Bathroom Break


Dee scanned the necessary items down the aisle she was working on. Back and forth she would go until she’d completed her section of the store. Even though she did have to pay attention to what she was doing, she knew her job well enough that she could lose herself in more pleasant thoughts as she worked. Thoughts like those of the new wake up she’d gotten that morning.

Despite the fact that she’d had a really nice orgasm, one of the best she’d ever had from feeling someones mouth on her pussy, her body still seemed to hum with tension.

It had turned out to be one of the most teasing things that he could’ve done to her. Biting down on her lip she had to suppress a low moan that attempted to escape as she had to squat down to reach a lower shelf. The way the seam of her pants shifted against her sensitive and still very much aroused clit had her squirming. She wanted to discreetly shift her pants, to do anything that would repeat the gesture and bring the sensation back.

She could feel her thongs growing wet as the silky material rubbed against her, reminding her yet again of her delicious wake up call.

Dee made it through a few more aisles, before the desire grew too strong. She needed to cum again or she was going to scream. Surely her coworkers were bound to notice how shallow her breathing was, how she couldn’t concentrate…

Without taking time to second guess herself, she headed straight for the bathroom. Hopefully no one had been watching, so though she wouldn’t be able to take as long as she would like, she wouldn’t have to rush either.

Inside the safety of the bathroom, she pulled out the cell phone she kept hidden in her pocket. It was against company policy, but she didn’t care. It wasn’t as though she actually used it when she was on the sales floor. Her pants were Maltepe Escort quickly lowered and she took her position on the toilet. She opened her legs as wide as she could, once again biting down on her lip as she allowed her finger to slide between her folds.

She was so wet just remembering what Danny had done to her this morning. So wet and hungry for more. She wanted to feel him thrusting into her, pounding away as though he were afraid it was the last time they’d ever be together. Her finger stroked her clit as she closed her eyes, almost able to feel him moving inside of her.

With a smile, Dee decided she shouldn’t be the only one to suffer this morning. Danny should be punished for teasing her so mercilessly. She scrolled through the options until she found the one she was looking for then angled the camera just so…

Careful to hold it in place, Dee hit the button a second before she resumed her stroking.

Using the tip of her index finger she circled her clit, allowing it to linger only the briefest of seconds before she delved lower. Parting her lips she continued to where so much moisture crept from her body. Without hesitation she thrust her finger deep inside of herself, enjoying the warmth that surrounded the digit. Pulling out, she added a second finger and began pumping them inside of herself, using the heel of her hand to make certain that her clit didn’t feel too neglected.

Biting down on her lip and closing her eyes from the pleasure she felt, Dee increased the speed of her movements. She thrust into herself harder, remembering how Danny had done this to her not more than a few hours ago. She thought about him watching the little gift she was making for him and his dick growing hard. He would wrap his hand around his cock, stroking it, and imagining Kurtköy Escort it was buried deep inside of her.

She wanted to feel his cock hard, rubbing against her cheek as his voice whispered in her ear for her to keep going. He wanted to watch her pleasure herself, to see her make herself cum. She would caress the velvety head with the side of her face before turning her head slightly so that she could suck him into her mouth, but only just the tip…for now.

His hands would grab her head, one easily burying itself in her hair as she teased the tip of his cock with her tongue, the gesture mirroring what her own finger was doing to her clit. And each time she plunged her fingers deep inside of herself she would suck his dick into her until she could feel all of him, her lips grazing against the silky hairs he kept neatly trimmed.

Faster, she would tease both of them only to force herself to slow down and tease them both. When they came, she wanted it to be hard. She wanted to hear him growl and feel him thrusting himself into her mouth, trying to set the pace himself. She wanted to drive him crazy as he could do to her with the simplest of touches.

In her fantasy he did exactly that. He grabbed a fistful of hair at her crown and began to pound himself into her mouth, the whole time moaning and telling her what an erotic picture that would be. He could never get enough of seeing her mouth swallowing his cock. How he loved the way she always seemed to want him inside of her—in her mouth or buried deep inside her pussy as he made her cum. His breathing grew heavier and he told her he was about to cum. How much it turned him on that she loved to swallow every drop. Just as the cock inside of her fantasy began to fill her mouth, Dee’s fingers skillfully brought her to Kartal Escort her own orgasm. Her legs tensed and she bit down harder on her lip, uncaring if she drew blood so long as she didn’t scream out and cause her coworkers to come knocking on the door.

Moisture rushed out of her body as the muscles of her pussy clenched, gripping her fingers. And though it was nice, still she did not get to experience that utter satisfaction that came with her feeling Danny’s cock buried inside of her.

Frustrated tears threatened to spill out of her eyes as she realized that she had only managed to make her body hum harder… Now more than before she needed to feel him buried inside of her, fucking her until she could resist the temptation to scream no longer.

But despite the fact that she knew she wasn’t satisfied yet, she smiled. No, she wouldn’t be the only one to wonder just how quickly she could get home and anticipate the moment she stepped through the door. She hit the save button on her phone then quickly attached the recording to a message she sent to Danny saying “thinking about you. I can’t wait until we can finish what was started this morning.”

With a lingering sense of satisfaction, Dee hit send. As soon as she got the confirmation that her message was sent, she stood up. She pulled up her pants then replaced the small cell phone in her pocket then went over to the sink.

She lifted her fingers to her nose, inhaling deeply the scent of her arousal as it lingered on her fingers. Knowing that if she spent more time in the bathroom she may get questioned, Dee washed her hands. As she dried them, she looked in the mirror. She wasn’t sure if anyone else would be able to notice the flush that seemed to have crept over her flesh, but she did.

A quick look at the time had her beginning her countdown for when she could truly show Danny exactly what his morning wake up had done to her. Images of what would be entered her mind and Dee felt her pussy growing wetter with each one. Oh yes, he had indeed made certain today would be anything but boring.

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