Bare girl at Sex Exhibition dream


Bare girl at Sex Exhibition dreamI can’t remember whether I suggested it or She did, but the plan was to meet at Erotica in 2006. She was sharing a stall there. I’d worshipped Her since 1999 and by 2006 I’d sent Her 1000s of worship sheets, poems, stories, mag covers. We had also exchanged many emails and by that time She knew every detail of my worship. I never dreamed I’d actually see Her for real, be allowed into Her presence. As a life-long girl-worshipping wanker it was always my dream to worship personally, but the thought I could actually meet up with a beautiful glamorous model was beyond ridiculous – what girl would want to meet up with, even be seen with, a disgusting old pervert in his dirty rainmac and baggy wank-trousers?I stood there, feeling very out of place, and my heart raced as I saw Her arrive at Her stand. Part of me was hoping She wouldn’t notice me and I could slink off like the useless wimp I was, but She soon saw me and came over, smiling so nicely. For the next 20 minutes I was in a daze, seeing Her read my worship sheets and write kadıköy escort on them, seeing Her do a couple of poses, showing me Her latest photos in Her calendar, and then She was back to work, leaving me standing there wondering if it all had happened. I’d dreamed that She would show and make me cum in my pants, unlikely as that was. The place was packed with people, noisy, and we’d been standing in between stands, so finding a way to ejaculate into my underpants, without Her noticing, was pretty impossible. But now I was desperate to spunk with my eyes on Her. She’d made me do it so many times looking at Her photos and videos, and having met Her, that was the only thing I could think of, and a mania took me over. Up on the first floor, I’d be able to look down on Her stand – I’d done that before going down the stairs, just to see where it was and try and prepare myself for the meet, rather than suddenly bump into Her and be so taken aback I’d be more useless than üsküdar escort I was. So back up the stairs I went, forcing my hand through the holes in my mac pocket and wank-trousers pocket. It took less than a second to get erect, and then I just waited for Her to come back. She was soon there with another two fans, chatting and laughing and showing them Her calendar, full of knickers-show pics of Her, which they both bought. Next She was raising Her skirt while they took photos, showing Her stocking-tops and then, in response to their pleas, raising it as high as Her knix. I was rubbing slowly watching Her, trying to settle my nerves and conscious that there were people all around, walking past and stopping at the stair-rail to look below. But I’m a very experienced mac-wanker so I knew no-one would know what I was doing, and I concentrated on my Goddess and Her posing, the way She was exciting Her fans by displaying Her lovely legginess and cleavage, laughing as they exclaimed in delight at Her poses and took lots tuzla escort of pics. At this point I just held my knob upright and gazed at Her, feeling all the feelings of love and worship overcumming me as I beheld Her beauty.I wasn’t rubbing and then there was a stream of warm pre-cum running over my hand, and as I started to nod forward, beginning a moan of ecstasy, She looked up, directly at me, with a big smile, and showing Her cleavage. That was too much for me and I was unable to control a big convulsion as I shot and shot into my pants, my head and shoulders nodding forward in time to the shots, my moans and whimpers barely audible, while She smiled at me, laughing at my red-faced contortions. I’d dreamed and dreamed of spunking my pants in front of Her while She showed, and never thought I’d do it – never thought I’d dare, never thought She’d allow it. The only thing now was, do I go down and talk to Her, say thank-you, tell Her how much I loved and worshipped Her, show Her my wet patch even? I agonised for several minutes before losing my nerve and making my way back to my van. Once there I had the delight of unzipping my mac to see a large cum-patch on the front of my trousers, and instantly smelling the strong stench of cum wafting up. A couple of hours later, I was drafting the first of many emails and worship sheets to send Her, telling Her all about what She’d made me do that day.

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