At His Pleasure


It was the summer of 1685, and my father, Sir James Campion, had been imprisoned for his support of the Monmouth Rebellion. King Charles II’s illegitimate son, the Duke of Monmouth, had come back from exile to take the throne from his Catholic uncle, James II. He came with 4,000 supporters, Protestants all, who were opposed to the reign of a Catholic. The King’s army soundly defeated Monmouth and his followers at the Battle of Sedgemoor. Supporters of the Rebellion had been captured, rounded up, and imprisoned in the south west of England, my father among them. What made me fear even more for my father’s life was that Judge Jeffreys was making an example of the highborn rebels, of which my father was one.

My mother had immediately taken ill upon the news of my father’s capture, and so it was up to me to plead for his life. Without my mother or my father to oppose my rash actions, I took our carriage to the town where my father and many others of the Monmouth Rebellion were imprisoned. The town was in chaos. Many families of the doomed men had the same idea as I. Others were there as spectators to the traitors’ executions.

I was able to secure a small room at an inn near the center of town. If anyone thought it unusual for a young woman to be traveling on her own, none gave evidence of it. There were more important matters at hand.

I went down to the inn’s dining room to see if I could find one of the King’s soldiers to help me find out where my father was being held and when his trial would occur. A man seated by the door caught my attention immediately. He was familiar to me. As he had not yet noticed me, I studied him at leisure. It was obvious that he was tall; his long legs were stretched out before him and casually crossed at the ankles. He had thick, blond hair that grew back from his high forehead and an aquiline nose that gave him a patrician appearance. But it was his eyes that I remembered most; they were an icy blue and I recalled how they could light up, and then the ice turned to an almost blue flame. He had intrigued me the moment I met him in London during my season, but my mother and the other ladies chaperoning the balls and parties for the girls making their debut at Court had warned me away from him.

He was Lord Jago Trevellyn, and he had no interest in the young ladies for any honorable purpose, for he was not looking for a wife. He had been married some time before and already had his son and heir. His wife had conveniently died in childbirth, and he was able to carry on as he pleased. There were tales of debauchery and seduction connected to Lord Trevellyn, and all of the society mamas steered their girls far away from his notice.

He must have sensed he was being watched, for he looked up suddenly in my direction. The slow smile on his face told me that he recognized me. He stood up, unfolding his tall frame, and motioned me over to his table. The room was crowded and I had nowhere else to go, so I joined him.

“Miss Campion, I believe? What brings you to this madhouse at such a time as this?”

“I-I’ve come here looking for help.”

“Ah, of course, I heard that your father was one of the men involved. He’s imprisoned here?”

I could only nod my head miserably. I wondered at Lord Trevellyn’s presence here as well, and then remembered that his country estate was in the vicinity.

“Then he will be facing Judge Jeffreys. Not a happy prospect for a man such as your father. I remember we met under much more pleasant circumstances than this. It was the Rosslyn’s ball, was it not? I found you utterly enchanting, and then you disappeared.”

I felt myself blush. How could I tell him politely that after sharing a dance with him and some mild flirtation, I had been almost forcibly removed from the ballroom? His sardonic smile told me that he knew why I had disappeared, and he was finding my discomfort amusing.

“My mother wasn’t feeling well that night, and we had to leave early.”

“Poor lady. I was quite disappointed; I felt we were getting acquainted rather nicely, and I had hoped to continue our discourse.”

“I’m sorry, Lord Trevellyn, I’m not here to engage in social chatter. I must find a way to save my father.”

“You came here alone to do that?”

“Yes, my mother is distraught. There is no one else; I have money. I went to my father’s solicitors, and I brought a good deal of money with me. I hear this Judge Jeffreys can be bribed. Is that true?”

“Shhh… my dear girl, don’t let anyone hear you say that or you will soon be joining your father. I know Judge Jeffreys, and while he is amenable to certain monetary compensations, he is very discreet about it.”

“You know Judge Jeffreys?”

I was formulating a plan in my head, and the very sophisticated, very urbane Lord Trevellyn played a prominent role in this plan.

He nodded slowly. “Yes, I know him.”

“Could you…would you…?”

“My dear Miss Campion, I would be delighted to come to your aid in any way that I can. Let me make a few discreet inquiries, and I’ll yalova escort let you know what I can do.”

“Oh, thank you, thank you. I can pay the judge, and I can pay you too.”

Lord Trevellyn laughed smoothly. “I can assure you, I don’t need your money. There are other forms of payment that I would be happy to receive in place of money.”

“Anything, Lord Trevellyn. I’m so grateful for your help.”

“Well, don’t hope for too much, Miss Campion, Clarissa, may I call you Clarissa? I quite feel as if we are conspirators together. I will do my best to help your father…to help you. I will return at six of the clock this evening to report my progress.”

“Thank you, Lord Trevellyn. I’ll be waiting.”

I watched him leave the room, and indeed he was a man among men. He stood taller than any man in the room, and he had such a regal bearing. I brushed aside the bothersome warnings that were lurking at the edges of my mind…”seducer, rake, reprobate…” These were the words I had heard in connection with Lord Trevellyn, but all I could think of was that he was my savior.

I returned to my room and waited impatiently for the dusk to steal across the sky. He was so commanding, so self-possessed; he instilled in me great confidence that he could do anything. I thought about the picture I must have presented to him today. When he had met me before I was turned out in all my finery – silk brocade ball gown, glittering jewels, hair dressed in a French fashion. I glanced at myself in the mirror. The dress I was wearing, although not my most becoming was at least the right color for me. It was a dark jade green that matched my eyes. My thick, dark hair was pulled back into a messy chignon at the nape of my neck. Curly tendrils were escaping about my face, and I looked years younger than my 19 years. I don’t know why I was thinking about my appearance at an important time like this; my father’s life was teetering at the edge of a deep and frightening precipice. Lord Trevellyn was that kind of man though, the type of man who made you wonder if your clothes were the latest fashion or if your hair was perfectly in place. Well, mine wasn’t and he still offered to help me.

Finally, the clock reached six, and I rushed down to the dining room to meet Lord Trevellyn. His countenance gave me no hint as to the success of his endeavor; he still gave me that slow smile when I entered the room and pulled out the chair opposite his. The dining room was still crowded and noisy and I had to lean in across the table to hear what he had to say.

“I’m sorry, Clarissa, I could not offer Judge Jeffreys money without putting myself in peril.”

My face must have showed my disappointment for he took my hand in his. Tears sprang to my eyes, and I clutched at his hand momentarily.

“No need to be so upset. I have another plan that I think will work marvelously.”

I brightened up considerably at this new hope.

“In fact, I was able to talk to Judge Jeffreys about your father, and he has already been moved to a private cell upon my recommendation.”

“He has? Thank you, Lord Trevellyn. Do you think he will be pardoned and released?”

“Please call me Jago. I do feel as if we are quite friendly now, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes I do. Please tell me. Is Judge Jeffreys going to spare my father?”

“Not quite so fast, Clarissa. He’s been moved to a private cell, and he will be released as early as the day after tomorrow if you do one small favor for me.”

I was puzzled. What favor could I possibly do for Lord Trevellyn? He had already refused money. I felt as if I would do anything for him at that moment if only he could help my father.

“Yes, I’ll do anything you ask.”

“That’s very accommodating of you, Clarissa. Your father will be released the day after tomorrow upon my recommendation to Judge Jeffreys if you agree to spend the night with me.”

For a moment, I thought I heard him incorrectly. What was he suggesting? He wanted me to spend the night with him in what manner?

“I-I don’t understand Lord Trevellyn. Spend the night with you?”

“Oh please, it’s Jago. Yes, spend the night with me. Sleep with me. Be my lover, be my mistress, be my slave for one whole evening and your father will go free.”

I stared at him in shocked silence. Surely he was joking. Then the words of my mother and others came back to me in full force. He was evil. His face seemed to change before me, and that blue light burned in his eyes again. Gone was the solicitous, kindly man who was helping me. In his place was a leering monster willing to barter with my father’s life for a night of…of…what? What did he want from me? I was a virgin; when our neighbor, Jeremy Lloyd, returned from his service in the King’s army in the Netherlands, we planned on getting betrothed. I had to refuse this despicable offer.

“How dare you. That I will not do. How could you in good conscience take advantage of my situation in this manner?”

“One problem with that escort yalova statement, my dear Clarissa, I don’t have a ‘good conscience.’ Do you wish to see your father go to the gallows? I’ve already spoken to Judge Jeffreys; he is willing to pardon your father upon my word. Become my slave for the evening and your heart’s desire will be fulfilled, as will mine.”

“You are the most degenerate…”

“Oh? You have intimate knowledge of degenerates? My dear, you have no idea.”

As I continued to stare at him in disgust, my mind was working. One night, surely I could get through one night. No one need know about this. I was sure that even Lord Trevellyn wouldn’t want this to become public knowledge. One night and my father would be free. One night and my mother would recover. One night and I need not see Lord Trevellyn ever again. I had thought about being in this man’s arms once. When we had danced together, his touch sent a thrill throughout my body. What would it be like? It was called “a fate worse than death,” but apparently that wasn’t the case, since many women had willing chosen this fate before, and apparently many women had chosen this fate with Lord Trevellyn. But that was the difference; I was not choosing this, not really. He was coercing me in the most horrid, most lurid manner possible.

“Think about it Clarissa. If you refuse, your virtue will remain intact but your father will be dead. Is your virtue worth your father’s life?”

“My father’s life is worth more than anything.”

He brought my hand to his lips, and they felt as if they were scorching me.

“I see that you are intelligent as well as brave. I can’t tell you how much I admire you for coming here on your own to save your father’s life. I felt that such courage as that should be rewarded, and I am going to reward you twofold: by saving your father’s life and by giving you a night you will never forget. I’ll send my carriage around for you at seven of the clock tomorrow evening, and you shall stay with me until seven of the clock the following morning. Later that day your father will be released.”

I felt as if I couldn’t remain in his presence a moment longer, so I jumped up from the table and rushed back to my room. What had I done? What was I thinking? I couldn’t go through with this. When Jeremy and I wed, I would not be a virgin. Would he be able to tell? What did Lord Trevellyn mean, slave? I would have no will of my own. I would have to do his bidding in all things.

The following day passed more quickly than I thought possible. It was almost seven of the clock, and he would be sending his carriage to take me to his country estate. I had heard a little of Trevellyn Manor, of its opulence and its beautiful gardens. Lord Trevellyn was a man of great wealth and influence. Indeed he had been one of Charles II’s confidantes, and the King had turned a blind eye to the antics of his favorites at Court. I checked my appearance in the mirror; I didn’t know what he expected of me. I hadn’t brought any eveningwear with me. I was being ridiculous; I doubted if we would be dining together, and once again I was filled with apprehension as to what the night ahead held for me.

As the clock struck seven, I hurried downstairs. True to his word, Lord Trevellyn had sent his grand carriage to transport me to Trevellyn Manor. The coachman jumped down and helped me into the carriage. His expression gave nothing away; in fact, he didn’t even look at me as he handed me inside the carriage. Were exploits such as this common for Lord Trevellyn? Trevellyn Manor was some distance from the town, and at last we pulled into a tree-lined drive. When I alighted from the carriage, the Manor stood before me in great splendor; it was magnificent.

Lord Trevellyn himself greeted me at the door and ushered me into the great hall. There were suits of armor and swords and shields mounted on either side of the hall; a sweeping staircase rose to the left of the hall.

“I’m so glad you kept your promise, Clarissa. There are a few small rules I want to discuss with you before the night’s festivities begin. First, two of my servants will prepare you for me; you are not to speak to either one of them. They know the rules also, and any indiscretion on your part will be reported to me. They are very loyal servants. Next, you are to address me as ‘master’ for the remainder of the evening. Do you understand that?”

I nodded.

“That won’t do at all, Clarissa. When I ask you a question, I expect you to answer me properly. Is that understood?”

I very nearly choked on the words. “Yes, master.”

“Very good. I knew you were special the moment I laid eyes on you at the Rosslyn’s ball. We could have enjoyed such a pleasurable evening if it weren’t for those meddling old women. I could tell you were enjoying my company as well. You are a woman of great passion and spirit; I cannot abide shrinking virgins. Now then, for the rest of the evening you will do my bidding. I will not tolerate any disobedience; yalova escort bayan a little hesitation on your part is to be expected, but you will comply in all things. Do you understand the rules, Clarissa?”

“Yes, master.” It was a little easier to get out this time. I could do this. Just then two women came through a side door into the hall. They were both obviously servants; one was past middle age with graying hair and a round jolly face. The other was younger, thin and plain featured and clearly in awe of Lord Trevellyn.

“Ah here are Mrs. Fisk and Molly now. Go with them, Clarissa, and I will see you shortly. Remember our rules.”

The servant named Mrs. Fisk took my arm to lead me up the staircase, and the younger one, Molly, followed behind. Did they know that I was here against my will? Well, not exactly against my will but manipulated into being here? I wasn’t to speak to them. Did they think I was here willingly to spend the night with Lord Trevellyn? I wanted them to understand the circumstances, but if I spoke they would tell him.

They led me into a beautiful room with thick red carpeting, a large four-poster bed with a red and gold brocade coverlet, heavy red drapes at the window, and a large fireplace covering almost one entire wall.

Mrs. Fisk spoke first. “Take off all your clothes, Miss.”

Oh God, I had to disrobe in front of these two servants?

“Milord doesn’t like to be kept waiting, Miss, so be quick about it.”

The younger girl stood in the background smirking. I wanted to slap her. Instead I took off all my clothes and Mrs. Fisk took them away from me. She then led me into an adjoining room with a hipbath already filled up with warm water. She ordered me to step into the tub and squat down in the water. There was lilac scented soap and Mrs. Fisk lathered it up and began washing me. I squirmed in discomfort as she touched all of the most private areas of my body. Molly had pitchers of warm water that she poured over my body to rinse me.

She poured the water between my breasts and laughed. “Lord Trevellyn will like her. She has big breasts and big nipples.”

I blushed scarlet to have my body discussed in such a manner. Mrs. Fisk didn’t reprimand her as I had hoped she would, so I guessed that she was allowed to treat me with disrespect too.

Mrs. Fisk and Molly both toweled me dry in front of the fire, and as Molly began combing out my long hair, Mrs. Fisk began rubbing scented lotion on my body. Despite my disgust at being handled in such a way, it was a pleasant feeling.

“Now then, Miss, lie down on the bed with your legs hanging over the side and your bottom at the edge of the bed.”

I hesitated momentarily. What were they going to do? I lay down as she instructed, and my eyes grew large as she approached me with a pair of scissors and a straight-edged razor, the type my father used to shave his face.

Molly laughed again. “Look, she thinks you’re going to do her harm, Mrs. Fisk. Oh don’t worry, Miss, milord has other plans for you this evening.”

I hated Molly. Then to my complete shock, Mrs. Fisk used the scissors to begin cutting my pubic hair. I cried out as she started, and she patted my leg and told me not to worry, that it wouldn’t hurt a bit. She then lathered up the scented soap again and spread the lather over my mound. Using the razor, she shaved me completely clean. I felt so exposed and humiliated, but she wasn’t done.

“Now bend your knees and then drop them to the side so that you’re spread open.”

I stared at her in utter dismay and consternation. Why was he subjecting me to this?

“Just do it, Miss, and it will go fast for you.” She didn’t seem unkind and I was grateful for that at least. I did as she told me feeling completely ashamed at the position I was in. She spread the lather between my legs on the very folds of my outer lips and down toward the crack in my bottom. She then expertly wielded the razor to scrape away the hair there. She asked for Molly’s help to prod me this way and that so she could get to all the hair, and I hated Molly’s fingers on me. It was clear that she was taking pleasure in my humiliation.

“Oh look, Mrs. Fisk, she’s enjoying this, isn’t she? You see her clit is growing bigger and her lips are all puffy.”

I didn’t know what she was talking about, but it was true. I had been feeling a pleasurable sensation when Mrs. Fisk started shaving me, and Molly started pulling the folds of my outer lips this way and that. But how did Molly know what I was feeling? Was my own body betraying me? Then to my complete horror, Molly flicked her finger at the little bud nestled in the fold of my lips.

“It’s getting bigger and harder.”

To further my degradation, Molly took my bud between her two fingertips and rolled it back and forth. Involuntarily my hips bucked forward wildly.

Mrs. Fisk finally spoke. “That’s enough now, Molly. That’s for milord’s pleasure, but we will of course report her response to him.”

Now Mrs. Fisk was the enemy too. When she finished shaving me, she rubbed some of the scented lotion all over the shaved area. Again, I couldn’t stop myself from pushing up against her hand. Molly seemed to take great delight in this, and I cursed my body for betraying me. This was just the beginning. How was I going to get through the rest of the night?

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