Anari’s Predicament Ch. 08


Anari was returned to her room, hustled there roughly by the grounds man, who informed her that until the Master returned the dogs would still be loose in the grounds. She heard the key turn in the lock as he closed the door behind him. Lying face down on her bed, her hands still tied tightly behind her, Anari felt tears of frustration prick her eyes. She had been so close to freedom and now she knew that retribution would be swift and very unpleasant — the Master would show her no mercy. A shiver of fear shook her body and she buried her face in the pillow in an attempt to block it all out….

She must have fallen into a light sleep because she was suddenly awoken by the sound of car tyres on the gravel below. She struggled up and made her way to the window, where she was just in time to see the door of the Master’s car open and the Master himself step out, followed by the butler.

The two stood for a few seconds on the drive and then the rear door opened and Miss Simpson appeared, holding by the arm a slim, blonde-haired girl. Anari’s heart thumped as she saw that the girl’s hands were bound behind her back and that she was gagged and blindfolded. Another victim for the Master… many more girls did he have locked away in the recesses of this rambling house? Anari watched as the girl was led inside out of her view…

Minutes later the door of her room was thrown open and the butler appeared. He said nothing but grabbed Anari by the arms and pushed her to the door, her bare feet sliding on the polished wood floor. Despairingly, Anari kicked out at him but he merely smirked, evaded her lunges and tossed her over his shoulder, carrying her down to the Punishment Room…..

‘On the vault slut,’ the Butlers voice was hard and unforgiving as he cast out his order and Anari obeyed quickly. She already realised just how much trouble she was in and was anxious not to make it worse. Her body was tied into position quickly on the wooden vault and he left her there. Grinning at her wickedly as he slowly and methodically ripped her clothes off, leaving her naked.

Anari shivered. Her arms hurt and the tension of waiting for the Master to appear was becoming unbearable. After having been stripped naked and bent forward over what looked like a small vaulting-horse, her feet had been spread kaynarca escort wide and her ankles tied to the front legs of the horse with hemp rope. This cut into her skin, rubbing at her tender flesh painfully.

Her hands, still tied behind her, were hauled up high, attached by rope to a hook in the ceiling, producing painful pressure on her shoulders. That alone prevented her from trying to stand upright, but she was also tethered to the floor by a cord which was tied to the centre of a pair of clamps, screwed tight onto her tender nipples. Anari remembered shrieking when they had been put on. Then one had been placed on her clit. That had made her scream. Tears of pain sprang to her eyes. The Butler evidently enjoyed every second of his work.

She was gagged with her own knickers, the ones that had been ripped from her body and shoved harshly into her mouth. A suffocating thick cloth had then been tied over her nose and mouth, making breathing very difficult. And she was unable to see what was happening because she was blindfolded. Panic ricocheted through her body.

She shivered again, partly from cold, partly from fear. She twisted her wrists experimentally, but she knew escape was impossible — she had been tied too expertly for that. And then she heard the door open and the Master’s unmistakeable footsteps crossing the floor towards her. Her heart thudded. The footsteps stopped. She felt her hair gripped tightly and her head jerked upwards, putting more pressure on her tortured shoulders. ‘So you thought you’d run away from me, did you, my girl?’ The words were spoken in a low, but terribly threatening voice. ‘Well, I’m going to have to teach you what happens to people who disobey me.’

He jerked her head again, twisting her hair in his fingers until she yelped into her gag. Then abruptly he released her and she heard his footsteps moving rapidly to the other side of the room. Her body already trembled uncontrollably.

When he returned, still moving purposefully, she knew what would happen. The first blow of the whip cut across her naked buttocks like the sting of a venomous snake. Involuntarily she jerked upwards, sending a shuddering pain through her nipples as the clamps were pulled taut.

Her nipples swelled as the torture continued, the clamps sqeezing küçükyalı escort them unbearably. Tighter and tighter. As she became more and more aroused the pink buds distended cruelly.

Hardly had a muffled shriek escaped her mouth than the next lash caught her, searing across her naked skin. Leaving Anari to feel the heat cascade through her body, before the aftermath of fire and pain hit her. Feeling the welts from his hard flogging rise up on her body. Knowing they would be bright red against her pale flesh. The Master whipped her coldly and methodically, from the backs of her thighs to her shoulders, until red marks criss-crossed her body and she was whimpering with pain and shock.

Her breasts were harshly whipped and felt like they would explode with agony. The Master expertly flicked the whip at her clamps, making them swing and fall painfully after each stroke. Leaving her breathless in sheer agony. Her pussy violently smacked with the whip handle, again and again. Making her scream and yell. Crying out against her gag, pleading with her eyes for mercy behind the hateful blindfold. If only she could talk, she would be openly begging, Anari thought. Even though she knew no mercy would be forthcoming. Feeling his cold eyes bore into hers, even if she could not see them.

Then the whip handle was used to smack the clamp on her clit. Her long and awful screams echoed around the room for the longest time. It seemed every nerve ending was on fire, burning and every part of her body hurt with a horrid fierceness. Unceasing pain everywhere, which refused to relent even for a second. Pain that had began to build in it’s intensity, the inferno descending upon her until she could take no more and finally passed out. The Master watched on callously and seeing Anari unconscious, slapped her awake again, hard, to continue administering his punishment.

Again and again she felt the taste of the lash, cut into her abraded flesh. Bite into it with sickening cruelty. Wanting nothing more than to pass out once more into the land of blessed unconsciousness, but now not daring to. Finally she heard him throw down the whip and stride out of the room……. Sobbing openly, in great choking gulps, now that her ordeal was over.

It was two hours before anyone came to rescue her. sancaktepe escort Rescue perhaps wasn’t quite the word Anari would have used when they did. The butler untied Anari after she had been left to wait in that excruciating position for that interminable time. Even then he didn’t release the clamps on her nipples. The pain was so fierce now it felt like they were on fire.

The clamps were cutting in to her abused nipples harshly and an insistent throb was pulsing through her body. She was led back to her room where a hot bath had been drawn for her, tendrils of steam curling up to the ceiling. For a change, the butler left her to her own devices, telling her only ‘to be ready in an hour.’

God, what now, Anari thought in panic once more. Her first torment, now she was out of the butler’s sight was to release those clamps. She wasn’t looking forward to it one little bit and gritted her teeth in readiness for the pain to come. She released the first one and gasped as the blood started to flow back into the nipple. It was almost unbearable and, worst of all, she had yet to do the other one. But she released that, too, with a sharp intake of breath and closed her eyes trying to focus on the pain and lessen it. Letting her breath release then in a slow steady hiss. Now her nipples glowed bright red and were standing to fierce attention, the dull throb turning into an ache. It would be with her for quite some time.

An hour passed and her bathing preparations were complete. The bath had felt good and restored her spirits somewhat. Her brunette hair now positively gleamed after she had brushed it and she had perfumed herself all over. The maid’s uniform was now nowhere to be found and a pretty pink dress and high heels had been laid out for her on the bed. No question that she had to wear it and Anari didn’t think she could take any more punishment for disobedience today. It was too short, too transparent and left most of her cleavage on view for all to see. Noticeably, no panties or bra had been provided. It served to make Anari feel that she was on display, even while wearing clothes. She was instructed to go down to the Master’s dungeon by Miss Simpson who popped her head around the door just then.

‘Oh my child, you are a lovely vision,’ she said while visibly licking her lips. ‘Just you wait to see what the Master has in store for you. I think you may enjoy this, after your earlier punishment,’ and with that she was off, her heels clicking into the distance.

Anari could only grimace and wonder what the Master had up his sleeve for his next trick…

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