Art Class Got Something Special


After two modeling sessions at the local college, I had one more to go. The second session had ended up with the class tricking me into giving them an erection, by the attractive instructor putting me in a comfortable reclining pose and then quietly and slowly giving me a pantiless upskirt view. This brought me to a raging erection, but then class was over and everyone went home. A few days before the third and final session, she called to say she wanted to use two models, and could I recommend a female model I’d worked with.

Well, since the class had tricked me into having an erection (normally forbidden or at least not to be planned for) I decided it was my turn to pull a trick on them. I knew several women who would welcome the money for modeling, but here’s what I did: I gave the instructor my wife’s name (different last name) and mobile number. She had modeled professionally years earlier, but wasn’t now on anyones’ list of models. “Here’s a new model who may be interested.”

The call was made, and my wife agreed to pose with me. At home we practiced a few standard dual bağdatcaddesi escort poses, and on the appointed evening we showed up, arriving a few minutes apart. We tried acting like we were just meeting for the first time, and acted respectful of each other. We used the changing room in turns, and then both came to the posing platform. Dropping our robes, we tried to act slightly embarrassed, even loudly asking each other where it would be OK to touch (arms, hands, legs, back, head only). I noticed several more students than the small number of girls from the first two weeks. Maybe the word had gotten out there’s be a female model, because now there were several boys, too. You had to be over 18 to be in this class. This would be a two-hour session: short gesture poses for sketching, a break, then a long pose for painting.

My wife and I took positions on the stand, and for the first hour made short-duration independent gesture poses, occasionally touching hands, linking arms, hands on shoulder, very impersonal touching if at all, and rarely looking at beykoz escort each other. This went on for the first hour. For the break, we got into our robes and chatted as if we had just now met.

When male and female models pose together, the models rather than the instructor specifies the poses. This is because the models have to work it out between them the degree of touching the pose requires. We chose that she would lie on her left side, with her back to the students. This gives them the classic and highly desirable curve of the female back and butt. My position was also reclining on my left side, facing her but head-to-toe. With pillows, this was a comfortable pose we could hold for the whole hour. We each had a good view of the other’s kneecaps!

Halfway through the hour, it was time to play our trick. With everything quiet, the students working diligently, the room dark except for the flood lights bathing us in warmth, she slowly pushed me over on my back, very discretely slid her right leg over my head, shimmied down a little to position her pussy over caddebostan escort my face, and laid her own face sleepily along the side of my cock away from the students. All without making a sound. There was even less sound coming from the instructor and students. We held this pose for a while: no moving once we were in position. Since we were essentially giving them a new pose, we held it for the rest of the hour. So far so good; this was just another pose(!) As the hour ended the instructor, by now quite flushed and stammering, stated that class was over and to start packing up stuff. Well, this was our signal for us to go into the next position: she pulled herself into reverse cowgirl, grabbed my ankles, and mounted me. Since we didn’t have to hold this pose for a drawing, there was no restriction against moving. After several minutes of up-and-down motion, ending in an orgasmic flourish, she swung around, stretched her body over mine and we shared a very intimate kiss.

Not a word was said until we two models were finished. After the students all trailed out (nobody left early), the instructor came over to us and asked how two strangers had managed to go from just meeting to full intercourse and a loving kiss in just one evening. We didn’t let on that we were married; we decided to let her figure it out when she’d be mailing both checks to the same address!

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