Ana blacked in the guest bedroom


Ana blacked in the guest bedroomOne night, when we came back home after a night out; I got into the bathroom to enjoy a warm shower and my sweet Ana started chatting on the net to a black guy, whose name was Matt. When I came out, I found my sweet wife had dropped her thong to her ankles and she was touching herself, with two fingers buried in her pussy, as she chatted with that black guy.After she came in her own fingers, she asked the guy to call her by phone.I went to the bed and my loving Ana came one hour later. The talking with her brand new friend had got her horny, because she mounted directly on my hard dick and came again moaning loudly as she moved back and forth over me.The next morning we had breakfast before leaving to our jobs and Ana confessed that the black guy had a nasty dirty talk with her and she had experienced at least three orgasms as they chatted, before coming to fuck with me in our marital bed…A couple of nights of chatting and after exchanging a few pictures, Ana made arrangements to meet Matt the next night, at a local bar. The guy said my wife he was going to fuck her as she had never been fucked and begged her to shave her sweet mound, because that really excited him so much.The bastard also had asked my wife not to let me fuck her until after they had met… He wanted Ana to stand horny just for him.We finally got on well with Matt. He was a classy guy and my wife found him very sexy. Once we had a few drinks, we got back home with him in our car.They both sat in bilecik escort the back seat as I drove. I could see in the rear mirror that they started kissing as Matt’s hand moved up my wife’s legs…When we got home, Matt started to rub his hands all over Anita’s body, up her skirt and all over her round firm boobs. He liked to dominate. He told Ana to lie back on the floor and open her legs wide.Matt and I both just sat there looking, her short skirt up round her waist. Then he told her to take off her red thong and resume the position.It really turned me on to see that black guy looking at my wife’s shaven pussy as she stretched her legs wide open. I could see her juices flowing.Matt ordered her to hold her pussy lips open so he could have a better view.Then he went down between her legs and started to lick her pussy, sucking her lips slowly then sucking her clit and her sweet juices.Ana was pushing his head down on her; she couldn’t get enough of him.Then Matt got back on the floor and took off his trousers and undid his shirt. All Ana was wearing now were her high heels. She straddled over Matt’s cock and as she lowered her soft body onto that huge hard black cock I could see her juices running out from her sweet pink pussy lips…That black lucky bastard shagged my wife for two hours in almost every position possible. Ana came at least twice but Matt was still going strong.At the first opportunity, when Ana was sucking Matt’s huge dick to get it hard again, bolu escort I got my chance and started to fuck my sweet wife harder that I have ever done, in a doggie style position and before long was shooting my cum up her wet stretched pussy.As soon as I was finished with her, Matt took Ana’s hand and ordered me to stay out of the way. Then he led my wife upstairs to the guest bedroom…It looked like it was going to be a real long night for them…I had to content myself with listening to my wife’s screams from the next room as I heard that black bastard slap Anita’s ass cheeks as he fucked her and called her a slutty bitch for black cock…After a couple of hours Ana came back through to our bedroom. Her body was a complete mess; she had semen stains all over and her pussy was dripping a mix of her own juices and Matt’s cum…She said Matt had ordered her to come and fuck me, and that she could only let me if I agreed to let him fuck her in her tight ass…I had no choice, as I fucked her reddish swollen and well used pussy she told me how hard that black guy had fucked her pussy and mouth during the last two hours. It did not take long before I shot another load inside her.As Ana disappeared into the other room she asked me to bring something to lubricate her tight rear entrance.It took me a few minutes to find some lube jelly. When I went into the guest room, they were in a sixty nine position licking each other’s ass. Matt took the jelly lube from my hands aydın escort and said I could stay and watch.He turned Ana round onto her front, her ass sticking up in the air. As he rubbed some lube on to her asshole his finger slipped in, gently pushing it in and out. His hard black dick looked bigger than before. After lubricating Ana’s tight asshole, he started softly, pushing inch by inch his dick further up my wife’s butthole. Ana started to scream; partly with pain and partly with pleasure.Finally he was all the way in; my cock got hard again as I watched this huge black cock pump harder and harder up my wife’s tight ass, as she screamed so loud. He changed position with Ana; so I could have a better view, I could see cum spurting out of Anita’s pussy each time his dick went all the way in, right up to the end of his shaft. Ana was yelling at him to fuck her harder as he called her a filthy bitch…After a few minutes Matt came, shooting his cum up Ana’s anus.When he withdrew, my sweet wife just stayed there, facing down the blanketMatt’s cum was dripping out of her asshole, she really did look like a mess.Then Matt pushed me away from the guest room and told me they would see me again in the morning…In the first rays of the sun I woke up hearing Ana’s loud pleasure screams and moans, as that black guy fucked her again in a wild way.Two hours later Mat went out, leaving my sweet Ana exhausted, lying in a puddle of semen onto that bed sheets.She was wasted; her pussy lips were swollen and her butthole was fully stretched and reddish. That black bastard had really abused her…But Ana was happy and satisfied. She told me she loved me and that night Matt would be coming again with two black friends to fuck her; but this time I would be ordered to disappear for the whole night…

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