Answering CL MW4M Ad (100% True)


Answering CL MW4M Ad (100% True)A few weeks ago I responded to a CL ad from a 40-something couple down in Boulder. After a few email exchanges and a few photos we agreed to meet at a local bar and see if we clicked. Upon arriving they were easy to spot from their pictures and I was greeted with a very warm and welcoming hug from both of them. None of us are in porn star shape, all are a bit chubby, but we are all real everyday people certainly showing our ages which made it much more comfortable from the start. Over the course of a couple of bottles of Pino Noir they confessed they had never done this before and while they had placed a few CL ads and met a handful of men, none of them seemed to click. I told them that I hoped that my interview would be different. I was answered with a kiss from both of them and an invitation for another drink back at their house. Once at the house she went to freshen up while we opened another bottle of wine. With wine glasses in hand we settled on the couch and she came out in her very fine silk izmir escort robe and squeezed between us. The excitement from both of them seemed to vibrate the entire room. A few minutes of flirtations waiting to see who would make the first move seemed to drive her insane as she put the wine glass down and exclaimed that they were scared sh*tless, excited, and about to explode all at once. She leaned in and gave me a soul touching deep kiss as my hands explored first the outside and then inside her robe. Things accelerated rapidly from there as we all quickly disrobed and kissed moving from one mouth to the next in almost a fluid motion. Then she quickly announced that they should properly welcome their guest (me) and both went down to give me a BJ. First they shared and then he took over while she talked dirty to him in his ear. Come to find out this was his first MM experience and he has wanted it for almost 20yrs. Even though it was his first time he was very skilled and she told me that is was because she had trained him on their izmir escort bayan strapon just how to do it right. His eagerness, her talking and kisses, and the thrill caused me to erupt in his first ever mouth full of cum. This did nothing though to slow things down. They kissed and shared it and then she was on him riding him for all he was worth. I crawled over and kissed them both and nibbled/bit their nipples, and caressed their bodies. He didn’t want to cum so she crawled off and I immediately went down on her. Almost seconds after my tongue touched her clit she came and it was wave after wave after wave it seemed. She finally pushed my head away and by then I had recovered thanks to my blue little pill and it was my turn to enter her from behind while she blew her husband. He and I kissed over her the best we could and pulled and pinched at each other’s man nipples. We had previously discussed protection at the bar and all disclosed they were DDF. I had also had a vasectomy so we silently agreed to take the risk. As such she escort izmir wanted me to dump my load in her and eventually I did. He then immediately came down to clean her out. Seeing his super hard cock hanging there and he was the only one yet to cum I had to rectify that. So I dove in and took him in my mouth. I have sucked quite a few cocks but I was the first man to suck his and he literally howled into her pussy which brought her over the edge again. I had him flip over and she once again started taking dirty at his ear but loud enough that I could hear. This seemed to be every long held fantasy come true for them. Again her words and my oral ministrations proved too much to bear and he soon emptied his load into my mouth. It wasn’t much which I later learned was because she had blown him in the parking lot of the bar waiting for me to arrive and then again in the drive back to their house in anticipation of the potential adventure they were about to embark on. Even though we were spent the afterglow of kisses and caresses continued which made for a nice ramp down to solidify this special moment. Finally I felt it was time to leave and after a few more kisses from both of them that almost convinced me to stay we agreed to do it again soon.

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