Asked to masturbate


Asked to masturbateI made a recent business trip to the UK and borrowed for an evening the home of a CFNM loving male friend who has introduced me to my group of CFNM men. A man had expressed interest in meeting me and when I chatted to my host he said that the stranger had a request to make. This is slightly unusual and when I enquired what the nature of the request was became slightly flustered when my friend said he had asked to watch me masturbate if I found him acceptable. I was flustered because I have never masturbated let alone with a man watching me. However my friend said that he thought I could do it and he was rather regretting not having asked me himself!On the flight to London for business meetings I was undecided but decided I would wait and see how I felt about the stranger. In meeting strangers some arouse me considerably others not at all although I do find CFNM meetings generally of great interest and somehow quite fascinating. Often I can recall watching a man go hard how he handles himself how his balls look. I don’t usually touch just watch although on one occasion when aroused I did use two fingers to stroke a very prolific spunker who shot a large load shortly afterwards.I like to meet complete strangers and allow them to do what they want to. I have never humiliated anyone I always emphasise my interest in watching and observing how unique each man is. The plumbing may be the same but I find each man expresses himself when becoming erect and handling himself and it is that inquisitive nature of mine that caused me to do this.I have had a lot of male partners this year and been regularly served by a huge variety of men. I haven’t felt sexually frustrated at any point. Some days sex has not been in my mind on other days I have been wet and eager canlı bahis for a cock inside me. So I arrived in the UK with no real desire and wondering whether I would want to masturbate something I felt totally unfamiliar with. My male friend was very reassuring and the stranger arrived at the door. I sometimes like to say hello to a stranger before I see him naked. On other occasions I meet a naked man and smile sweetly at him as he exposes himself to me. On this occasion I had discussed with my friend as unusually I was going to attempt to do something which wasn’t familiar. I chose to chat for a minute or two.I imagine he was in his 40’s and was rather rotund. I explained that he was free to do whatever he wanted for as long as he wished and that I was prepared then to show him the two ways I knew to masturbate myself. I was sitting in my friend’s lounge on a sofa and was wearing a bra slip and a mid calf length summer dress with no underwear or stockings. I wasn’t feeling particularly aroused and after thanking me several times the man visited the bathroom. My friend had told him around the time of introduction some time earlier this year that if he was soft to begin with I was particularly interested to see an erection grow. That is always a possibility and for me a fascinating one but on this occasion a thick hard cock was flashed at me when he turned to face me! He also had what I’ve learned is called a cock ring. This looked rather painful. He was not the biggest cock I’ve watched but he was solid and had a very hairy body. I could see his cock jerking and that he was fully hard and guessed he was in part turned on by me. He came very close to me and I could see a very slight moist bead oozing from him. I was silent and intensely concentrating on his cock bahis siteleri and balls and the device he had around his cock. His tip was purple and the foreskin was all the way back so his knob was fully out. I then realised that I was becoming moist and that I was sexually interested. For about 50 minutes the man stroked his cock but would slow or stop as his purple knob throbbed until finally gasping he shot spunk for about a minute into a hand towel he had brought. It was one of the longest wanks I have seen and he really was quite skilled at edging for such a long time. Several times I had thought he was bound to come and my moistness had grown into a flood and I had been contracting regularly with sexual anticipation for his release.Of course outwardly he could not have known of my excitement my dress revealed nothing of my vaginal contractions and the creamy thighs. I do love being able to be in the company of men who have no idea of the secret female arousal experienced. I asked him how he felt as he softened and wiped himself clean. He said he felt quite hot but would like to do it again and I said of course he was welcome to do it again and to let me know when he had finished. He sat in front of me with his legs open and asked what I thought. I told him he had given me a very good look at his cock (he went hard when I uttered the word) and I was surprised that he lasted so long before he climaxed. He told me he never hurried wanking himself although he was very aroused by me and my watching so intently. He asked if he could do it again and fully hard and cock ring in place he came very close to me and started to play with is black haired balls and slowly with his cock. I found this utterly adorable and was very close to coming myself although I don’t think bahis şirketleri he noticed as he closed his eyes now and then. This time he didn’t last as long or come as much but he couldn’t hold it any longer and shot a load again.I felt that this had been one of the best observations of a mature man wanking I have ever had. I then asked how he was and he asked me if I had considered his request. I knew that I was still aroused that I could easily come even if I became embarrassed about him watching. I asked whether he wanted me to show him dressed or naked. He said he didn’t mind. I often stroke my naked breasts and self examine them regularly but as I didn’t need to this offered to take my dress off and sit there for him to watch. I excused myself went to the bathroom left my dress with my friend and sitting on a bath towel I lifted my slip to my waist and let my left leg rest on the sofa and my right leg on the floor. He knelt n front of me and I chatted to him about my vulva. I don’t think he had ever seen a woman like this before. I asked him if he wanted to smell or lick my cunt. He hesitated and said yes. I moved close to him and rested his head on the top of my thigh and he began to lick as I told him where to find my clitoris (straightaway) and how big the skin hood is as he ran his tongue around it. My cunt was twitching so he easily found that and pushed his tongue in. I came as he entered and it was a long intense orgasm or three. He was surprised and his beaming face was covered in cunt cream as he asked if he had done that!I managed to show him how I could stroke my huge clit and come again exquisitely for about a minute and then ho big my cunt was by using four fingers deep against my clit on my cunt wall which gave me orgasms but not quite so intensely. I let him lick me as much as he wished and watched him wank again for a minute or so before he came without his cock ring. I thought our meeting had been a success!I am always grateful for comments after posting a story.

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