Be Careful What You Wish For!!!


Be Careful What You Wish For!!!I found this one on the web and it is pretty hot, but slightly disturbing…. Weak of heart take note!This is to let all of the husbands out there know that watching your wife have sex with another man is not all it’s cracked up to be.My wife and I have been married to each other for almost 5 years now, I am 35 and she is 30. My wife was a virgin when we got married so she had never been with another person before. We had actually met at my brothers wedding, she was a bridesmaid, and I was my brother’s best man. I guess my fantasizing about watching her have sex with another man started when we met and I read story after story in the Penthouse Forum about men who loved to watch their wives have sex with other men. They all said how big a turn on it was for them, so naturally it became a big turn on for me as well.I first mentioned it to my wife about a year ago but she didn’t like the idea at all.I kept mentioning it intermittently to her and then about 2 months ago I started to bring the subject up more and more often. It soon got to the stage where it was all I would talk about when we had sex.She was never very hot on the idea but she was warming to the point where one night she finally said she would do it for me if this is what I really wanted. Looking back I think that she only agreed to keep me quiet, I don’t think that she actually thought I’d go ahead with it. What she didn’t know was that I’d already put her name forward on an Internet contact site using some sexy photos that I’d taken of her. After sorting through the replies I chose one from a guy named Simon. I’d chosen him because at 45 he’d have the maturity that I felt was needed. The clincher was the fact that six months ago he’d lost his wife after a lengthy illness so we could add understanding to his maturity. That Friday night was our anniversary so I decided to go through with it then. I’d already emailed Simon to meet me at a local bar, I’d sent him a photo of me but despite numerous requests he never got around to sending one of him. No doubt you can hear the alarm bells ringing already but I was so wrapped up in my fantasy that I threw caution to the wind. I then called my wife from work and told her that because it was our anniversary, I wanted her to be dressed very sexily for me when I got home. My sweet wife agreed to do that for me, little suspect-ing that I was going to be bringing someone home withme.After work I stopped by at the bar not far from our home and as arranged took a seat in one of the more private booths. As I waited I looked around at the various people in the bar, trying to guess which one might be Simon. I half noticed a powerfully built black guy swaggering arrogantly down the aisle towards me, as I was trying to look around him he suddenly sat down on the sofa right next to me and looked me up and down. Before I had a chance to respond he grinned, “I’m Simon!”Stunned I just sat there staring at his pot-marked but youthful features all I could think of to say was “How old are you?” He smiled broadly, exposing a gold capped tooth, “Twenty,” he replied. Then anticipating my next question continued, “I find that if I pass myself off as a middle aged white guy, I get a better response.” “You mean you’ve done this sort of thing bef….” “Oh yes,” he interrupted, “Many times.” He sat back, grinning, allowing the shock of the situation to take full effect.Simon pointed to the large bulge that was his crotch, “This baby needs plenty of feeding,” he leaned forward, “And it prefers its meat white and married.” With that he let out a loud laugh, which unnerved me even more and standing up said, “Shall we go, I can’t wait to meet your wife.”My brain was numb and unable to comprehend what was happening I found myself automatically saying, “Y-yes of course,” and blindly followed him out of the door and to his car. “Get in” he said, “I’ve got some business to attend to.” With that he walked over to a couple of black guys standing outside a nearby door, a couple of times he pointed to me and they all laughed, then he returned to his car and I gave him directions to my house. As we moved off I looked at him, all I could see was the glint of that gold tooth as he laughed, he was obviously enjoying the situation immensely. I found myself trying to rationalize his deception, actually trying to excuse the obvious lies, the obvious danger and telling myself that this would add fresh excitement to the fantasy. When we arrived, my darling wife met me at the front door in an almost see-through tight white blouse and a short black skirt that barely covered the tops of her stockings. It was plain to see that under the blouse she was wearing a white push up bra, which gave her a fantastic cleavage. She looked amazing, even if I wasn’t planning to fulfill my fantasy that evening, she would have turned me on with that outfit.She gave me a big smile and a kiss and then noticed the man standing behind me. “Oh!” She said and abruptly pulled away stepping back as I walked in with my new ‘friend’ following closely behind.She turned her back and was starting to walk quickly upstairs Simon pushed by me, asking where she was going. She stopped and awkwardly said that she didn’t feel that she was dressed properly for company. Simon smiled saying that she looked fine and that canlı bahis she should stay. She hesitated for a moment not knowing what to do then turned and gave Simon a nervous smile before heading for the living room.She stood in the living room a little awkwardly, Simon sat himself down on the sofa next to where she was standing. His eyes traveled slowly from her feet right up to her mid thigh and the bottom of her skirt at this my wife began to fidget nervously, Simon said “Why don’t you sit down.” She looked over to a nearby dining table and moved as if she was about to sit at one of the chairs but he stopped her, “No, no he said a little impatiently, “Over there where I can see you better.” He pointed to the sofa opposite, my wife looked at me, blushing as she realized what he meant, then went over and sat down on the sofa opposite, making sure however that she did not sit opposite to him. As she sat she pulled down on bottom of her skirt and putting both hands on her knees pressed her legs tightly together.Simon smiled and moved along so that he was sitting directly across from her he then turned to me “Why don’t you get us a drink.” He said handing me his coat, as I bent to collect it he said, “Take your time.” Loud enough for my wife to hear I looked at her and although she said nothing her eye were pleading with me to stay, I smiled and made my way to the kitchen where I opened the serving hatch slightly, enough to see what was going on. As I slowly prepared the drinks I could see my wife who had her back to me was slowly beginning to relax from her stiff, upright posture as Simon spoke to her. I gave my wife her drink then, placing Simons on the table in front of him looked up at my wife and nearly knocked the drink over. She had relaxed to such an extent that she had, without thinking crossed her legs, unfortunately what she didn’t realize was that the short skirt had ridden up giving Simon a clear and unobstructed view. Her stocking clad leg could clearly be seen right up to her ass and she sat there totally oblivious to the show she was giving. Simon turned and gave me a wink, exposing that gold tooth and said, “I think you’d better tell your lovely wife why I’m here.” Stunned for a moment I looked over to my wife who gave me a puzzled look. Clearing my throat I wished her happy anniversary. I said that I had arranged a special anniversary present and looked over at Simon who leaned back into the sofa stretching out his arms. My wife looked from me to Simon and then to the large bulge appearing in his trousers. Realizing what I meant she looked very upset and began to stiffen up, she asked me if I was being serious, she looked at Simon, her stunned face a deep crimson and said, “I thought you were joking.” Her words were directed at me but she kept her eyes fixed on Simons’s straining crotch.I was about to explain when Simon suddenly got up and went over to my nervous wife, then sitting down close beside her, he fixed her with a piecing stare, her eyes widened and darted left and right as if she was reading his eyes. Her breath began to get shallow and rapid and she began to sink further into the seat as he edged his face closer to hers.His hand rested on her crossed knee, then moving it up he pushed up her skirt completely exposing her stocking tops, her gaze darted straight to his hand and she let out a squeal as he began to squeeze her exposed thigh. “David!” She gasped to me in desperation. “Stop this…. I don’t want…” Simon gave her an extra squeeze, which immediately made my wife yelp and uncross her legs. Her hands darted to her sides as Simon, grinning like mad began to stroke her thigh, my gazed moved to her heaving chest, her nipples were clearly visible, poking out from her bra. Seeing this Simon immediately started squeezing her firm breasts through the material of her blouse.My wife’s gaze went from her thigh to her chest and then she looked up at me with a silent “help!” in her eyes but all I could do was stare back, powerless. With one hand still squeezing her breast Simon cupped the back of her head with the other and turned her head toward him. She opened her mouth to protest but he swiftly brought her head forward and clamped his mouth over hers, the pressure of the kiss forcing her to open her mouth wider for him. I could see her cheeks bulge as his tongue probed deeply into her mouth. His hand was now busy at the buttons of her blouse as he got to the last few he impatiently began to tug popping off the rest of the buttons. She brought her hands up as if to push him off but her resistance visibly waned as the intensity of the kiss grew. After what seemed like an age, Simon pulled away from her leaving her gasping for air, a strand of saliva still connected them together as he called her “A horny white slut.” With that, She turned her head away with a disgusted look on her face, then with a glance in my direction she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. He wasted no time, standing up and pushing my wife’s skirt up around her trim waist he pulled her slightly forward and pushed her legs wide apart. It was obvious that her white thong panties were soaked.He grabbed hold of the crotch of her panties and with a sharp tug ripped them off. My lovely wife’s eyes opened in momentary fright as she felt and heard her panties ripping. bahis siteleri Simon lazily examined the panties, smelling the crotch. “Did you buy these white boy?” he said in a mocking tone.”Y-Yes.” I croaked, “They’re an Anniversary present.”Simon screwed them up and threw them at me “She won’t need them anymore!” he laughed. Then he cupped the back of her neck and pulled her forward, roughly tugging off her blouse. With his free hand he then unclipped her bra from the back, as he pushed her back down his fingers curled around the front of her bra, which he pulled sharply away from her body as she fell back. He gave the bra a cursory look before throwing it to the floor.As a predator surveys his prey Simon eyed my wife, naked now save for the crumpled band of her skirt. “Nice tits.” He said pulling at her hard nipples, making her squeal. His gaze went to her pussy, the damp hair bushy and newly trimmed, “I’m gonna enjoy you bitch,” he said standing up.She looked on with big deer-eyes as Simon slowly dropped his pants, she let out a gasp when she saw the size of his cock. Rock hard it was, shiny and black with pre-cum already oozing out of the angry purple head. Thick veins ran along its length and seemed to take on a life of it’s own as it twitched and pulsated.With wide eyes my wife traced the over sized tool from the swollen head to the two huge balls which swung heavily as Simon stepped out of his pants she looked at me with a pleading expression on her pretty face and asked in a trembling voice, “Honey is this really what you want?”It was Simon who replied. “Sure he does baby, he thought it might be nice if you were fucked by a real man for a change.” He looked over to me. “You know, one who can make you come.” I felt my face burn with embarrassment, during our emails I had confided that I had difficulty maintaining an erection and that I rarely, if ever brought my wife to a climax during our lovemaking. The look of disgust that she had shown earlier returned to her face, but this time it was directed at me. Then, after a moment she lay back again very hesitantly with a look of acceptance on her face. Her gaze returned to his cock as she gasped, “Oh my god!”Simon finished climbing out of his clothes and stood there naked before my wife, his toned body muscular and impressive. In an earlier email I had told Simon that he would need to use a condom because my wife wasn’t on the pill. Quickly Simon pulled a condom out of his wallet and rolled it on to that huge cock of his, it barely covered three quarters of his length. Bizarrely I found myself thinking that this was the only time Simon had kept his word. Then he stepped between her lovely thighs and grabbed her legs placing them up over his muscular shoulders.All the fantasizing I had done over the years didn’t really prepare me for what I was actually seeing. I thought that this moment would be so special, but when I saw Simon start to push that huge monster into my wife, and I saw her wince as he started stretching her pussy open, the true reality of the whole situation hit home.What the hell was I doing? Here was my pretty wife who I love more than anything-having her most private parts invaded by a stranger. I couldn’t take it any longer. I jumped up and yelled, “stop! I’ve changed my mind!”As I crossed the room and grabbed Simon by the shoulder I told him I’d made a mistake and that he’d better go. Suddenly the whole sight made me sick. I wanted to vomit. What had I done? But the worst was yet to come.As I grabbed Simon by the shoulder, he turned and slapped me hard across the face. The blow knocked me backward on my butt, leaving me a little dazed. I jumped up again to tear him away from my wife, but this time he punched me hard in the stomach, forcing the air out of my lungs.The man grunted and yelled that there was no way he was NOT going to fuck my wife now. He swore at both of us, calling her a “Fucking prick-teaser” and yelling at me, saying that if I tried to stop him he’d teach me a lesson I’d never forget. All I could do was gasp for air and watch as he again grabbed my wife’s legs again and thrust them over his shoulders as before.My wife screamed and tried to break free but in that awkward position she couldn’t get away. Simon growled, Okay Dude, watch this!” I looked on in horror as he held my wife legs with one hand and reached down and pulled the condom off his cock with the other.My wife heard it snap loudly as it came off, instinctively, she reached down with both hands to cover her pussy. She pleaded with Simon not to do it. But it was no use. He fixed her with an intense stare and raised his hand that immediately made her move her hands aside. With a self-satisfied grin he ordered her to spread her legs. My wife turned her head to one side and looking at me, did as she was told. He placed the head of his cock directly over her exposed pussy then, placing his thumb on his shaft he pressed down hard, pushing open my wife’s pussy lips, exposing her clitoris. He moved his cock up and down so that the whole length of his shaft brushed along her clitoris. At first I wondered what he was doing, then when I saw how wet her pussy had become I realized what was happening. He moved his cock into position at the entrance to her opening and began to push into her.He only got the head of his prick güvenilir bahis into her at first, but he thrust again and my wife screamed as her pussy stretched wide to accommodate his invading monster.I felt terrible because I was helpless, I couldn’t move, and felt guilty that what I was watching was making me hard, I didn’t want to be turned-on by this, I was horrified. After several hard thrusts he finally got all the way into her and held himself there while my wife caught her breath and the pain subsided as her pussy adjusted to her new lover’s length and girth.Then the big brute started riding her for all she was worth. My poor wife was helpless to stop him, and I was completely useless as I finally caught my breath and struggled to my feet. I stared in horror now at what would be both the most erotic experience of my life and also my worst nightmare. To make matters worse, my wife was beginning to relax and the final insult came when she started to thrash about in a powerful orgasm. I couldn’t believe that she could come with what had just taken place but she had and was now groaning with every stroke.Simon had settled into a steady, powerful rhythm, he’d fuck her to an orgasm then withdraw as the orgasm took hold making her whole body shake, then swiftly he’d re-enter her and power-fuck her pussy again for about two minutes before bringing her to another orgasm.I couldn’t handle it anymore. I left them grunting and groaning like a****ls, while I crept off to the kitchen to try and block out the sights and sounds of what was happening in the living room. I couldn’t bare to hear the wet sloppy fucking noises anymore and I especially couldn’t bare to hear my wife moaning as that bastard fucked her into yet another orgasm.After about twenty minutes I heard a commotion coming from the living room, I heard my wife gasping “No! No!” then I heard a slap followed by a squeal, I looked through the serving hatch. They were now in the middle of the room, Simon had spun my wife around and was now taking her roughly from behind. He was holding her by the hair, pulling her head tightly back, her hands were raised, as if she were a begging dog.I looked at her legs, which were spread as wide as they could go, held open by his. As he thrust I could hear Simon muttering things to her, I couldn’t make out the words, but it actually sounded like he was chanting. It certainly did the trick anyway as her body was shuddering now with almost continuous orgasms.By now the air wreaked of sex, both of their bodies were gleaming with sweat as Simon flipped my wife onto her back and re-entered her swollen pussy. Holding her arms above her head he began to kiss her passionately on the mouth, his tongue probing deeply. Once again I turned my back on them, all signs of resistance now gone as my wife returned his kiss. It wasn’t long before I heard Simon yelling that he was going to come.I looked into the room and heard my wife plead with him to take it out and shoot it on her, but he wasn’t going to deny himself and just kept pumping her deeply.My poor wife screamed, “No! Please don’t do this to me, I’m not on the pill.”The bastard just laughed and said, “I know, spread your legs wider bitch” despite herself my wife obeyed the command, spreading her legs as wide as she could, allowing him to thrust deeper into her pussy. Then he made one last plunge into her and held himself there while his cock spasmed and he shot his huge load into my wife. I could see his body tense as he spurted his come into my helpless wife, triggering her into yet another orgasm.As the couple’s bodies slowly relaxed, the silence in the other room was deafening. My wife lay there in shock, as Simon kissed her passionately, squeezing her breasts. I could have killed myself right then. I slunk back into the kitchen as Simon got up and put his pants back on. From his pocket he produced a camera and began to take photos of my wife, as she lay naked on the floor. He walked over to a nearby table and picked up her address book, thrusting it at her he told her to write down our phone number and her works address. He asked where she kept her house keys, she feebly pointed to her handbag, which he picked up from the chair. After emptying the contents on the floor he collected the keys, putting them into his pocket.As he walked out the door, he said, “Thanks for the use of your wife’s pussy shit-head, you’ll be hearing from me”After the door closed, I looked into the living room where my wife was lying on the couch, and I could see that her pussy-lips were badly stretched, and that his sperm was leaking out of her.I reached down to help her up but she pushed me away. “He told me not to move” she muttered, “He wants his sperm to do its work.” She looked down at he pussy, “He whispered such dirty things while he made love to me. I never knew sex could be like that.” She shook her head. “His penis, it was so…” She tailed off. I was speechless, stunned, then she turned to me. “He says he hasn’t finished with me and that he’ll be back for more.” She grabbed my hand. “I won’t be able to stop him.”All I could think of to say in reply was, “I know!”The next few days were a very worrying time for us as we waited to find out if she was pregnant. By some miracle and despite the volume of sperm pumped into her she was not. As you may have guessed our involvement with Simon didn’t end there but that, as they say is a different story.Guys, it’s a whole lot better fantasy than it is reality. I advise you to leave it that way if you haven’t done it yet…

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