An Hour with Samantha.


An Hour with Samantha.I knew my business meeting in London would end early. That’s why I’m here, in a quiet street in London’s west end, in front of an anonymous door with a doorbell labelled simply “model.” I get regular sex, I masturbate, I play with my teen daughter’s panties and ogle porn. But I want more. I want fresh meat. I want women who’ll do the filthy things I’d never dare ask my wife to do. I want a whore!A woman’s voice calls over the entryphone. I tell her I made an appointment online and give my name, not my real name of course. She’s only interested in my money and my body. That’s fair enough. She calls herself Samantha, but all I’m interested in is her body and what I can do with it. The door buzzes and opens. I enter and climb the narrow stairs.She’s late twenties, perhaps thirty, blonde hair just down to her shoulders, pretty with an open face. She looks like an older version of my teen daughter. Before now, just for me, she’s worn my daughter’s grey pleated school miniskirt, white knee socks and white schoolgirl knickers. She’s got the kind of figure all men want, with big firm breasts and good legs. The kind of body men ogle in porn and men like me will pay for. She’s dressed for me the way I asked. White blouse, tight grey skirt, tan stockings and black high heels. Her blouse is thin enough to show her black bra underneath, and her skirt tight enough to show the outline of full back panties. She’s dressed like the women I mentally undressed and had fantasy sex with in the business meeting this morning. And of course as. But this time the undressing won’t just be mental and the sex will be real.We’re in the room she calls her boudoir. There’s a double bed wide enough for a man and woman to do anything they could want. There’s a black leather armchair with wide arms a woman can rest her spread knees on. There’s a table a woman can sit on while a man stands between her spread thighs with his penis hard up against her belly. On the pink painted walls and the ceiling are mirrors for a man to ogle a woman’s naked body from every angle. Between the mirrors the walls are plastered with pictures of nude and semi naked women in erotic poses, some together izmir escort with naked men doing the things I want to do with her. The net curtained window looks out into a little sunless courtyard, and on the window sill, as always, there is a vase of cut flowers. Outside in the London parks it’s a beautiful spring day and so today the flowers are daffodils.I strip to enjoy her. She smiles when she sees I’m wearing my daughter’s panties. They’re white cotton with a pattern of little pink flowers, edged with embroidery and stained with my daughter’s juices. I’ve enjoyed the soft feel of them around my balls and taut against my straining erection all morning as I sat in my meeting watching business skirts creep up nylon clad thighs. And of course as I anticipated Samantha! My daughter’s panties bulge in a huge cone over my straining erection, but they’re far too small to contain my hungry shaft. My penis head slides out high above the top hem, as if frantic to enter Samantha’s body. I slip my daughter’s panties off and stand naked, thrusting my hips proudly forward. Samantha’s eyes go to the tower of hard muscle straining up from my thickly haired balls up almost as far as my belly button. I took a Viagra tablet before I came. I don’t need it, but it makes sure my straining cock’s at maximum power, and still erect even after I’ve filled Samantha with my cum. Sometimes I undress Samantha, but today I watch her strip for me. She starts squatting on the bed on her high heels. She swings her legs wide for me to enjoy the upskirt view I imagined the women in my business meeting showing me. Up her skirt between her spread thighs I see her brown cunt bush through the see through black lace of her panties. I run my fingertips over that so erotic boundary between stocking tops and the insides of bare thighs and along her sex slit through the thin black lace. She takes her skirt off first. Then blouse, bra and panties follow deliciously slowly. She leaves her stockings till last of all, the way I like! She lays back on the bed, spreads and folds up her legs to peel them off. I kiss the furry mound between her spread legs. She poses nude now, spreading her legs to show izmir escort bayanlar her gaping vagina neatly ringed by brown fur, thrusting and swinging her big heavy breasts in the poses I want. My exploring hands, lips and tongue explore her naked body lingering on her long smooth legs, her breasts, bottom and cunt. With my lust swollen penis head I tickle her nipples, tickle her along the valley between her bum cheeks and ruffle her cunt hair. And as I play with her naked body, her expert hands and lips play with my hairy chest, my balls, my shaft. I take pictures of her on my phone camera in erotic poses, sex positions and close ups of her to masturbate over at leisure when my unsuspecting wife and daughter are out of the way. I feel as if I’ve got an iron bar between my legs, my erection is so tight its ready to snap. It’s time for action. Its time now to do the filthy things I want to do with my daughter, and which I’d never dare of asking my wife!She’s on all fours on the bed looking up at me with eyes as innocent as my daughter’s. Her nipples brush against the bed cover as her big breasts swing. In the mirror behind her I savour the view of her buttocks and spread thighs gleaming under the lights, her love slit and the bush of brown fur between her legs. I’m standing in front of her, my hard up hungry penis aimed at her face. Samantha knows what I want!She reaches up to lightly stroke the inside tops of my spread thighs, my balls, and right under me, the way she knows I like. She runs her fingertips through my thick coarse pubic hair. She gently strokes my straining shaft, runs her fingertips over its lust swollen so sensitive head and deliciously around the ridge between my shaft and knob. She’s teasing me to the absolute peak of sexual arousal!Her tongue and lips follow her hands. She licks and kisses my shaft and balls, she gets her blonde head right under me. She playfully flicks my penis head with her tongue, she licks her tongue over that so sensitive spot just under my penis head. She takes just the head of my penis into her mouth, squeezes it with her lips, sucks and massages it with her tongue. And all the time her big blue eyes look izmir bayan escort up excitedly at me!Now her lips slide down over my shaft. I groan with the exquisite sex pleasure! Standing spread legged I thrust my hips forward and brace myself for more. She begins to rock rhythmically, smoothly backwards and forward, squeezing and sliding her lips up and down my shaft, sucking on the back stroke. She rocks forward so far my pubic hair brushes her nose then back till her lips are just kissing the tip of my penis head. She’s oiled her hand and her thumb and forefinger in a loose masturbation grip round my hard penis slide up and down the length of my shaft following her lips, stroking and tugging my foreskin. I run my hands over her naked back, shoulders, arms and through her blonde hair, and in the mirrors I watch her breasts swing and her furry sex mound between her legs sway.I’m rising! Samantha hears my grunt, feels me thrust my hips forward as I involuntarily try to shove my penis as far into her as I can. She feels my penis suddenly tighten in her mouth and fingers, and feels my hands grip her shoulders to pull her against me. She slows, her hand strokes my iron hard shaft, and her lips squeeze and slide just over that so sensitive ridge between shaft and head. I cum! My hips jerk forward and I grunt. An electric shock of sex pleasure ripples through my body, exploding out through my penis as it jerks in Samantha’s lips and spurts its semen load into her mouth. For a moment after I stand with my throbbing penis still in her mouth. I stagger back. My Viagra charged penis is still erect, swinging stiffly, dripping semen. I wrap my own hand round my shaft, still oiled from her hand, and stroke and tug. In pulses of pleasure the last of my semen spurts from my penis head onto Samantha’s sweet face. I dress, wetting my daughter’s panties with my semen as I pull them over my flaccid satisfied cock. I pay her, cash of course carefully saved so no drain on my account will ever show. My time with Samantha is up, except for the hours of masturbation I’ll spend over the pictures I’ve taken of her, and tonight when my wife’s heels pound my bum in her orgasm, in my mind it’ll be Samantha’s lips tight around my thrusting shaft, not my wife’s vagina. The anonymous door closes behind me. It’s dusk. I step out into the empty London street, turn a corner and disappear into the milling crowds, until next time.

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