An unexpected email.


An unexpected email.“Hello Paul, it’s Eric.” The subject line of a new email read. My mind raced, but there was no way it was the same Eric I had known so many years earlier. At least that’s what I thought. I opened the message and read these words; “Hi, it had been a long time! How have you been? I’m in town for a few days if you would like to get together. It would be great to see you again!”I closed my laptop and pushed it aside. I could not believe it was really him, it had been so long. Eric was my first and I was very young. I chalked it up, my first Gay experience, to being seduced, but even now I could remember his big wet, passionate mouth bringing my young, horny rock hard cock to amazing orgasms. I told myself I was just horny, but the feelings I had had were so strong, my lust so overpowering. I layed back in my bed and the thoughts of our experiences came rushing back. My hands ran up my chest and over my nipples, like he had done to me years before. My cock was throbbing just like it did back then and there was even a drop of clear pre cum forming at my cocks tip. I turned to my side and ran my finger tip along the crack of my ass and circled my asshole, then rubbed it gently, just like Eric did. I remembered the first time I touched him. Even through his pants, I could feel the thick, wonderful large shape of his manhood. Touching his cock then and the thought of it now, made me rock hard. I canlı bahis came all over my chest and stomach. As I layed there covered in cum, I imagined it was Eric’s and rubbed it all over me.I always thought that if I ever had to chance to see him again that there was nothing I wouldn’t do for him, and now the opportunity was in front of me. When I was younger, there were things I wished I had done with him, things I wished I had experienced, but was too nervous, too afraid. I nervously opened my laptop back up and stared at his email. I replied I would be there at 8.I nervously walked into the hotel and felt like every eye upon my knew I was there to have Gay sex. Knew I was there hoping to suck cock. Eric’s big, thick, beautiful black cock. At his door, my heart was racing and my palms were sweaty. When Eric opened the door, I immediately recognized his face, older but still the same. All my nerves melted away with one of his big warm smiles. Sitting on on the couch next to him, it was like I was back to being a young teen again. He seemed to have a power over me. He reached out and touched my leg and I leaned against him. I could feel his face close to mine, we both felt it, we both wanted it. Our lips met in a passionate kiss. This is time I was the aggressive one. Years of fantasy and unexplored desires came rushing out. I stood up and pulled Eric up with me. I kissed him again, on his big soft lips bahis siteleri and began to undo his belt and pants, letting them fall to the floor. He turned, stepped out of them and threw them onto a chair. I fell to my knees behind him. Eric was always a big man and time had only made him even larger. Just more of him to love.On my knees behind him, his huge ass before me. He wore sexy black, satin like underwear. They cupped his ample cheeks, cutting a high line across them leading to a thin band on his hips. I found the look incredibly sexy and held my arms wide, holding his hips and kissing the sides of his exposed cheeks. His smooth black skin felt soft and firm against my lips and I rubbed my face along his sexy, still covered ass crack. My cock throbbed in my pants. Eric turned to face me and I was eye level with his massive bulge. I thought I would be more nervous, but I wasn’t. Any nervousness I had was replaced with desire. I leaned forward and kissed his shaft through the material. I ran my hands up and down his huge, thick thighs, then moved to his waistband and slowly started to pull it down. His pubic area was completely shaved and completely sexy. I kissed the fat mound just above his cock. I inched his underwear downa little further and saw the base of his thick cock. I kissed it and ran my tongue along the thick vein on its shaft. Inching them down, kissing and licking along the way, his bahis şirketleri cock was folded inside and flopped out with a quick pull on his waistband. His big beautiful manhood seemed even bigger than I remembered and his shaved, hairless balls drew me like a magnet to metal. I felt the weight of his cock on my face as I pushed it aside and licked his hanging balls. When Eric fell back on the couch, I hoped it was because I had made his knees weak. His thick cock resting on the top of his thigh. I kissed and rubbed my way back up to him. My tongue ran up the vein covered shaft, his skin felt soft, warm and sensual. I opened my mouth wide and mouthed the side of his thick cock. I was so turned on, so lost in the lust of his manhood. Eric’s cock was so thick that, like years before, I was unable to fit it in my mouth, only able to suck on his cocks head, I lovingly tongued and sucked all that I could.Eric began stroking his huge dick and I dove straight to his now tight sack, sucking passionately. Soon I heard his breathing quicken and I looked up to see a beautiful, white drop of thick cum form at his tip. I continued to lick his balls as I watched a thick stream of semen begin the slowly flow down his thick black shaft. Without thinking, I ran my tongue up his cock, catching his cum before it reached his hand and swallowed it. A warm wonderful tingle rushed through me to the top of my head. His warm, thick cum, tasted salty and sweet and I wanted every drop. I greedily tongued at his cock slit, like a totally sissy fag, hoping to get more of the flavor. I spent the night with Eric that night, and it’s a noght I will never forget.

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