And the story wrote itself!


And the story wrote itself!Sitting there, staring at blogs and stories written by others? Think you have great ideas, fantasies that will make people cum but can’t write? Well my friends, here’s a guide for novice writers. In 3 simple steps you can start writing like a pro in no timeRule 1 – WRITE FOR YOURSELF, NOT OTHERSThat’s really the basic rule of writing fiction. Forget everybody else. Choose themes, characters and locations that drive you, move you and make you horny. It could be about your mother, aunt, sister, friend, grandma, grandpa or anadolu yakası escort teacher. That person should make your bulge bigger or your tits full. Also, use words, swears and insults that you like. In brief, write what makes you cum. You should read your own story and jack off. If you can do that, you have written a good story. (That’s how i started. I was 12 when I wrote my first story about another guy’s mom and masturbated. Then I shredded it. Later that day, I wrote another story, jackedd ataşehir escort off to it and then tore it up again. In a few weeks I realized I wanted to write about my own sexy and slutty mom and rest is history)RULE 2 – DESCRIBE YOUR CHARACTERS AND LOCATIONSWe don’t know what you are thinking unless you describe it. Instead of saying something like “she looked like Queen Latifah” say that she was 5’6″, big, pendulous tits – 44″ across and very wide ass – 50″ with soft, loose flesh on her hips.” Now that makes ümraniye escort the picture complete and gets the reader excited.Rule 3 – PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR ENVIRONMENTBest stories are all around you. See that big tittied mature mama in Kroger? She could be one of the ladies in your stories. Most of my characters are based upon people I know personally. My mother looks exactly as I have described. The fact that she’s a single, slutty lady who likes to fuck colored men, made it very easy. Character of Gina is based upon an 48 year old prostitute I dated when I was 17. Most of the dialog there is real as well. She did ask to see my ID and refused to have sex with me because I was too young. I am sure you have similar experiences. If not, you can always acquire that experience quickly.Want more advice? Email me or respond to my blog. ——

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