Ashley’s Submissive Journey Ch. 01


Eight months after her marriage ended in divorce, Ashley decided to join the local BDSM group. She had always had submissive fantasies, but only in the past two years had she seriously considered the lifestyle. She did research on the internet, and loved to pick out a juicy story for a goodnight read, but never established any bonds with online Doms.

Ashley phoned Rose who was the main organizer for the group. They didn’t have officers, but Rose was responsible for the e-mail group, and for getting the schedule and meeting place out to all the members. They met for lunch, and Ashley found comfort in the knowledge that Rose seemed normal in every way, except for the hidden portion of her life.

Rose told her about a meeting and demo on Saturday. Ashley told Rose she would think about coming. All week Ashley argued with herself about whether she was ready or not. She had just moved into a new house in Nashville a week ago, and between moving, her job, and her son, she really felt overwhelmed. But her son would be spending the weekend with his Dad, and the house could stay a mess since no one would be coming over.

“Hello,” said Ashley answering her cell phone.

“Hi Ashley, this is Rose. How are you doing?”

“Going out of my mind. It will good to get Brent to his father’s house so I can have some time alone.”

“Well, I was calling to say that I’ll be giving the orientation on Saturday. If you like I can come by and pick you up.”

“Orientation? That sounds awfully formal. I don’t know if I am ready,” said Ashley.

“We just go over the rules and have you sign a few things. And take your money. But the dues are only 20 bucks and that is good for the year. There will only be about six people there. It’s normal to be nervous. Most are the first time, but many come back looking forward to the next one. Please say you’ll go.”

“Well, I guess going with you will make it easier. I will go.”

“Great, pick you up at seven.”

“Ok, see you then.”


Ashley took a deep breath. It was only a one night commitment. If she didn’t feel comfortable, she could always leave. She wondered what one should wear to such a thing. A short skirt and “fuck me” boots? She settled on her mint green mock turtleneck that brought out her green eyes, and some black dress slacks.

Her days went by fast. She was much too busy to give the meeting any thought. At night she would search for BDSM stories and lose herself later in blissful masturbation. Friday night she celebrated her aloneness with a couple of glasses of red wine which quickly soothed over her nerves.

Saturday came and Ashley bravely walked out of her house and locked the double white doors behind her. Rose waved to her from the car.

“Damn, Ashley, you look hot,” Rose said with a smile.

“Thanks, but I don’t feel so hot. It feels like my first date in high school.”

“Well, you shouldn’t be nervous. It is just a group of like-minded people that enjoy getting together. Doug from the Charlotte group will be a guest doing the flogging demo. I told him that you could be the fresh meat for the demo.”

“You did what?” Ashley shrieked.

“Relax, babe, I was just kidding. He brings his own sub to these things.”

“Jesus Rose, I was about to jump from this moving car.”

It was a short ride to the hotel. Rose got the key for the conference room and Ashley followed her in carrying a box of handouts for the orientation. Rose taped the BDSM symbol on the door. The room was large with six tables set up and each seating eight people.

By 7:3o pm all six new people showed up. There was female Domme with an older male sub. A switch couple that looked so normal they could have stepped out of a Sears catalog, a soft spoken middle aged Dom, and of course Ashley. The orientation went by quickly. They all had to write their names on name tags in colors that identified what they were. Black for Dom/me, green for switch, red for sub, and pink for slave. Then they filled out a few forms as Rose read out the rules for the group. One of the main rules was “if it is not yours, don’t touch it.” Which lead Ashley to let out a silent “whew” in her head. They were done in fifteen minutes and the regulars started arriving.

It was the most interesting group than Ashley had encountered in a room. There was the older Domme with her very cute but boyish girl sub. A short stocky Dom with a deep suntan. Several pretty female submissives that were showing a hell of a lot more skin than Ashley. She felt a little overdressed, but no other woman was prettier. Well, there was the newly married slave with her Master who was very young and very cute. Then John walked into the room

John was 40 or so with dark hair, graying at the temples, an athletic look and piercing, blue eyes that made Ashley blush when he caught her staring. He gave her a little wink and then proceeded to greet a few friends with hugs and laughter.

They had an open discussion about past business, future plans, and general chit chat before Doug ankara escort was given the floor. Ashley found it amazing to be around so many diverse people and yet feel so much closeness. Like a family, she thought to herself. And when John gave his little two minute schpiel, Ashley felt the moisture start between her thighs. His voice was deep and strong, but gentlemanly, with the sexiest southern drawl she had ever heard.

Doug began with an overview off all aspects of flogging and floggers. It was all new to Ashley and she felt a little lost, like when they made her take physics in college. Well, it was a little more interesting than physics. After about an hour he gave them a fifteen minute break. John walked over to Ashley during the break.

“Hi Ashley, I’m John. Welcome to our little group,” he said.

“Thanks,” she said, “It has been interesting so far.”

“The interesting part is coming up next. Have you watched any play before?”

“No, I’m really new to all this,” she said.

“I do hope you come back. I’m looking forward to seeing more of you.”

“Do you mean that figuratively?” she said with a laugh.

“Am I hitting on you? No, that would be inappropriate. At your first visit anyway,” he said with that same cute wink.

Doug interrupted their conversation telling everyone to get seated. He turned out all the lights except for those over the presentation area.

“Let me introduce you to my wife and submissive Marla,”

Marla joined him and the crowd gave her applause. To the shock of Ashley, Marla stripped down to nothing. Doug placed her right up against the wall, facing it. He moved in close and began whispering in her ear and stroking her hair. He brought her hands around behind her head. He began by lightly stroking her with a string flogger. Then harder down her back, buttocks and thighs, warming up her skin. The room was silent. Ashley squirmed slightly in her chair. He placed the flogger in her hand and stepped aside to pick up one of the many leather ones he had brought. He concentrated on her upper back, avoiding the spine, and her ass and thighs, especially the “sweet spot” where her ass curves into her thigh. Each time he changed floggers, she would hold the old one behind her back. Ashley’s reaction was hard to put into words. The closest analogy would be a young teen reading her first hot sex scene in a novel. Not just a sexual arousal but a curious arousal, also.

He ended with a single tail. With the single tail he went much slower. The tip would arch out almost too fast to see and the popper made bright red marks that were visible instantly. Marla’s knees almost buckled several times. He approached her again, whispering softly and stroked her hair for over a minute. Then it was over.

“Hi, Ashley,” said Sharon, a pretty and young submissive who was sitting on other side of the room, “A few of us are getting together at King George’s Pub. Would you like to follow along?”

“Not this time, I have a babysitter and need to get back,” she lied.

“Oh, too bad, a couple of the guys will be there, Rich, Wayne, and John. I think John likes you,” she said.

“Oh really,” said Ashley, not knowing what to say and thinking that Sharon is a gossip to boot.

“Well, maybe next time. It was nice meeting you.”

“Nice meeting you too, Sharon.”

[Writer Dom you need to add a transition from here to the car…..]

“So, what did you think?” asked Rose pulled away from the Hotel.

“I feel like a different set of eyes just opened up. And I want to explore more. I will be back next month that for sure.”

“Great, I was quite sure that you would enjoy it. I saw John talking to you. It seemed really obvious that he was flirting.”

“Yes, he is quite a charmer. What do you know about him?”

“Well, not a lot. It was only his third meeting, and wasn’t here for the first one he attended. I know that he deals with investments. Financial planner. I know he makes friends very easy. He doesn’t have a sub. I know Sharon pants all over him like a dog in heat, but outside of being a friend, he seems to have no interest in her. He moved here from Jacksonville, Florida six months ago.”

“I’m afraid he will ask me out next month. And I don’t know if I’m afraid I will say yes or no,” said Ashley

“I think I already know the answer to that one,” said Rose, as she pulled into the drive.

Ashley shut the door behind her. Her mind was still at the meeting, and yes, on John. She poured a glass of wine and tried to watch television but nothing held her attention. She got on the computer and found a sexy story that got her juices flowing after she was done, she stripped naked and lit a single candle. The covers felt cool as she slid between the soft sheets. She began stroking her breasts, ending at the nipple where she would pinch them hard and then stoke again. Finally a hand roamed down her smooth stomach, across her shaved pussy and between her pink wet lips.

“Oh Sir,” she moaned.

Two ankara escort bayan weeks later Ashley finally managed to get her house in order. She had met three of the neighbors, all married. Cheryl, in the brick house next to Ashley, was becoming a good friend. For the first time in a long time, she was feeling happy. She tired to make the marriage with Ron work, but when the verbal abuse turned physical, she erased him from her heart forever.

Sunday was a beautiful autumn day. A little too cool for short sleeves, but nice and sunny with no wind. She decided she would take a walk and explore the neighborhood. All of the streets were named for trees. She lived on Sycamore Street, the next street ran perpendicular and she took a right on Oak Street. She walked at a moderate rate for thirty minutes then traced her way back. When she got back to Oak Street, she noticed a tall man in a black jersey raking leaves. Suddenly if felt like her heart rate doubled. It was John. And she was headed right for him.

He saw her and smiled. Unconsciously, she smoothed her blonde hair with her hand. He walked to the sidewalk to meet her.

“Ashley, what a pleasant surprise. Have you turned to stalking now?”

“No,” Ashley replied with a blush, “I live, well, on Sycamore Street. Just moved there last month.”

“So we are neighbors. How funny. I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason. Don’t you?”

“Yes, I do,” Ashley replied.

“Would you like some tea or coffee?” he asked.

“Sure,” Said Ashley without hesitating.

The bank was rather steep, and John placed his hand on the small of her back as to help her up. It had been a long time since a man had touched her. She wished his hand was on her skin and not the jogging suit.

John opened the door and allowed Ashley to enter first. He gave her a quick tour of the downstairs.

“My God, John this is an incredible house. You live here alone?”

“Mostly alone. I do have a daughter that I get one weekend a month, and for a month in the summer,” he said.

“Did your ex-wife decorate this house?”

“No, I made a ton of money on high tech stocks and got out before the bubble burst. When I left Jacksonville, I let my wife have everything except for that corner table that belonged to my great-grandmother. I have an old friend, Susan, who is a well-known architect in Atlanta. I invited her up, and gave her two hundred thousand dollars to fix this place up. She had a ball. You know how women like to shop.”

“She did a wonderful job,” Ashley said.

“Thanks, I had some input on colors and stuff. One day I’ll have Sue build a big house out in the country. This house was just so convenient to where I work. And plenty big enough. Perhaps one day I’ll show you the basement.”

“I can’t see it today?”

“No, dear, it might scare you away,” he said.

“Aw come on, don’t be a tease.”

“No,” he said more forcefully. She lowered her eyes.

“One day, perhaps,” He said.

Ashley stayed for about an hour. They both sat on a leather couch. The conversation was easy and varied. As if they were old friends trying to catch up with each other. John had a way of looking into her eyes as if he could read her mind. She began to miss some of his words as she thought what it would feel like to be kissed with passion. She wanted hands on her body, a body she had been neglecting lately, but thanks to good genes she still looked great at thirty-nine.

“Why don’t you lay your head in my lap and relax? You look a little tense,” he said.

She did it without even thinking. If he had asked her to suck his cock, she probably would have complied. He began to stroke her hair. Her breath quickened. She felt the warm rush of lubrication between her legs. He started touching her face with his fingertips. She thought of the lines in her face. He thought he was holding the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She felt the bulge growing in his pants. She thought briefly about turning over and sucking his cock. At that moment his finger touched her lips. She parted them and sucked gently on an inch of his finger.

“Ashley, it is time for you to go home now,” John said.

“Why,” she asked, with tears filling her eyes.

“Don’t think of this as a rejection. I need you to know what is expected and required of you. And you need to decide that with a clear head. And not a freshly fucked pussy.”

“And what makes you so certain that I would fuck you?”

“That, for one,” he said, pointing to the dime size spot of wetness that had soaked through her pants.

She blushed the color of a tomato, and then started to giggle. He pulled up on her feet. He kissed her deep and hard, almost sucking the life out of her as his hands dug into her tight buttocks, pulling her tighter still. He broke away from her mouth, kissed her lightly on the nose and forehead.

“Oh, Sir,” she sighed quietly.

“You still need to go. I will see you here on Wednesday night. escort ankara A fourteen-year-old girl lives next door. She is very responsible. I will check to see if she can baby-sit if you like.”

“He’s 11 and a very cool kid. He will probably appreciate the time alone. He has my cell phone number, and after all we are so close.”

“Yes, we are close,” he repeated the unintended pun.

He walked her down the hallway. Stopping her as she neared the door, he turned her to him and lightly kissed her forehead.

“See you Wednesday, Ashley.”

“Looking forward to it, John.”

As she turned to open the door, his hand slipped between the elastic of her pants, and he pulled her back. When she turned around, he pulled her into his arms once more and kissed her hard once more for two minutes which seemed like an eternity. Her blue eyes were so dilated they appeared almost black. The tingling between her legs was almost unbearable. Another minute of kissing and she may have cum right there in his arms.

It was much cooler when she left. A cold front had passed and the north wind was howling. She jogged the eighty yards to her house, ran up the stairs, crawled in the bed with her fuck toy, and had three orgasms in nine minutes.

“Hello,” Rose said, answering the phone.

“Hi, it’s Ashley. You aren’t going to believe this, but I live close enough to John to hit his house with a golf ball.”

“Really? How did you find out?”

“I went for a walk. On the way back, he was in his yard raking leaves. We talked for a bit then he invited me into his house. He kissed me twice, passionately. I have no defenses when it comes to John and he knows it.”

“What else happened?”

“That was about it. He said something about me not being ready until I knew what I was getting into and what was expected. I will see him again on Wednesday. Do you think I’m moving too fast?”

“It’s not important what I think. Like I said, I don’t know about his relationships, or even what he is looking for. Well, I guess we know what he is looking for now. Sometimes you have to follow your heart and not your head. Are you ready for a sexual relationship?”

“Physically I am past ready. I would have fucked him today. That scares me a little. I can count the number of men I have had on one hand,” said Ashley.

“Well, I have a bird in the oven that needs tending to. Call me later if you need to. This is kind of exciting.”

“Ok Rose. I will talk to you soon. Bye.”

“Bye, Ashley.”

Monday was manic. All she could think about was meeting John. Her thoughts would bounce from fear to excitement. Tuesday was a little better. She was able to focus on other things, only to be interrupted by thoughts of John with the ferocity of a spring thunderstorm.

She woke up Wednesday morning five minutes before the alarm when off. She felt like she hadn’t slept a week. She prayed that the extra strong coffee would work its black magic. For a moment, she thought about calling in sick. But that would just make her day go by slower. Ashley went outside to get the morning paper. On the porch, there was a bouquet of red roses with a note. “It is natural to be nervous. Can’t wait to see you again. John.”

How did he know flowers were one of her weaknesses? They smelled truly wonderful. She felt the wetness start between her legs. And it wasn’t even seven o’clock yet. She took a long hot shower. She made the mistake of thinking about John’s hands on her body which led to a quick but intense orgasm.

When she got home from work, she took another shower even though she didn’t really feel dirty. She made the water hotter than normal just to focus on the physical sensations, and put the meeting or date, she wasn’t sure exactly, out of her mind. She shaved her legs and pussy. Again. Why? For him of course. If he would have her. She sighed.

Right as she was ready to leave, the doorbell rang. It was John. The sight of him made her heart race.

“Hello, dear, I thought perhaps you could use an escort. Might help with the last minute butterflies,” he said.

“Aren’t you the thoughtful one. I am not frightened. Just a little unsure of your expectations.”

“Come, take my hand, and we’ll talk in the basement,” he said.

“Can’t we just talk in the living room? I don’t much care for that evil grin you had when you said basement.”

“Ashley, dear, you begged me Sunday to see it. I thought I was granting your wish,” he said as they turned onto Oak Street.

“Be careful what you wish for, I guess,” she said.

It didn’t take them long to reach the basement. John flipped on the light, and she lead the way down the carpeted stairs. Ashley was shocked by what she saw. There were several heavy ceiling beams of thick oak crisscrossing with various chains hanging down. Several pieces of bondage furniture. She recognized the St. Andrews cross, but there were some things she had never seen before. A huge eight foot tall web of rope stood in one corner as if this was home to a b-rated movie monster spider. The walls were paneled in stone as well as the floor. He sat her down on a leather couch.

“On the table there are two buttons, one green and one red. I want you to call Rose, and then strip down to your panties. Then press the green button and I’ll be down,” he said, turning around to head back up the stairs.

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