Asking my brother to take my ass slowly.


Asking my brother to take my ass slowly.This is based on something that happened to me but I’ve added a lot so you can’t tell what’s true and what’s not. Everyone was over 18 at the time this took place.When I entered college, my roommates were Cindy and Carol. They talked about sex a lot. Each had a boyfriend, and they’d go on and on about letting the boys feel up their titties in the library stacks and about stroking dicks behind the soccer fields. They especially would get into details about the boy’s spurting, how much, how far, how often. It got to the point that they started competing with each other. I first noticed they tried to outdo each other when Carol said she went to a nude beach to sunbathe. She liked how the guys walked by and eyed her. Then Cindy went to a nude beach with two boys. She said they were semi-hard the whole time sitting next to her. She said she couldn’t blame them since she was giving them uncensored views of her pussy. Cindy was the first to talk about sucking her boyfriend’s balls while giving him a slow blow job, before he came all over her face. Then Carol began talking about rimming her boyfriend’s anus when she gave him oral sex. It wasn’t long before Cindy said she rimmed her boyfriend’s anus and let him rim hers. The next night Carol talked at length how good her boyfriend’s tongue felt at her rear hole and how he put a finger in her ass when he licked her pussy, making her cum harder than she’d ever had. I listened to all of this and laughed with them, but I didn’t have a boyfriend and I didn’t dare go to the nude beach. What if someone I knew saw me? I wasn’t a complete virgin, but I had a very slow start with boys in college. Maybe I was a little intimidated, too. Cindy and Carol seemed so sure of themselves. They weren’t drop-dead gorgeous but they were pretty and had attractive physiques. I was skinny then, with small breasts. With my long straight hair, I looked like a bookworm. Their conversations made me horny. At night, I would lie in my bed and quietly finger my clit, imagining what they had talked about, until I came. Cindy and Carol continued to talk about having sex with their boyfriends, and it wasn’t long before I overheard Carol telling Cindy that she had been fucked in the ass.”Oh, my, god, it was so good, after I got used to it.””Did it hurt?””Oh, god, I was too drunk to notice. All I know is that my ass is still tingling.”So, naturally, Cindy went out that night to get fucked in the ass. “Oh, you should have seen his face. He had the biggest smile. I remember watching him go in me. My legs were open wide, and I told him ‘fuck me in the ass, baby.'””Oh, my boyfriend loved to hear that, too.””And I let him come inside my butt. It didn’t take him long. I was just getting used to it.””He didn’t pull out first?””Why should he? It’s not like I’m going to get pregnant up the ass.””Oh, now I need to try that.””I want to try taking it up my butt from on top.””Oh, my, god, can you imagine that?”I thought about what they said for many days. I’m not sure why, I never thought about it before, but it made me very horny to think about it now. Maybe it was the way they talked about it. Somehow they made it sound dreamy. Whenever I thought about it, it made my ass feel squirmy. I could feel my sphincter muscles react. I wanted to know how it would feel to have a dick inside me like that. I found a book in the library by a woman about being fucked in the ass. She was a classy, independent sort of a woman and to look at her you wouldn’t think she’d be the kind that would like it or even talk about it in a book. I wasn’t sure what kind liked it, but it sounded sort of slutty to me. Cindy and Carol weren’t in love with these boyfriends of theirs. They never talked about love or making love. They said they were just having fun. The sex they talked about did sound fun.This lady in the book talked about how it was difficult for her to even think about being fucked in the ass. She had all sorts of reasons that made her think how wrong it was. She said that her biggest fear was that she might like it, and in fact she did like it. The reason she liked it surprised her. She said she did not like being fucked in the ass until she finally let the man take her without any reservation on her part. She just let him fuck her in the ass. If it was dirty or taboo, well, then so be it. She had to learn to become completely passive as he stuck his dick insider her butthole, letting the man take control, or at least allowing him passage, and that sort of pissed her off at first. Once she figured it out, there was no going back. She got into this new experience so much that she thought it was a transcendent experience, beyond anything she felt before.I started playing around a little in the shower, first with my finger and then with a small dildo. I often played with my clitty as I played with my little hole. I got used to my finger inside, or the dildo, but it didn’t seem that exciting doing it to me. I forgot about it after a few months.By my second year in college, I still didn’t have a boyfriend. I still saw Cindy and Carol a lot, but we didn’t room together. I was still in the dorm. Instead of sharing with two roommates, I had a room to myself. They were living together in a condo one of their daddies bought. They hadn’t quit competing with each other, and from their talk I gathered they each had graduated to fucking two guys at a time and giving blow jobs to guys they hardly knew in bathrooms. Well, at least they talked about doing those things one time. One time they mentioned they fucked one of their boyfriends together. They kept laughing about tasting each other’s pussy on his dick and how they even kissed when they were both licking his cock. One day I was sitting in my dorm during school break. Cindy called me and said she and her boyfriend were going to fuck on the internet and let anyone watch. She said they did it once already, and it was an incredible turn on. So many people, both men and women, complimented her body. She said what was really great was how her boyfriend couldn’t cum on camera with people watching him and she said he must have fucked her hard for almost a half hour, making her cum many times, before they had to turn the camera off so he could squirt all over her. She said they canlı bahis were going to do it again that evening around 11 o’clock.My brother happened to be in town during school break. He’s a couple years older than me, and I’m sure he’s had many girlfriends. He asked if he could stay with me. When he came over that afternoon, I was so glad to see him, and I gave up any idea that I would watch Cindy on the internet. We had dinner at a pizza place next to campus and back in the dorm I showed him where he could sleep and said I was tired and needed to go to bed. But I couldn’t get to sleep, thinking about how close it was to 11 o’clock. Something made me really want to see Cindy on the internet. The minutes went by. Soon it was ten past eleven. My brother was asleep. So I propped the laptop on my bed, and booted it up.I did find the site and found Cindy’s broadcast. She and her boyfriend were still clothed. You could see they had been drinking. They were staring at their laptop, laughing and giggling. This went on for several minutes until the boyfriend left the frame. My brother woke up from the glow of the screen. “What are you doing?”I was mortified. “Nothing,” I said. “It must be something.””I just couldn’t sleep. Just watching some video.””I’ll join you.””No.””Why not?””It’s just a friend of mine. I don’t think she’d like it.””Why not?” he asked and crawled over to my bed.”It’s just….”I tried to close the laptop, but my brother snatched it before I could.”Oh, it’s a sex site,” he said. “Tsk, tsk, little s*s, but it doesn’t look like there’s much sex.”As fate would have it, Cindy flashed one of her boobs on the camera.”Wasn’t she one of your roommates last year? She’s kinda pretty, and kinda drunk it looks like.””I’m sure she is.” On the screen, Cindy was now flashing both of her boobs.”Oo-hoo. Hey, let’s watch it for a bit,” my brother said. “Do you mind? I’ve never actually seen someone I sorta know on one of these.”On the screen, Cindy stood up, pulled her pants down, and mooned the camera. I gasped. My brother gave a little cheer. You could barely see the slit of her pussy. I was embarrassed. And then she reached back and spread her ass cheeks. It was a pretty clear view. Cindy left the frame, thank goodness, but she was replaced by her boyfriend, who was now buck naked and stroking a hard boner. I was riveted for a moment until I realized my brother was sitting next to me.”We should turn this off,” I said.”Are you embarrassed?””Absolutely!””Don’t be. Let’s just watch a couple more minutes and then we’ll turn it off. It’s not that big of a deal, is it?””Yes, it is!””You’ve seen this before, haven’t you?””Not with my brother sitting next to me. It’s weird.””Well, I’ll grant you that. Okay, better turn it off.”The screen flashed to black. “That sure was something,” my brother said. He got back on the mattress on the floor. He lay on his back, his hands behind his head.”That sure was something,” he repeated.A few seconds went by in complete silence. It was apparent that both of us were awake and thinking about what we’d just seen. I was imagining more, and I wondered what my brother might be imagining. “Remember when you came home from school last year?” he finally asked.What made him think about that? It seemed so disconnected. I couldn’t imagine where he was going with this.”Yeah?””I could hear you in your room at night.””No!” Now I knew what this was about.”Yes, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to hear it, but I couldn’t help it.””What did you hear?” Did I really want to know?”Well, I could hear the rustle of your sheets, and the bed creaking, and these soft moans.””How dare you!””s*s, I couldn’t help it. It’s not like I was spying on you.””Oh, god, you must have thought I was a pervert.””Hell, no. “”Well, it’s supposed to be private.””We all do it, don’t we?””We don’t talk about it.””You’ve never talked about it, or no one ever talked about it with you?”I immediately thought about Cindy and Carol. They talked about everything.”Okay, Mr. High and Mighty. Do YOU talk about it?””Well, not really. Well, with girlfriends, sure.””So you masturbate then?” I asked, but it really wasn’t a question. It was more of an accusation.”Of course I do.”I was a little pissed off, so I attacked.”When was the last time?””Well, this morning, as a matter of fact. When was the last time for you?”Fair question, since I had asked. I had to think about it. “It’s been a while,” I said.”I guess girls don’t do it as often as boys,” he said.”Some do.””Like your friend on the computer?””I’m pretty sure she does, when she’s not with some boy.””She looks pretty sexy.””She’s done some crazy stuff.””How do you know?””She talks about it all the time. Tells me all the details. How do you think I knew she would be on the computer?””So she wanted you to watch,” he finally said.We became quiet again. I laid on my bed, my brother on the mattress on the floor.”That sure is something,” he said. The room was pitch black and now it was quiet again, except for someone occasionally running and giggling down the hall. I started to think of Cindy and wondered what she was doing now with her boyfriend in front of so many people watching. It sounded so wild. I felt a quiver between my legs, and I so wanted to touch myself. Then the thought occurred to me.”Why did you bring that up?” I asked.”No reason,” he said.What? There had to be a reason.”Are you jerking off?” I finally asked.”Oh, no, I’m not.””Yes, you are. You’re jerking off right next to your sister!” I turned on the light next to my bed, and I caught a glimpse of my brother’s dick before he could throw the covers over himself.”Turn off the light!” he cried.”I will if you let me hear you jerk off.””What do you mean?””I want to hear you masturbate like you heard me.””Well, there’s nothing to hear.””I want to hear you anyway.”I turned off the light. It was quiet again. I couldn’t hear much. A minute or so went by.”Are you masturbating?” I asked quietly.”Just touching. It feels strange.”Another minute went by in the dark.”Does it feel good?” I whispered.”Well, I do feel good but I’m not really trying very hard.””I think it’s okay. Does it help if I say it’s okay?””It might.”We were quiet again. I heard him moving his blanket. I imagined that he was hard now, stroking his dick. I touched myself, too. This was very strange bahis siteleri territory indeed, but it felt fun in an innocent way. It was like I forgot he was my brother, and it certainly wasn’t like any time I spent with a boyfriend. It was like we were friends or roommates, not lovers, just being in the room together, silently masturbating by ourselves. “Are you okay with this?” he asked after another minute went by.”Yes,” I said shyly.I let out a soft moan as I fingered my pussy lips and pulled on my clit.”Are you doing it, too?” he asked.”Yes, I am.””I’m glad to hear that.””I’m glad, too.”What was this? There was real affection there. Affection I always shared with my brother, but the circumstances were so different now. We were masturbating together, and we weren’t afraid to know it. Somehow, this made me feel hornier than ever. I felt comfortable and relaxed. Safe even. I took off my pajama bottoms and I was bare naked from the waist down in the same room with my brother. My pussy was wet. I slid my finger in and out very slowly and then I touched my little butthole. That made me moan softly again.”I love that sound,” my brother said from his mattress. “It was that moan that I was thinking about before.””Oh, Peter,” I said his name. “How can this feel so right? It can’t be right.””I know what you mean,” he said. “Donna?” he asked later.”Yes, Peter.””Can I move beside you?””I don’t think that’s a good idea…,” I said. Then I asked, “Will it be alright?””Yes, I think it will,” he said.”Okay.”I became very still and waited in the dark. Soon I felt the weight of his arm on the bed. I knew he was staring at me. His hand touched my thigh.”Is that okay?””Yes.”His hand began to go up and down my thigh, then my other thigh. I continued to be still. His hand circled around my belly, around my hips, and then settled on my mons, which was covered with the fine fur of my pubis. I could feel a wave building inside of my vagina. Time was moving very slowly. I was hardly breathing. “I want to touch your pussy. Will that be okay?””Yes.”I could feel his finger lightly touching my pussy lips.”God, Donna, you are so beautiful. So amazingly beautiful. I’ve never felt this way before.””Do you like it?” I asked, almost crying.”Yes, Donna, I love it. I know this is very strange, but it feels so intense right now. I’ve never felt this way before. It feels so good to touch you this way.”His finger continued to slide up and down the folds of my pussy. His fingertip was very light, but it was giving me an intense feeling. My body was lit up by his touch. I could feel my nipples harden under my pajama top and my bottom twinge. It was all I could do not to touch myself all over or to raise my hips off of my bed. My mouth felt dry. Even the soles of my feet felt tingly. “Donna. This isn’t anything I ever imagined before. It feels like love, Donna, the deepest kind. Is that silly to say?””No, it’s not silly. I feel it, too.””I want to kiss you all over,” he said, “but I’m so afraid.””Don’t be afraid.”Time went slowly by again, until I felt his weight shift. He parted my legs. I saw his silhouette bend over me and felt the first lick of his tongue on my pussy.”oh,” I moaned softly.He kissed me delicately, his tongue searching every fold of my pussy, darting in and out, tugging at the hood of my clit, slurping my juices as they began a steady flow.”oh.”I lifted my pajama top over my breasts, and his other hand began to caress my hard little nipples.”God, you are so beautiful. I’ve always loved your little titties.”He began to suck a little harder on my clitty and finger my pussy. He’d lick my pussy lips and then swirl his tongue around my clitty. I started to grind against him.”oh,” I let out another soft moan. “Oh,” he let out a strong moan, too.I could tell we were both set to burst on fire. I wondered if we should stop, but I couldn’t find the words. The affection from a few minutes ago was building into lust. I suddenly realized I was growing crazy with pent up lust and it was on the very edge of spilling out all over me. I grabbed the back of his head and ground myself into his face.”Don’t stop,” I said. “Don’t ever stop.”This set my brother on fire. He quickly pulled off my pajama top and began massaging my titties in his hands and sucking my nipples in his mouth. He began lapping at my pussy like a puppy dog, and then he rose up and began kissing my mouth hungrily. “Oh,” he groaned. “I love your pussy,” he said as our mouths devoured each other frantically. “Tell me you love me.””I love you.””Tell me you love me licking your pussy.””I love it.””Tell me in those words. I need to hear those words.””I love you licking my pussy.””And you love me sucking your little titties?””God, yes, I love you sucking my little titties.”I reached down and grabbed his hard dick and began stroking it harder than I’d ever stroked a dick.”And you love your brother’s dick?”God, I do love your dick. It’s so fucking hard. I never thought I’d say this, but I do love my brother’s dick. It’s beautiful, Peter.””Wait,” he said, and he went down on my pussy again. “oh.”He stroked and rubbed my clit with his tongue and kept at it, pressing it and tugging it up and around.”oh, don’t stop.”He put his finger inside my vagina. I could feel my juices spilling out and mingling with the spit from all his licking and that now covered my pussy. He removed his finger from my vagina and slid it down to the opening of my butthole.”oh.”He continued to lick my clit and lube my little butthole with the juices and saliva in and around my pussy.”oh.”He slid his fingertip inside my butthole.”oh,” I moaned again.He lubed his finger again and slid inside again. I could feel my butthole opening for his finger, wanting him inside my little rear door. I let him in.Slowly, very slowly, he continued to add more lube, to slide back in and out as he did so, each time going a fraction of an inch deeper inside. All the time greedily tonguing my clit. Then I felt his finger entirely up inside me.”oh.”I felt an intense orgasm building.”Don’t stop.”His finger pumped inside my ass, and I was grinding my clitty against his face.”oh.”It was becoming too much.”oh.”The first wave began and started rippling.”oh.”And another.”oh.”And more.”oh.””Oh,” he echoed.”oh.””Oh.”I burst open. The flood washed over me. bahis şirketleri I was drowning.I started crying.”Are you okay?” he asked.”Yes, it’s just so intense, so intimate, Peter, I’ve never felt that before.””I want to fuck you,” he said.”I want you to, too, but you can’t.””I need to fuck you, Donna.””You can, but not my pussy. I want you to fuck my ass, Peter.”The magic words slipped from my mouth. It was like a bomb went off. He was shell shocked.”It’s alright, Peter, I mean it. I want you to fuck me in the ass. But you have to promise to go slowly.””I will.”He got on his knees in front of my outstretched legs and lifted my hips off the bed. He guided his dickhead first to the crack of my ass and spread his precum all around my anus. His dick was leaking with precum now, more precum than I’d ever seen. Then he guided his dick to my pussy and started slathering up all the juices and spit on his dick. Then he guided his dick to the opening of my anus. He just touched it and then he circled it. Then he collected more pussy juice and spit and more precum from my ass crack and spread it around my butthole.He pushed.A little moan from my lips escaped.Just the smallest part of his tip was pushing inside. I felt tight.”It’s okay,” I said.I could feel his dickhead pushing more against my butthole. I tried to open the anal ring so he could start to enter inside. A little more pushed inside, but maybe only half of his head was poking in. He gathered more juices and spit and precum and tried again. This time, more of his dickhead pushed in. He slid out again. He licked my ass so there was more lube from his mouth, and he lubed his finger with spit to lube me inside. I reached down and felt his cock. It was slathered in bodily lube. He pushed again and I opened myself again. And then, something I never felt before. The head of his dick slipped through my sphincter. Like a pop. I cried in pain. He stopped and waited. I tried to control myself, forcing myself to open up for him to enter me, and after a moment I felt myself relax around him. There was a sharpness around the opening but I could feel it being replaced by a warmth deeper inside. “Are you okay?” he asked.”Yes, I am okay.”He pushed a little deeper and then would stop. He withdrew very slowly to get more lube for me and him. When he was all the way out again, he said, “Should I stop?””No, I don’t want you to stop. I want to feel you inside of me again.”Once again, he slowly pushed the head of his dick into my hole and past the anal ring and began sliding fractions of inches back and forth inside of my butt until it felt like he must have been halfway inside.”oh, that feels good.””It’s incredible, Donna. You should see this. It makes your pussy looks so beautiful, and I can’t believe I’m fucking my sister’s asshole.””Have you done this before?””Never. It’s amazing. I feels so warm.”He withdrew slowly again. “I think we should use more lube.””There’s some Aveeno in the bathroom.”When he got back into the room, I grabbed the lotion and slathered up his dick. I almost tasted him at that point, I so wanted to, but thought I’d wait for that. I put a little inside myself and wiped my hands on his tshirt. He took it off and lay behind me, spooning against my bottom. When he pushed this time, he slipped right in to where he’d left off. From there, he began to slide in and out very slowly again, each time going a little deeper. He grabbed my hips and then he grabbed my breasts, tweaking my nipples. I started fingering my clit. When I felt his body touching my cheeks, I knew he must be deep inside me. “oh.” It felt good, as strange as it sounds to me to say, even today. I’ve never forgotten how it felt at that moment. Such a mix of emotions and feelings. Being fucked, being fucked in the ass, being fucked in the ass by my brother. Feeling stuffed with something so foreign and so alive. Feeling his dick throbbing inside my bottom. Feeling a man beside me. Letting a man take me. Love, pain, intimacy, and dirty kinky sex of the best kind.”oh.”He began a slow rhythm, and I was glad he was not pumping me hard.”oh.”His dick inched deep inside my butt.”oh.” He pushed inside again.”oh.”I could like this forever, I thought. Please don’t let this end.”oh.” He stopped.”Don’t stop.””I want to cum. Should I?”I wasn’t sure how long I could handle this.”Yes, but don’t pound me, and don’t go any deeper. I’m afraid.””I won’t.”He continued to slide slowly back and forth inside. When he took longer strokes, he took a longer time on each stroke. Then he started to make tiny, quick strokes. His dick was barely moving in and out, but the movement was quick, and began to get furious. He was trying not to hurt me. His breathing became heavy.”oh, baby.”I could feel his dick swelling. Oh, my, I thought, I’m going to let him cum inside me like this.”oh, baby.”His breathing was quicker and he was sucking in great breaths of air.”yes, baby, fuck me just like this.”I did love the feeling. It was so intense but also so gentle.”oh.”I loved this man fucking me. His arms enveloping me.”oh, baby.”I wanted him to cum. I wanted it for him. I knew this was all good for me.”baby, I want you to cum.”He grabbed my hips. His movements became even smaller and quicker. “that’s it baby.”He was like an a****l.”oh.””Oh.”But I knew he was my brother.”oh.””Oh.”And he was fucking me.”Oh.”oh.”Oh.”In my ass.”oh………oh………oh.”All of a sudden he slowed down, but he didn’t stop sliding in and out of my ass. They were the long, slow strokes again.”oh.”This was the best of all. I frantically rubbed my clit.”oh.”I felt the first spasm of his squirt. I could feel myself cumming, too. The waves washing me again.”oh, sweet god, oh, sweet baby god.”And another, and then another, and then another. We were both whimpering. With each squirt, each spasm, each stroke, I moaned the moans he loved to hear. Soft. Contented. Loving. Loved. It WAS like a dream.And then another. “oh.”He became very still.”Oh, my, god,” he said.I felt so full of my brother. What a mess everything was. We were both breathing hard, trying to catch our breaths. The whimperings began to sound like laughter. I felt alive and scared, too. I felt his breath on the back of my neck. He gently massaged my hips and my breasts. We held each other that way forever, and I let his cum ooze out after he softened and slid out of my bottom. There’d be things to say to each other to wash away the remorse, and maybe even a story for Cindy and Carol some day, but for now we slept for a few hours.nipa

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