An Offer Accepted


I watched her with fascination across the table. She was well worth watching – a truly beautiful face, lovely shaped lips that at the moment were parted, eyes only partially open but I could see she was also watching me, flushed cheeks, and the red of her hair highlighted in the firelight.

Most of the light in the restaurant was supplied by the nearby fire, which was fortunate, because if that were not the case, I felt sure that the rest of the restaurant would be watching her equally as fascinated as I. She was biting her lower lip now, and my gaze drifted lower as her breath quickened and her chest raised and lowered rapidly.

She was wearing a black bodice under a red jacket, although the jacket was open to reveal that the bodice mostly emphasised her lovely breasts, as well as the deep crevice between them. Her cleavage caught the eye with the movement caused by her rapid breathing. Very faintly I could hear her gasping, crying out very quietly, and I leaned forward.

“Are you okay?” I asked concerned.

“Mmmm,” she managed, and nodded. I leaned forward and took her hands in mine. “Should we go?”

“No, no,” she replied. “This is what you want, so I’m happy to go on.”

“Okay, but if you need to go home, let me know.”

She nodded again, then leaned forward across the table and kissed me wetly on the lips. Of course, in so doing, the view down her bodice became very enjoyable.

“I need to keep very still,” she told me, “otherwise…”

“I see,” I answered, grinning. “Well, dinner will no Pendik Esmer Escort doubt arrive shortly. That will take your mind of it.”

“If I can eat,” she said.

I continued to watch her as we ate. We were eating lightly, yet she ate very slowly. Several times during the course of the meal she gasped lightly and shuddered. Fascinating. At one stage during the meal, she leaned over to take my hand, then drew it beneath the table-cloth. “Feel,” she instructed me.

I slid my hand up between her black lace-covered legs, onto the bare skin beneath her very brief red skirt, and then onto the skimpy lace which barely covered her pubic mound. The skin at the top of her legs before my hand reached her panties was wet! And her panties, when I touched them were also wet. She gasped aloud when my fingers brushed up her panties over the lips of her cunt.

“Oh my,” I said to her.

“Do you see what you are doing to me?” she asked.

“Yep, that I do… do you object?”

“No. It’s what I want. I want you to do this to me, I want you to use me, to play with me.”

“…and so I shall.”

I kept my hand where it was, and continued to run my finger up and down the lace of her panties. Beneath my hand I could feel her wriggling her hips ever so slightly to push herself against my finger. I moved my hand and slid two of my fingers under the lace, and into her cunt. She was biting her lip again. Inside her cunt, my fingers found the metal of one of the two balls I had asked her to place there before Pendik Eve Gelen Escort we left for the restaurant. Her own hand came down on my own and pressed hard, her breathing picked up again, she leant against me, and suddenly my fingers were very, very wet.

I carefully withdrew my hand, and brought my fingers to her lips, where she kissed them and nibbled gently. In the meantime, her hand had wandered to my own lap, where she felt just how excited I was. Her hand lingered to squeeze me, while she looked me directly in the eye as she licked the tips of my fingers clean.

I remember seeing the same excited and playful look in her eyes shortly after she arrived at my home with her request. I had been preparing dinner at the time, and had decided to head back into the kitchen, since now there would be two eating. She had sat next to the bench where I was preparing, with her blouse open to show off her breasts, and her legs open to show off her hand beneath her panties, slowly playing with herself, as she watched me cook.

She interrupted me when I was peeling the carrots for the salad. “May I?” she asked, looking pointedly at the carrot I was about to slice. Well hey, she’d just arrived on an international flight and was likely hungry, so making some snide remark about her not being prepared to wait, I handed her the carrot.

Then that same look in her eyes as she watched me, watching her push the lace of her panties aside, then taking the carrot and sliding it deeply into her wet cunt, fucking Pendik Evi Olan Escort herself with it, her legs spread wide so I could see perfectly, one hand holding the lips of her cunt apart and her panties aside, and with the other hand fucking herself with the carrot.

And here in the restaurant, she gave me the same look again. But this time I was prepared, and this time I felt in control. This time, I had a surprise for her.

“Are you ready for the next bit?”

“I dread to think!” she laughed. “Ummm… okay, what has your fertile mind come up with this time?”

“This.” I reached into the pocket of my jacket, and handed her the small package.

“Should I open it?”

“Of course… but discreetly, okay? Otherwise it might be a little embarrassing.”

Some things never change, and she tore into the package. If she had known about it earlier, she would have been begging me to tell her what was in it.

“Oh,” she said once it was open. “It’s a small dildo?”

“Not quite. It goes in your arse.”

She giggled. “In my arse? You want me to use this?”

“Yes, I do. Now. I want to watch you as you put it in your arse.”

“What? Here?”

“You got it. You should probably get it wet first of course. If you do it quietly, you probably won’t attract much attention.”

She wiggled forward in the seat, took the plug, and I watched her eyes as she rubbed it up and down her pussy to get it wet, then slowly slid it into her arse. “Oh god!” she squeaked, and then bit down on her lower lip, as her cheeks flushed.

“God, I feel so full. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to walk.”

“I hope so. I’m taking you dancing next.”

“Dancing? God, I’ll be cumming on the dance floor!”

“I most certainly hope so…”

It was looking to be an interesting evening.

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