An Intriguing Invitation Ch. 03


“Okay Lisa, I’ll call Joanne and let her know that Tom and I are planning a get together at our place,” Eileen said. “Since you and David are flexible, I’ll see what date works best for them.”

“Perfect,” replied Lisa, “this should be very interesting. I can hardly wait to see the reaction on their faces when we play out our little scenario.”

It had been several weeks since the four of them had been to the party at the “mansion” and they had been thinking about how they could get Bob and Joanne to join in their newfound sexual pleasures.

Tom and Eileen had a great house for entertaining, and they often hosted barbecues and small dinner parties. The interior of the house had an open floor plan that left no one feeling isolated during parties and the back yard was a perfect private retreat. The house was on a hillside with no neighbors above, and thanks to some generous landscaping, the majority of the yard and the natural rockscape pool were all but hidden from outside view. Tom and Eileen more often than not could be found wandering around nude since they both appreciated a nice tan and they liked the feeling of freedom that being naked provided.

“This Saturday, anytime after 2 or so,” Eileen told Joanne. “Lisa and David will be here as well. We’ll lounge around the patio, sip a few drinks, and then grill some steaks for dinner.”

“Sounds like fun,” Joanne said. “It’s been too long since we’ve seen the four of you.”

Bob and Joanne had known Tom and Eileen for about 15 years, and David and Lisa for about 12, all meeting through various social situations and mutual acquaintances. Both in their late 40’s, they were in the middle of the group age wise, but all shared various common interests and got along well.

David and Lisa arrived a just after 2, and as they were exchanging greetings with Tom and Eileen, Bob and Joanne pulled into the driveway.

“Perfect timing,” said Tom, as he opened the door to greet Bob and Joanne.

After handshakes and hugs all around, Eileen suggested they take their drinks out by the pool since the weather was so nice. For the next half hour or so, the small talk centered on what was going on in each of their lives since they’d seen each other last. Unbeknownst to Bob and Joanne, the other four had already talked about how they would broach the topic of the parties at the mansion, as well as whether or not Bob and Joanne would go along with any of their plans. Little did they know that Bob and Joanne would reveal a surprise of their own.

As usual, Eileen was the one to turn the conversation to more suggestive topics, with little hints and innuendo’s here and there, with the others picking up on them and tossing in their own wisecracks.

Tom was lighting the grill and getting things ready to cook the steaks, while David and Bob kept him company. The three girls were sitting around a patio table talking and grinning amongst themselves.

The six of them were getting a bit more relaxed after their second round of drinks and Joanne couldn’t help but think that Eileen was being a bit more friendly and suggestive than usual, even by Eileen’s normally edgy boundaries.

“You know, Lisa,” Eileen grinned, “those shorts that David is wearing really show off that tight butt of his”.

“They certainly do,” Lisa replied, “he doesn’t know it, but I picked them out myself for just that reason.”

Joanne couldn’t help but take a look, and she confirmed Eileen’s thoughts as well.

“You know, until you just mentioned it, Eileen, I’d never really taken a good look at David’s buns, but you’re right. He’s got a real cute butt,” Joanne confirmed.

“I just might have to get my hands on those tight little buns before the day is over,” Eileen laughed, “with your permission, of course, Lisa.”

“Well, what’s a little grab ass between friends?” laughed Lisa.

As the three of them chuckled aloud, the guys were having their own conversation, huddling around the outside bar and the grill.

“And just what are you three laughing about?” Bob asked the group in general.

“Wouldn’t you all like to know?” grinned Lisa.

David made a fresh drink for Lisa, and as he brought it to her he said, to no one in particular, “Damn, if I had known it was going to be this hot, I’d have brought my bathing suit.”

Eileen saw this as the perfect opening to kick things up a bit and to measure any reaction from Bob and Joanne.

“So, who needs a bathing suit?” Eileen said, in her most suggestive voice and with a wry grin on her face. “Tom and I spend half our time out here naked, whether we’re in the pool or not.”

“And you’re suggesting…” Lisa wondered aloud.

“I’m just saying that if David’s that hot, he shouldn’t let something like clothes keep him from enjoying the cool water if he wants to,” Eileen said coyly. “Besides, he’s right; it is hot, and the pool sounds like a good idea.”

As she was talking, and before anyone could react, she slipped her halter top off, unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to the ground. cloud storage She hadn’t been wearing any panties, and was now standing there completely naked in front of her guests.

“Who wants to join me?” she laughed, as she jumped into the pool.

“Well David, what are you waiting for,” laughed Lisa, “you wanted to go in the pool, didn’t you?”

“Well, yeah, but…” was all he managed to get out of his mouth before Lisa reached over and with one quick tug had his shorts and briefs down around his ankles.

There he stood, drink in one hand, shorts around his ankles, and not sure what to do next. Bob and Joanne were laughing, quite amused at Eileen’s forwardness, as well as the fact that they were standing there staring at David’s half naked body, and not quite sure what to expect next.

“Hey, that ass is a lot cuter without those shorts on, Stud,” laughed Eileen from the pool.

“Well, I’m half naked anyway, right?” laughed David as he stepped out of his shorts, took his shirt off and jumped into the water. The other four watched as David and Eileen dunked, splashed and otherwise engaged in some animated pool fun, each one getting in a few obvious gropes of the other.

“You know, Tom,” Bob grinned, “I’ve got to tell you, I’ve always thought that Eileen was pretty provocative in steering conversations to the naughty and nasty, but I never thought I’d see her and David jumping naked into the pool.”

“Yeah, and it looks like they’re both getting in some cheap feels too, doesn’t it?” Tom laughed.

“It would appear so,” replied Bob. “You’re okay with that?”

“Hell, why not?” Tom answered. “I mean, we all spend enough time joking about playing grab ass in some form or another. Besides, I’d think that it’s kind of hard for David not to be taking advantage of the situation, you know? Face it, Bob, if you were in his spot right now, you’d be doing the same, wouldn’t you?”

“Well, Tom,” Bob grinned, “I’ve got to admit, it certainly would be difficult to pass up the chance to get a handful of Eileen’s’ boobs or a quick squeeze of her ass, you know?” Just the thought of that, along with watching Eileen, was giving his cock a slight rise.

As Eileen and David climbed out of the water, Eileen grabbed a towel, but instead of drying herself off, went over to David and began toweling him dry from behind. The other four watched as she paid particular attention to David’s’ cock and balls.

“Uh, Lisa….” Joanne stammered, no particular question coming out, but her surprise obvious.

“Hey, it’s okay,” laughed Lisa as she gave Joanne a little poke. “If she gets too carried away, I’ll just go over and start rubbing on Tom. After all, friends share their toys, right?”

Given Eileen’s fondling of David and the comments by Tom and Lisa, Bob and Joanne looked at each other, then at their four friends, and the light bulb suddenly came on.

“I told you it was one of them!” laughed Bob, as he looked at Joanne, who started nodding yes, a grin coming across her face.

“What do you mean one of them?” Eileen questioned, still “drying” David’s dick.

“Well, we think that you may have attended some very exclusive, and, uh, shall we say, very discreet parties,” Joanne grinned, looking at Eileen, who started to smile a bit herself. “So, have you?”

“Well,” Tom piped in, “as a matter of fact…”

Before he could finish his comment, Bob and Joanne, who were both chuckling pretty loud by now, laughed in unison, “Surprise! We have too.”

The other four were exchanging glances and grins, realizing that instead of surprising Bob and Joanne, the tables were turned.

“So, spill you two,” said Lisa, “how did you know?”

“Well, we got this invitation several months ago to this private party,” said Joanne, “and we were intrigued. We went, kind of knowing what it was, and curious, but still unsure.”

“As it turned out,” chimed in Bob, “we weren’t ready to take that leap just yet.”

“The thing that had us guessing though, is that the host said we’d been referred by some personal friends who were members there,” he continued.

“When we told him we were interested, just not that night, he invited us back whenever we were ready,” said Joanne, “and he said he’d make sure our friends would not be there that night, avoiding any awkward moments.”

“And two things have happened since then,” said Bob. “One, is that we did go back and we had a great time that we’ll have to tell you about sometime, and Two, we have been just dying trying to figure out who our ‘friends’ were that referred us.”

“We were about 90% sure that it was the two of you,” Joanne said, looking in Tom and Eileen’s direction, “but didn’t have anything other than gut feel to base that on.”

The six of them had a good laugh as Tom and Eileen explained how the four of them were going to put on a show to see if Bob and Joanne would play along, knowing that they had been to the “mansion” and were interested, just not at that time, but they hadn’t realized that the two of cloud file storage them had gone back to another party.

“I wasn’t really sure how I was going to steer things,” Eileen said, “but when David made his comment about the pool, I decided that was the icebreaker.”

“Actually, I wasn’t totally surprised by your jumping into the pool naked, Eileen,” laughed Joanne. “What did surprise me was when you started drying David’s’ package with your towel. I mean, we’ve all joked about that kind of stuff over the years, but I wasn’t prepared for that one!”

“Well, now that we all know that we’re a bunch of perv’s,” laughed Lisa, “let’s get dinner out of the way so we can have some real fun!”

“Not until everyone else is naked!” yelled Eileen, standing there next to David, neither of them with anything on. “If you guys can stare at the goods, we should be able to do the same.”

“Works for me,” laughed Tom, as he tossed his clothes off. Lisa was also beginning to shed what little clothing she had on.

Bob and Joanne were too busy checking out their old friend’s naked bodies, realizing that their social dynamic was taking on a whole new dimension as the afternoon’s events were sinking in.

“C’mon you two, off with the clothes,” Lisa said, looking at Bob and Joanne.

The two of them looked at each other, shrugged, grinned and proceeded to strip.

David had always found Joanne attractive. While small in stature at a very petite 5’3″, and just over 100 lbs., she was proportioned quite well. She had fair skin and strawberry blond hair, which she kept cut short and regular attendance at aerobics and spinning classes kept her trim and in shape.

As David was admiring her bare tits, she slipped her shorts and panties off. As she did so, David’s eyes dropped down to see that she was completely shaved.

Joanne couldn’t help but notice his gaze, and as she glanced around, she noticed that she was the only one of the three girls who was totally shaved.

“Bob likes smoothies,” she laughed, staring at David. “And apparently,” she said, pointing at his stiffening cock, “so do you.”

Lisa and Eileen both had their eyes on Bob. He was about 5’8″, 150, and in shape. He was an avid cyclist, regularly putting in triple digit miles every week. Balding somewhat, he kept his hair close cropped, which accentuated his lean physique. The two of them had often commented on how sexy they thought he was, and they were about to get a good look at him.

He had removed his shorts but the Hawaiian shirt he was wearing was still covering his crotch. As he unbuttoned his shirt, they could see his cock starting to rise. It was average in length, but very thick, his foreskin fully covering his cockhead. His balls were large and hung very low, but the thing that caught both of their eyes was the fact that Bob too, was totally shaved.

“Looks like you like smoothies too, Joanne,” laughed Eileen.

“Yeah,” Joanne laughed. “I used to hate getting hair in my mouth, so I convinced Bob that not only would his dick look longer if he shaved, but that I’d probably be giving him a lot more blowjobs as well.”

Now that inhibitions as well as clothes had been shed, the conversation became very explicit and sexual. The six of them relayed the stories of their experiences at the parties, and how Tom and Eileen had been the catalyst for inviting the others. As they finished dinner, and sipped on wine, it was obvious that they were all anticipating the after dinner activities.

They were sitting at the rectangular glass patio table, and were seated so that none of the spouses were seated next to each other. Eileen was sitting at the head of the table with Bob to her left and David to her right. Tom was at the opposite end, Lisa on his right next to Bob and Joanne on his left, next to David.

“So, we’re basically the virgins of the group, so to speak, since the four of you have all, shall we say, enjoyed each other’s company,” said Bob.

“You could say that, but something tells me you won’t be virgins for long,” laughed Eileen, as she reached under the table and wrapped her hand around Bob’s semi hard cock, slowly beginning to stroke it.

“Hey, no dessert until the table is cleared,” said Tom, as he stood up and began to take the plates inside.

“I’ll help you with that, Tom,” said Lisa, as she got up and began to help. “You stay here and keep Joanne entertained, David.”

“Or I could entertain him,” laughed Joanne, as she reached over, cupping David’s balls in her hand.

“We’d better get this table cleaned off pretty quick, Tom, because something tells me that dessert is about to be served,” laughed Lisa.

After all the dishes were stacked in the kitchen, Tom and Lisa turned and looked out to see Eileen straddling Bob and sitting on his thighs, locked in full on tongue tango as she slowly and deliberately stroked his now rock hard cock, as he toyed with her tits. David meanwhile, was on his knees in front of Joanne’s chair, his face buried in her pussy. file upload Her hands were occupied playing with her very erect nipples, as David nibbled on her clit.

“We’d better hurry, or dessert will all be gone,” Lisa said as she reached down and began fondling Tom’s cock.

Tom reached around, cupping her ass in his hand as the two of them walked out onto the patio. As Tom lay back on a chaise lounge Lisa began fondling his balls as she took his cock deep in her mouth, using her tongue to perfection, bringing him to full hardness.

“Glad to see you could join us,” said Eileen, as she shifted her body and now slowly lowered herself onto Bob’s cock. As she took Bob’s cock inside of her, she couldn’t help but marvel at how the thickness of his cock totally filled her pussy.

“My God, Joanne, this is like sticking a beer can inside of you,” she said, her voice filled with pleasure.

“I’ve never had a beer can in me Eileen, so I really can’t compare, but yeah, he does fill you up doesn’t he?” Joanne replied.

David couldn’t contain himself any longer, leading Joanne to one of the other lounges. As she lay back, he positioned himself between her legs, placing them over his shoulders, exposing her now very wet pussy. She reached down and took his cock in her hand, guiding him into her. His entire length easily slid inside, and he began thrusting slowly, enjoying every sensation of this strange pussy he’d thought about so often.

“Oh God, David, that feels soooo good, it’s in soooo deep,” Joanne moaned.

While David and Joanne continued fucking, Lisa positioned herself so that her pussy was over Tom’s face. He began licking her pussy while she continued to suck his cock.

“Wow,” Bob moaned, “I think I’m going to cum soon. This is all so hot I can hardly hold back.”

“You’re not cuming yet, Bob, and when you do it’s going to be in my mouth,” moaned Eileen as she continued riding up and down on his cock.

“Don’t worry, Eileen,” Joanne shouted, “he’s good for at least two a night, sometimes more.”

“In that case, I’ll let him cum,” laughed Eileen as she moved down between Bob’s legs and began sucking the tip of his cock, licking her juices off of it. She could barely get his cock in her mouth because it was so thick, but she was hungrily licking and sucking as much as she could while she stroked him with one hand. She inserted a finger from her free hand inside of her pussy, getting it very wet.

Bob was enjoying the blowjob he was getting from Eileen almost as much as he was enjoying watching David fucking his wife. He would have never thought, until that party at the mansion, that he would so enjoy watching Joanne getting fucked by another man. As he was enjoying both the visual and the blowjob, he suddenly felt Eileen’s finger probing his ass. This was something new for him, as Joanne had never done that. After the initial surprise of being penetrated, he soon realized just how pleasurable this was, as Eileen deftly massaged his prostate. This was all he could take and after a minute or so he could feel his orgasm building. Eileen sensed the same given the change in his breathing and began stroking him a bit quicker, sucking a bit harder.

“Ohhhhhh, I’m gonna cum!” Bob moaned loudly.

Just then Eileen felt the first of several bursts of cum filling her mouth. As her mouth filled, she could only think of just how much cum those huge balls of his could hold. As his orgasm subsided, she continued tonguing his cock and stroking him slowly, but Bob was in for another little surprise.

As Eileen released his cock from her grip and her mouth, she moved up and gave Bob a huge kiss. He quickly discovered that Eileen had not swallowed his cum, but held it in her mouth and was now sharing his load with him. As the two of them passed his cum back and forth while their tongues entwined, they could hear both David and Tom moaning in excited pleasure.

Lisa’s orgasm was building from Tom’s excellent mouth work on her clit and as she moaned with delight at the sensation of her own explosion, Tom began cuming as well. Unlike Eileen, Lisa swallowed every drop of his cum as her pleasure subsided.

David meanwhile was thrusting faster and faster, rapidly nearing his climax.

“Cum inside of me David, cum inside of me,” Joanne moaned.

That was all David needed to hear, and he was soon shooting his load inside of her. As his cock began to soften, he pulled out and lay next to Joanne on the lounge. Eileen took this opportunity and moved over and began to lick David’s’ cum out of Joanne’s’ pussy.

“Oh my God, Eileen,” Joanne moaned, “that is too fucking hot. I’ve never had a woman lick my pussy, and I’ve never had the cum sucked out of it.”

“Well, that may change in the future Babe, since I’ve now had a ‘taste’ of myself,” laughed Bob, still somewhat surprised by Eileen’s “present”.

“That’s right,” laughed Tom, “you two didn’t know what a cum slut Eileen can be.”

For the rest of the evening, the six of them shared each other in several combinations of two, three and foursomes. David, Joanne and Eileen spent some time locked in an all oral daisy chain, with Joanne sucking David’s cock, Eileen licking Joanne’s pussy, and David tonguing Eileen, until all three of them exploded in orgasmic pleasure.

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