An Evening at Ms. Clarks


An Evening at Ms. ClarksMs. Clark was my friends mother, and she was also a substitute teacher. She is about 5’1 blue eyes, blonde hair, about a 34b bust, and a too die for ass.A bunch of us guys had been sitting around drinking at my friends place when Ms. Clark came in from a date. She reminded us that no one drives since we have been drinking and that she was going to go up to bed and to keep the music low.After about 5 minutes i needed to drasin out some of the alcohol I had consumed and I went to the bathroom downstairs only to hear my buddy Josh tossing his cookies so I retreated upstairs to use the bathroom up there.As I walked out of the bathroom I heard a slight moan coming from a dooor just down the hall. I creeped up to the slightly open door and peeked in. There was Ms. Clark wearing a baby doll nighty, on her stomach with a pillow under her hips raising her ass up and from my angle I couldnt see what she was doing but it didn’t take a Mensa member to figure it out.I was watching from the door and I inched it open more to get a better view. My heart was pounding so hard I swear she should have been able to hear it accross the room. It was then that I saw her hand moving in between her legs and became aware of the squishy sounds her pussy was making. I crept up to the foot of the bed and was just a few feet from her when I saw she was way wet. I could see the milky discharge and I realized she had been freshly fucked, just not satisfied.I could hear her moaning “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder!, It was then that she moaned and her legs clinched on her hand and she finally got her release. As she came down from her release I saw that she had fallen asleep. her breathing was slow pendik escort and natural and her pussy was just oozing copious amounts of a white milky fluid.I have always wanted to eat a cream pie and Ms. Clark was such a MILF I just had to try. I retreated to the door and called her name. “Ms. Clark?, Ms. Clark?”I got no responce, so I went in closer and said again, “Ms. Clark are you alright?” It was then that I touched her shoulder and she didnt move that I had figured she had passed out. I could smell gin on her breath so I figured she was drunk enough to have passed out. I looked at her laying there on the bed and I reached out and stroked her ass. Oh my God the feel of that smooth skin was enough to make my cock rock hard, then I moved around so I could look directly into her pussy, still propped up on that pillow. It was oozing still and it made my tongue hard just thinking of what that sweet looking pussy would taste like and how it would feel.I inched myself up on the bed and leaned down to smell her and to get my first tatse of her juices. It was heaven. I started to gently lick up the combined juices and was savoring the flavor. She moaned again and I froze thinking she had awakened, but she just murmured “Deeper, lick deeper” So I dove in licking as deep as I could, she started to raise her hips and even in her drunken, half awake state, started to grind her ass into my face, it was so delicious. I managed to get passed her hole to get to her clitty with my tongue and that’s when she went off like a roman candle, she let out an anquished cry of satisfaction, and shoved her butt back so hard it nearly broke my neck, but I still held on for the ride. As kartal escort she came down from that orgasm I could hear her saying “FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK ME!” I got off the bed and in 2 seconds I had my clothes off and was behind her ready to shove my hard cock into her willing and ready pussy. As I entered her, I could feel the wetness of her cum as well as the cum of her previous partner, but that just made it all the more better.I had been fucking her for about 2 minutes when I heard a noise behind me, I turned my head and saw another of the guys watching me fuck Ms. Clark, I put my finger to my lips and shushed him, he came closer and watched while I was sawing in and out of the mostly asleep teacher We both saw her mouth moving like a fish out of water and I motioned for him to put his cock in her mouth. it took him no time to get unzipped and he placed his cock in her mouth, then she really took over.Her hips started to buck as she really got into the sucking of his cock, and I was having a hard time keeping from dropping my load in her sweet upturned pussy. My buddy suddenly gasped as he discharged into Ms. Clark’s mouth, and she became wide awake at that time realizing that someone had just came in her mouth. She opened her eyes in fear and then felt me moving between her legs giving her pussy a good reaming. She swallowed his load and then as he retreated out of the bedroom she looked over her shoulder to see me fucking her from behind and she became stiff. “Who are you, and why are you fucking me?” she asked. I told her I was one of her son’s friends, and she had begged me to fuck her after I had eaten her creampie. “Oh God, that wasn’t a dream?” maltepe escort she asked.I was still balls deep in her pussy when she tried to set up, but that just caused my cock to go deeper in her, and she moaned at the pleasure of it hitting new territory. She asked me to allow her to roll over so I pulled out and she rolled over on her back. I figured since I had pulled out, that she would call a halt to this and I would have to go jerk off to relieve the tension. But to my surrprise she reached up and turned on the bedside light. She said “Are you gonna finish what you started?” I looked at her and saw she had opened her babydoll and her tits were exposed, her nipples so hard you could sc**** paint with em, and that pussy that I had been fucking from behind, was all bald and hairless and looked so small, like it belonged to a teenybopper. I wasted no time plunging my hard cock back into her.As I was fucking her from the front this time, I heard the door creak again, and there was her son and the other 2 guys from downstairs watching me fuck Ms. Clark. I noticed that they all had hard-ons and I just hoped that Ms. Clark wouldn’t make me stop before I finished fucking her. She didn’t seem to notice the guys all standing there watching so I just increased the pace while sucking on her juicy titties, Ms. Clark’s back suddenly arched as she came again with a vilent rollercoaster cum that nearly threw me out of the saddle, and that in turn triggered my own sweet release. As I flooded her pussy with my cum she just moaned and sighed a contented sigh and relaxed and fell back asleep.I pulled out and watched as my discharge drooled out of her hairless pussy lips into the crack of her ass. I wanted to slurp it up, but with all the guys standing there watching, I didnt feel right doing that so, I just pulled her nighty closed, and got off the bed. I pulled the sheet and blanket up, and kissed her lightly, turned off the light and shoo’d the guys out of the be continued….

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