompanying harsher tone really worked. Obviously startled she got busy straight away. I looked down in satisfaction as she released the still semi-flaccid cock from my pants. I noticed a slight movement in the shadows of a palm tree nearby and smiled to myself as the soft, warm red lips of the married white GILF closed around their first black cock. Suddenly we were lit up by a flash of light. It was hubby. He had followed us and took a photograph, but the shithead had forgotten to turn the camera flash off. I yelled at him to show himself. Startled, Wendy swivelled her head round towards the flash or light and let my cock fall from her mouth. Hubby emerged sheepishly holding one of those expensive Nikon digital SLR cameras. I told Wendy in the same stern voice that I’d used earlier to get the cock back in her mouth pronto. While his wife used her tongue to get me hard again I told him to take some proper pictures because she wouldn’t be finishing till I’d shot my load onto those big white tits. I like to think that I’m good at resisting the urge to cum but, to make me last longer, I made her stop and pose a few times with cock in mouth or hand for hubby to get some close ups and better angles. I had to laugh when he used the flash again. It was 15 minutes before she sensed that I was going to blow my load. I reminded her and hubby of where it was to go and, like a good girl, she directed the cum onto the exposed part of her tits above her dress. After I wiped the last drops of cum onto her chin and waited for hubby to capture the ‘kodak moments’ I took the camera from him, checked the images then emailed a selection to myself using its built in wireless facility. Neither of them were comfortable with this but soon backed down when I growled at them to ‘shut the fuck up’. I asked them where they were staying, using the camera as a bargaining chip when hubby initially refused to tell me. Wendy’s face was a picture of contempt when he ‘spilled the beans’ to get his camera back. Before I left I told them to be back in their condo by 6 pm the following day as I would be calling by after work.

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