Asian sucks 2 of her brother’s friends

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Asian sucks 2 of her brother’s friendsStory by ChenIt was Friday night and I was on the way to my friend Mike’s house with my buddy Patrick. We all share a couple of college courses and we had nothing to do tonight so we decided that we might as well go over and play some video games. He lived with his parents, but they were out of town so we could bring some drinks and have a decent night for gaming. Patrick and I are both white, and Mike is Asian, so he nicknamed himself “Asian Mike” amongst our group. He was a pretty cool guy and we all had quite a few interests in common, so we all got along quite well. “Thanks for picking me up.” Patrick said as he got into my car in the darkness of the night. “No problem man.” I responded. “I was going fucking loopy all day b*o. No class or work today. I can’t imagine how people can retire without going nuts.” Patrick joked. “Yeah, true, true.” I said as I pulled out of his driveway and began the trip to Mike’s place. As we arrived at the house we noticed an unfamiliar blue car in the driveway, which was a bit unusual to say the least since Mike was supposedly the only one there. We got out of my car and walked up to the door and knocked on it a few times. We did not expect the person that we saw at the door at all. A beautiful Asian girl with long straight black hair and perfect skin that was complimented by her silver one piece night gown that was quite high above her knees and held up by a spaghetti strap showing some nice perky breasts. She was beautiful. Patrick and I hadn’t even realized we were both staring in a kocaeli escort hypnotized fashion. “Yes?” she said, snapping us out of it. “uh….uh…. this is Mike’s place…are you a lady friend of his?” I asked awkwardly. “No dumbass.” she said bluntly.”I’m his sister.” Patrick and I looked at eachother in amazement. “Mike never told us about you.” I said. “This is Patrick and my name is Leonard. Its a pleasure to me-” I was abruptly interrupted by Mike calling out down the hallway. “Hey guys come on in!” He said walking towards us.”Don’t mind her, my sister is just back from college for the week. Lets go!” She grimaced at him as we walked down the hallway to his room. Patrick and I looked back at her and noticed she was looking at us as well. We got into Mike’s room and put the games on his bed. “b*o, your sister is hot.” Patrick said bluntly. “Yeah why didn’t you tell us she exists?” I asked. “Aahh fuck you guys, come on lets get started.” Mike said trying to change the subject. We played online for about 30 minutes of our all-nighter, when Mike’s online account access expired mid game. “Are you fucking k**ding me?” I said. “Shit, I’m sorry guys.” Mike said. “This is my fault. I’ll run to the store and pick up a new activation card. My credit card doesn’t work on this console. I’ll be back!” Mike said as he grabbed his wallet and keys, thus heading out the door. Patrick and I sat on Mike’s bed awaiting his return; talking quietly about our classes and the cute chicks in them. As we did, Mike’s door slowly opened. “Damn izmit escort man, that was fast, not even 5 minutes!” I joked. As the door opened further we saw his sister, Jasmine leaning against the door frame in her nightgown, with one strap hanging off of her shoulder. “I heard you were talking about cute girls in here. You’re talking about me, are you?” Jasmine said smiling, slowly walking towards us. She started to pull her dress down revealing her beautiful perky tits, making Patrick’s and my dick shoot up like a rocket. “Don’t you wanna feel?” she asked as she grabbed our hands and placed one on each breast. “But your Mike’s sister.” Patrick said. “So?” he always liked the idea of me fucking white guys. Whenever I had one over, he would always peek through my door and jack off as they fucked me. “Oh shit.” Patrick and I both said looking at eachother for one second. We then both unzipped our pants, whipping out our big white cocks for her. “He would love to see this.” she said mocking him. She put both of her hands on our cocks and started jerking harder and harder, giving her a big smile as she felt us getting harder in her hands. I then grabbed the back of her head and put her mouth on my dick as she started furiously sucking away at it. I could see her spit drooling out of her mouth as my dick plunged into her mouth. Patrick then grabbed her hair and pulled her over to his and she started sucking again while grabbing my cock and jerking it. She spent the next 10 minutes sucking us off being cautious of bodrum escort Mike’s return. Jasmine then started to alternate between sucking each of our dicks, one at a time, and one suck per dick. “Wow you’re a real white cock champ!” I joked. “What do you think Asian girls do when they go to college. We get filled with education and semen from white guys!” We all laughed as she went back to furiously sucking away. We were finally ready. “Get it all in my mouth, I want to swallow it all!” she said as she stopped jerking me and focused on Patrick for the moment. Patrick let out a large groan as his pearly white cum flowed out of his dick and directly into her mouth. After he finished cumming he squeezed the rest of it out into her mouth . She kept it all in and started jacking me off, getting me closer to my climax. “Here it comes you Asian slut!” I groaned. I let her jerk me off and take control of my dick as I blasted my sperm into her mouth, doubling the size of the pool of cum that was already sitting there from Patrick just seconds ago. She started to smile afterwards, and a bit of it fell onto Mike’s bed. “Swallow that cum baby!” Patrick said in excitement as she was still holding her full mouth open. She then closed it and made a huge gulping noise as she swallowed our DNA; absorbing it as part of herself. “Nice job everyone!” I said as Patrick and I gave eachother a victorious high five. Patrick and I were beat and caught our breath by laying at the end of Mike’s bed , while his sister layed by our feet. As if some sensory went off she got up and walked out to go to her room. Only moments later, Mike walked into the room with his new subscription on hand. “Whoah, what’s going on in here?” he said jokingly in response to us worn out on the bed. “You guys look like you just fucked eachother. I warily looked at Patrick, and we both let out a huge laugh.

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