Anything for Her


Anything for HerChapter one Sophia leaned back against the leather sofa, a glass of red wine in her hand, watching the young man bent over, scrubbing at the ground a few feet away. He was completely naked, save for the black collar round his neck.     She remembered the first time she had laid eyes on him. His face coloured like a tomato, his eyes fidgety, never settling on anything, his forehead sweaty, and his voice coarse. He was still cute though, nice jawline, high cheekbones. She could tell he had an athletic body even before he took his clothes off.     Her clients were a mixed bunch, but mostly leaning towards the very wealthy and very unhealthy. She enjoyed her line of work, had a passion for it, and it paid well, but like every job, there were drawbacks.     Lewis was a foot away now, scrubbing the floor with a wet towel. It wasn’t the easiest way to clean marble flooring, but he did it without a word. That was how it had happened. He listened well, and he strived to please her.     They had the talk first, as he passed over the amount for an hour’s session, she had asked him what it was that interested him. To please a woman, he had said. To be hers completely, to do everything she asks of me, just to please her. Sophia hadn’t even raised an eyebrow at that. She had heard it before from others.    And some did seem to mean it. For a while. But it never lasted. Hints, subtle at first, that either became moans, or requests. I don’t like my balls being squeezed so hard. I want to be dressed in women’s clothes. Can I lick your feet?     A frown appeared on her face. Whiny. That was what they were. But she had obliged, in most cases. They were paying her. But it still annoyed her, and when Lewis had said the same, that he only wanted to please, she thought not much of it.     When he took his clothes off, and stood before her naked, semi-erect, she thought of what a nice body he had, and how much fun she would have. She started with him lightly, squeezing his balls, she had pulled him around the room.     He said not a word, so she had asked him if he enjoyed it, and he had replied, If it pleased you.     He had said it so sincerely, his head down, staring at the ground, or her feet, she couldn’t be sure. She had placed her hand under his chin and lifted his head, staring into his grey eyes. A moment of silence had passed as they stared into each other’s eyes.         Sophia remembered frowning. It was as if Lewis were playing a part in a movie. Her hand tightened around his balls, his face twitched slightly, but he made no sound, registered no protest. For the following two months, he came once a week, and she began to look forward to his visits. And then, she did not hear from him for three weeks.    When he called to book an appointment three weeks later, she hadn’t been pleased. It had been a short conversation, lacking the usual warmth she had felt for him. She scolded herself after, for letting her emotions interfere. It was only work, and he was a paying client. And it wasn’t the first time someone had renegaded on their word of wishing to only please her.     But none the less, she was annoyed, and angry. She thought they had a connection. She’d certainly started feeling one for him, she looked forward to his visits, wishing they were more than just once a week. But, apparently, he could go three weeks without wanting, or needing to see her…      When he arrived at the door, she did not smile, even when he presented her with a bouquet of red roses, she had carelessly tossed them aside. Being showered in gifts was something she was used to, although they came mostly from men she did not care much for.     There session began, and she strapped his stretched arms and legs to metal bars, having him stand before her like a starfish. His balls were exposed, and part of her really wanted to take out the anger on them. You want to please me, do you? Whack! Well, I love hitting balls. Whack! Let’s see if we can get them coloured a nice shade of blue. Whack!     But her anger began to fade, replaced by disappointment. She took it easy on his balls, released him from his bondage and sat down, instructing him to lick clean her boots. He dropped to his knees and began licking as enthusiastically as ever.     Her eyes had trawled over his light brown hair, his lean back, his firm bottom. She had a whip in her hand, and she absent-mindedly smacked his bottom with it, harder than she would have wanted to. His body flinched, his vigour in licking increased, though she would not have kocaeli escort thought that possible.     She had left a mark; a thin line of red had welted across his left bottom cheek. She wondered why she felt like the way she did, unsatisfied. He was a client, nothing more, nothing less. And a good client at that. Followed all the rules, was never late, did not rise above his station and try to force himself onto her. That happened more often than she liked. Apparently having it plastered on her website in bold red and ensuring it had been seen by each new client wasn’t enough. Some idiots still tried it on.     She shuddered, remembering that old fat oaf who had grabbed her bottom, bent over in an awkward position, really at her mercy aside from the fact that she had walked past his shackled hand. She had been tempted to bruise his balls before throwing him out.     She knew why she was unsatisfied. She had been looking for that perfect slave to make her own. And Lewis, after only two months, had been the furthest she had gotten in that search. But, after two months, he disappeared for three weeks.     She had seen it before, plenty of her new clients began with an enthusiasm and fervour, having finally found the guts to experience their fantasies. But a few months in, and the visits become less frequent, sometimes disappearing for months on end, before returning with that fervour.    Two months, and not once had he asked her to do anything apart from what pleased her, two months, and he had learnt so quickly, he had developed so quickly, taking more pain, responding to single words and moving into position quickly. He was even a very competent masseuse. And, he was so cute…     Despite herself, she had asked him, trying her hardest to be conversational, about where he had been the past three weeks.     I wish I could come every day, mistress, but uh… he had paused, a thoughtful look on his face. I will manage my finances better mistress, so that I can… he had paused again, and she knew why – he was looking for the right words.     She had pressed her finger against his lips. She should have known. He was young, her rates were high, he couldn’t afford to come every week. But, she wanted him to come.     “And if finances were not an issue, how often would you come?” Sophia asked him.     “As often as it would please you, mistress.”     “Would you follow me around like a puppy, be at my beck and call, all day and night,” she had asked. “Do anything and everything I say, just to be around me, just to please?” he opened his mouth too quickly to respond, to say yes, but she pressed her finger against his lips, and they closed. “Think it through, slave,” she warned him. “I will hold you to it. And if you fail me…”     She could see him thinking, his face easily readable to her. She could see him struggling, and she wondered if she had asked too much, if she had pushed him away. Be at my beck and call, all day and night. The only people a demand like that wouldn’t scare away were liars, or possibly a crazy person.     But she did want one, a slave to respond to her beck and call, all day and night, every day and night. Sure, she had plenty offering their services for such a thing, but where there was quantity, there was no quality.     Lewis, on the other hand, he would be perfect, or could be moulded into the perfect slave.     “Mistress,” Lewis said, his head casted down dejectedly. “I would wish for nothing more than to be at your beck and call, all day and night, but with my job, there might be occasions I would not be able to please you as you would deserve.”     It was a good answer, so much so, that for a minute, she had wondered if he had said yes, or no. After mulling it over, and not coming to a satisfying conclusion, she decided to start again. She would see him once a week, or more often, if she required. But she would always give him advance notice. It wasn’t as if she desperately needed his money. There were other things he could do to pay for her services.     Like clean her marble flooring with a wet towel.     He was the first of her clients that she had invited to her house, that she felt comfortable enough in giving her home address to. And so far, he hadn’t disappointed. He was a good slave, a quick learner, knew his place, his purpose, to please her. And he was cute.     Lewis was wiping around her foot now, his head down, his eyes focused on the job. She loved that about him, everything he did, he did it to his best, even the most mundane konya escort of things she requested him to do.     She raised her foot towards his balls and pushed gently. He stopped wiping and looked up, those grey eyes submissive, reminding her of puppies.     “Sock off,” Sophia said.     Lewis dropped the towel instantly and expertly slid her sock off. Her foot trailed up his body, briefly pressing against his rising cock, it came to a rest against his lips. Lewis kissed her toes softly, and then began sucking, at the same time, his hands massaged her foot.     Sophia’s other foot rose, aiming for his balls, they connected, firmly. His body flinched, but there was no change in the way he sucked, no sudden tightening in his mouth, no feel of his teeth on her toes. She smiled. A perfect slave. Well, an almost perfect slave. He would only be perfect when he was hers. And he wasn’t. Not yet anyway.     She pulled her foot away, and he stopped sucking. She stood and stared at him, on his knees, his cock fully erect now, his head down submissively, his back straight, accentuating his athletic build.     She grabbed him by the collar round his neck and pulled him up, leading him towards the stairs. Her pussy was dripping. It needed attention, and there was too many an hour before her husband would return. No, her pussy needed satisfying now.     It was a large five-bedroom house, but she led him to the one she shared with her husband. She positioned him flat on his back on the bed, she pulled her panties off and hiked up her skirt. With her legs spread, she lowered her pussy onto his face. His tongue licked the whole of her pussy before it came to her clit, where it settled, pushing and probing gently.     Sophia leaned forward and grabbed his balls in one hand, and with the other, she gave them a gentle slap. Pushing down against his face, she began to rock back and forth, riding him. His tongue tried to follow her clit, and for a while, it did. And then she moved her pussy away from the reach of his tongue.     He knew what to do, and he did it without hesitation. His tongue found her butthole, and he licked gently. She gave his balls a slap, harder this time, and he responded immediately, his tongue pushing into her butthole.         Every few minutes, she switched between having her butthole and her pussy licked and probed. It would take much longer for her to orgasm like this, but it was fun, she had time, and Lewis definitely had the stamina.     Oh yes, his tongue has been trained well. *   *   * Sophia lay naked in bed beside her husband Mark, a book in her hand. She had reread the last page at least five times, but being as distracted as she was, aside from the first sentence at the top of the page, she could not remember a word of the rest.     Lewis.     He had taken a permanent residence in her mind of late. Constantly popping up, having no care of where she was, or what she was doing, constantly distracting her. She should punish him for that, make him know his place, know that he should only come when she called, not when he felt like.    A few hard whacks to his balls, a kick or two, and he would learn.     Sophia frowned. She must be losing it, thinking of punishing him for appearing in her thoughts. Although, the thought of hurting his balls a little did make her wet. She had an obsession with grabbing men by their balls. She knew what it was, the feel of power, being able to control the powerful b**st with a single hand, she loved it.     Sophia put the book aside and turned to look at her husband, Mark.     “Uh oh,” Mark said, with a mischievous grin.    “What?”     “You’ve got that look on your face,” he said. “The one you get when-”                   Her hand reached under the blanket and grabbed his balls. She squeezed hard, smiling innocently, she asked, “When?”     Mark winced. “When you want to hurt my balls,” he finished ruefully.     “Suck my tits,” Sophia commanded.     Mark turned on his side to face her, his back hunched as he lowered his head to her chest, he picked up her breast gently in his hands and began to suck. He knew how she liked it, gently sucking at first, and then a slight nibble on the nipple, before moving to the other breast and repeating.     He didn’t need encouragement, but every so often, her hand tightened around his balls, before releasing.     She had had the talk with him before, about her wanting another. And he had agreed to it, but she had worried that maybe he did so, thinking it to never happen. What escort bayan would he be like when she actually found someone? Would he still be willing to share her, or would he run?     In their five-year marriage, she hadn’t broached the subject often. It seemed pointless to do so when she was no closer to finding that someone. But now… Lewis flashed into her mind, lying naked at the bottom of the bed, his head buried in-between her thighs as Mark suckled on her breasts.     Sophia released her grip on Mark’s balls and pushed his head away from her breasts. She climbed on top of him and gently lowered herself into his large cock, taking it in fully, until she came to a rest against his pelvis.     She leaned forward and reaching for his nipples, she squeezed gently.     “I had Lewis lying on this bed earlier today,” she said, almost conversationally, but watching his face carefully. “He’s becoming better with his tongue,” she added, watching for any reaction. There was none. “I came on his face twice.”     Sophia frowned. Still nothing. Worse than nothing, he had closed his eyes the minute she lowered herself onto his cock. She gave him a slap across the cheek. His left eye opened a flit. She slapped him again, harder this time, and both eyes opened fully.     Sophia began to ride Mark’s cock. “He’s a good slave,” she murmured. “I want you to meet him.”     She thought she saw something in his eyes. It was only there briefly, maybe a second, or less. A look of hurt? She couldn’t tell. It had passed so quick, she began to wonder if she had imagined it. She slid off his cock and lay beside him, her arms crossed over her chest, a frown on her face, annoyed at Mark. He wasn’t the silent type. She had said what she wanted. He should have said something.     He had turned to his side again, and she could feel his eyes on her. His hand squeezed her thighs, and then it rubbed against her pussy, a finger found her clit. Sophia’s frown deepened. He knew how she liked her pussy played with, and he was doing it well, she admitted privately, but he hadn’t spoken a word yet about Lewis, and part of her wanted to beat his balls blue for that.     “Will it be as we spoke?” Mark asked softly, his fingers now sliding in her pussy, his thumb rubbing her clit. “Will he be just your… slave, and not… not the same as me?”     The frown disappeared from Sophia’s face and she turned to look at her husband. His face was guarded no longer, and she could see the worry in his eyes, the hurt on his face. She placed a gentle hand to his cheek, the one she had slapped with force earlier.     “I’m not looking for someone to replace you, husband,” she said tenderly, “or be your equal. You will always be above any other man in my life.” Her hand left his face and reached down for his balls. “But, if I want to fuck him,” she squeezed his balls, “and have you watch while I do it, then that’s what you will do.”     Mark’s face flinched as she released his balls, only to slap him once, twice, three times… she squeezed his balls again, and then gave them another five slaps, each harder than the one before. She grabbed his cock in one hand, felt it was still hard, and then continued to slap his balls, squeezing his cock, waiting for the erection to die.     She never knew with him if he liked his balls being tortured. Sometimes his cock remained erect, other times, it died down. For his sake, she hoped his cock would soften, would shrink, because she planned to continue hitting his balls until it did.     His cock did begin to soften, as the pain of his balls being tortured showed on his face. With every hit now, he winced, and uttered low moans of pain. Sophia continued until she was completely satisfied that his cock was as soft as it could be.     And then she climbed on top of him, her breasts over his face, her knee pressing against his flaccid cock.    “Are you okay with that, husband?” she asked, “You’ve known I have had other men than you, but will you sit still and watch as another fucks me, as another’s cum shoots out into my vagina, or into my mouth, or on my breasts?”     As if to answer, Mark raised his head and began to suck on her breast, gently at first, and then nibbling the nipples, before moving to the other breast.     He would.     Sophia smiled. She loved Mark, more than she had loved any other man, but she had always wanted two. Well, at the least two. She needed another, and she hoped that other would be Lewis. She would find out soon enough. She would ask him, just after she carried out a few more tests, just to confirm he really was the perfect slave. To continue reading, purchase novel from amazon. Only $0.99

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