An Evening with “Friends”


My ass was burning and it seemed you would never stop, even the air moving over it felt like another spanking. I was squirming on your lap tears dripping onto the floor, my pussy leaking all over your thighs. You pushed me off of you and told me to lick you clean, I couldn’t help but reach back to soothe my behind. It was hot to the touch and throbbing. You noticed me rubbing myself and pulled my head back by my hair yelling at me, “Why are you fondling my property whore?” I whimpered and shook my head no, the words not coming quick enough. I opened my mouth to tell start apologizing and you shoved your fingers down my throat making me gag. The spit rolling past my lips and onto my naked breast, you told me to rub it in to my skin and enjoy it like it was you’re cum.

I rubbed quickly wanting to make you happy as you played your fingers in my wide-open mouth. You wrapped your legs around me and pulled me close to you, one hand covering my mouth, I was breathing heavy through my nose as you stared into my eyes. Sliding one hand slowly up the curve of my waist over my breasts lingering around my throat, your eyes burned into mine. You caress my face and I start whimpering against your palm, your slow touches sometimes drive me wilder than anything else. Moving ever so slowly you pinch my nose and my eyes bug out. I’m freaking a little as you tighten your legs around my body crushing my ribs in between your thighs. The air in me burning against my lungs. “I’m going to remove my hand from your mouth cunt, if you breath out or in imp strapping you to the table and leaving you there until I think you have made it up to me.” Only a few seconds had passed, I wanted to scream. You picked up my hand to replace yours on my nose and I kneeled there staring at you, just wanting to breathe.

Then the absurdity of it struck me and I could feel laughter bubbling up into my chest, a smile spreading across my compressed lips. I could feel the laugh trying to get out and I was fighting it to stay in. You were staring at me waiting for me to disobey, I was so bad sometimes, and this would not be one of those times. I held my breath and tried to think of other things wanting to make you happy with me. You pushed me back slowly with your foot in the middle of my chest until I was lying back on the floor. You bend at the waist and put both your hands on my ribs and push down sharply forcing the air out of my lungs. I gasp its feels almost painful to breathe normally again.

You get up and walk away barking at me to follow you on my hands and knees. I’m so confused but listen as always crawling following you around in tight circles, making it sexy like I know you like it. We go into the kitchen and I see whips and cuffs on the counter I stand and wait for you to start. You push me against the wall pressing you into me and bring my hands up over my head, cuffing me there and attaching the center piece to a hook above the doorframe. You pick up the whip and tell me to spread my legs, I do and hold myself still, and in this position it would be very easy to swing back and forth. I count out every stroke, 1 Sir, 2 Sir, 3 Sir. The doorbell rings and you chuckle a little, pushing past me like I was a bar room swinging door. I hear you greeting friends, one two three different male voices and one woman. I tried getting the cuffs loose or me off the hook no luck.

You show them into the living room and I hear the woman ask you where I am. I hear a smart-ass remark and footsteps Pendik Öğrenci Escort following yours to the kitchen. I’m pissed and you know it, my naked body stretched and hanging there for all eyes to see. I close my eyes and suppress a moan as her lips find my nipple and she draws my whole breast out with her teeth. A scream passed my lips and for a minute I saw red, I was so angry but so turned on. She passed a hand down the front of my body, giving the four of you a show. I heard grunts of appreciation and she spread the lips of my bruised cunt. Slipping a finger inside of me and bringing it out wet and slick. She passed it against her lips and sucked it inside. Inhaling the scent of me, sucking her finger like it was covered in nectar.

My hips felt electric when she pressed hers against me. I wanted to wrap my legs around her and rub my clit against the fabric of her clothes until I was able to cum. But I knew it would be pointless, I cant cum without you telling me too. She asks for a plug and you get up to get one from the bedroom, as you walk away I get very nervous, I’m scared very scared of what could happen in the few minutes you are gone. Three men and this sadistic woman all eyes staring at me like a piece of meat. My heart is racing and I feel like they can see it jumping out of my chest. I can hear it rushing in my ears, beating a crazy sound I’ve never heard. She’s reached behind me and digs her nails into my hips raking them over the paddle marks. I hear your footsteps returning, and then you stop, go into the bathroom. I could groan and the anxiousness in my chest weighing me down. I want you back here keeping me safe.

She moves behind me holding my pussy lips open for their hungry gazes they are rubbing them selves one of them removing his cock from his pants. He is huge I look at it and gasp he just nods his head, “Yes slut this is for you.” My whore pussy is twitching I need to be fucked so badly. She is barely touching my clit with her nail, it’s more like a scratch than a rub and my hips are bucking as she holds me against her. I want to cry out but i’m so frustrated. She starts to rub harder and I feel the heat gathering in my hips. She palms my pussy and starts whispering in my ear, “Oh you sweet little fucking slut. You want this don’t you, to be used and used again. Over and over until every muscle in you is bruised and sore. I’m going to get that plug and fuck it in and out of this little hole right here.” With that she shoved a finger inside my tight asshole and I screamed out. I could see you in the bathroom in my mind pissing in the toilet smiling that half smile, your eyes burning.

You flushed and washed your hands and tossed her the plug like it was a baseball. I noticed the size of it in mid air; this was not my small plug. Now I was really nervous. I was still so tight there sometimes two fingers still hurt and you were giving her the big plug. I opened my mouth to say something and you smiled and shook your head showing me a ball gag. Strapping it on tight it dug into the corners of my mouth and one of your friends started to complain. “Man I wanted to use her mouth. Those lips she looks like she could suck start a truck.” The woman behind me was moving my juices around putting the plug in my pussy to lube it up. I tried pulling away from her and she pulled my hair yanking my head back exposing my neck. You got up and bit me right above my collarbone leaving a mark. Then running your tongue in the Pendik Çıtır Escort indentations of your teeth. I choked out a strangled moan against the gag as you continued biting and she pushed the plug in without mercy.

With it securely inside my burning asshole she got down on her knees and buried her face in my snatch. I was bucking and riding like I would never cum again, my legs started trembling my stomach contracting when she pulled away. Her face shiny from my pussy, she stood on her toes and told me to lick it all off. Removing my gag my tongue shot out cleaning her. Passing over her lips she sucked it in, kissing me running her hands over my body. Pinching me and leaving half moons everywhere her nails digging into my sensitive flesh. My juices were dripping down my leg onto her shoes; I wasn’t worried I had seen that they were leather boots when she walked in. They would be very easy to clean. She reached up and pushed her nails into the undersides of my wrists, scratching down my arms like a cat on a post. It left burning red lines wrists to my underarms; I knew it would still be there the next day.

You stood up and walked to me signaling for another man to follow, helping me down from my perch you eased me onto the dining room table. For another countless moment I was glad we spent the extra money and got solid oak. Giving me a slow passionate kiss you placed a blindfold around my eyes and stood, I heard your keys and you tell them to do everything you would do. You left the house, locking the door on the way out. I wanted to scream in protest cry for them to stop. I knew they wouldn’t and my punishment would be worse than this anyway, or so I thought. I started trembling the cold wood hard against my back a small argument started over who would get to use me first. I heard the click of heels and the woman went into the kitchen and the snap of a nine-tail whip as she tested it out. My pussy dripped steady on the table and I felt someone push my legs apart the unmistakable pretense of a tongue on my clit. Then teeth biting hard, I howled in pain. “That’s it you four legged bitch scream for me.” He bit again sucking and tonguing I was trying to push with my heels across the table scared to fall off I wanted to just get away. “Oh no you filthy little whore, you stay right here.”

The first whip and I started to choke out a cry; I bit my lips holding it in. I didn’t want to give any of them satisfaction of my pain even though I was loving every minute of it. She was almost stronger than any man that had ever whipped me, pulling back right at the end so the tips gave a little extra kiss. I could feel the marks raising up from my skin suddenly another whip started at my ankles. It was donkey dicks belt and it HURT! I couldn’t hold it in anymore I opened my mouth and a scream any horror movie would be proud of pushed out. The woman stopped with the whip and her tongue pushed into a cut from her ministrations as she cried out in orgasm. I felt her head moving in a steady back and forth motion and I knew someone was fucking her. Her teeth brushed across my skin every now and again nipping my flesh. I was so close to cumming and pissed you wouldn’t be there to see me shooting it across the dinner table. Someone rolled me over onto my stomach and the whipping started again as another hand found the handle on the plug and started fucking it in and out of my asshole. My head was hanging off of the edge of the table hair draping as tears Pendik Elit Escort pitter-pattered like rain on the floor. A chair was pulled up and someone sat down my face in the lap of a very well endowed man. He picked my head up pushing it down on the head of his dick and I opened slowly allowing him to enter my mouth like a pussy. He groaned and let me suck him while he pulled on my hair.

I felt a belt being pushed under my hips drawing me up doggy style my ass in wiggling in the air in invitation. My legs pulled open cunt totally exposed a few lashes with a whip and my orgasm crashed down on me. I couldn’t think couldn’t move I wanted this to last forever. The man in my mouth grew agitated that I had stopped performing what he was saying was a stellar blow job and slammed his fist down on the table right next to my face. I jumped and pulled back wanting to get away from his anger; he stood up pulling me by the hair so he could fuck my face proper. He was hammering in to me and I thanked my lucky stars I could deep throat. Someone climbed onto the table behind me pulling out the plug and replacing it with a dick. He didn’t start with any sissy slow movements and rammed me like a bull. I rocked back and forth between the two of them listening to the grunts and moans on the floor next to the table.

A final loud scream from the woman and he was done, she pushed the man in my mouth aside and bent over so I could suck the cum from her ass. I felt a hand on the back of my head pushing my face between her cheeks as I took a tentative lick. I sank my tongue into her and she wiggled her butt against my face, sucking and licking I waited for what was next. Another belt found its way to my back, I would be black and blue for weeks. The dick in my ass started swelling and he shoved into me popping his load deep in my bowels. The minute he was out another cock plunged into my pussy he rubbed the leaking cum from my ass into my cheeks and grunted and moaned like a man possessed. I felt another load land on my shoulders as the woman beneath my mouth shook in orgasm. Pushing me down onto the table straps were being placed around my wrists and attached to the legs of the table. The fucking in my pussy never stopping for a second, he pulled out of me and walked around to my mouth yelling at me to open wide. I dutifully did and spurt after spurt landed on my lips nose and cheeks.

My legs were pulled tight I was stretched and couldn’t move and inch, I vibrator was pushed into my ass and dildo in my cunt and then strapped in to be held in place. I heard keys and things being gathered with a final slap on my ass they left. My cell phone rang twice your ring tone to let me know you were one your way home, I pulled my restraints testing them, I wasn’t going anywhere. After a while I started to doze when I heard your key in the door and your footsteps enter the dining room. Groggy and so tired I didn’t make a noise as you walked around observing the work of your friends. You caressed my face and after dimming the lights removed the blindfold, I was crying seeing your face so happy my Master was home you knelt in front of me bringing your eyes even with mine and asked me if I enjoyed myself. I sobbed out an undistinguishable answer and you kissed me softly, uncuffing me and kissing me the whole time. You helped me into the shower washing my aching body gingerly as you whispered loving words. After drying me off and helping me into bed you moved your body over me not touching an inch with anything but your lips. From my hairline to my toes you kissed every part of me, settling your face between my legs you gently brought me to orgasm. Making me cry out as my ravaged pussy spasmed, holding me close you told me how proud you were as I drifted off to sleep.

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