Baby Learns The Rules Ch. 01


“On your knees.”

Baby looks up at him confused. He’d never commanded her like that before. He looks at her sternly, his 6’4″ muscular frame towering over her.

“On your knees,” he repeats, “If I have to repeat myself again, you will be punished.”

Baby lowers herself down to her knees. She wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but she can feel her clit swelling and her pussy getting wetter. He takes out his stiff cock and taps the side of her cheek with it. She looks up, big blue eyes pleading for an explanation.

“Take it in your mouth.”


He slaps her hard across the face.

“Your mouth is for sucking my cock. That is it. Put it in your mouth.”

She takes his cock into her mouth and began to run her tongue all over. She kisses it and licks all the way up the shaft. Grabbing his waist with her hands, she pulls him deeper and deeper into her mouth, gagging on his cock, desperate to take it all in. It tastes so good and she cannot get enough.

He speaks as she continues to work his cock. “From now on you will be my own personal whore. You may call me Sir, Master or Daddy.”

Baby begins to stroke his balls as she sucks, looking up at him listening intently to every word he says.

“I will decide when you fuck, how you fuck, where you fuck and who you fuck. You will not cum unless you have my permission.”

She pulls his cock from her mouth, rubbing it all over her face and spits on it. She uses her hand and strokes him, still taking the tip with her tongue.

“You will not touch yourself, me or anyone else unless yalova escort you have my permission. You will not question me. Do you understand?”

Baby didn’t know what to do. She stares up at him, eyes wide, and continues to service his cock.

“You have permission to speak.”

She lets his cock slide from her mouth. “Yes.”

He slaps her with his cock. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He strokes her face. “Good girl.”

He grabs the back of her head and begins to fuck her face with his cock. Grasping her hair, he shoves his cock deeper down her throat. Baby can barely take it, but is determined not to disappoint him. She whimpers softly as his thrusts become faster and faster until he grabs the back of her head, holding his cock deep in her throat. She feels a warm, thick liquid on her tongue. It tastes so good. He pulls his cock out of her mouth as Baby desperately struggles to drink up all of his cum. His load is huge and ends up all over her face.

He steps back admiring his work, “Now what do you say?”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“Stand up.”

Baby rises to her feet and stands in front of her Daddy. How can she already be calling him that? Just the sound of it made her even wetter. Her tall heels still don’t let her 5’7″ frame come close to his massive height.

“Take off your clothes.”

Baby slides her skirt down her legs and steps out of it. Master walks around her inspecting every inch of her. He grabbs her round ass in his hands and squeezed. She pulls the tank top over her head edirne escort and stood before him in just a white bra and white lace thong. He could see her excited nipples poking out, begging to be played with. Her whole body is his fucktoy to use as he sees fit.

Baby removes her bra, breasts spilling out. They’re small, but equisitely perky. Master grabs one nipple and twisted it hard. Baby opened her mouth to scream, but before a sound could escape her lips, Master put his finger up to silence her. “Not a word, pet.”

Daddy pulls down the corner of her panties, pulling them off. He smells them, smiling to himself and then puts them in front of Baby’s face. “Taste them. Taste how much you love being owned.” He shoves the panties in her mouth.

“Now present yourself to me.”

Baby slowly opens up her legs and stands tall before him. “No, turn around. When I demand to see your pussy you will present yourself to me on your hands and knees. Ass in the air, face buried in the ground.” Baby turns around and follows Daddy’s instructions. Her clean, bald pussy points in the air, ready to be inspected by her Master.

Daddy sticks a finger in her pussy and pulled out some pussy juice. “Look at how wet your already are.” He raises it to his lips. “Mmmm”. Daddy parts the lips of her pussy and finds her clit. He slowly runs his finger over it, moving the little bead around.

Baby can’t help herself, a short gasp escapes her lips. Without missing a beat, Daddy reels back and slaps her ass hard.

“Silence. You will not cum erzurum escort until I say so.”

Master continues to inspect Baby’s pussy. The panties still in her mouth, the warm taste of her own pussy just make her wetter. She struggles not to make a sound. Master puts two fingers in her pussy, stretching the little walls. “So tight. Tell me, Baby Girl, are you a good girl?”

“Yes, Master. I am a good girl.”

Daddy laughs. “Really now. I don’t think good girls find themselves in this position very often, do you?”

Baby doesn’t speak.

Master shoves his fingers further into her pussy. “Do you?”

“No sir, I don’t think that they do.”

Master flicks her clit back and forth. Baby squirms, trying her hardest not to release. She hears a buzzing behind her. A small vibrator barely touches her clit. Instantly her wetness covers the vibe.

“So would you still call yourself a good girl?”

“Yes sir.”

Master begins to tease Baby’s ass with the vibe.

“Really now?”

Daddy pushes the vibe into Baby’s asshole.

Baby buries her face further and further into the floor. Her hands are clenched. Fingernails digging into her palms, desperately trying not to orgasm.

“Yes sir. I obey my Master. I am still a good girl.”

Master laughs. “You may cum now.”

As if by magic, Baby’s pussy convulses hard, grabbing Daddy’s fingers and holding them in her pussy. Juice gushes out. Baby screams with pleasure, cumming harder than she ever has. She collapses onto the ground, unable to hold herself up any longer.

She comes down from it, breathing heavy, laying on the hard cold floor. Daddy crouches down, stroking her hair. “Shhh, Baby Girl, you did very well. Your master is pleased.”

Baby looks up, smiling at her Daddy, so glad to have made him proud. He continues you stroke her hair, “Oh, slut, I am going to have a lot of fun with you.”

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