Aunt Shelly


Aunt ShellyA favourite story from Literotica…Aunt Shellyby TryAnything Brian had always thought his Aunt Shelly was one of the most beautifulwomen in the world. Many times he had masturbated while thinking of her,her long blonde hair down to her waist, her sparkling blue eyes and widegenerous smile. He also liked her long slim legs, which she always seemedto showcase with either a short skirt or short shorts. But in any event,her legs were an enticing sight at all times. And she had full breasts.Many times Brian had been able to see her hard nipples firmly pressingagainst the material of her blouse or t-shirt. Each time he had had tomasturbate as quickly as possible, so excited did it make him.So his excitement at being told by his mother that she had volunteeredhim to help Shelly with her yard work and gardening for the day actuallymade his heart beat with excitement. A whole day getting to see her!He couldn’t wait. First thing the next morning Brian presented himself athis aunt’s house. It was only about a 10-minute bicycle ride normally,but Brian was so excited that it only took him 5 minutes. After waitingfor a minute after ringing the doorbell the door was opened and there shewas, standing there still in her nightgown.”Good morning, Brian,” she said, smiling at him. “I didn’t expect you soearly. Would you like to have some breakfast with me? Have you eaten?””Well, yeah,” he said, stammering. “I didn’t eat before I came over.””Then come in and sit down,” she said, holding the door open for him.Almost holding his breath, Brian brushed by her, feeling her nightgownon his arm as he went by. He went into the kitchen and sat down andShelly produced another plate and utensils and filled the plate for him.Brian had a hard time eating and not overtly staring at her. Her breastswere clearly visible through the diaphanous material of her nightgownand Brian could easily see her hard nipples. They finished eating andShelly quickly cleared the dishes.”I’ll just change and be right back,” she said with a smile.Brian was still very nervous as he waited. She was so beautiful. She washis father’s baby sister and had been divorced since her short marriageended a year before. Brian looked a lot like his father. He was tall,over six feet, and weighed 190 pounds. As a senior on the football team,he played both quarterback and end. He also played basketball and wasgenerally in very good condition.Shelly quickly returned, having changed into a pair of loose shorts and at-shirt that had been torn off just below her breasts. It was obvious thatshe wasn’t wearing a bra. They went outside and Shelly explained to Brianher plans of what she wanted to do. Side by side they started working and were very quickly hot and sweaty. Brian could clearly see Shelly’s breastswhen she bent over and his cock was hard as a rock in his shorts. It wasfinally so hot that Brian pulled his t-shirt off and mopped his face and headwith it. He had just tossed it aside when he noticed Shelly staring at him.”Why don’t we work around back for a while,” she suggested. “That way thehouse will shield the sun a little bit.”Brian picked up his shirt and followed Shelly into the backyard which wascompletely enclosed by a big wooden fence. Shelly pointed out what shewanted done and grabbed a ladder and some trimming shears and went totrim the orange tree.”Brian, will you hold the ladder for me?” she asked.”Sure,” Brian replied, coming over to brace the ladder so she could safelyclimb up to trim the tree.As he watched her go up the ladder, Brian noticed that Shelly not only hadno panties on, but that her pussy had no hair on it. As he stared, he couldeasily see the pink interior of her pussy as she leaned over to trim the tree.His cock felt like it would break it was so hard. Finally Shelly finished anddescended the ladder, her eyes noticing the substantial bulge inBrian’s shorts.”Maybe we should go for a swim and cool off for a minute,”Shelly suggested. “It’s really hot.””Yeah, it sure is,” Brian agreed.”Last one in…” Shelly said, turning and running towards the pool, diving inand surfacing finally at the far side. “I lost my…””There they are,” Brian said, seeing Shelly’s shorts rising to the surface rightwhere Shelly had dived into the pool. “I’ll get them,” he said, diving in andgrabbing them, holding them aloft for her to see.”Oh, just put them on the side,” Shelly said. “I’ll get them when I get out.And this too,” she said, ducking down in the water and surfacing with hert-shirt in her hand, which she tossed across the pool to land next to hershorts on the side. “This is better anyway,” she said, floating on her back. Brian could see her breasts sticking out of the water, her nipples hard anderect. Brian watched her floating, his cock impossibly hard in his shorts.Then Shelly rolled over and swam beneath the water towards Brian.He watched her shadow as it approached, and then she shot out of thewater next to him, her hands grasping the side of the pool and vaultingherself to a sitting position on the side, facing the water. He stared as sheplaced the heels of her feet on the drain edge of the pool, effectivelyspreading her pussy open right in front of him.”That felt so good,” she said, leaning back and shaking her head, waterflying from her long blonde hair. “Brian, maybe you could suck my pussyfor me before we go back to work,” she said, staring him straight in theeyes, one hand drifting down between her legs to spread her pussy lipsapart. “Do you think you could do that?” she asked, a finger sliding up anddown between her pussy lips.Without replying Brian turned and buried his face in his Aunt Shelly’s pussy,his tongue instantly sliding up into her. Brian wasn’t a virgin and he hadsucked pussy a couple of times, but he had never sucked anything like thispussy. The total lack of hair made it much easier to eat, and this was hisAunt Shelly, his father’s sister whose pussy he was sucking. Brian suckedand licked her pussy until she moaned and he tasted a flood of sweetjuices which he eagerly lapped up.”Umm, that was very nice,” Shelly said, reaching down and cupping Brian’schin in her hand. “You must like eating pussy.””I like yours,” Brian answered truthfully.”Well, I think you should come here every morning first thing and eat mypussy for me to start the day,” she said with a smile. “That would be nicefor both of us, wouldn’t it?””I’ll say!” Brian replied. “You mean it?””I most certainly do,” Shelly replied. “A talent like that shouldn’t go towaste. You’re not eating anyone else’s pussy in the morning first thing,are you?””N-no, of course not,” Brian replied. “Who would I?””Well…””I mean, there’s only mom and sis,” he said.”Never mind,” Shelly said. “Let’s get back to work.”Brian pulled himself up out of the water, his cock bulging in his shorts,hard and almost painful from its constriction.”That looks uncomfortable,” Shelly said, indicating his cock.”Sort of,” Brian agreed, resisting the urge to reach down and rearrangehimself.”I think you should just take them off,” Shelly said. “You’d be a lot morecomfortable.””You mean it?””Sure. Besides, I really do want to see your cock,” she said.”Aren’t I terrible? What must you think of me?””No, no, I don’t think so,” Brian quickly reassured her.”You’re like a dream.””A dream!” Shelly laughed. “I hope it’s a wet one. So go ahead,take ’em off.”Blushing, Brian undid his shorts and pushed them down, all ten inchesof his cock springing straight out in front of him as he stepped out of hisshorts. He didn’t know what to do with his hands so he reached down andpicked up his shorts.”My god,” Shelly breathed. “Look at the size of it! You’re bigger thanyour father!””My father!” Brian exclaimed. “How would you – I mean,he’s your brother.””Oh, I’ve seen his cock before,” Shelly said. “You’re definitely bigger.I’ve got to suck it,” she said, sinking to her knees in front of him.”It’s just so delicious looking,” she said as she reached out and wrappedher hand around the shaft, her fingers not even coming close to meeting.”This is incredible,” she said, opening her mouth and letting her tongueslide out to bathe the head of his cock. “Tastes nice,” she said, openingher mouth wide and letting the head sit on her tongue, gently closing herlips around it as her tongue slid all over, probing the slit. “So big,”she said, opening her mouth wide and pressing forward, inch by inchBrian’s cock disappearing into her mouth as she opened her throat toaccept it. She stopped for a moment, sucking on him, milking him with her mouthand throat, then she pushed again and the last few inches slowly disappeared into her mouth. She stopped, her face pressed into the hairat the base of his cock. Then she slowly pulled her head back, his cockappearing inch by inch until only her tongue remained in contact with it,stuck in the slit at the end.”Umm, I like that,” she said, opening her mouth once more and slowlyengulfing his cock.Brian just stared, his mouth hanging open as Shelly slowly fucked herown mouth on his cock, taking him all the way down into her throat eachtime. It drove him crazy and he only wanted to cum. His balls ached fromall the stimulation. Then Shelly wrapped one hand around his cock andthe other around his balls as she continued to suck him off. Brian groanedand saw that Shelly was looking up at him, watching him as she suckedon his cock.”Cum in my mouth,” she said, releasing him for a moment. “I want youto cum in my mouth,” she said, and then resumed sucking on him.She didn’t have to wait long as Brian was way past the point of noreturn. A strangled cry escaped from his throat as his balls spasmed,hot cum shooting through his cock and into Shelly’s sucking mouth.He could feel her tongue sliding all around the head of his cock as shesucked on him. He felt like his whole body was involved as his ballspumped spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth. It seemed like aneternity before he finally stopped cumming. He looked down and sawShelly smiling at him as she licked her lips.”That was very tasty,” she said. “I hope you’ll let me do that again.””I can’t believe how good that felt,” Brian gasped. “It was incredible!””You have a wonderful cock,” Shelly said as she got to her feet,reaching out to hold his diminished cock in her hand. “Now it won’t bein your way and we can get some work done,” she said with a laugh asshe released him. “Come on.”Brian laughed as he joined her, working hard and enjoying every minuteof it, being able to look up at any point and see Shelly, to admire herfull breasts swinging with hard nipples, sweat dripping from theirhardened points. He liked it the most seeing her from behind when she would bend over. The sight of her bald pussy and ass made his cockthrob. They finally finished the back yard and stood looking at eachother, out of breath, hot and sweaty.”I’d say it’s time to go for another swim, wouldn’t you?” Shelly said.”I’m ready,” Brian agreed.”I want you to think about sucking my pussy while you’re swimming,”Shelly said. “Think about what it tastes like, how it feels, what it lookslike,” she said. “I want to see how hard your cock can get from justthinking of me,” she explained.Brian was blushing as he dove into the water. His cock was already halfhard from just being around her. Now thinking of how good her pussyhad tasted brought him to full hardness before he broke the surface.When he did, he shot up out of the water and then rolled over onto hisback, his cock sticking up in the air.”Ooh, you must have really liked the taste of my pussy,” Shelly said witha laugh as she dove into the water, surfacing next to him. “I like that,”she said, grasping him in her hand. “I like that a lot.”Brian rolled away from her and swam beneath the surface to the side ofthe pool, exploding up out of the water and onto the side, standing upwith his hard cock out in front of him.”Come here,” Shelly said as she got out of the pool. “Bring your cockover here,” she said, sitting down on a chaise lounge.Brian walked over to her, his ten inches of hard cock swinging in front ofhim. When he got in front of her, she grabbed his cock in her hand andopened her mouth, taking him in and licking and sucking on him for aminute. Then she gave him one more good wet lick and released him.”Fuck me, Brian, fuck me with that big hard cock of yours,” Shelly said toher nephew. “Come on, Brian, stick your cock in my pussy right now,”she said, bringing her knees up and laying back, her hand between herlegs playing in her pussy. “Fuck me, Brian,” she said, sliding a finger inand out of herself, then bringing it up to her mouth and sucking on it.Brian just stared at his aunt laying splayed out in front of him,her beautiful bald pussy spread open, begging for him to fuck her.He couldn’t believe this. He grabbed his cock in his hand and dropped tohis knees, his cock pointing right at Shelly’s pussy.”That’s it, Brian, fuck me, fuck me with your big cock,” she urged him,her fingers still busy in her pussy.Brian leaned forward and began to rub his cock up and down betweenher spread pussy lips, feeling her juices make his cock wet and slippery.He rubbed some more and then slid to the entrance of her hole, the headof his cock lodged just inside of her.”That’s it, Brian, fuck me, fuck me now,” Shelly said, trying to lift her hipsto impale herself on his cock.Brian slowly pushed forward, feeling the hot velvety warmth of his aunt’spussy enveloping his cock inch by inch as he pressed into her. Shelly wasmoaning one long passionate sound as her nephew’s huge cock filled herpussy. When she felt him pressed up against her ass, totally buried in her,she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck.”That feels so good,” she said. “Now fuck me, show me what you can do.”Brian could barely contain himself. Shelly’s pussy felt like none that hehad been in, even if there had only been three others before this.This was incredible. It was like being in a milking machine as her pussymuscles massaged his cock as he began to slide in and out. Shelly gaspedeach time he pushed back into her, sighing when he pulled out. He couldn’tbelieve how tight her pussy was. She was an adult who had been married.The other girls his own age he had fucked hadn’t been this tight. And thattightness was having its effect. It seemed like he had just begun and Brianfelt his balls churning in anticipation of his incipient orgasm. Shelly waswrithing beneath him as he slammed his cock in and out of her. He lookeddown and saw her pussy lips clinging to the shaft of his cock as he pulledback, then disappearing inside of herself as he drove back in. And then helost it and cum was shooting from his cock into Shelly’s pussy. She felt hisorgasm and milked him, using her pussy to get every last drop of cum fromhim. Slowly she felt his cock stop spurting and then shrink. When he pulledhimself out of her she sat up, a big smile on her face.”That was very, very nice,” she said. “I love the way your big cock fills mypussy. Did you like it?””That was the best I’ve ever felt,” Brian said, shaking his head.”Just the best.””Come here and let me suck your cock clean for you,” Shelly said, reachingout for him.Brian stared in amazement as Shelly began to suck on his cock, all coveredwith their combined cum. But she sucked him for a couple of minutes,cleaning him thoroughly before stopping, leaving him half hard again.”Umm, that’s the best,” she said as he stepped back. “I love the taste ofdirty cock straight out of a pussy. Did that excite you?” she asked, seeinghis cock hardening.”Yes,” Brian admitted.”Good. It should,” Shelly laughed. “But now it’s your turn,” she said,leaning back and spreading her legs. “You clean me up now.””You mean eat your pussy with my cum in it?” Brian asked, a shocked lookon his face.”Uh-huh,” Shelly said with a smile. “You’ll love it, believe me. You do wantto come over in the mornings and eat my pussy, don’t you?” she asked.When he nodded she continued. “Well, I might not always be alone,or maybe I was with someone. I mean, my pussy might be full of cum.You’ll never know. But you have to come every day, never miss one, or Iwon’t let you come any more,” she said. “Do you still want to come?” “Yes,” Brian said after an initial hesitation, nodding his head.”Of course, I’ll probably let you fuck me too. I mean, I can’t just let thatbeautiful cock go to waste. Now suck my pussy clean for me,” she said,sliding her fingers up and down between her spread pussy lips.Brian slowly sank to his knees, staring at Shelly’s cum-filled pussy staringat him. Taking a deep breath he leaned forward, leading the way with histongue into her swampy pussy. He tasted the stickiness that was his owncum and tasted the tangy juices that were Shelly’s, swirling them aroundin his mouth as he licked and sucked. When he finally had to swallow,he could taste it down into his stomach. And it didn’t taste that bad at all,he realized as he continued to suck Shelly’s pussy, now more eagerly.After a few minutes her pussy was clean, all of the cum that had filled her sucked out by Brian. He sat up on his knees, pussy juices and cumsmeared all over his face.”Umm, that was wonderful,” Shelly said, leaning forward and licking hisface. “You taste nice,” she said, continuing to lick his face. “Very nice,”she said, sliding her tongue across his cheek to trace his lips. “Very nice,”she said, sliding her tongue between his lips, into his mouth to seek outhis tongue. Brian responded, kissing his aunt, their tongues swirling together.Shelly brought his hands up to her breasts, holding them tight against her.Brian kneaded them, feeling their fullness, his fingers automaticallyfinding and rolling her nipples, pulling on them as Shelly moaned into hismouth. Then Shelly pushed him away, laughing.”You’ve got to stop,” she said. “What will people say! Now get dressedand go home. And don’t forget to be here first thing in the morning.””What time?” Brian asked, finding his shorts and pulling them on,stuffing his cock into them.”Oh, seven-thirty,” Shelly said. “Is that too early for you?””No, no, seven-thirty,” Brian said, nodding.”Say hi to your mom for me,” Shelly said. “Tell her to call me.””Okay,” Brian agreed, a little uncomfortable. “You won’t tell her anything…””Of course not,” Shelly laughed. “I’ll let you do that.””Oh, I won’t, believe me,” Brian insisted.”I know you won’t,” Shelly said. “Now get on home.””Bye,” Brian said, turning to leave. “I’ll be here right on time,” he saidas he opened the gate. “If you really want me to.””You better be here,” Shelly said. “My pussy will be waiting for you.The back door will be open. You can just let yourself in. My room is thefirst one on the left up the stairs. Just let yourself in; you can undressdownstairs. Then just come up to my room and suck my pussy.I don’t care if I’m awake or not. Okay? Can you do that?””Yes,” Brian replied, nodding.”See you in the morning then,” Shelly said, smiling at him as he closedthe gate behind himself. “Ahh,” she sighed, shaking her head. “That wasjust wonderful.”The next morning Brian arrived right at seven-thirty at Shelly’s house.He let himself into the backyard and then into the house. He couldn’thear any sounds so he quietly undressed and crept up the stairs. Going to the first door on the left, he looked in, seeing Shelly naked onthe bed, still sleeping. He hesitated, not sure whether to proceed or not.He knew what she had said, but he was still worried about the fact thatthis was his aunt and was she teasing him or not. What if she was andshe woke up angry with him. But she had insisted, he remembered.Made him promise. So taking a deep breath Brian entered the room, standing at the foot ofthe bed and staring at Shelly’s naked body. He eased onto the bed,gently pushing her leg to the side and opening and exposing her nakedpussy. He crawled forward until her pussy was right in front of his face,drawing a deep breath and smelling her. Then he stuck his tongue outand licked her softly, tasting her. When nothing happened he licked heragain, and again, this time sliding his tongue between her pussy lipsand tasting her center. Now she sighed, shifting on the bed, her legs opening wider. Brian beganto lick and suck her pussy, tasting her juices as they began to flow.He loved the taste of her pussy. He ate and licked and sucked with joy,delighting as the flow of juices became more and more copious.He grabbed her clit between his lips and teased it with his tongue,sucking on it the whole time. Finally Shelly groaned out loud, arching herback as she came, coming awake at the same time, reaching down tocaress Brian’s head as he continued to suck her pussy.”Oh, Brian, that was so nice,” she breathed, running her hand throughhis hair. “What a wonderful way to wake up. Come up here and let mesuck your cock for a little bit,” she said, pulling his hair gently.Brian lifted himself from her pussy, juices smeared across his face,and crawled up her body, licking her nipples on the way to her mouthwhere he kissed her, swirling his tongue with hers and letting her tasteherself on him. She pulled him up further, getting him to kneel on eitherside of her head, his cock hanging in her face. He watched as sheopened her mouth and began to suck on him. He was hard as a rockand just dying to cum. Shelly sucked on him for several minutes,again enjoying the taste of her young nephew’s cock in her mouth.”Now you can fuck me,” she said, releasing his cock from her mouth.”Let me get on my hands and knees and you can fuck me from behind,”she said. “You should stand up, it’s easier that way.”Brian got to his feet as Shelly rolled over, pushing onto her knees,her ass and pussy pointing at him.”Go ahead, Brian, fuck me,” Shelly said, reaching around behind herselfwith one hand and pulling her pussy open. “Stick that big cock in me,”she said.Brian rubbed his cock in her open pussy, getting it nice and wet,then pushed himself into her, again feeling her velvety warmthenveloping him as he buried himself inside of her. Shelly was sighingas he began to saw his cock in and out of her pussy. He loved the wayher pussy grasped his cock and milked it each time he filled her.He fucked her for several minutes like this, reveling in the sensationof her pussy on his cock.”Now fuck my ass,” Shelly said, reaching behind herself and grabbinghis slippery cock in her hand. “Stick your cock in my ass,” she repeated.”You sure?” Brian asked. “I’ve never done that.””You’ll love it,” Shelly assured him. “I want your cock in my ass,”she said, pulling him from her pussy and placing the head of his cockagainst her asshole. “Now push it in,” she said, using her hand to pullher ass cheeks open.Brian felt incredible resistence as he tried to push his cock into Shelly’sass. And then suddenly his cock slid in almost three inches as Shellygasped then groaned as his huge cock suddenly split her open. Her handwas still wrapped around the shaft of his cock and she held him, adjustingto his size. Then she slowly released him, pressing back against him.”Go ahead, slowly,” she instructed. “Loosen me up a bit and then fuckthe shit out of me,” she said, laughing. “God, your cock is so big,”she gasped as he pushed forward, three or four more inches slidinginto her ass.Then he pushed forward again, this time succeeding in burying his cockin his aunt’s ass. He stopped, feeling his pulse throbbing deep insideof her. Her ass sphincter squeezed his cock, making him even harder.Slowly he pulled back, withdrawing his cock a bit, then pushed back in.Slowly he began to worm his cock in and out of her ass, a few inches ata time, until he was finally able to slide his entire cock in and out.Then he began to fuck her, her ass even tighter than her pussy.Shelly was moaning and groaning as he continued to fuck her ass.With one hand she had reached beneath herself and was rubbing her clitand jamming fingers into her pussy as he fucked her ass. Then Briangroaned as he lost control and began to cum.”Yes, yes,” Shelly cried out. “Cum in my ass. Fill my ass with your cum.”Brian groaned as Shelly clenched her ass on his cock, his balls spasmingas they emptied into the depths of her bowels. He finally stoppedcumming and his cock remained hard, ensconced in her ass. Finally hebegan to shrink and slowly his cock slid from Shelly’s ass, shiny and covered with her shit and his cum.”Oh, Brian, that was so nice,” Shelly gasped, falling onto her face onthe bed. “You can go clean yourself up. And don’t forget to be here inthe morning,” she said, laying there, cum oozing from her ass.Brian went to the bathroom to clean himself and then left, seeing Shellyjust laying on the bed, her eyes closed. He went downstairs and dressed,leaving the same way he entered, a big smile on his face as he facedthe day.The next few days were the same. He would go to Shelly’s in the morningand suck her pussy. Then she would suck him and have him fuck her.Sometimes in the pussy, sometimes in the ass. When he fucked her inthe pussy, she always made him suck her clean afterwards. Then onemorning when he went over, he was going up the stairs when he heardsome noise coming from Shelly’s bedroom. She had never been awakewhen he arrived before so he was surprised to hear her.Going into her room, he was stopped in his tracks by the sight of Shellyon her back with her head towards him with another woman on top of herin a 69, her face buried in Shelly’s pussy and Shelly’s tongue slitheringin and out of the pussy in front of her. Brian obliquely noticed that thepussy was shaved as his mouth fell open.Shelly noticed him and brought one finger to her lips, indicating that heshould be quiet. Then she brought her legs up around the back of thewoman on top of her, clamping them around her back and holding hertight as she sucked her pussy. Shelly indicated for Brian to approachand she began to saw three fingers in and out of the pussy above herface, sticking her tongue out to lick also.When Brian got close, Shelly reached out with one hand and grabbed him by his cock which was hard and sticking out in front of him.She pulled him close, the whole time continuing to lick and frig thepussy in front of her. Brian realized that she wanted him to straddleher head and he got onto the bed, his cock above Shelly’s face andpointing at the pussy Shelly was sucking.Shelly grabbed his cock and positioned it so that it was resting at theentrance to the woman’s pussy. She grabbed his ass and pulled andBrian pushed forward, driving his cock all the way into the pussy,feeling it impossibly tight, yielding to his cock as he buried himself inher. He heard her cry out and felt her try to rise up, but Shelly’s legseffectively held her down and soon she was again sucking Shelly’spussy while Brian began to fuck her pussy. Shelly would lick her pussyand Brian’s cock as it slid in and out.Brian quickly found himself ready to cum, so tight was the pussy thathe was fucking. He lost control and began to cum, filling the pussy hewas fucking. Shelly had her mouth glued to the juncture of his cockand the pussy, sucking at the cum that was escaping around the edges.When Brian finished cumming Shelly pulled his cock from the pussyand glued her mouth to it, licking and sucking, drinking up the cumcocktail that filled her. When she finished, she smiled up at Brian,pussy all over her face.”I’ve got something for you to suck,” Shelly said, squeezing with herlegs. “But no peeking. It has to be a secret. You have to promise.””I promise,” Brian heard from between Shelly’s thighs.Shelly directed Brian to move around to the other end, cautioning himwith her fingers to her mouth to be quiet. It was lucky she hadcautioned him, because when Brian moved around and saw thewoman kneeling there above Shelly’s pussy, her mouth open and hereyes closed tight, he almost screamed out loud. Frozen with shock,Brian crawled up onto the bed, kneeling in front of the woman,looking down as he slid his cock into his mother’s mouth, her lipsclosing around the shaft as she sucked him.”Remember, no peeking and suck him until he cums,”Shelly instructed.Brian knelt there in terror watching as his mother sucked his cock.And she sucked it really good. She had no trouble sucking his entireten inches into her mouth, easily swallowing him. He could seethat Shelly had returned to eating his mother’s pussy and that shein turn was working on his cock even harder. His mother’s hands slidaround to hold him by his ass, his cock deep in her throat as shemilked him. He felt one of her fingers making circles around his asshole and then press against it. She sucked him harder and hegroaned, momentarily relaxing and allowing the finger that was pressing lightly against his asshole to suddenly press harder andslide into his ass.Brian groaned and his balls exploded, cum shooting from his cockinto his mother’s mouth where she greedily gulped and swallowed,sucking him and keeping her finger buried in his ass. Finally hestopped cumming and his mother sucked every last drop from hiscock. As she let his cock slide from her mouth, her finger also slidfrom his ass. He looked down as she knelt there with her eyessqueezed shut, licking her lips and swallowing the last of his cum.”You came like crazy, Beth,” Shelly said, licking her pussy once more.”Mmm, that was so good,” Brian’s mother said.”You can go now,” Shelly said to Brian. “And thank you,” she said.”Say thank you, Beth,” Shelly said.”Thank you,” Brian’s mother said. “I loved your cock.””It is a nice cock, isn’t it?” Shelly asked when Brian had gone,releasing Beth so they could both sit on the bed.”Wonderful,” Beth agreed. “And so big, too.””Yes, I like that part myself,” Shelly laughed.”I can’t believe how you’ve corrupted me,” Beth said with a laugh.”I’m such a slut now.””You’ve always been one, you were just afraid to let it show,”Shelly said with a laugh. “We’re all sluts. And they’re all studs,there to service us.””If only Bill knew,” Beth said, shaking her head. “He’d never believe it.””My brother,” Shelly said. “People have always underestimated him.””Well, I’ve got to go,” Beth said. “Thanks for the fun.””See you soon,” Shelly said, rolling over on her back and watching asBeth dressed. “Brian did a great job on the yard the other day.Thanks for sending him over.””He’s such a good boy,” Beth said. “I’m pretty lucky.””Yes, you certainly are,” Shelly agreed, bursting out laughing.”What’s so funny?””See you later,” Shelly said through her laughter.The next morning Brian showed up and woke Shelly with his tongue,happily sucking her pussy until she came, then fucking her and then sucking her again. When he finished and was sitting back, watchingShelly suck his cock clean, she stopped, looking up at him.”So, how did you like fucking your mother?” she asked. “And having hersuck your cock?””I almost died when I realized it was her,” Brian confessed. “But herpussy felt just great and she really sucks good. It’s just so strangewhen I see her at home now. She just acts like mom, but I know anotherside of her and she doesn’t realize that I know. It’s sort of weird.””Well, I’ll arrange for her istanbul escort to come over again soon, that way you canfuck her again. But next time I want you to suck her pussy. I’d love towatch you eating the pussy that you came into the world through.And you’ll fuck her in the ass too. How does that sound?””Great!” Brian agreed. “But what if she sees me?””She won’t. I’ll make sure of that. Now suck my pussy one more timeand then you can go,” Shelly said, laying back and spreading her legs.When Brian arrived the next morning, he heard noise from the bedroomas he went up the stairs. Expecting to see Shelly with his mother again,he was surprised to see her laying on top of some man, his cock in hermouth, her pussy plastered all over his face. Since she was facing thedoor, Shelly saw him immediately, putting her finger to her lips toindicate he should be silent and motioning for him to come closer.Brian knelt at the foot of the bed and watched as Shelly sucked theman’s cock right in front of him. He was totally startled when Shelly indicated that she wanted him tocontinue sucking the man’s cock. He shook his head to say no, but thelook on Shelly’s face made him realize that he’d better do what shewanted or there would be no more fun. Shelly reached out and took hishand, pulling him to the man’s cock and wrapping his hand around the shaft as she continued to suck on it. It was warm and smooth and soft and hard and Brian could feel it pulsing in his hand. Then Shellyindicated that he should suck on it and she pushed herself to a sittingposition, keeping her pussy firmly planted on the man’s face.”No peeking,” Shelly said as the man started when Brian opened hismouth and lowered it around the man’s cock, finally closing his lips onthe shaft and tasting a cock for the first time in his life. “Just enjoy,” Shelly said, reaching down and tousling the man’s hair.Brian found the taste and texture of the cock interesting and surprisinglyenjoyable. He began to lick and suck on it the way Shelly had done tohim, realizing that he was doing it right when he tasted precum leakingfrom the tip of the man’s cock. Brian continued to lick and suck the man’scock, enjoying the experience and now determined to make him cum.He felt the cock grow larger in his mouth and then he was surprised whencum began spurting hotly into his mouth. He felt it coat his mouth,the taste filling him as quickly as his mouth filled. He had to swallow tomake room and found that the taste, while different, was definitely good.He continued to suck and swallow, not stopping until he could get nomore cum from it. Only then did he let it go, looking up to see Shellysmiling hugely at him.”Wasn’t that nice?” Shelly said, smiling at him.Brian wasn’t sure whether she was talking to him or the man, but eitherway he knew not to say anything. But he nodded in agreement,licking his lips.”Did you like that, Bill?” Shelly asked, seeing the total shock onBrian’s face as he realized that he had just sucked his father’s cock.”I told you your little sister would take care of you,” she said,affirming his suspicion. “Now, remember, no peeking,” she said, indicating to Brian that he should go.Brian staggered down the stairs, in shock at the thought of his fatherfucking his sister, his aunt, and the fact that he had sucked his cock.And he had fucked his mother and she had sucked his cock. And nobodyknew but him and Shelly. He shook his head as he dressed, slipping outof the house and going home. When he got there, he found it difficult tobe normal with his mother, who noticed that he was behaving oddly but didn’t know why.The next morning Brian was pleased to find Shelly alone in her bed,still asleep. He crawled between her legs and happily glued his mouthto her smooth bald pussy, loving the taste as he felt her begin to stiras his tongue awakened her. When he felt her hand on his head,encouraging him, he crawled up her body, his cock sliding easily intoher open pussy. Brian loved the sensation of his cock in his Aunt Shelly’spussy. It was so tight and hot and wet and he thrust his hips back andforth with abandon, feeling Shelly thrust up against him each time.Finally he came, his cum shooting up into her pussy which milked himferociously as he pumped his hot load into her. When he finally finishedcumming, his cock slid out of Shelly’s pussy as he reversed himself,once more gluing his mouth to her pussy, this time sucking it full oftheir combined cum. He felt Shelly pull him so that he was laying ontop of her and then he felt her mouth on his cock, sucking him cleanwhile he sucked her pussy. When they had both finished, they laythere catching their breath.”Brian, you are so wonderful!” Shelly said finally. “And such a finelover too.””I love sucking and fucking you,” he said.”And did you enjoy sucking your father’s cock yesterday?” she asked.”Well, I didn’t know it was him,” Brian replied defensively.”Did you enjoy it not knowing who it was?” Shelly persisted in asking.”Well, yeah, I did like it,” Brian conceded.”Did you like the taste?””Yes. Not really at first, but then, yeah, it tasted good. Not as good asyour pussy, but it was okay.””Did you like it when he came in your mouth?””That sort of surprised me, how much cum there was. But it was okay.Sort of sticky, you know, but I liked it. It wasn’t that much different thansucking your pussy after I cum in it, just more concentrated, I guess.””That’s good,” Shelly told him. “If you have that attitude, you’re going tohave a lot of fun. I’ll see to it. Now eat my pussy once more for me andthen you can go.””Mmm,” Brian said, once more sliding his tongue up his aunt’s sweetjuicy pussy, not stopping licking and sucking until she came once more,bathing his face yet again with her juices. Shelly kissed him when hefinished, licking his face then letting him go. Brian went downstairs anddressed, quietly leaving the house and going home. Going up the stairs,he went into the bathroom, stopping short in his tracks when he saw hissister sitting on the countertop, a big dildo jammed up her pussy.”Brian!” she exclaimed. “Don’t you even knock?” she asked, flustered,pulling the dildo from her pussy as Brian stood there and stared at her.”Now get out,” she said, her face crimson as he backed out of the bathroom, the sight of her pussy lips spread apart, her hole gaping athim from being stretched by the dildo.Brian went to his room, shaking his head in amazement as he thoughtabout what he had just seen. It was obvious that Britta was not a virgin,as the size and amount of the dildo up her pussy testified to. Even thoughhe had cum twice that morning already with Shelly, Brian felt his cockgrowing rapidly in his pants. Sighing, he dropped his pants and underwearand began to slowly stroke his cock as he pictured his sister with the dildojammed up her pussy. He was getting close to cumming, precum oozingfrom the slit of his cock which he used to lubricate his hand as it slid upand down his cock. Just as he was about to cum there was a soft knockon his door and then it pushed open, as he had not shut it completely.”Brian,” he heard as his cock exploded in his hand, “I just wanted to talkto you…” Britta said as she stepped into the room, stopping when she saw Brian with his cock in his hand, cum shooting from the end of it tosplash on the floor at her feet. “Oh, god, I’m sorry,” she said, backing up.”I’m so sorry,” she said, pulling the door shut after her.”No, no, Britta, it’s okay,” Brian stammered as he squeezed the last dropof cum from his cock. “I should have closed the door better.””I didn’t mean to see you,” she said from the other side of the stillopen door.”And I didn’t mean to see you,” he said. “It’s okay. What did you wantto talk to me about? You can come in.””Are you sure?” she said, peeking around the door and seeing that hewas still standing there naked.”Well, you’ve already seen me, so I guess it doesn’t matter. And I’veseen you too.””I’m embarrassed,” Britta said, not averting her eyes.”Well, either come in or close the door or we’ll really be answeringquestions.””I just wanted to make sure you weren’t going to tell mom and dadabout, you know,” she said, softly closing the door behind her, her eyesriveted to her brother’s cock.”That you’re not a virgin?” Brian asked, squeezing one last drop of cumfrom his cock. “I don’t think that would upset them all that much,”he said, bringing his hand to his mouth and licking the cum from it.”You – you – you eat your own cum?” she asked, incredulous.”Uh, oh, well, yeah, I guess,” Brian stammered, realizing what hehad done.”Are you queer?” Britta asked.”No way!” Brian said. “I love pussy.””Brian!””Well, I do.””But you just licked your own cum.””Well, so? Haven’t you ever tasted a guy’s cum?””Yes,” Britta replied, blushing.”I mean, suck a guy off until he cums in your mouth,” Brian explained,watching her expression as she stared at his cock which was slowlygetting hard again.”Yes.””Do you like it?””Yes.””Don’t any of your boyfriends ever suck your pussy after they fuck you?”he asked.”Brian!””Well?””No! Of course not!””Then you’re really missing out.””What are you saying? You do that?””Sure,” Brian replied, trying to act even older than his one year ofseniority. “It’s really sexy and it turns ’em on.””Are you k**ding?””I’ll bet you’re wet right now just from talking about it,” Brian said witha laugh. “Hell, it’s making me hard again,” he said, taking his cock inhis hand and squeezing it, feeling it get even harder.”What are you saying?” Britta asked.”Shut the door all the way,” Brian told her.”Why?””So we can check to see how wet your pussy is without somebody seeingus,” Brian explained.”Are you k**ding?””I’ve already seen you with that big dildo stuck up your pussy. If you’reas wet as I think you are, I’ll suck your pussy for you.”Britta just stared at her brother with her mouth wide open, seeing hiscock get harder and harder, standing straight out in front of him.”Brian!””I mean, you do like having your pussy sucked, don’t you?””Of course I do.””Well, if you’re not wet, you don’t have anything to worry about.But if you are wet, then I’ll suck your pussy for you. Doesn’t it makeyou wet just thinking of a tongue licking your clit?””That’s not fair,” Britta protested.”But if you don’t want to, that’s okay. I think I’ll just beat off againinstead of letting you suck me,” he said, squeezing his cock and slowlystarting to stroke it.”Letting me suck you! What are you talking about?” Britta asked,her eyes glued to his cock in his fist as he slowly pumped it.”Only if you really want to,” Brian said, still pumping his cock in his hand.”Here, sit down and you can watch up close,” he said, one hand on hissister’s shoulder, pushing her so that she sat down on the bed.Britta just stared at her brother’s cock which was almost sticking in herface as he continued to pump it in his hand. She could see a little bubbleof precum forming at the tip and she knew her cheeks were flushed withembarrassment as he watched her brother masturbate in front of her.Then Brian shuffled closer, standing right at the edge of the bed, his cocksticking right in her face. She couldn’t help staring. Brian’s cock was much bigger than any other cock she had seen. She had had sex with a few boys,but none of them had a cock nearly as big as her brother’s.”Do you like it?” Brian asked, slowly stroking himself in her face.”Does it turn you on, make your pussy wet?””Brian,” Britta began to protest. But when she opened her mouth Brianleaned forward and rubbed the head of his cock on her mouth. Britta couldtaste the drop of precum on her lips now and she licked them reflexively,tasting her brother’s juice. She reached up to push him away and the towelwhich she had been grasping around her body fell to the bed, leaving hernaked in front of him, her nipples hard and standing out with excitement.”That’s better,” Brian said, once more leaning forward and this timepressing his cock against her mouth. “Go ahead, suck it,” he encouraged.”We shouldn’t be doing this,” Britta said, her tongue flicking out to tasteher brother’s cock. “It’s wrong.””It doesn’t feel wrong to me,” Brian said, pressing forward and watchingas Britta let her lips part just enough for him to slide the head of his cockinto her mouth. “That’s better,” he said as he felt her tongue sliding allover the head of his cock, her lips firmly wrapped around his shaft.Britta reached up with both hands to grasp the shaft of her brother’s cockas she began to suck on him. Inwardly she sighed, but outwardly sheeagerly began to suck, totally amazed at the size of her brother’s cockin her mouth. It was so big and it tasted so good, she thought as shehappily began to suck on him.”Your cock is so big,” she said, stopping for a moment to catch her breath.”I’ve never seen one this big before.””Do you like sucking cocks?” Brian asked.”Well, yeah, I guess so,” Britta replied. “But I’ve only done it a few times,you know. But I do like it,” she said, opening her mouth and once again sucking on her brother’s cock.Brian watched as his sister continued to suck his cock. Her naked breastsjiggled as she bobbed up and down on his cock. He could see that hernipples were hard and that they stuck out like big erasers. He concentratedon the blowjob he was getting, wanting to cum in her mouth, wanting tosuck her pussy.Britta was audibly moaning now as she sucked on his cock. One of herhands was wrapped around the shaft of his cock, the other held his balls,rolling them gently in her hand as she let his cock jam into her throat.Brian began to fuck his sister’s face, one hand holding her hair as he slidhis cock in and out of her mouth. He could feel her tongue lathing himeach time he thrust forward. Finally he felt his balls beginning to churnand he increased the pace of his cock, pushing harder and feeling the head of it start to go down her throat before she gagged, then he wouldpull back. Finally he felt his balls spasm and then a hot jet of cum was shootingfrom his cock into his sister’s mouth. Britta sucked and swallowed,amazed by the amount of cum that came from her brother’s cock as shesucked him dry. Neither of the other times she had sucked a boy’s cockhad he cum so much. Finally Britta could suck no more cum from herbrother’s cock and she let him slide from her mouth, still hard but notquite so hard. She looked up at him with a smile on her face, her lipspuffy from the face fucking he had just given her.”Did you like that?” she asked, smiling at him.”That was great,” Brian admitted, for it had been. “You really do like it,don’t you?””You came so much,” Britta said. “I’ve never seen anyone cum so much.””Did you like eating my cum?””I like the way it tastes,” she admitted, nodding. “It makes me feel sosexy when it starts shooting in my mouth.””Did it make you wet?””Yes.””Let me see,” Brian insisted, kneeling down and tugging at the towelwhich was still around her waist.Lifting herself up off the bed a few inches, Britta allowed her brotherto pull the towel from her, leaving her sitting naked on the edge ofthe bed in front of him. When he pushed her knees apart and up,placing her heels on the edge of the bed about three feet apart,opening and exposing her pussy completely to him, Britta leanedback on her elbows, watching as he leaned forward and dragged histongue through her parted pussy lips, tasting her wet juicy pussy.”Oh, Brian, that feels so good,” she said, stroking his head as hebegan to lick and suck his sister’s pussy. She was really wet and Brian thoroughly enjoyed sucking on her.She had a rather large clit which stuck out and he liked sucking onit and teasing it with his tongue. Britta writhed on the bed when heteased her like this and it wasn’t long before she was shudderingwith an orgasm, more juices flooding Brian’s face as he continuedlicking and sucking, slurping the juices that flowed as his reward for exciting her so much. Finally he sucked her dry and sat back on hisknees, pussy juice smeared all over his face.”You have a really nice tasting pussy,” Brian told her, wiping his facewith the back of his hand.”I love the way you lick me,” Britta said, sighing. “It feels so good.””That sounds like mom,” Brian said, hearing a car pull up.”Oh, god, I gotta get outta here,” Britta said, jumping up from thebed and grabbing the towel.”I’m going to come fuck you tonight,” Brian told her as she wrapped the towel around herself and went to the door. “I can’t wait to fuck you.””You better not,” Britta warned him, opening the door.”Someone will hear you.””I can’t wait to stick my cock in your pussy,” Brian said, getting to hisfeet and holding his cock in his hand. “You’re going to love it.””Bye,” she said, her eyes riveted to his cock, knowing that she wasgoing to let him do whatever he wanted to do to her. Her pussy was already tingling with anticipation as she ran to her room, closing thedoor behind her as she heard her mother entering the house.”Is anyone here?” Brian heard his mother shout from the kitchen.”Up here,” he shouted down the stairs.”Come down for lunch,” Beth shouted.”Be right down,” Brian called, grabbing some shorts and a shirt andquickly dressing before heading downstairs. “Hi, mom,” he said uponseeing his mother.”Hi, Brian,” she said, leaning over to kiss him, a big smile on her face.Brian’s eyes widened as his mother kissed him. By now he knew whatShelly’s pussy tasted and smelled like and that was exactly what hismother smelled like. So Brian knew why she was in such good spirits.She had been over at Shelly’s sucking her pussy and getting her ownpussy sucked as well if Brian knew anything about Shelly.”Is Britta coming down?” she asked, placing food on the table.”She’ll be right down,” Brian said, watching his mother.”There you are,” Beth said as Britta entered the room.”Lunch is ready.””Are you hungry?” Brian asked her with a grin on his face.”Yeah, sort of,” Britta replied, smiling.”Well, eat up,” Beth told them. “I won’t be here for dinner andyou’ll have to fend for yourselves.””Where are you going?” Britta asked.”I’m going over to Shelly’s to help her get ready for a party she’shaving tomorrow. So I probably won’t be back until late.Think you can manage?””We’ll manage,” Brian said, a big smile on his face.”Good. Well, I’m going to go take a shower and a nap. Try not tomake too much noise, okay?””Okay,” they agreed as Beth got up from the table and left the room.”I’m going to turn you on to something tonight that you’re not goingto believe,” Brian said when he heard the shower running.”Oh, you think just because you’ve got a big cock that you’re somekind of a god,” Britta whispered.”It’s not about me,” Brian told her.”Then what?””You’ll see. Let me know when mom leaves if I don’t notice it myself,okay?””Sure. But what…””You’ll see. And I’m also going to fuck you, just like I said. Only I betyou’ll be begging me to.””I’d never beg for something like that,” Britta said.”You’ll see,” Brian said with a smile. “And then I’m going to fuck that tastypussy of yours,” he said, pushing back his chair and getting to his feet.Britta just stared at him as he left the kitchen. She couldn’t believe howaudacious he had become in the last day or two. It was a Brian that shedidn’t even know. But one thing he was right about; she just had to havehis cock in her pussy. It was all she could think of. It was so big andbeautiful and it tasted so good. She just had to have it in her pussy.She squeezed her thighs together as she thought of it and could feel herjuices making her inner thighs slippery again. She couldn’t wait either.Brian was asleep when Britta knocked on his door to tell him that theirmother had just left the house. Brian smiled as he swung his feet outof bed and sat up, his cock dangling in front of him, semi-hard becausehe had to urinate. Getting to his feet, he could see that Britta’s eyeswere glued to him and he smiled as he walked to the doorway.”Okay, here’s what we’ll do,” he said, walking down the hallwaytowards the bathroom, Britta having to follow him to hear what hewas saying. “Wear a short skirt, no underwear, and a t-shirt, no bra,”he instructed, standing in front of the toilet with his cock in his hand.”Why?” Britta asked, staring as he started to urinate in front of her.”You’ll see,” Brian said, smiling at her. “You want to hold it?” he asked.”Can I?” Britta asked, her eyes shining.”Better hurry,” he said, releasing his cock when he felt her soft handwrapping around the shaft.”It feels really neat,” Britta said, feeling the urine moving through his cock.”We’ll go in about a half an hour,” Brian said as the last drop of urinedripped from the end of his cock.”I’ll go change then,” Britta said, releasing him, a grin on her face.”That was neat,” she said again as she turned and left the bathroom.Brian was smiling to himself as he went back to his own room, pulling ona pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. This was going to be very interesting,he thought as he grabbed his digital movie camera. He was downstairsdrinking some milk when Britta reappeared. Brian’s eyes widened as hesaw her. She skirt was really short, barely coming down past her pussy.And her nipples were hard and sticking out through her t-shirt. All in allshe looked incredible.”Are you wearing any underwear?” Brian asked as she came over tostand next to him.”No,” Britta replied.”Mind if I check?” Brian asked, reaching down and running his hand up between her legs until he was cupping her wet pussy in his hand.”Mmm, you’re not,” he said, bringing his hand to his face and lickinghis fingers as Britta blushed. “Tasty!” he said. “Let’s go.”Britta wanted to ask him where they were going but resisted the urgeas they left walking, not taking their bicycles, so she knew theywouldn’t be going very far. She was surprised when she recognizedShelly’s house they were approaching.”Now listen,” Brian spoke for the first time. “You’ve got to beabsolutely quiet or we’re going to really be in trouble,” he said.”I mean it, absolutely quiet, understand?””Yeah, but why?” Britta asked.”You’ll see,” was all Brian would say. “Now follow me,” he said,slipping between the houses and heading for Shelly’s gate to theback yard.Britta followed him quietly, surprised when he slipped into the yardand moved to the back door, stopping to listen. Not hearing anything,Brian carefully opened the door a crack and listened again.Not hearing anything, he quietly slipped into the house, pulling Brittain behind him and shutting the door, standing there quietly andlistening. Putting a finger to his mouth, Brian turned and carefullymoved through the kitchen and peeking first into the dining room and then into the living room. What he saw in the living room causedhis eyes to almost pop out of his head. Controlling his excitement,he led Britta into the dining room which was separated from theliving room by a set of d****s. Moving over to where the d****s metin the middle, Brian carefully peeked through, his eyes confirmingwhat he had seen from the kitchen.Turning to Britta he again put his finger to his mouth and then indicatedthe d****s. Britta stared at him, almost afraid to look. Putting her handson either side of the opening, Britta parted the d****s slightly and lookedthrough. If Brian hadn’t immediately put a hand over her mouth as sheparted the d****s she would have cried out loud when she saw her motheron her hands and knees on the coffee table, naked, with the biggest andblackest two men she had ever seen at each end, one of them feeding animpossibly huge black cock into her mouth, the other one fucking her from behind. Sitting in a chair, one leg carelessly thrown over an arm, sat Shelly,her legs spread wide and one hand lazily fingering her naked pussy as shewatched her sister fucking and sucking the two men.Letting the d****s close, Britta turned to look at Brian, a look of totaldisbelief on her face. Brian stepped up to the d****s and peeked throughagain, bringing his camera up and watching as his mother took on thetwo men. He then turned from the d****s and took Britta’s hand,dropping to his knees, pulling her down with him. Positioning her infront of him, he reached around her and parted the d****s. Down at this level they were more hidden by an easy chair and side table rightin front of the d****s and they were better able to watch the two men fucking their mother.With Britta in front of him, Brian let a hand slide up under her t-shirtto fondle her breasts, pinching and teasing her nipples as they bothwatched the sex show on the other side. Then he reached around thefront of her between her legs, his fingers slipping into her wet pussy.Britta had to control herself not to gasp as she felt her brother’sfingers in her pussy. She was so excited that she thought she wouldexplode as she watched her mother servicing the two black men.She couldn’t believe it.And then Britta felt what she knew was her brother’s cock rubbing herpussy from behind. She froze, then relaxed, knowing that his cockwas exactly what she wanted. She tried to press back against himto send a signal but he pulled away. Several more times thishappened and each time Brian returned to just rubbing his cock upand down between her slippery pussy lips. Finally she looked backover her shoulder pleadingly at her brother.He looked at her with a questioning eye as she stared at him,the camera pointed at her face and his cock sliding up and downbetween her pussy lips. Please, she mouthed at him. What, hemouthed back. Please fuck me, Britta mouthed at her brother.What, he mouthed at her. Fuck me, please, she mouthed, grabbinghis cock in her hand and pushing back against it. This time Brian let the head of his cock slide into his sister’s pussy, feeling thetightness of her as he slowly pressed forward, not stopping untilhe had every bit of himself buried deep inside. He stayed like that,not moving, his camera once more pointed into the other room,feeling his sister’s pussy pulsating and spasming around his cockinside of her. Then they noticed Shelly getting to her feet.”Okay, Beth, my turn,” she said as she moved over to her.”Save some for me,” she said, reaching down and grabbing the cockthat Beth was sucking on.”Oh, you’re no fun,” Beth complained with a laugh, grinding her assagainst the man fucking her from behind.”There’ll be plenty more, believe me,” Shelly said, getting on herhands and knees and positioning herself in front of the man Bethhad been sucking.As he slid his cock into her pussy, she pulled the other man’s cockfrom Beth’s pussy and opened her mouth and sucked it in, tasting bothof them as she wrapped her lips around the shaft and sucked.Beth just lay on her back, propped up on her elbows next to Shellyand watched as the two men began to service her. Her spread legswere pointed directly at Brian and Britta behind the d****s and theycould both see into her gaping pussy, all red, her clit swollen andsticking out, all of which Brian captured with his camera.Brian was steadily fucking his sister now, his cock gliding easily inand out of her tight pussy. Britta’s mouth was open as her brother’scock filled her pussy and she watched her aunt being serviced by thetwo men while her mother just lay there, her used pussy spread wide n front of her. Brian continued to pump his sister’s pussy, his cockloving how tight she was. When he felt himself getting ready to cum,he pulled his cock out, getting his sister to turn around. Hardly ableto believe it herself, Britta opened her mouth and let him slide hisslick wet cock into her mouth, all covered with her own juices.The taste of her own pussy flooded her senses as she sucked on herbrother, his cock huge and hard in her mouth. And then it exploded,cum quickly filling her mouth and she was now tasting her own pussyalong with her brother’s cum in her mouth. She gulped and swallowedas Brian continued to pump his cock in and out of her mouth,his camera focused on his cock and Britta’s mouth.When Brian finished cumming in her mouth, he moved back over to thed****s, peering through them with his camera. Britta crawled over too,still swallowing and licking her lips as she looked. The man Shelly hadbeen sucking was once again pumping his cock in and out of theirmother’s pussy while she knelt on her hands and knees next to Shelly.The two men were fucking for all they were worth, slamming their hugecocks in and out of the two horny women. They both groaned and threwtheir heads back when they began to cum, pumping their hot loads intothe two willing pussies until they stopped cumming. When they pulledtheir cocks from the two pussies, the two women each grabbed thecock that had been in the other and sucked it into their mouths,sucking them clean before releasing them.”You two can go now,” Shelly panted as she finished sucking the man’scock clean. “Thank you very much.””No problem,” the man said, smiling as he got to his feet. “Any time,”he said as the two of them gathered their clothes and dressed,leaving quickly and quietly.”That was great!” Beth sighed as Shelly grabbed her and pulled her to the floor, her face disappearing between her legs. “Oh, that’s so nice,”she said as she felt Shelly begin to suck her cum-filled pussy.She leaned forward and glued her own mouth to Shelly’s pussy,sucking and slurping the cum cocktail that filled her as the two of them locked into a 69.Brian and Britta watched in fascination as their mother and auntsucked the cum of the two black men from each other’s pussies.Brian’s cock was hard again and he slid it back into his sister’s nowwilling pussy, feeling her muscles clasp him as he fucked her.They watched the two women sucking each other and Brian strokedhis cock in and out of his sister’s pussy. When he saw his motherand Shelly shuddering as they came, he too lost control and beganto spurt cum deep into his sister’s pussy, completely draining hisballs before withdrawing. Then pulling Britta away from the d****sand pushing her onto her back, Brian straddled her body,lowering his face into her cum-filled pussy at the same time helowered his cock into her open and waiting mouth, the cameraforgotten on the floor next to them. The two of them sucked eachother in a 69 while their mother and aunt did the same thing onthe other side of the d****s. Brian almost laughed out loud acouple of times when he thought of the irony as he sucked hiscum from his sister’s pussy. When they finally finished theypeeked through the d****s once more, seeing that their motherand aunt were just laying on the floor in each other’s arms,their faces jammed in each other’s pussies.Getting to his feet, Brian quietly helped Britta up and they snuckout of the house, making their way back to their own house and upstairs into Brian’s bedroom.”How did you know?” Britta asked him as they flopped onto his bed.”I just knew,” Brian told her noncommittally.”That was really something,” she said. “The size of those hugeblack cocks. And your cock. I’ve never had a cock that big before.It felt so good.””Your pussy felt great,” Brian agreed. “I can’t wait to avcılar escort fuck yousome more.””Now?” Britta offered, pulling her skirt up and spreading her legs.”I never would have thought mom would do anything like that.I mean, fucking two strangers, black men, and then with Aunt Shelly.This is so exciting!””Mom’s got a great pussy,” Brian said. “And she sucks great cock.””How would you know?” Britta asked as Brian slid his cock into heropen and willing pussy.”Well, we saw so, didn’t we,” he answered, skirting the real answer.”Mmm, we sure did,” Britta gasped as Brian really began to poundher pussy. “You fuck so good, Brian,” she gasped, wrapping her legsaround his back as she tried to fuck him too.”Your pussy is great,” Brian gasped, “even if it is my sister’s,” he said,laughing at the look on Britta’s face.”I’ll show you,” Britta laughed as they fucked.”Where do you want me to cum?” Brian asked as he pumped hissister’s pussy.”In my mouth,” Britta gasped, humping up at him. “I like the way ittastes with my pussy juices and all.””And I like to watch when you suck my cock right after it’s been inyour pussy,” Brian told her. “It’s the most erotic thing there is for me.””That’s me, your erotic fuck-sister,” Britta laughed.”Here it comes,” Brian groaned, pulling his cock from his sister’stight pussy.Britta sat up, leaning forward to suck her brother’s gooey cock intoher mouth. Brian had been so close to the edge that he explodedalmost immediately, filling his sister’s mouth with cum in spite ofthe fact that he had already cum a couple of times that evening.When she had sucked every last bit of cum from his cock, Britta satback on the bed, smacking her lips.”Yeah, I really do like the taste of cum,” she said.”Well, you can eat mine whenever you want,” Brian told her.”You’ll regret that,” Britta laughed.”Not very likely,” Brian said, laughing with her.”Brian, Britta, is that you,” they heard their mother’s voice fromthe stairs. They hadn’t heard her come home. Britta ran out the bedroom door,her naked ass shaking. Brian picked up her towel and wrapped it around his waist just as his mother appeared at his door,a smile on her face.”You’re still up,” she said.”Yeah, I was going to take a shower and then go to bed,” Brian toldher, seeing her on her hands and knees with the two black cockssliding in and out of her body. “Did you help Aunt Shelly?” he asked.”What?” Beth asked, a shocked look momentarily on her face.”You were going to help her get ready for a party,” he reminded her,his cock starting to grow as he visualized what he had seen earlier.”Oh, yes, we got it all done,” Beth replied, color rushing to her cheeks.”You okay, mom?” Brian asked, noticing her blush.”Yes, of course,” Beth answered, her eyes suddenly noticing how thetowel was growing as Brian’s cock continued to harden.”Well, I’ll take my shower,” Brian said, adjusting the towel around hiswaist and deliberately managing to let it open enough so that hiscock was completely visible to his mother.Beth fought to suppress a gasp when she saw her son’s cock brieflyas he adjusted his towel. He was huge, almost as big as the twococks she had enjoyed that evening with her sister, she realized.She couldn’t tear her eyes from him bulging the front of his towel ashe went by her to the shower. Her feet were frozen to the floor for amoment before she was able to turn and go to her own room whereshe shut the door and grabbed herself between the legs, her pussyred hot and tingling at the thought of the incredible sex she hadexperienced that evening.It had been since college since she had done anything like thisevening, she remembered, a smile on her face as she thought ofthe numerous times she and Shelly had shared multiple partnersand each other during their younger years. It had been almost 20 years but her body had responded the same way it always had,leaving her wanting more and more and more.When Brian got to Shelly’s the next morning, his mind was still fullof the imagery of the previous evening, which he had enhanced bywatching his video as soon as he woke up. He was glad to see thatshe was by herself, still asleep, sprawled naked on top of the covers.As soon as he slipped his tongue into her pussy he was rewarded witha flood of juices which he happily lapped up. Then he heard his auntsigh and felt her fingers in his hair as she pressed her pussy up against his mouth as he ate her awake.”You are such a wonderful nephew,” Shelly sighed. “And such atalented tongue, too,” she added as he sucked on her clit.”As good as mom?” Brian asked, lifting his face from between her legs.”What is that supposed to mean?” Shelly asked, pushing up onto herelbows to look down at him.”Just that I know about last night,” he said, a smile on his face.”Oh, you do, do you?” Shelly asked, smiling at him. “And what is itthat you think you know?””Oh, how about you and mom and two huge black studs having anice orgy?” Brian asked, dragging his tongue up through her pussy.”And how could you possibly know something like that?” Shelly asked,obvious surprise on her face.”Because I watched,” Brian told her, sucking her clit into his mouth.”You did!” Shelly exclaimed. “My, aren’t you the enterprising one,”she laughed. “And did you enjoy yourself?””Not as much as you did,” Brian replied with a laugh.”You two are really hot together like that.””Mmm, I’m glad you like it,” Shelly said. “Now come up here and fuck meso I can have a nice mouthful of your cum.”In a flash Brian had his cock buried in his aunt’s pussy, fucking her ina frenzy, his lust quotient over the top as he pictured last night.In no time his balls were churning and Shelly was squirming downbeneath him to capture his cock in her mouth where he almostimmediately erupted, cumming seemingly endlessly as she gulpedand swallowed until he was finished.”Oh, my, you were really worked up, weren’t you,” she gasped wipingher mouth with her fingers and then sucking on them. “I’ll have to haveyou watch more often if this is the result,” she told him as she rolledonto her back. “Would you like to fuck your mother again?” she asked.”You know I would,” Brian gasped, recovering from his efforts.”Then come back tonight, about a half an hour after your mother leavesthe house,” Shelly told him. “I can’t wait to see that wonderful cockof yours servicing your own mother.””Gosh, Shelly, you’re the best aunt in the whole world,” Brian exclaimed.”Then suck my pussy for me again and show me how much youappreciate me,” she told him, splaying her legs wide open for him.”I don’t need to be bribed for this,” Brian said with a laugh as he doveinto her swampy pussy, not stopping until she had cum twice andbegged him to stop.”Where have you been?” Britta asked when Brian entered the kitchen.”Out,” he replied, a smile on his face.”Last night was really cool,” she whispered, moving to stand close tohim so she wouldn’t be overheard. “I loved all of it.””Yeah, me too,” Brian agreed, looking at her.She was wearing only a t-shirt that came down to just below her pussy.”Is your pussy all wet and ready for some more licking?” he asked,reaching out and slipping his hand between her legs, feeling hernakedness and her soaked pussy.”God, yes,” Britta gasped, looking over her shoulder as if expectingtheir mother to suddenly appear. “I’ve been so horny all night I thoughtI would scream,” she said, her legs weakening as Brian’s finger rubbedher protruding clit and slid into her hole.”As soon as I’ve had some breakfast, I’ll have some dessert,”Brian said with a laugh, pulling his fingers from his sister’s pussy andsticking them into her mouth which had dropped open in surprise.”What’s this?” they heard from the doorway as their mother entered,still in her favorite pajama, which was just an oversized silk top thatcame down to the bottom of her ass. It was almost transparent butnot quite, and in certain light was almost invisible.”I was making a mess with the jam,” Brian said as Britta blushed beet red.”How nice to see you two getting along so well,” Beth said, going overto the coffee machine where she opened the cabinet and reached up toget a coffee cup, causing her pajama top to ride up over her ass,exposing it to the two of them who noticed and smiled at one another,last night still vivid in their minds.”Shelly said you did a wonderful job,” Beth said as she sat down at thetable with her cup of coffee. “She said she’d like to have you come overregularly to help her with the gardening if you don’t mind.””Sure, that would be cool,” Brian said, sitting down in the seat next tohis mother, facing her. “It was fun to help and I liked being able to justjump in the pool when it got too hot.””Oh, damn!” Britta said, exasperation in her voice as the box of cerealslipped from her hands and fell to the floor, s**ttering corn flakes all over.”I just hate being so clumsy,” she said, dropping to her hands and kneesto clean up the mess.”Brian, why don’t you help,” Beth suggested, her voice tailing off as shesaw Britta’s t-shirt ride up over her ass, exposing both it and her nakedpussy which happened to be glistening with juices.”Sure,” Brian agreed, noticing the color drain from his mother’s face as hegot down to help Britta.Beth just stared at her daughter’s naked pussy, shocked that she was soexposed, but even more shocked by the thoughts that entered her mind;thoughts of last night with Shelly. Brian too noticed his sister’s nakedpussy and contrived to always be behind her as he helped. He felt hiscock growing and when he glanced at his mother, he could see that hermouth was hanging open as she stared at Britta.”I think that’s about it,” Brian said as they gathered the last of the corn flakes.”Thanks, Brian,” Britta said as she got to her feet.”No problem,” he replied, getting to his feet and at the same time gettingan unobstructed view between his mother’s legs of her bald pussy.”So, what are you going to do today, mom?” Brian asked, snapping herout of her reverie.”Uh, oh,” Beth stammered, feeling her face getting hot. “I’m behind onthe yard work here,” she said, suddenly noticing the bulge growing downBrian’s leg beneath the gym shorts he was wearing. “I thought I’d try toget caught up,” she said, her voice catching as the head of Brian’s cockappeared at the edge of the leg of his shorts.”If you want some help, I don’t mind,” Brian said, aware of what wasdistracting his mother.”I’ll help too,” Britta volunteered. “It’s a really nice day and I could getsome sun at the same time,” she said.”Th-that’d be great,” Beth said, tearing her eyes from her son’s cockpeeking out the leg of his shorts.”I’ll go put on my bikini,” Britta said.”You should wear your bathing suit too, mom,” Brian suggested.”A little sun would look good on you.””That’s a good idea,” Beth agreed, still distracted.”I’ll meet you out back,” Brian said, getting to his feet, his semi-hardcock clearly visible as it strained against the material of his shorts,almost right in his mother’s face.”I’ll change and meet you there,” Beth said as Brian left the room.Getting to her feet, Beth noticed that her seat was covered with alarge wet spot from her pussy leaking. Quickly wiping it with her hand,she headed for her bedroom, absent-mindedly sucking on her fingersand tasting herself. In her room Beth furiously rubbed her pussy,aching for the release that she craved. Only after cumming did sheopen her drawer to select a bathing suit to wear. She kept picturingBritta on her hands and knees, her ass and pussy exposed, and Brian’scock peeking out the leg of his shorts. Her first choice was a simpleone-piece, but she quickly put that aside and continued rummaging in her drawer.”You coming, mom?” she heard from the doorway.”I’m trying to pick out a bathing suit,” Beth explained as Brittaentered the room.”Well, I want to get a tan,” Britta said, “so that means less is more.”Beth turned to look at her daughter, her breath catching in her throatwhen she saw her. Britta’s suit was but two small patches of materialthat barely covered her nipples and a strip of material between her legs.Smiling, Britta pirouetted and Beth saw that there were nothing butstrings in the back, one across her back and another lodged between her ass cheeks. For all intents and purposes she was naked from behind.”You’re going to help in the yard wearing that?” Beth asked.”Well, everything important is covered,” Britta said, looking down atherself. “Let’s see what you’ve got in here,” she said, reaching in thedrawer and rummaging around. “Oh, I like this one,” she said, holding upa shocking pink bikini.”That’s as bad as yours,” Beth told her, knowing that she’d only oncehad the nerve to wear it out in public.”Well, nobody will see you,” Britta observed. “It’s only me and Brian.Don’t you want to get a tan? At least try it on and let me see how youlook in it.” Britta suggested.Embarrassed for some reason to be changing in front of her daughter,Beth shrugged off her pajama top and put on the bikini. It felt almosttoo small and clung to her like plastic wrap. She could feel her nipplesgetting hard and looking down saw that they were clearly visiblesticking out against the small amount of material covering them.”You look hot, mom,” Britta observed, smiling as she remembered howhot her mother had looked the previous night with two big black cocksservicing her from both ends. “I’m sure Brian will love it.””I’m not wearing anything so that Brian will love it,” Beth told her,blushing furiously as she thought of her son’s cock peeking from the legof his shorts. “I’m not sure I can do yard work wearing this.””Well, if it bothers you, you can always take it off,” Britta said,laughing at the look on her mother’s face. “Come on, give yourselfa chance.” she encouraged, turning and leaving the room.Beth stood there for a minute, her mind in turmoil. They were herc***dren, she reasoned. Why should she feel ashamed to wear whatevershe pleased. But she knew deep down inside that the sight of herdaughter’s pussy and then the sight of her son’s cock had gotten hertotally turned on, and that scared and excited her at the same time.Taking a deep breath, she left the room, heading for the backyard.”Wow, you look hot, mom,” Brian exclaimed when he saw her.”That is one nice bathing suit.””I’m glad you like it,” Beth replied, fighting not to blush yet feelingher nipples get impossibly harder.”I’m not sure I can handle being around the two of you like this,”he observed.”Let’s just get to the yard work,” Beth said, trying to change the subject.After explaining what she wanted done, Brian and Britta bothjumped in, grabbing tools and beginning to rake out the flower beds,then working on their hands and knees pulling the weeds. Beth gotsome clippers and began working on the hedge, finally relaxing andforgetting about her scanty bikini.”Stick your ass up in the air,” Brian whispered to Britta as they worked.”I want to lick you.””What about mom?” Britta asked, giggling as she looked over hershoulder at her brother, seeing Beth over by the hedge with the clippers.”Just do it,” Brian hissed, a smile on his face.Trying not to laugh, Britta popped her ass up in the air and spread herknees wide on the ground. It took all of her self-control not to burstout laughed when she felt her brother’s tongue sliding between her asscheeks, licking the material covering her pussy.”I love the taste of your pussy,” Brian told her. “If mom weren’t hereI’d eat you ’til you came.””I almost don’t care if she’s here or not,” Britta whispered back, giggling.”I love it when you lick my pussy.””Here, suck my cock,” Brian said, moving behind a tree and pulling theleg of his shorts up, exposing his hard cock.Glancing over at her mother, Britta saw her attention was on the hedgeso she quickly leaned forward sucking the head of her brother’s cock intoher mouth for a moment before stopping, a smile on her face.”How are you going to hide that?” she asked, indicating his rock-hard cock.”It is so hot,” Brian exclaimed loud enough for Beth to hear.”I need to cool down.”Beth turned as Brian picked up the hose and turned it on, holding it overhis head and letting the water flow over him. She actually gasped outloud when she saw his cock tenting his shorts. She watched as it slowlysubsided but her mind and body were now on fire.”How about it, Britta?” Brian asked.”Gosh, yes,” Britta replied. “I’m burning up.””I’ll hold it for you,” Brian offered. Beth watched as Britta stood in front of Brian, letting the water cascadeover her head. As she turned under the water Beth saw that her bathingsuit was nearly transparent when it was wet and she could clearly seeher daughter’s hard nipples straining against her suit and the outline ofher pussy lips as the material hugged her body.”How about you, mom?” Brian asked, turning to look over his shoulderat her. “You look like you could use a good soaking.”Beth wanted desperately to say no, but truth be told, she was burningup and the water looked so inviting.”Come on, mom, it’s great,” Britta said. Smiling in spite of herself, Beth put the clippers down and walked overto her two c***dren. Her brow was beaded with sweat and she could feelrivulets running down between her breasts. Brian held the hose high asshe stepped under the water, sighing with relief when she felt it runningdown her body, cooling her off.”Oh, this is so nice,” Beth sighed, putting her head back and runningher hands through her hair as Brian let the water run over her.”It’s not a swimming pool, but it’s sure better than nothing,” Brian said,his eyes glued to his mother’s rock-hard nipples straining against thematerial of her suit.”I really needed that,” Beth said stepping out from under the streamof water. “It’s really hot.””Oh, god, I’m getting lines,” Britta complained, pulling the string aroundher waist down to expose the different color.”Well, we’re almost done,” Beth said, “so let’s get it over with and thenwe can relax and get out of the sun.”Brian smiled to himself as he turned off the water, having noticed howhis mother’s eyes kept glancing at his crotch. They turned theirattention back to their labors, working steadily. Then the phone rang.”Oh, I’ll get it,” Beth said, dropping the clippers and wiping her browwith the back of her hand. “I’m expecting Shelly to call.”As soon as she disappeared into the house, Brian grabbed Britta by the arm. “Quick, bend over,” he told her.”What, now? Here?” Britta asked, her eyes going to the house.”Yes, quickly, before she comes back,” Brian told her.Giggling, Britta bent over in front of him, putting her hands onthe ground. Brian pulled up the leg of his gym shorts and releasedhis cock, pulling the string from between his sister’s ass cheeksaside and exposing her pussy and asshole.”Oh, god, Brian,” Britta gasped as he pressed his cock into her.”What if mom catches us?””Right now I don’t care,” Brian said, pumping his cock in and out ofher pussy. “I’ve just got to cum. You and mom are driving me nuts.””Oh, that feels so good,” Britta sighed as her brother pounded herpussy with his cock. “But don’t cum inside of me,” she told him.”It will be running down my legs if you do.””Then you better turn around real quick, because I’m ready to blow,”Brian groaned, pulling his cock from his sister’s tight pussy.”Quick, suck on it,” he told her as she turned around.Beth finished talking to Shelly, excited when Shelly told her she hada surprise for her if she’d come over that evening. Watching her twoc***dren all day had gotten her worked into quite a state and shewas desperately in need of some relief. She was about to pull openthe sliding glass door when she looked out and saw Britta droppingto her knees in front of her brother and take his impossibly large cockinto her mouth. Beth froze in shock as she realized that her daughterwas sucking her son’s cock. When she saw cum oozing out from around the shaft of Brian’s cock, she realized that he was cummingin Britta’s mouth. She watched, frozen in place as Britta suckedBrian’s cock, then used her finger to scoop the cum running down herchin into her mouth. Brian pulled the leg of his shorts down andBritta turned around and started working again.Oh my god, Beth thought as she stood there. I just watched mydaughter suck her brother off. How can I possibly go back out there,she thought. How am I going to deal with this? She stood there foranother minute, watching as they both worked as though nothingunusual had just happened. Realizing she couldn’t avoid it,Beth pulled the sliding glass door open and stepped out.”I’d say we’re almost done,” Brian said when he saw her.”Yeah, what do you think, mom?” Britta asked, a smile on her face.”Uh, yes, it looks fine,” Beth said, struggling to speak.”You think we can call it a day?” Brian asked, leaning on his rake.”Yes, you’ve done plenty,” Beth said. “I appreciate your help.””Oh, it was fun,” Britta said with a laugh. “And I got a tan, too.””I think I’ll take a nap,” Brian said as he held the hose over his headand rinsed off.”I want to get some more sun,” Britta said, “without lines.””Mom, could you get me a towel, please,” Brian asked,standing there dripping wet. “I don’t want to track all this waterthrough the house.””Sure, just a minute,” Beth replied, still in shock.”Oh, bring me the tanning oil, mom, please,” Britta asked.”And a towel to lay on.””Anything else?” Beth asked, laughing in spite of herself.”Well, bring a towel for you, too,” Britta suggested. “We can relaxand tan together.”Beth went into the house and quickly returned with an armful of towelsand the tanning lotion. Britta had pulled two chaise lounges out ontothe grass and took two towels from her mother and spread them outonto the chairs, then flopped down on her stomach on one of them.”Will you put some tanning lotion on me?” she asked, looking up atBrian as he dried himself off.”Sure,” Brian agreed, taking the lotion that his mother handed him.Britta reached behind herself and untied the string holding her topin place, pulling it out from beneath her and dropping it on the groundnext to the lounge chair. Brian poured some of the lotion into his handand rubbed them together, then leaned over and spread it all over hissister’s back, letting his hands slide around her rib cage to rub thesides of her breasts.”Don’t forget my legs,” Britta reminded him, laying her head down onher arms and closing her eyes.Pouring some more lotion into his hands, Brian began with one leg,then the other, spreading the oil onto his sister. When he got to herass the back of his hand brushed her pussy as he spread the oil onher ass cheeks, making sure to let them slide into the crack of her ass.”Mmm, that feels nice,” Britta said, wriggling her ass as his fingersbrushed over her rosebud. “Thanks.””Next,” Brian announced, standing up, the lotion in his hand.Not knowing what else to do, Beth lay down on the other chaise lounge,her pussy on fire. Brian began to spread the lotion onto his mother’s back,delighting in the feel of her naked skin hot under his hands. When he gotto the strap of her top, he hesitated.”I’m afraid to get the lotion on your suit,” he said. “Can you unhook it?”Not having a good reason to refuse, Beth reached behind herself andunhooked the top letting it fall to the sides as she lay back down.When she felt her son’s strong hands spreading the lotion over her back,she sighed, relaxing into the lounge chair as she continued to spreadthe lotion. She froze for a second when she felt his hands slide up hersides over the swell of her breasts.Then his hands were gone and she felt a sense of disappointment thathe had stopped until she felt his hands on her calf, spreading the lotionupward towards her knee. She had lain down with her legs tight together,but when she felt the back of his hand on her other leg, she relaxed,letting her legs open as he spread the lotion upwards. It was all shecould do to not cry out when he slid his hands up her inner thighs,not stopping until the back of his hand brushed lightly over the soppingmaterial covering her pussy. When his hands slid up onto her ass cheeks,she involuntarily tensed up, then consciously forced herself to relax ashe continued spreading the lotion, gasping when she felt his hands slidedeep into the crack of her ass, his fingers dancing over her assholebefore he finished.Beth lay there, her whole body tingling from the touch of her son’shands. She had almost cum when she felt his fingers glide over herasshole. Struggling to control her breathing, Beth managed to relaxand actually fell asleep. Brian had disappeared into the house.Brian was so worked up that there was no way he was going to beable to take a nap. His mother’s skin had felt so wonderful, so warm,so smooth. He went to his room, looking out the window at the twoof them laying in the sun. After approximately a half an hour hadpassed, Brian noticed that his sister had turned over and was layingon her back, her breasts fully exposed. When he saw her reach forthe lotion, a smile crossed his face and he quickly headed backoutside, being very careful to be quiet so that he wouldn’t disturbhis mother who had obviously fallen asleep.When Britta saw him, she smiled, holding out the bottle of lotion.Brian quickly filled his hands with lotion and spread it across his sister’sstomach, sliding up over her breasts where he pinched and pulled onher nipples, making them as hard as rocks. Then reversing himself,he slid his hands down towards her waist, letting his hands slidebeneath the material of her suit and onto and into her sopping pussy.Unbeknownst to either of them, Beth had awakened when Brian cameoutside but had kept her eyes shut, some innate curiosity taking holdof her. Barely able to see, Beth had watched as Brian spread the lotionover Britta’s breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples. When his handsslid beneath the material of her suit, Beth’s eyes opened just a bitmore, shocked at what she was seeing. She couldn’t take her eyes offof Brian’s hands and they obviously rubbed Britta’s pussy. When she sawhim plunge his fingers into her, she glanced towards his face and wasshocked to see him staring at her, seeing her eyes open and watching.When Brian noticed his mother was awake but pretending to still beasleep, he watched her face when he slid two fingers into his sister’spussy and began pumping her. When he saw his mother’s eyes glanceto his face, he looked her right in the eyes, a smile on his face, thenlet his hands slide from beneath his sister’s suit to glide down her legs.Beth watched openly now as Brian continued spreading the lotion ontohis sister’s legs. It was quite obvious to Beth that each time he got tothe top of her leg, his fingers would slide into his sister’s pussy.The fact that Britta would slightly arch her back each time was thedead giveaway.”Your turn,” Brian said, smiling at her when he finished with his sister.”Turn over.”Her eyes wide with surprise, Beth hesitated until Brian’s hand touchedher hip and gave her a slight shove. Rolling over, Beth made sure tohold her top over her breasts. She didn’t intend on Brian applying thelotion in the same manner as he had to his sister.Brian started at his mother’s feet, gently yet firmly spreading the lotionupwards, pushing her legs apart as he did so. Beth was having troublekeeping her breathing normal as her son’s hands spread the lotion ontoher upper thighs, right at the junction to her pussy. She half waited forhis hands to slide under the material as he had done to his sister,but he then skipped up to her stomach, spreading the lotion there until he came into contact with her top.Beth had let her hands fall to her sides as Brian had spread the lotiononto her legs and she was unable to react in time as he quickly andsmoothly lifted her top off of her and dropped it onto the ground nextto the chaise, leaving her breasts fully exposed. Fighting hard to resistthe instinct to cover herself with her hands, Beth lay there as Brianspread the lotion upwards, gliding over her breasts, her nipples hard as rocks and aching. Very gently and sensuously Brian spread thelotion over her breasts, kneading and massaging them, then rolllingher rock-hard nipples between his fingers. Beth lay there frozen,not knowing what to do, her eyes squeezed shut as her sonmassaged the lotion into her breasts.Then his hands were gliding down over her stomach again and Bethrelaxed a bit, inwardly letting a sigh of relief escape. Then shegasped when his hands slid beneath her bottoms, cupping hersoaking wet pussy and massaging her pussy lips with his fingers.Keeping her eyes closed, as though to deny what was going on,Beth had a death grip on the sides of the chaise lounge as Brianbegan to gently rub circles on her fat and swollen clit. Almostimmediately her body convulsed in orgasm and she felt her juicesflood her son’s busy hands.Then his hands were suddenly gone and Beth just lay theretrembling, not believing what had just happened. After severalminutes had passed, Beth let her eyes open. Glancing to her side,she saw Britta laying on her side facing her, her head cupped inher hand, a smile on her face.”That looked like it felt really good,” she said to her mother,then lay back down.Brian had disappeared and Beth just lay there, her whole bodyon fire. She came awake to the sensation of her nipple beingsqueezed and pulled. Opening her eyes, she saw Brian standingabove her, a grin on his face.”You’ve had enough sun,” he told her, releasing her nipple.”You should stop now or you’ll regret it.””Oh, yes, thank you,” Beth said, struggling to sit up and fightingthe urge to cover herself as she looked down at her body.Her skin was definitely starting to turn a more pinkish hue than brown and she knew Brian had saved her from a nasty burn.”Where’s Britta?” she asked, seeing that she was not there.”She got too much sun,” Brian told her. “She’s taking a shower andthen I’ll spread aloe all over her to sooth her skin. I’d say it wouldhelp you to not burn or peel, too.””I should take a shower,” Beth said, reaching down for her top,though resisting the urge to put it back on.”If I hadn’t put the lotion on the two of you, you’d both be crispycritters by now,” Brian told her with a laugh.”I guess I should feel lucky then,” Beth said, unable to suppress the grin at her double entendre.”When I’m done with Britta I’ll check on you,” he told her, turning togo back into the house.Stripping off her bikini bottom as she stepped into her shower, Beth noticed that they were stiff with her dried pussy juices and herbody trembled as she remembered how it had felt when Brian slid hishands into them to massage and rub her pussy until she came,her own son. The cool water of the shower felt good on her hot skinand she luxuriated in it for several minutes before exiting, wrapping atowel around herself. She felt her pussy tingle at the thought of Briansoothing her skin with the aloe and she decided to check and see if he was done with Britta so that he could apply it to her skin also.Going down the hall towards Britta’s room still wrapped in the towel,Beth heard Britta’s voice as she şirinevler escort approached her open door.”Oh, god, Brian, that feels so good,” Britta sighed.Peeking into the room from the open door, Beth saw a sight that soshocked her that her towel fell from her body to the floor. Britta wason her hands and knees on the bed, her ass facing the door, and Brian’shuge cock was sluicing in and out of her pussy. She could see thesheen of pussy juice coating Brian’s cock as he continued to drill hissister’s pussy from behind. After watching frozen for several moments,Beth picked up her towel and rushed back to her room, her headspinning in confusion, not knowing what to do or how to do it.Sitting down at her makeup vanity, she tried to brush her long blondehair but found it difficult as her hands were both shaking. What wasshe going to do? She was unaware of how much time had passed when suddenly she heard Brian at the door to her room.”Okay, mom, your turn,” he said, a smile on his face and the bottleof aloe in his hand. Realizing that she hadn’t wrapped the towel around herself, that itwas just bunched in her lap, Beth made a lame attempt to shieldher breasts from her son, her eyes going to his crotch where theoutline of his still turgid cock was visible straining against thematerial of his gym shorts, the same cock that she had seensliding in and out of his sister’s pussy just a few moments before.”It’ll probably be easier if you lay on the bed,” Brian told her,unaware that she had seen him with his sister.Not knowing what to do or say, Beth turned and moved onto her bed,laying on her stomach, dragging the towel across her ass in anattempt at modesty. Her whole body trembling, Beth felt the coolaloe instantly cool her skin as Brian gently spread it across her back.Struggling to relax, Beth felt his hands spreading the aloe lower untilhe was at the curve of her ass and the towel covering her. His rhythmnot changing, Brian soothed the aloe onto his mother’s ass, pushingthe towel aside in the process. She struggled to stay relaxed as hespread the aloe onto her ass, his fingers sliding firmly into the crackof her ass, feeling them glide over her puckered rosebud and betweenher pussy lips briefly before sliding onto her upper thighs.Her legs had been pressed tightly together when he started, but ashe spread the aloe down her thighs he gently forced them apart andBeth knew that her pussy was completely exposed to his gaze.But Brian just continued to spread the aloe down her legs and thesoothing nature of the aloe made her feel better. She had gottentoo much sun after all.”Okay, turn over and I’ll do your front,” Brian said when hefinished her legs.Struggling not to blush, Beth turned over, taking the towel withher and covering her pussy as she lay on her back, her breastscompletely exposed.”You really got too much sun, mom,” Brian told her as he spreadthe aloe across her chest, massaging her breasts and rolling herrock-hard nipples between his fingers. “Hopefully this will stopyou from peeling,” he said, his hands gliding down across herstomach, spreading the aloe. Then before she realized what had happened, he had pushed thetowel off of her body and his hands were on her hips, then rubbingoh so gently across her pussy. She was unable to stifle the moanthat escaped her lips as she felt his fingers gliding up and downbetween her pussy lips, rubbing her swollen clit and teasing circlesaround the entrance to her vagina before sliding down to her upperthighs. She felt her pussy gushing juices as Brian worked the aloeinto her legs, spreading them apart and completely exposing herjuicy pussy. When he got to her feet Beth had conflicting feelingsas his hands lifted from her.”You are really hot, mom,” Brian said, his fingers trailing up theinside of her legs and then cupping her pussy, a finger slippingdeep inside of her before continuing up over her stomach to herheaving breasts. “And very beautiful, too,” he said as his fingerspinched onto her hardened nipples, squeezing them and pullingbefore leaving her laying there, her legs splayed wide open.”Thank you, Brian,” Beth gasped, reaching for the towel to coverherself, her whole body trembling from the excitement of his touchand her need for something more, a lot more. In her mind’s eyeshe could still see his cock sliding in and out of his sister’s pussyand she knew she would be helpless to stop him if he attemptedto do the same with her.”No problem, mom,” Brian replied. “I hope it helps.””I’m sure it will,” Beth said in a strained voice, slowly drawing herlegs together as she realized the moment was past. “I think I’lltake a nap for a while and then get dinner ready,” she told him.”Just let me know if you need me to put more aloe on you later,”Brian offered. “It’ll probably absorb really quickly and it’s good tokeep it on you until your skin cools down.””I’ll let you know if I need any more help,” Beth responded,her pussy on fire.Brian left his mother’s room with a huge grin splitting his face.He couldn’t believe she had just laid there and let him play with herpussy. It had taken all of his self-control not to just jump on her andfuck her, and something told him that she wouldn’t have stopped him,either. Brian detoured to his sister’s room before heading to his own,pushing the door open and entering without knocking.”Hey, you want to go with me to Shelly’s again tonight?” he asked,seeing her face light up.”Yeah!” Britta exclaimed, pulling her hand from her pussy andsucking on her fingers. “What’s going on?””You’ll see,” Brian told her. “This time you’re going to be thecamera person.””What about you?” Britta asked.”You’ll see,” Brian said with a big grin. “I’m sure you’ll just love it.””I can’t believe you had your hands in mom’s pussy today,”she told him. “That was so outrageous.””Yeah, it was pretty cool,” Brian admitted, proud of himself.Beth was still in bed when Bill got home from work.”You feel okay?” he asked.”Yes, I just got too much sun today,” she told him, sitting up andletting the sheet fall from her naked body.”I’ll say,” Bill replied, taking in the reddish hue to her fair skin.”You were sunning topless?” he asked.”Yes, with Britta,” she answered, seeing the look on his face.”It was her idea and I couldn’t say no. I mean, what kind of amessage would that have been?””I guess our little girl is growing up,” he said, shaking his head.”She most certainly is,” Beth agreed, remembering the way shehad sucked her brother’s cock and then let him fuck her.”It’s almost frightening the way they’re growing. It’s gettingharder to relate to them as c***dren and not as young adults.””We’re pretty lucky, aren’t we?” Bill said.”We sure are,” Beth agreed. “And speaking of luck, how’d you liketo get lucky right now?” she asked, throwing the covers off of herbody and spreading her legs. “I could use some luck right about now.””Hey, you should sunbathe nude more often,” Bill laughed,stripping off his clothes in record time.Beth wrapped her legs around Bill’s back as he fell on her,his cock burying in her hot wet pussy.”God, I needed this,” Beth sighed as he began to stroke his cockin and out of her. “Fuck me hard, Bill, real hard,” she told him.The sound of Bill’s cock sluicing in and out of her sopping pussyand his balls smacking up against her ass filled the room asthey fucked like demented lovers. Bill felt Beth’s pussy clampdown on his cock and he knew she was cumming, then his owncock exploded, cum filling her as she milked him dry.”Damn, you are really hot,” Bill exclaimed, rolling off of heronto his back.”You’re not so bad yourself,” she told him. “Now I’ve got to getdinner ready. Shelly asked me to come by later.””Oh!” Bill said, suddenly a bit uncomfortable. “Anything special going on?””I don’t think so, she just asked me to stop by.””Will you be late?” Bill asked.”I don’t think so, but don’t wait up for me just in case,” she told himas she got to her feet. “God, what a load,” she said, her hand goingbetween her legs to cup her pussy. When she brought it away Billcould see that it was full of his cum. “Waste not, want not,” she said,licking her hand.”God, you are incredible,” Bill laughed as she cleaned her handwith her tongue.Beth grabbed a robe from the closet that came down to mid-thighand tied around the waist. Cinching it tightly, she left the room,heading for the kitchen. Brian was sitting at the kitchen table witha big glass of milk in front of him and Beth felt her cheeks flamingred when she saw him, remembering earlier.”Hey, mom,” Brian greeted her. “Sleep okay?””Wonderful,” she told him.”How’s the sunburn?” he asked as she bent over to get a pot out ofthe cabinet, her robe pulling up onto her ass and exposing her pussy.”A bit better,” she replied, straightening up.”Maybe I should put some more aloe on you,” Brian suggested.”Your father’s home,” she told him. “Maybe I’ll get him to do it after dinner.””You know I don’t mind, right?” Brian asked, getting to his feet andmoving over to stand next to his mother.”Yes, I know,” Beth replied, turning on the water to fill the pot.”And I think you like the way I put it on, don’t you?” Brian asked,running his finger between her pussy lips from behind, causing her togasp out loud and jump in surprise.”Brian!” she exclaimed. “You shouldn’t do that!””Didn’t it feel good?” he asked, sucking on his finger and watchingher face go beet red.”That’s not the point,” Beth told him. “I’m your mother.””You were my mother out back earlier, too,” Brian observed.”What’s different now?””That was wrong, too,” Beth told him. “Besides, what if your fatheror sister walked in?””Now that’s an excuse that makes some sense,” Brian said with a laugh.”Go on, get your sister and tell her I’d like some help with dinner,”Beth told him, blushing as the truth of his words sank in.They finished dinner and Bill went into the living room to veg out in front of the TV while Brian and Britta cleaned up. Beth went to herroom and returned a few minutes later dressed in a track suit.”I’m going to Shelly’s now,” she informed them. “I’ll see you later.Thanks for cleaning up.””No problem, mom,” Brian said. “Have fun and say hi for me.””I’ll do that,” Beth replied as she left.”Okay, let’s get the camera and get ready,” Brian said when theirmother had left. “We leave in 20 minutes.””I can’t believe mom goes to Shelly’s for sex orgies,” Britta whispered,laughing. “It just makes her seem so cool somehow.””Who, mom or Shelly?” Brian asked.”Both of them, of course, but especially mom. She looked so hot withthose two guys last night.””Well, tonight should be fun for you, too,” Brian told her. “You needme to explain the camera or anything?””Nah, I know how to use it,” Britta assured him.”I’m counting on you,” Brian told her.A half an hour later they were both at the back door to Shelly’s house,Britta clutching the camera in her hands. Quietly letting themselves in,they peeked into the living room and didn’t see anyone.”Where are they?” Britta whispered to Brian.”Maybe upstairs,” he told her. “I’ll check. If I don’t come back down ina few minutes, come up very quietly. Shelly’s bedroom is the firstdoor on the left.””Don’t leave me by myself,” Britta said, grabbing his arm.”What if I get caught?””There’s nobody down here to catch you,” Brian reminded her.”Just follow me upstairs in a few minutes.”Leaving a nervous Britta at the bottom of the stairs, Brian went upand peeked into Shelly’s bedroom. What he saw brought a big smileto his face. Shelly was sitting on Beth’s face facing the doorway,as were Beth’s legs, spread wide, her feet flat on the bed, her pussywide open as Shelly rubbed her clit.”Mmm, that’s nice, Beth,” Shelly said, smiling when she saw Brian,waving him into the room. “I love the way you eat my pussy.””I can’t believe how much I enjoy it,” Beth gasped from beneath Shelly.”It’s almost as good as a cock.””Would you like a nice big cock to suck?” Shelly asked her.”What I need is a nice big cock in my pussy,” Beth replied, laughing.Brian froze when he saw Shelly dismount from his mother’s face,then relaxed when he saw the blindfold mask on her eyes.Obeying Shelly’s hand commands, Brian stripped his clothes off,his cock rigid in front of him.Meanwhile, Britta had quietly snuck up the stairs and was peekingaround the edge of the door jamb with the camera to her eye.She had to bite her lip to stifle her gasp of surprise when she sawher brother naked at the foot of the bed with Shelly and their mother.She concentrated on keeping the camera steady, zooming in to fillthe frame with the three of them.”So you got all hot and bothered working in the yard with Brianand Britta?” Shelly asked, leaning over and kissing Beth deeply.”God, it was so hard, and I was totally freaked out, especially whenI saw Britta sucking Brian’s cock when I went in the house. I thoughtI would faint when I saw his cum oozing from the corners of her mouth.But when I saw him fucking her in her room I thought I was having amental breakdown. They’re my c***dren, after all.””Well, if they’re sexually active, I’d be a lot happier about them beingactive with each other than who knows who, if you know what I mean,”Shelly said, leaning over to suck on one of Beth’s rigid nipples.”And I just let him play with me when he put the aloe lotion on.He made me cum so hard,” Beth said. “What was I thinking?He’s my son!””Sounds like a perfect son to me,” Shelly laughed. “Here, slide downso that your ass is on the edge of the bed,” she told her.”I’ve got a nice tongue for your pussy.””Oh, god,” Beth gasped, wriggling her way to the edge of the beduntil she felt her ass about to slip off.Motioning to Brian, Shelly reached down and pulled Beth’s knees up,exposing her pussy, then straddled her face, lowering her pussy sothat Beth could continue eating her pussy at the same time.Britta watched through the camera in shock as Brian knelt at theedge of the bed and began to suck their mother’s pussy while Shellyrode her face. Very quickly Beth was bucking her hips in orgasm asBrian sucked hard on her clit, gently chewing her pussy lips andjamming his tongue deep into her.”Mmm, you like that nice tongue, don’t you?” Shelly asked as Briansat back on his heels, his cock rigid in front of him and his mother’spussy juices smeared across his face.”That was so good,” Beth sighed as Shelly released her legs anddismounted her face.”Here, sit up,” Shelly instructed her, helping her. “Now open wide,”she said with a laugh.Britta couldn’t believe it when Brian stood up and fed his cock intotheir mother’s mouth. She was even more amazed at the zeal withwhich Beth attacked his cock, taking the whole thing into her mouth.She could see it pulsating in her throat even from her position in thedoorway. Shelly was behind Brian, her hand between his legs massaginghis balls as his mother sucked his cock. Finally Beth stopped sucking,holding her son’s cock in her hand while she caught her breath.”Are you ready to have that nice wonderful cock buried in your pussy?”Shelly asked, still playing with Brian’s balls.”God, yes,” Beth panted, laying back on the bed and bringing her kneesup to her chest. “Please fuck me,” she begged.Brian stood in front of his mother, his cock throbbing, her pussy spreadwide for him. Slowly he eased himself into her, feeling her pussy griphis cock as he bottomed out.”Oh, that is just so nice,” Beth breathed as Brian slowly began to fuck her.Britta was in total shock as she watched Brian fuck their mother throughthe camera’s viewfinder. She knew just how good his cock felt and nota few pangs of wistful envy surged through her as she watched. She wastotally unprepared when she felt a hand on her head, gently caressing her.Gasping in surprise, she looked up to see Shelly looking down at her,a big smile on her face. Holding her finger to her lips to indicate silence,Shelly helped Britta to her feet and led her into the bedroom, right up tothe bed where Brian was fucking their mother.Brian’s eyes registered his shock and surprise at seeing Britta, but whenhe saw the huge smile on Shelly’s face he know that everything was okay.Shelly indicated the camera and Britta brought it up to her face,capturing Brian’s cock as it slid in and out of their mother’s pussy.Shelly was standing behind Britta, thoroughly enjoying the spectacle asshe filmed her brother fucking their mother. Unable to resist, Shelly slidher hands around Britta’s waist, letting them slide up to cup her breastsand pinch her nipples. Thrilled by everything that was happening,Britta continued filming as Shelly slowly undressed her. In a couple ofminutes she was standing naked next to her brother, filming as hecontinued to fuck their mother.Then Shelly gently encouraged Britta to climb up onto the bed,positioning her so that she was straddling her mother’s head with herknees, her pussy mere inches above her face.”Here, Beth, something to eat while you’re enjoying yourself,” Shelly said,gently pushing down on Britta’s shoulders until she lowered her pussyonto her mother’s mouth.Immediately Beth began to eat Britta’s pussy, her tongue driving upinto her sweet hole as Brian continued to fuck her. Shelly took thecamera from Britta and continued the filming, capturing the two of them pleasuring and being pleasured by their mother. She could seethat Brian was close to cumming and focused on his cock sliding inand out of his mother’s pussy. Britta was convulsing in orgasm afterorgasm as her mother sucked her pussy. Finally Brian groaned andburied himself deep in his mother’s pussy, his balls spasming as he emptied them deep inside of her. Shelly captured his cum oozing outfrom around the shaft of his cock as he filled his mother to overflowing.”Do you feel nice and fucked now, Beth?” Shelly asked, reaching outto rub circles on her swollen and distended clit.”Oh, god, this is just the best,” Beth mumbled from Britta’s pussy.”Nice sweet pussy, isn’t it?” Shelly inquired.”I could eat this forever,” Beth replied, stabbing her tongue up intoher daughter’s sweet hole.”How about sucking that nice cock that made you feel so good,”Shelly suggested, easing Britta off of her mother’s face.”God, yes,” Beth panted, moaning when Brian slid his cock from her pussy. With Shelly encouraging him, one hand holding the camera to her eye,Brian scooted onto the bed straddling his mother’s chest, his gooeydripping cock hanging right in her face. Beth opened her mouth and lethim slide his cock in, wrapping her lips around him and sucking, tastingtheir combined juices.”Mmm, your pussy looks like it needs a cleaning, too,” Shelly said,observing the cum dribbling from Beth’s ravaged hole.Smiling at Britta, and seeing the shock on her face, Shelly encouragedher to kneel on the floor between her mother’s spread legs. With gentlepressure on the back of her head, Britta leaned forward and draggedher tongue through her mother’s swampy pussy, tasting another woman’s pussy for the first time. It wasn’t that much different thanthe taste of her own pussy, she realized, and Brian’s cum wassomething she already knew she loved, so in no time Britta wasenthusiastically sucking her mother’s pussy, drinking up the cumcocktail that filled her, Shelly filming everything.Then, just as Brian had leaned forward, sliding his entire cock intohis mother’s mouth, Shelly reached over and pulled the blindfoldmask from her face. The only thing Beth could see as she blinked hereyes was Brian’s stomach pressed against her face as his cock filledher throat, but when he slowly pulled out, unaware of what Shellyhad done, Beth’s eyes registered the total shock of realization thatit was her own son’s cock that was filling her mouth and that hadobviously just fucked her.As Beth gasped in shock, Brian looked down and saw his mother’seyes wide open, staring at him. Quickly sliding his cock out of hermouth, he moved off of her body to kneel beside her. Britta meanwhilewas blissfully unaware of what had happened, her face buried in hermother’s pussy as she sucked her clean. Beth looked down her bodyto see who was between her legs and saw the top of Britta’s head,still not realizing who it was. At that moment Britta lifted her faceto gulp some air and her eyes locked with her mother’s. They bothstarted in surprise, Britta’s face smeared with cum and pussy juice.”Surprise!” Shelly said, never taking the camera from her eye.Beth looked over at her and gasped in surprise when she saw the camera.Shelly had obviously filmed her having sex with her two c***dren.”Oh, god, Shelly, what have you done!” Beth cried out.”Just given you exactly what you wanted and needed,” Shelly told her,still filming. “And you loved every minute of it, didn’t you?””Oh, Brian, Britta, I don’t know what to say,” Beth sobbed.”Hey, don’t worry about it,” Brian said, recovering from his surprise.”You’re a great fuck and you suck cock incredibly.””Oh my god,” Beth sobbed.”Look, if you’re going to go all weird on me, I’ll just enjoy myself fora bit,” Shelly said to Beth. “You were in seventh heaven just a minuteago, not even knowing who it was that was making you feel so great.Now that you know you’re going to act like it’s a big deal? I think youneed to do a reality check. I mean, didn’t you tell me that you let Brianget you off earlier today? What’s the difference now?””It’s just…” Beth began.”You know, I could use some of that wonderful cock of yours right now,Brian,” Shelly said. “You have anything left for your poor old aunt?”she asked with a laugh.”I think I could manage,” Brian answered with a grin.”I think you should watch this, Beth,” Shelly said to her as she crawledonto the bed, kneeling on either side of her head, her pussy right aboveher face, her knees pinning her arms. “Get behind me, Brian, and letyour mother see exactly what it was that you were giving her,” she said,stretching out across Beth’s body as she handed the camera to Britta.Shelly’s pubic bone was resting on Beth’s chin and Beth gasped when shefelt Shelly’s tongue slither into her pussy. As Britta moved around thebed with the camera to her eye, Brian knelt behind Shelly, his cock andballs resting on his mother’s face as she slowly slid himself into Shelly’swet and ready pussy.Beth couldn’t help noticing how beautiful Brian’s cock was as it slid intoShelly’s pussy. She saw up close and personal what she herself mustlook like when he fucked her, Shelly’s pussy lips clinging to the shaft ofhis cock as he pulled back, the shaft of his cock dragging across her clitwhen he pushed back in. And Shelly’s tongue in her pussy was doing itsusual magic, driving her wild as her body was wracked with orgasm after orgasm.As her son’s cock began to sluice in and out of Shelly’s pussy, it becamecoated with a sheen of pussy juices. Without thinking about it,she reflexively stuck her tongue out and let the shaft of his cock slideback and forth across it, tasting Shelly’s pussy. Peripherally aware of Britta being everywhere with the camera, Beth found herself with hermouth glued to Shelly’s clit, sucking on her and her son’s shaft as hecontinued to fuck.”Don’t cum inside of me,” Shelly said, lifting her face from Beth’s pussy,”cum all over my pussy,” she instructed when she felt Brian’s cock beginto swell as a prelude to his imminent explosion.Brian groaned when he felt his balls spasm, pulling his cock out of hisaunt’s pussy and shooting cum all over her. Britta was right there withthe camera as spurt after spurt of cum coated Shelly’s pussy and dribbleddown into their mother’s open mouth. As he stopped spurting Brian’scock drooped down far enough that Beth was able to capture it in hermouth, sucking the last of his cum from his cock before gluing hermouth to Shelly’s pussy, sucking the cum and pussy juices until Shelly’spussy was sparkling clean.”Now, that was better, wasn’t it?” Shelly asked as she rolled over ontothe bed next to Beth, an arm around her shoulders. “I loved it, all of it,”she said, turning Beth’s face towards her and kissing her, long and deep.”Didn’t you?””Yes,” Beth sighed softly. “Yes.””That’s better,” Shelly said, kissing her again. “But I want more.Can you do it again, Brian?” Shelly asked.”Whew, I don’t know,” Brian admitted, shaking his head. “That was reallyintense, fucking you and mom sucking both of us and all, I never came sohard in my life.””You think you could manage with a little help, maybe getting that lovelycock of yours sucked until you get hard again?” Shelly asked.”Probably,” Brian said with a grin.”I thought so,” Shelly laughed. “Youth is such a wonderful thing,isn’t it, Beth?””Give me that camera, Britta, you little minx,” Shelly said with a laugh.”Your mother tells me she caught you sucking your brother’s cock today.I’d love to see that. How about giving your mom and I a little show?Brian, you kneel by your mother; Britta, you kneel here by me. Yes, likethat. Now suck your brother’s cock, Britta, show us your stuff.”Beth’s eyes were wide open as her daughter leaned over and sucked thehead of her brother’s cock into her mouth not a foot in front of her.Shelly lay next to her, the camera at her eye, filming as Brittaenthusiastically sucked her brother’s cock. It didn’t take long for Brian’scock to be fully hard again, standing out in front of him like a pipe ashis sister sucked him. Shelly let her left hand slide up Britta’s thigh asshe sucked her brother’s cock, finding her pussy which was soaking wetwith her juices.”That’s wonderful, you two,” Shelly said. “Now I want to watch you fuckyour sister’s sweet little pussy with that huge cock of yours, Brian,”Shelly said with a laugh. “Kneel over your mother’s face like I did, Britta.I think your mom should see this as up close as possible. Come on, Brian,fuck your sister for us. Your mom tells me she’s seen you doing it already.””I’ve never felt anything in my life that feels as good as Brian’s cock inmy pussy,” Britta said as she scrambled to straddle her mother’s face,her pussy so wet that it was dripping.Beth watching in fascination as Shelly filmed Brian’s cock stretching hislittle sister’s pussy wide open and then slowly disappeared inside of her.Soon she had her mouth glued to Britta’s clit, sucking on her as Brian’scock slid over her tongue. Shelly was laughing as she watched the threeof them through the camera. She couldn’t wait to taste Britta’s tastylooking pussy.”Brian, I want you to cum all over your sister’s pussy and your mother’sface,” Shelly told him. “Cover them in cum for me.””Oh god!” Brian screamed, his cock and balls hurting so much as hebegan to cum, shooting all over his sister’s pussy and his mother’s face.Once again Beth sucked her son’s cock until he stopped cumming,then sucked her daughter’s pussy clean. She was now past caring aboutthe rightness or wrongness of everything, she was caught up in the lustof the moment and just wanted more and more and more. Brian’s cockhadn’t subsided at all. It was so hard it was aching.”God, we just have to do something with that cock,” Shelly said,pointing the camera at Brian. “On your hands and knees, Beth; time to take it from behind. Go ahead, Brian, fuck your mother again, except thistime she’s going to know it’s you fucking her. Oh, yes, like that, that’sjust beautiful,” Shelly said as Brian began pounding his mother’s pussydoggy style. Shelly filmed them for several minutes, noticing how Beth’s pussy juiceswere rolling down her inner thighs as Brian worked her pussy out.Then she reached out, wrapping her hand around Brian’s cock, feeling itslip through her fingers as he slid in and out of his mother’s pussy.”Take the camera, Britta,” she said, handing it to her. “I’m going to helpBrian fuck your mother in the ass,” she said, laughing when Beth’shead shot up.”I don’t think so,” Beth said, looking back over her shoulder at her sonploughing her pussy. “He’s far too big.””Nonsense,” Shelly said. “He fucked my ass and it was wonderful.I’ve never been so full of cock before.””I don’t know,” Beth said, putting her head down on the mattress asBrian continued to fuck her, his cock sliding through Shelly’s hand.”Let’s give it a try,” Shelly said, pulling Brian’s cock from his mother’spussy and sliding it up to her asshole. “Gently, Brian, gently,” she said,holding his cock in place on Beth’s rosebud.Beth was gasping and trying to relax as she felt Brian’s cock pressingagainst her asshole. She hadn’t had anal sex in quite a while and Brianwas huge by any standard. She almost cried out loud when she felther sphincter relax enough for the head of Brian’s cock to slip in. It feltlike it was tearing her apart, it was so big. “Let’s get it wet again,” Shelly said, pulling him down to Beth’s pussyand letting him plunge in and out a couple of times before positioninghim once again at the entrance to her ass. This time he was able to get past her sphincter much easier and 3-4inchesof his cock slid into his mother’s ass. Beth was gasping from the pain butappreciated the way he paused to let her adjust to his size. Slowly butsurely Brian worked his entire cock into his mother’s ass until his bellywas pressing up against her ass cheeks. Slowly Brian began to fuck hismother’s ass, not believing how tight it was. After several minutes shebegan to loosen up and Brian began to fuck her in earnest, poundinghimself against her ass as he reamed her. Beth was moaning, one handbeneath herself furiously frigging her own pussy as her son fucked her ass.After more than fifteen minutes Beth begged him to stop, her ass wasworn out and so was she.”I’ve got to have some of that,” Shelly said, getting on her hands andknees in front of Brian. “Fuck my ass, Brian, fuck it good,” she told him,arching her back and spreading her knees.Getting his cock into Shelly’s ass was much easier than his mother’s andvery quickly Brian was giving her the fucking of her life, slamming his cockin and out of her ass. Britta was still filming everything, wondering ifshe’d ever be able to let him fuck her in the ass like that. Brian fuckedShelly’s ass for almost a half an hour before finally falling over onto thebed, completely exhausted, his cock still rock hard.Beth got up and went to the bathroom and came back with a damp towel and cleaned her son’s cock while he lay there, barely conscious.She then lay down on the bed, taking him in her arms, holding him toher breast, his cock poking her in the stomach. Britta curled up againsther brother’s back, sandwiching him between the two of them. “You’re all welcome to stay,” Shelly said after an hour or so had passed,”but what about Bill? What are you going to tell him?””We should go,” Beth said, not wanting to move. “I’ll take care ofdistracting your father if he’s still up so the two of you can sneak toyour rooms,” she told them.”Well, I certainly expect to see all of you here again,” Shelly said,”and soon.””Thanks, Shelly, this was really cool,” Britta told her, giving her a hugbefore picking up her clothes and dressing.”Beth?” Shelly said, her eyebrow raised.”Thanks, Shelly, for everything,” she told her, giving her a big hug.”I mean it. This might be wrong and weird, but it was just wonderful.This will change everything in our lives.””For the better, I should hope,” Shelly said with a laugh.”I’m sure it will be,” Beth agreed, pulling on her sweats.Shelly escorted them all to the door, standing naked in the doorway silhouetted in the light of the living room as they left. It was with a bigsigh that she closed the door and went back up to her bedroom, alone. <<<<>>>>

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