Auction Ch. 08


Chapter 8: Status

Jen knelt next to Ethan, waiting in silence while he inspected her work. This latest project had revolved around media markets in Singapore, and while Asia wasn’t her expertise by training, she felt she’d risen to the task with aplomb.

Ethan hummed with satisfaction; a good sign.

She kept her gaze on the floor, picking apart the intricate patterns of the Persian rug beneath her. He often did this, reading her work in absolute silence, only to then drill her for hours with a series of pointed questions about her product. In the end, the piece was always better for it (after all, who knew his interests better than he?) but the process was grueling, for it combined her fear of displeasing him with memories of the University’s dissertation board.

At last he pushed his chair back.

“Come sit in my lap, pet.”

Sit in his lap? He never asked for that. Usually he walked about the room while she sat at the desk and took notes about his comments and questions. Jen rose to her feet, careful to keep her gaze lowered, and turned to him.

He was dressed, unlike most days, in a silk robe of dark green, nothing more. She could see the tanned expanse of his broad chest beneath it, and permitted herself a fleeting glance to his groin.

Nothing. Not even the faintest stirring from that lovely cock of his. He must be serious today.

Fear spiked into her brain – was her product that bad?

She trembled at the thought of it as she climbed into his lap. He pulled her close, letting her sit back against him, her nude body reclining slightly. One strong hand held her around the waist, while the other played idly with her curls.

“Pet…” he began, but she interrupted him, her training to be silent broken by the fear of having failed him so badly.

Had it only been five months and she felt so driven to please?

“Sir, I am so sorry. I know this isn’t my best work. But if you will only give me more time I am sure that I can –”

A sharp pinch on her right nipple brought her rambling apology to a halt.

“Did you just speak without permission, Slave?”

She nodded tearfully, trembling. No more use of the nickname ‘Pet’, she was back to being called Slave. Jen sighed; it was no more than she deserved.

“Well, that is something we will table for another day. You haven’t been here that long, so I will forgive your impertinence for now.” He rolled her nipple between his fingers, and pleasant sensations began to pulse outward.

“If you hadn’t spoken out of turn, if you hadn’t forgotten yourself, you would have heard me say that this project is your best work to date.”

She sat up abruptly, her mouth agape.

He nodded, smiling. “Yes, you heard me, it’s concise and it’s very thorough. I am convinced I can sell my partners on the business expansion ideas laid out in Chapter Six.”

“Your impertinence aside, you deserve a reward.” He turned her in his lap so that she straddled him, and then pulled her into a passionate kiss.

He kissed her – really kissed her – and her appetites came roaring to the fore, demanding satisfaction.

Her pussy was suddenly alive with the electricity of that kiss.

Of all the things he did to her, all the instruments of pleasure and pain he used on her body and her mind, none got her in the mood as readily or as completely as his kisses. There was just something about the feel of his lips on hers that drove her wild.

He knew this of course.

As best she could recall, she’d told him this when they’d been lovers in college all those years before. How he remembered, she wasn’t sure, but he obviously did, because it was a button he rarely pushed.

She moaned into their kiss, writhing in his grip. He held her to him, his body a wonderful combination of hard muscle and smooth silk. Her nipples grew painfully hard as they mashed against him, tortured by the fabric of his robe.

Jen could feel him growing hard; felt his thick cock engorging into the space between her legs. As yet there was still a layer of silk between them, but she could feel him throbbing his way up and against her.

His hands seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at once, roaming the length and breadth of her back, tangling themselves in her curls, sliding across her breastbone up onto her neck, touching her face…everywhere and nowhere. Her skin burned from his touch and her breathing became ragged.

At last she pulled away, gasping for air, her full breasts heaving with desire. “Please, Master,” she panted, “I need you to fuck me.”

“You do, eh?”

“Yes, Sir, I need you, I need you inside me. I need your cock inside me.” She ground her hips against him wantonly, and noted with some satisfaction that he shivered as she moved the silk against his shaft. Sometimes he forgot that she was more than a plaything to be trained, that she was a formidable lover in her own right, possessed of skills that had driven many a many wild in her day.

That she’d come to be here, come to be his whore, mersin escort simply meant that all of those skills were now entirely at his disposal.

Ethan reached beneath them and pulled his robe to either side. Freed, his turgid cock pushed up and into her pussy, not entering her, but rather nestling amidst her folds. She could feel the heat of him, feel him grow slick from her wetness as she began to move her hips back and forth, teasing him with the promise of her most intimate grip.

He kissed her breasts, suckling her throbbing nipples whilst his hands pinned her arms behind her.

Jen mewed loudly, so utterly happy with her world at that moment. All she wanted she had right then, and her body was singing out its hunger in great shudders, building its excitement as she moved against him.

“Please,” she moaned into his ear, pulling herself tight against him.

He obliged, pushing up into her, filling her every curve and whorl with his hard member. She bucked against him, held tight in his encircled arms. The fugue was coming, that moment when she’d lose all sense of reason and surrender entirely to her appetites.

Ethan let her lift her hips up to piston against her, let her fuck him with her body, driving herself further and further into a frenzy – only to stop her with a firm hand on her shoulder.

“Wait. Before we proceed, I haven’t told you what your reward is it.”

“Uhh…mmmm…I thought…I thought this was my reward?” She was feverish with desire, and had trouble focusing on him.

He laughed. “No, Jen, this is for me. Your reward is something else altogether.”

Jen, he’d called her Jen, said a faint voice at the back of her mind, shouting to be heard through the roaring of her pussy’s cravings.

He never called her Jen. She could count on one hand the number of times he’d called her by her first name in the past five months.

“Whah…what is it?” She could taste the salt of his skin as she buried her face in his chest. Her pussy throbbed, gripping his shaft as it pulsed out her need. He smiled, accustomed by now to this sort of reaction.

“Your reward is that you may ask me one question of your choosing and I will answer it truthfully. No pretense of master or slave, just you and I, two lovers with no secrets. One question, about anything you desire.”

And like that the rising fugue was gone, blown away by his offer like smoke before a strong wind. Normally she would have craved the physical release – and indeed her body was still wracked with a very real hunger for it – but in this instance her mind’s addiction to information trumped all else.

She grew still against him and sat upright, suddenly very calm.

“Wait. Anything?”

He laughed. “I thought that might get your attention.”

She giggled and kissed his forehead.

“Well, it does. I mean, anything?”

He cupped her face with one hand and locked his gaze onto hers. “Yes, anything. Now, what is your question?”

It surprised her that she didn’t need to think about it. No sooner had he asked, than the words were coming out of her mouth.

“Tell me why Kami doesn’t have to wear a collar, but never wears clothes. Tell me why you two make love but I’ve never seen you flog her? Who is she? Where did she come from? Is she a slave like me or something more?”

He laughed as he playfully tweaked her nipples. “That’s not one question, and you know that.”

She giggled again. “Yes, I suppose it’s not. Sorry. But you know what I am driving at. I want to know about her and how she relates to you … me … us.”

Jen grew silent at this last part, unsure how it would be received. Ethan also grew still, which made her worry. Had she overstepped her bounds? Was Kami some great love of his and she’d just insulted that?

“What, Sir? What’s wrong? What did I say?”

He looked up at her again and smiled. “Nothing. Your question is a good one. It’s just not the question I expected you to ask.”

His cock pulsed within her, reminding her that she sat atop him, the very acme of a wanton slut seeking release. Her curls were wildly askew and her body glowed with a sheen of sweat.

“Really? What question did you expect me to ask?”

“Well, I thought you would have asked how I found you.”

And suddenly, there it was. He was right – that would have been the better question, one that spoke to their relationship, and one that would have offered greater insight into their relationship.

Instead, she realized, she’d asked a question that was appropriate to her station; a question that only a second-tier slutslave would ask about her first-tier rival.

Why had she asked that question?

There were so many things about him that she wondered about on a daily basis – not least of which how her college lover had come into such money and standing that he kept two women as bound concubines in a vast, seemingly anonymous estate in the country.

Or how a man she hadn’t seen for eight mersin escort bayan years had come to buy her at an underground auction. How without any real contact he’d found her and made her his own. Or even why he’d done that, why if he had access to all those women he hadn’t purchased another. Had it been simple chance or design?

And yet, she hadn’t asked those questions.

She’d asked about Kami; she’d asked to know more about the woman who took such cruel pleasure in flogging her to orgasm, in forcing her to submit. Her question laid bare her own feelings towards Kami – jealousy; envy; desire.

What did that say about her, she wondered. Was the Jen of five months ago so totally gone? Did she only care about this world now? Did that mean she’d embraced her new life as a slutslave some completely?

Yes, she realized, it did.

Somehow knowing everything about her rival, mistress, and tormenter meant more to her. Somehow she just had to know who this woman was that made love to her Master while she herself had to make do with the whip.

For her cravings for him ruled all. She was consumed by the freedom of being herself that he granted her through his dominance over her.

And if that made her a slutslave, she could live with that.

“Very well, I will tell you. But I must say that you must use this knowledge carefully. I understand why you’re asking me this, even if I don’t really approve. But if you use it to upset the order of my household, I will cast you out.”

His voice was hard now, serious and sobering with the threat of exile should she displease him.

Jen nodded solemnly. “Understood, Sir. I just want to know more about you. About how this new life of mine works. And Kami is a huge part of that.”

Ethan looked at her for one long moment and then relaxed. “Fine, then you use that lovely body of yours to bring me to climax, and I will tell you.”

She nodded enthusiastically as she began to clench his shaft, slowly moving her hips against him in a rhythmic, back-and-forth motion. He leaned back again, a smile of satisfaction on his face. Ethan placed one hand between her full breasts, and the other on her left hip.

After a long moment, she looked down at him. His eyes were open, just watching her. She could feel her fugue returning; this wasn’t a position she could hold for long, it simply produced too much friction against her clitoris. And, when combined with that magnificent cock fitted to her every contour, the pleasure was just too much.

He let her move against him for a good ten minutes like that, until she grew feverish again with her lusts.

At last, when she could feel her orgasm rising, he reached out and slapped her hard on each breast.

Once … twice … three times…

He kept at it, using the pain to turn her fugue into something purer, something more primal, more intense than a simple orgasm, even as she ground herself against him, working with him to recast her pleasure into pleasurepain. Soon her breasts were red and throbbing, even as her pussy began to really throb with need.

An ache was building in her.

She was so wet, pinned like some wanton butterfly to his shaft.

She needed release, and began to beg for it, falling forward against his chest to whimper out her request into his ear in short, gasping cries.

In response he wrapped one arm around her and began to fuck her, rolling his hips upwards and into her.

Jen moaned loudly…it was close now…

At last the fugue took her …washing out noise and light…she couldn’t see, she couldn’t hear…her whole consciousness narrowed to one long shaft of tumid flesh buried within her.

He let her writhe like that for some time, as she moaned out her need to cum, begging him, offering him anything if only he would grant her her release.

Jen wasn’t even sure what she offered him in the end, what promised iniquity finally convinced him to release her.

She didn’t care…all she knew was that finally he let her cum, pushing his index finger into her asshole as he murmured “Now.” into her ear.

Her body exploded in a frenzy of motion, rocking violently from side to side as the pain of her throbbing breasts and aching nipples melded finally and completely with the waves of pleasure emanating from his shaft pistoning inside her. Jen screamed out her orgasm and collapsed against him, shivering with release and panting “ohmigod” over and over as she fought to recover some semblance of herself.

All the while, he remained in motion, fucking her with a maddening slowness that frustrated her efforts to restore her composure.

She began to move again as well, working her inner muscles to give him his release.

Jen bit her lip against the powerful, almost painful, sensations coursing through her, and resolved to just endure, to be there for his needs.

After all, that’s why she was there. She was his whore.

Finally, he came, exploding his seed escort mersin into her, making her dizzy from the feeling of his cock spasming inside her.

A long moment passed as he caught his breath, and then he spoke.

“I bought Kami in March of 2002.”

He said this simply; as if purchasing a woman was something you did everyday, like buying shoes or a new television.

Jen’s mind whirled at this matter-of-factness, but then paused as she recalled that that same system had brought her to Ethan.

He kissed each of her throbbing nipples in turn.

She was totally wrung out, exhausted from the violent release of her orgasm. Her body was drained, and it was all she could do to hang onto him as he thrust his hips up and into her.

“I bought Kami in Los Angeles. I was there on business, and some friends brought me to a club after I closed a big deal with a firm from Japan. We hit a few bars, which turned into a strip club or three, and then, about four o’clock in the morning, my friends took me to the House of The Red Crane in Chinatown.”

“The what?”

“The House of The Red Crane. It’s an establishment known only to a select few. Some would call it a bordello. But it’s better described as a school where young women are trained to be concubines.”

“Really? Such places actually exist?”

He stopped thrusting for a moment. “Jennifer. I bought you at an auction. There were over thirty people in that room. There were nine girls for sale that night. Yes, such places exist. If you know how to find them.”

Point taken. She shook her head in wonderment as he began to thrust again. She could see from the look in his eyes that it was best to let him finish his story. “Please go on, Sir.”

“Right. So we went to the Red Crane, and had a few drinks while the owner showed us her wares.”

Her wares, Jen noted with interest.

“There were three women I was interested in that night. But of the three, I chose Kami. There was something about her that just clicked when I saw her. I must admit at the time I thought I was simply buying her for the night, but it turned out that that fee was only to sample the wares.”

“When we’d finished, the owner approached me and offered me the contract for her. I accepted, and we left, with the understanding that I would release her in two years’ time.”

“Release her?”

“Yes, the Red Crane trains concubines. Not slaves. Each woman is contracted out to the buyer for a set period of time. After that, they are released with a hefty sum from the House, and are free to do what they will.”

“But if the girls are released after that period, if they aren’t slaves, how does the House get them?”

He laughed, that hearty laugh he had when she clearly didn’t understand.

“Jen, do you know how long the waiting list is to be a student at the House of The Red Crane. Two and a half years. They have no shortages.”

Women did this voluntarily?

She supposed she could see that. After all, the experience of actually being sold, being coveted by so many, had been quite exciting, to say nothing of the subsequent joys of being Ethan’s slutslave.

“So, I took her home with me when I left Los Angeles, and over the next two years, she and I learned together. She’s quite submissive you know, and has a hunger for pleasure that matches yours.”

He had a wistful smile on his face that spoke of nostalgia.

She hated that smile right then.

“In March, 2004, I released her. Per the terms of the contract, we flew to Los Angeles and I took her home. It wasn’t an easy thing to part, but it wasn’t my choice. I didn’t own her anymore.”

“But she’s here now.”

“Yes. To my utter joy, my doorbell rang a week later and there she was, begging me to take her back. I did, of course, after the requisite rituals of obeisance.”

“And I’ve been here ever since,” said Kami’s voice from the doorway.

Jen looked up in surprise, suddenly conscious of her nudity, of being seen like this, straddling her Master, impaled on his cock.

The redhead stood there, watching them.

She’d heard everything.

Kami’s nipples were hard; she was clearly aroused at the sight before her.

“Go on,” she said with a wicked grin, “ask the next question, whore.”

“Yes,” said Ethan, “do ask the next question, lest it drive you mad.”

So she did.

She had to.

“So then why doesn’t Kami wear a slave collar?”

The redhead strode over to them and kissed Ethan on the mouth, before turning Jen.

“Because I am not a slave, you little slut. Unlike you, I am here of my own free will. I choose this life with Ethan; I choose to be here, to be the instrument of his pleasure and your torment.”

Kami reached out and traced one finger across Jen’s lips.

“And the tattoo?”

“That,” said Ethan, “is a symbol that she has given herself to me. And I say that word deliberately. The auctioneer gave you to me, you had no choice in that matter. Kami gave herself to me of her own free will. So we celebrate that, just the two of us. That lily tells the world that she is mine.”

“Will I ever get a lily?”

The question was spontaneous and took her by surprise.

Kami smiled down at her. “In time, when you understand what choice really is, I may teach you the skills necessary to win your own lily.”

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