At Her Fuck and Call


Victoria was getting drilled by Kyle on Wednesday morning, his huge dick buried deep in her ass while he pawed her juicy tits.

“Oh fuck yeah!” she cried, Kyle fucking her even harder.

“Oh yeah, take that dick you fucking slut!”

He picked up speed and began ramming his dick into her tight ass and Victoria rubbed herself to a powerful orgasm before Kyle grunted and dumped his massive load into her.

“Shit…” he groaned, pulling his still solid cock from her asshole.

“Fuck that was good,” Victoria chuckled as she stood, signaling for Melanie to come in and take her turn.

“Having your interview today?” Kyle asked as the Latina MILF came and began to suck his dick.

“Yup,” Victoria said, “I’ve got my final applicant picked out at least. So I just have to him set up.”

“Well I’m glad,” Kyle said, groaning as Melanie began plunging his cock down her throat, “just make sure he knows his duties.”

“Of course,” Victoria replied before one of the maids, Nita entered and informed her that her appointment was there. Making her way downstairs, Victoria saw a tall black man there. Christopher Johnson, a college

“Hello there,” she said with a seductive tone, the man’s eyes going wide as he took in her nude body.

“Umm… hi,” he replied, shaking her hand with his sweaty palms.

Victoria simply giggled and had him take a seat. He complied and she sat across from him, crossing her legs enough to give him a delicious view of her pussy as he still practically drooled at her perfect tits.

“I imagine you saw that the application didn’t bear much information concerning the job,” Victoria said, raising her arms.

Chris nodded, feeling his dick throb in his pants. He scolded himself silently, objectifying the woman from whom he was seeking a job. Her eyes drifted down to his lap and he was terrified she’d see his erection but if she did, she didn’t address it.

“Now Chris,” Victoria said, “I must have you know that what you see inside these walls must not be revealed to anyone on the outside.”

He nodded and she continued.

“Now, you were among the best of the applicants,” she said, “and I think you’d be the best choice.”

“Thank you, Ms. Reynolds,” he said, “I could use this opportunity.”

“Oh come now, Chris,” she replied, “we’ll be working rather closely together so feel free to call me Victoria. Besides… you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to call me Ms. Reynolds.”

Chris was about to question these words when she stood and clapped her hands. “Richard!”

A older distinguished butler exited the kitchen. “His clothes, Richard,” Victoria said.

Before he even realized it, Chris was fully naked, Victoria looking him up and down while paying special attention to his big, throbbing dick.

“Very nice,” she admired, “very nice indeed…”


“Yes sir,” Chris said over his cell phone as he sat recording Victoria brutally riding a man in a hotel room, his mouth hungrily sucking her tits as she bounced hard on his dick. “Ms. Reynolds is available for all sexual liaisons. I’ll schedule you in for the 10th. Thank you.”

As he hung up, the man on the bed let out a loud grunt as he filled Victoria up with his cum. He groaned and stood, reaching into his jacket. Chris cautiously watched as he began to pull out thick banded wads of cash.

“This was fun,” the man said as he pulled on his pants.

“Well we can do this again sometime, Daddy,” Victoria laughed before he smiled and headed out.

She stood and donned her own clothing of a pink tank top and cut off jeans before she and Chris made their way to the elevator.

“What was the call?” she asked as the doors closed.

“A fresh customer,” Chris replied, reading from the calendar, “the 10th is his 18th birthday so he’d really love for you to come and fuck him.”

“Mmm…” she moaned, rubbing her pussy, still leaking the last guy’s cum, “how delicious. There’s few things I enjoy better than barely legal cock, having only been pleasured from beating off and watching porn.”

Chris nodded, unsure how to actually respond. That day he accompanied Victoria to 37 appointments, watching her get fucked, gangbanged, eaten out, cum inside and cum on. By the time they were done with the last one, Chris’ duffel kaynarca escort bag was laden down with money, Victoria apparently a top dollar prostitute.

Once they arrived back to the mansion, Chris headed to the bathroom and took a piss. Alone, he pulled out the camera and replayed some of Victoria’s pairings, watching as she and a lesbian customer went at it, Victoria on her back getting fucked with a thick strap on as the other woman feasted on her marvelous, perfect tits.

He kept watching, standing in front of the toilet, beating his dick. It wasn’t long before the pressure got to him and he groaned, firing several thick ropes of cum onto the toilet, pumping until he ran dry. Drying off, he left the bathroom and headed to Victoria’s room, stopping in his tracks as he opened the door.

He saw Kyle fucking her, gripping her hips as he repeatedly fed his dick into her hungry pussy.

“YESSS!!” Victoria screamed, her massive tits swinging as he fucked her harder and harder.

“Oh yeah,” he groaned, “take that fucking dick!”

Chris watched as Victoria came, shaking and screaming loudly, her pussy creaming on Kyle’s shaft.

“Ahh Chris,” she said, her eyes glazed over, “could you run me a bath please? I’ll definitely need one after this.”

Chris nodded and walked past them into her private bathroom, hearing Victoria howl yet again. He turned on the tub and ran a hot bubble bath, adding her blend of bath salts as she had directed before returning to the bedroom. He found her with her back to him, cum oozing from her pussy down to her thighs as her head bobbed up and down in Kyle’s lap.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned, his hand on the back of her head.

His deep grunt sounded that he was cumming again and Victoria happily guzzled it all down, sucking hungrily until Kyle ran dry and pulled off, smiling as he stood, his wet, floppy cock hanging limp.

“Fuck, that was good.” He panted, his jizz oozing down her chin.

She smiled and watched as he left the room, heading into the bathroom as Chris still stood there, his dick hard as it had ever been. As Victoria bathed, she had wash her back and dry her off, Victoria smiling as she watched his dick throb in severe need.


The next day, Chris accompanied Victoria to her next servicing at a hotel about a two hours drive away. Watching as she was brutally gangbanged by 40 members of a college football team for nearly 6 hours until all of them had worn themselves out and left her mouth, pussy and ass gushing with cum, paying Chris as they made their way out.

As Victoria took a bath, Chris counted the money.

“Chris!” she soon called, “could you come in here please?”

“Coming,” he replied, entering the bathroom and trying not to drool as he took in her massive tits, wet and covered in soap.

“I take it you enjoy watching me get fucked…” Victoria giggled, watching his cock throb in his pants.

Chris nodded.

“Well then,” she said, staring at him seductively, “pull that dick out for me.”

He complied, taking his hard cock out. Victoria licked her lips and began rubbing herself under the water.

“Stroke it,” she said, Chris obeying and jacking off to the pace of her playing with herself. They went at it, watching each other and pleasuring themselves for nearly 15 minutes before Victoria cried out, cumming on her fingers as Chris was still brutally beating his dick.

“Alright Chris,” Victoria suddenly said, snapping him from his trance, his hard dick still in his hand.

“Ma’am?” he asked.

“That’ll be all,” she said, “you can go now.”

Chris panted, sighing as he shoved his dick back into his pants. He went into the sitting area of the hotel room and started watching porn on his phone, stroking his dick after the teasing had still left him rock hard.

“Hello Chris,” Victoria suddenly said from the doorway.

Chris looked up and his mouth dropped open. There, in some sexy black lingerie, Victoria stood there tall in her black heels.

“What do you think, Chris?” she asked softly, rubbing her hand across her enormous tits.

“You… you look perfect… V-Victoria…” he stammered.

“Im glad you like it,” she said, sexily walking in, “I got it requested by a customer. So I just thought with all küçükyalı escort the hard you’ve been putting in, I’d let you be the one to break it in.”

“You mean…”

“Yes,” Victoria replied, standing over him, “I want you to fuck me in it.”

She pulled off the bra and lowered her tits to his face, Chris eagerly beginning to suck as she stroked his cock. He groaned as he feasted on her milky nipples, licking and sucking. She pushed him back and removed his shirt before pulling his pants off, getting to her knees and spitting on his big black dick.

They kissed lewdly as she continued to jack him off roughly. She then pulled him into her mouth, Chris groaning in pleasure as she sucked him off with her talented mouth.

“Ohhhh fuck…” he groaned softly, Victoria sucking his head while playing with his nuts.

Victoria pulled off and resorted to jacking him off again. “I think you have too much in you just to be an assistant Chris. With this amazing dick you should be destroying some pussy on camera.”

She smiled as she felt his dick twitch as her saying this and began to jack him off even harder, Chris moaning loudly. She licked the head again, Chris begging to fuck her magnificent tits. She traded places with him and sat, Chris wasting no time in spreading her legs and beginning to eat her wet pussy. Victoria moaned loudly as he went at it, eating her as if he had starving for years.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!” she screamed, playing with her tits. “Just like baby! Fuck, if you don’t stop I’m gonna squirt all over your fucking face!”

Chris kept at it, sucking her clit as he fingered her hole roughly. Victoria screamed louder and louder, shaking as her pussy let loose, gushing out her sweet juices which Chris lapped up eagerly. He continued eating and sucking her pussy, beating his dick furiously.

He pulled back and they kissed again, mauling at each other’s mouths as he palmed her massive tits. Victoria had him stand and she inhaled his dick once again, Chris groaning in pleasure as her head bobbed up and down his painfully swollen cock.

As she gripped his asscheeks, she slid her tongue all along his shaft. God, it was like heaven, his dick lodged deep in her wet, tight throat. He felt his balls begin to churn, ready to give her his long awaited release. Then, without warning she pulled off.

“NO!” he cried.

“Don’t worry baby,” she said playfully, “I had something much better in mind.”

In a flash, she had her huge tits wrapped around his dick and was energetically moving them up and down his shaft, Chris groaning loudly.

“Oh fuck!” he yelled, “God, this feels so good!”

He grabbed her tits and tweaked her nipples, bucking his hips furiously. He was practically foaming at the mouth, his dick hard as it had ever been.

“That’s it baby,” Victoria coaxed, “fuck those huge, slutty MILF tits like you’ve always dreamed of doing!”

“YES!! YES!!” Chris yelled, his dick fucking the shit out of her amazing cleavage.

He cried out and burst, his ball juices shooting out in thick ropes across her face and tits. Victoria cheered, opening her mouth to try and catch it but finally gave up and began jacking him into her mouth, happily swallowing his massive load almost as if he hadn’t cum in weeks.

Once he ran dry, Victoria released him, raising her tits and licking them clean of his jizz. “Mmm… so delicious. And it looks like your friend there is still hard.”

“Oh yeah…” he replied with a wry smile.

Victoria lay on her back and spread her legs.

“Fuck me, Chris,” she commanded, “fuck me raw and hard.”

Chris nodded and moved in, sliding into her pussy in one smooth motion. Soon, they were fucking hard, her left leg on his shoulder as he squeezed her tits and fucked her brutally.

“YESSSSS!!!” Victoria screamed at the top of her lungs.

Chris fucked her like a man possessed, Victoria humping back at him with the same energy. He had gone feral, pounding her cunt harder and harder.

“GIVE IT TO ME!!!” Victoria screamed, cumming three times.

“Yeah… yeah.. yeah…” Chris kept grunting with each rapid thrust into her pussy, his nuts slapping hard against her ass.

He drilled her cunt like a madman, her tight, slick pussy walls gripping his dick. sancaktepe escort His dick was tingling in pleasure, Chris steadily fighting back his orgasm as he fucked the living shit out of her. Victoria screamed as her legs quivered, cumming again on his dick.

Soon, she was bouncing, riding him hard as Chris felt up her tits, squeezing her ass.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned beneath, “bounce that fucking ass!!”

He began drilling up into her cunt, slamming his dick into her as he sucked her tits. She then mounted him in reverse cowgirl, Chris enjoying watching her ass bounce as he continued to squeeze her tits.

“OH MY GOD YESSSSS!!!” she howled at the top of her lungs.

He moved out and began fucking her in doggy, slapping her ass and he frantically fucked her pussy from behind.


Chris fucked her faster and faster, gripping her hair as he brutally fucked her pussy without mercy. Soon after, he was fucking her hard in missionary, stuffing her with his dick.

“Right there baby,” Victoria moaned, “Right fucking there.”

“OH FUCK YEAH!!” Chris yelled, fucking her with even harder thrusts.

“Oh fuck… I’m gonna cum!” Victoria screamed, digging her nails into his shoulders.

The anticipation in Chris swelled as he began to jackhammer her even harder with his dick, feeling her pussy spasm as he used her for his pleasure. He moved his hands back to her wildly bouncing tits, groaning as he felt her pussy clamp his dick as she exploded.

He couldn’t take much more but kept on, groaning as he continued to fuck away at her cunt, creaming steadily on his cock. As soon as her orgasm settled however, Victoria pushed him back and suddenly was straddling him, Chris’ wet dick squeezed between her pussy and his stomach as they kissed passionately, Chris playing with her tits.

She then moved up slightly and impaled herself on his cock, her face filled with pleasure and she began riding him furiously.

“OH FUCK!!” Chris yelled, squeezing her ass as she bounced on his dick.

“Yeah baby,” Victoria growled, “you like that?”

Her pussy clamped tight on his dick as he moaned, holding her hips as his eyes followed her tits, trying to fight off his growing desire to cum inside her. She kept groaning and moaning, their bodies slamming into one another. Their lips met again, Victoria screaming into his mouth as she experienced another powerful orgasm.

She fell off his cock, Chris panting as his sticky dick flopped against his stomach, throbbing and aching but still not yet finished. Soon, he was again fucking her hard in doggy, both he and Victoria panting as he slammed his dick into her pussy.

Her ass looked so inviting but he knew that time would have to wait. His balls tingled as he picked up the pace. He could feel the pressure building as Victoria matched his frantic thrusts with her own. His orgasm growing, Victoria had already hit her peak, screaming as her pussy gushed out over his dick.

“YES BABY!” she cried, “you’re making me cum again!”

That was all Chris needed, her big, soft tits in his hands, his dick slamming in her wet, silky pussy, her cries and screams of pleasure along with the room filled the hard slapping of skin on skin. He then felt the floodgates.

“I’M CUMMING!!” he yelled, his dick unleashing the first volley of molten hot jizz into her pussy. He held her tight to him, pumping her full of his semen. He kept groaning as he drained himself entirely into her, pulling his deflated cock out as they kissed softly, falling asleep as their tremendous orgasms died down.


Chris awoke to the smell of bacon and groggily sat up, his morning wood on full hardness underneath the soaked sheets. He then saw that polished silver room service tray had been wheeled in, holding a spread of hot breakfast items. At that point the bathroom door opened and Victoria emerged fresh from a shower, smiling as she saw him awake.

“Well good morning, sleepyhead,” she giggled.

“Good morning,” he replied, kissing her as she sat down.

They kissed long and passionately, Victoria rubbing his thigh and his erection, smiling as she pulled back. “I know you put in a lot of hard work last night. But if you’re not hungry right now, maybe you’d prefer I do something about this…”

She rubbed his dick under the sheet, Chris moaning softly. “Hell yeah.”

Victoria grinned and pulled back the sheet, engulfing his dick into her mouth.

‘This is going to be the best job I’ve ever had,” Chris thought, watching Victoria’s head bob in his lap.

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