Beach House


Beach HouseThis is my first attempt at weaving a true story with a little fiction. I had fun writing it. I hope you have fun reading it…AnnaIt was a terribly cold frigid night. Our house sits on the sand cliffs overlooking Lake Michigan. We were smart enough to give ourselves space for erosion. Yet still be close to the water. Our deck has a set of stairs that leads down to our beach area. Richard and Joshua wanted to spend the night in the beach house.While it is fortified for winter nights with a gas furnace and insulation I told them they were retarded. Richard said come on mom it’ll be like we used to do. I looked out at the falling snow and with a feeling of trepidation I agreed to try it.The walk down the stairs was perilous in the least. I had my boots and winter parka on and my mittens and scarf. I told Richard to stop for a minute. I couldn’t see him in front of me. I told them then let’s go back up to the house before we get stranded out here. Richard hugged me to him and said where’s your spirit of adventure? I yelled back for him to hear me over the wind, I left it at the house I yelled out. Richard I said this isn’t one of your better ideas. Come on it’ll be fine you’ll see. I followed him not letting go of his coat. soon we made it to the beach house. It was freezing inside, but the furnace soon had us all toasty warm.Richard and Joshua called me Miss wimpy because I still had my parka on. I laughed and said when this place warms up I’ll settle in and put my jammies on. Until then the parka stays on I said hugging myself and standing over a heater duct. I walked over to the bar and poured a shot of rum and drank it down.I told the boys we need hot coffee or hot chocolate, which do you two prefer? Hot chocolate they yelled back. I busied myself in the kitchen area making hot chocolate. I looked in the cupboard and found some mini marshmallows.I walked to the doorway and asked cheeseburgers or no? yes two for me and Joshua said me too please. I told the boys the hot chocolate was on the counter and I’d cook up some burgers and then maybe play a board game.We ate the burgers and turned on the TV , but the storm was too much for the satellite. I picked up the plates and cleaned the kitchen up. I told the boys I was going to get into my jammies. I went into the bedroom and looked through the dresser and found an older pair that were worn thin. As I was undressing I had that eerie feeling I was being watched.I shook it off and went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and saw just how worn thin my jammies were. I could clearly see my nipples through the cotton fabric. I shrugged and thought well I’ll just put a throw blanket over me and I’d be fine.With the satellite out the boys were looking through our selection of DVD’s. I laughed and said put in “ BRIDAL WARS “ yeah right Richard said we ‘re not watching some chick flick.Well pick something that’s not all gory and stuff like that. Joshua said what are you scared of those flicks? Richard said she’ll be in your lap squeezing you to death.Joshua being the smart ass he is. Said and that’s a bad thing? I laughed and threw a pillow at him and said you two just behave. Besides we can play monopoly or another board game. I went to make myself a drink. When I came back the boys said I know let’s play strip poker. I laughed and said fat chance it’s the middle of the winter.So said Richard heck it’s warm in here now anyway. I said nope I’m not playing strip poker now you two behave. We began to play monopoly. At first I was doing good, so when Richard suggested that if I lose then we have to play strip poker…I only laughed and didn’t answer. As the game progressed it was clear Richard was quickly becoming the real estate baron. When I landed on boardwalk which was owned by Richard I said oh shit, now I’m in trouble.I tried to barter some of my property to pay him, Richard smiled and said show me and Josh your tits and I’ll let you slide this time. Oh right I said. Then I quickly said NOT!!! I’ll give you my utilities companies for the rent. Fine Richard said it’s a deal.On my next roll I won the free space money and got over five thousand dollars, I laughed and said ah ha now I’m rich. Ok Richard said you’re rich so if you lose you’ll play strip poker? Oh god I laughed and said well maybe after about three more of these.Things just weren’t going my way though as I quickly lost most of what I’d gotten from the free space pile. Most of it went in rent money to the boys. Once again I landed on boardwalk and Richard smiled his shit eating grin. I said that’s it, you win. I can’t pay you so I’m out of the game.I stood up and began to walk away when Richard said I’ll loan you ten thousand dollars mom if you flash us your tits. I laughed and said fine and raised up my top and said there, now are you happy? I sat back down and said ok I’m going to kick your guys butt’s, as soon as I get back from making another drink.I made myself another drink and when I was walking back to the table I heard, “ yeah if she gets drunk enough we might be able to. “ I sat down and looked at the boys and wondered what they had talked about while I was in the kitchen.It was my turn to roll and as I did the lights went out. I cursed our electrical company and said give it a minute this usually happens in bad storms. In a few minutes the lights flickered and we all went yes, then quickly said oh shit as they went off again. I looked at Richard and said if I freeze to death because of your retarded idea to spend the night here I’m coming back to haunt you. Richard laughed and said me and Josh will keep you warm so don’t worry mom. I giggled and said maybe that’s what I’m worried about.The lights came back on and we all cheered the electric company. The game went on and I was doing really good. I said see I told you guys I was going to kick your butts. Richard laughed and said oh yeah you’re really kicking our butt’s you owe me ten grand still. So I said I’ll give you free rent until it’s all paid.Or play strip poker, when you lose Richard said . I’m not going to lose I said. Besides if I played strip poker I wouldn’t lose either. Oh then put your money where your mouth is said Richard. Fine I said, but I ain’t losing anyway I said with a smirk. I tipped my drink up and finished it. I’ll be right I said to kick your butts.I made another drink and giggled to myself and thought, oh god what if I lose? I wasn’t worried about Richard. He’d seen me nude enough anyway, but it was the thought of losing the game and stripping in front of him and Joshua that made it feel different.I sashayed my way back to the table full of myself and sat down and giggled. Just as Joshua rolled the dice we lost power again. I grumbled but then laughed and went oh well I was winning anyway. I got up and asked Richard to help me find the lanterns and candles. You weren’t winning mom Richard said, you still owe me ten grand.Dang it I said as I groped in the dark searching for the cupboards. I found a flashlight and went looking in the china cabinet for the oil amps and candles. Once we lit the lanterns Joshua moved his dog token on my property and I said ah ha, pay up mister. I collected my rent and gave half to Richard. I said there I don’t owe you so much anymore. It was my roll and I landed safely on my property. Richard rolled and landed on one of my properties and I whooped and went pay up buddy. Richard said just take it off what you owe me. Oh wait Richard said didn’t we agree whenever I landed on one of your properties it was rent free?. Uh yeah we did. Dang it I said, you’re such a butt Richard. Yes I am mom but I’m a rich butt, who’s going to kick your butt. I love you too I laughed.Bur it’s getting cold in here I said, then laughed and went oh well so much for strip poker. The power will come back on and you haven’t won yet mother dear laughed Richard. Yeah Joshua said you’re so going to lose this game then you’re going to lose at strip poker too.I laughed and said oh no it’s you two who are going to lose just wait and see.Hey you boys help me close the shutters. It’ll help keep the cold out. When I looked out the window my jaw dropped at the amount of snow that had fallen since we got there. Damn it Richard I said go try the door and see if it’ll even open. Richard came back and said yeah it’ll open but not for long.I shook my head and said see I told you this was a dumb idea, I’m going to get dressed and we’re going up to the house. I stomped off to the bedroom and pulled off my jammy top and then thought I’d better just leave it on. I’m not one to cuss but I said son of a bitch it’s cold in here.Once dressed I went to the coat rack and grabbed my parka and stopped in mid reach when Richard said it’s like a blizzard out there mom. I looked at Richard and he was covered in snow. Oh great we’re all going to freeze to death because you two retards wanted to sleep over night in the beach house.Damn it Richard I muttered we’d better light the candles for warmth too. Would you at least check and see how much oil we have left. Richard hugged me and said I’m sorry mom, try not to be so mad at me. I looked at him and said let’s just pray the electric company gets the lights back on.Richard said well at least you don’t have to lose monopoly and play strip poker. I pushed him away from me and went and made another drink. Richard followed me out to the kitchen and said look mom, I’m really sorry , you’re right it was stupid of me to want to stay the night here.Oh Richard I hugged him to me and said I’m not so much mad at you as this situation. Those oil lamps and candles won’t burn all night nor keep it that warm in here. I just wish we could get the power back on before we freeze to death. There’s always body heat? Richard said. I looked at him and tried not to smile but laughed anyway and said don’t even go there, but I was laughing as I said it.I took another long drink and said well I can always get drunk and freeze to death. That’s when the power came back on. Yee-ha I whooped. Turn that thermostat up as high as it will go, I’m freezing to death. We huddled together under the comforter off the bed and sat over the heater duct. My mood got better as I quit shaking from the cold. Well seeing how were not going to freeze to death after all I’m feeling better, what about you two? Richard tickled me and said shoot I was looking forward to that body heat to save us. I laughed and said you goofy c***d you would but now I was laughing with him too.Wow it’s getting hot under here now I said as I poked my head out from under the blanket. Richard I said are you sure we couldn’t make it to the house? What if we tried now while we’re all warm?. I don’t think so mom, besides if we all huddle together even if the power goes out again we’d be fine. Don’t even say such a thing I said as I stood up and walked to the couch. Come snuggle with your mother Richard I said. I will as soon as I blow out the candles and oil lamps. Richard snuggled up to me and I said I guess it isn’t so bad after all as I pulled a throw blanket around us.Jeez mom Richard said take off that parka at least. I looked at Joshua and said aw come over here too you poor little lonely thing. His anadolu yakası escort face brightened with a smile as he sat beside me. I said what more could a woman want, it’s toasty warm, I have two big strong boys on each side of me and plenty to drink. Life is good I said as I hugged them both to me.Speaking of a drink, Richard be a sweetheart and make your poor old mom another drink would you please? Richard said sure but, you’re not old mom, you’re pretty hot for being a mom. I threw my head back and laughed and said that’s so sweet of you. I turned to Josh and said so am I hot? He grinned and said hell yes…oh I mean heck yes, you’re way hot. Well thank you Josh you two know how to make a woman feel good about herself. I was feeling the alcohol now and I got all giggly when Richard handed me my drink and sat beside me again. We could snuggle here or you could be brave like you talked and we could play strip poker. PLAY STRIP POKER PLAY STRIP POKER the boys chanted. What’s with you and strip poker Richard? I don’t know mom I just feel like playing is all. Yeah and me too said Josh. Once again the chant of PLAY STRIP POKER PLAY STRIP POKER came from the boys.I got up and walked to the table and said fine let’s play then. I can’t wait to see you two lose anyway. That’s when we lost power again. Holy crap I said here we go again. This time my mood wasn’t so grumpy as I walked back to the couch and said it’s snuggle time.Richard got up and brought back the big comforter and we all snuggled under it. I got up to go potty and felt just a little tipsy as I walked to the bathroom. It wasn’t that terrible cold I thought, I just hope it stays this way I said to myself.When I got back the boys were laughing and they said hurry up it’s cold without you under here. I giggled and said in that case let me get back under there. As I squeezed my way in between them I realized they had taken their clothes off.I said hold on here. Where are your clothes? Richard said mom even you have to know that the best way to generate body heat is skin on skin contact, it’s in all the books. “ how to survive the cold and all that stuff. “ well we’re not that desperate yet I laughed. Yeah but even so Richard said you’ll feel warmer without your clothes on. Richard I said are you trying to get your mothers clothes off?No not at all mom I’m just looking out for you is all. Well if the power doesn’t come back on I’ll have no choice, until then I’m leaving my jammies on. I stood up and took off my sweater and jeans and said move over you two before I do freeze to death. Speaking of freezing I said we should go into the bedroom it’s smaller and if the power doesn’t come back on we can snuggle on the bed.How much oil is left in that lamp I asked Richard? He said enough for a little while. He said let me get the bigger candles too, we can light them and the oil lamp to keep us warm. It was as dark as a cave in the bedroom without lights on. When Richard lit the oil lamp and , candles the room had a false warm glow to it.We sat huddled and talked for awhile and soon the alcohol and the warm glow of the room had me nodding off. Why don’t you lay down mom you look tired? I said I’m okay it’s just the drinks and candles making me sleepy is all. Richard asked me if I’d like another drink and I said well one more doesn’t sound to bad , thank you Richard. When Richard got up I watched as he walked across the floor. I giggled to myself and thought he has my butt, definitely not his sperm donors I said to myself. But he’s tall like his worthless father.When he came back I could see he was either semi hard or just had gotten bigger. I thought Anna shame on you and I giggled. What’s so funny mom? Richard said. Oh nothing I just have the giggles I suppose. Shoot Joshua said I have to piss. So get up and go I said. I will in a minute he mumbled. Josh was rocking back and forth and I pushed him and said go to the bathroom already. I will, in a minute Josh replied. Then I realized he must be hard that’s why he won’t get up. I said ok I’ll close my eyes so hurry up and go. I must have been right because he said ok and jumped up and ran to the bathroom. When he came back I glanced up and saw that he wasn’t exactly small either. Anna I thought, stop it, but I only giggled at myself. I finished my drink and yawned and went oh excuse me and started giggling again.Ok you two I’m going to stretch out for a bit I can’t keep my eyes open. I said oh shit as my body came into contact with the cold sheets, I started laughing and Richard said what’s so funny now?. I said it’s my turn to go potty the cold sheets did it and I started laughing as I got up and headed for the bathroom.When I sat down to go potty I said oh shit Anna I think you’re drunk, and I giggled to myself and went yup, you are. Just before I walked through the doorway I heard Richard say “ like I said man she’s drunk”, I walked through the door and said oh yeah she’s drunk and just what were you two talking about?Nothing Richard said I was just saying that you’re drunk and that’s why you had to pee is all. Oh I said. Yup that’s what happens when I drink. Hey mom Richard said you really should take your pajamas off if you want to stay warm. Mm you think so? I said. Yes remember the rule skin on skin generates more heat. I laughed to myself and thought yes it does, god it’s been how long since I’d had sex?, too long I thought.I watched both boys staring at me. I smiled a devil may care smile and took off my top. I felt their eyes on my breast and my nipples hardened and I thought just stop it they’re only boys and they’re going to stare. I stepped out of my jammy bottoms and went “ Ta Da “.I posed for a second as I felt Joshua’s eyes burning holes in me. I said ok you two make some room before I freeze to death. I got between them and I took one more drink and kissed them both on the cheek I handed Richard my drink and said I’m just going to stretch out for a bit. Let’s hope and pray the power gets restored before we all freeze.Hey mom I heard Richard say. I said yes Richard ? He said when you were a girl, I mean like my age did you ever play chicken? Um I said where you try to knock each other off in the water?. No not that chicken, I mean like the chicken where say like a guy starts out with his hand on your knee and moves up until you say chicken.Oh we called that whistle. When we wanted the guy to stop we whistled. Why do you ask? Oh I was just wondering is all. Did you whistle a lot Joshua laughed. Not really because most guys chickened out before they touched my you know what I laughed back. Oh well Joshua said I wouldn’t chicken out.I’m sure you wouldn’t Josh I giggled as I lay there. Do you want to play Josh asked? No I laughed and sat up and took another drink and said it’s getting colder in here. I noticed the oil lamp had gone out. Oh come on Richard said play just this once mom. Richard Daniel I admonished him. I’m not playing whistle with my own son. No Richard laughed of course not with me. I meant with Josh. I laughed and said oh that’s different then. Yes Josh shouted out! Oh no I said I’m not playing that game with either of you so stop asking. Oh come on just this once. No one will ever know. I’ll know I said now you two stop I’m getting all flustered. Richard laughed and said uh oh Josh she’s thinking about it. No I’m not I replied. But I felt my face flush with embarrassment.Josh said just once, just one time then I’ll never ask again. Stop now I said again, then I poked Richard in his tummy and said hand me my drink please . What’s a matter you know you want too Richard said and laughed. I said well what I want to do and what I’m going to is two different things. See Josh she wants to, Richard said.Please, I heard Josh say, I swear just this once, I promise if you let me then I’ll never ask again. I took another drink and said you two just won’t stop will you? Aw mom don’t say it like that, besides you can always whistle.Richard laughed as he said it. Oh god Richard turn around or cover your face I said. Josh said this means I can then? Just this once and when I whistle you’d better stop or I’ll punch you one.I thought to myself Anna how did you get yourself in this position? Turn around Richard I said. Oh come on mom do I have to? If you want me to do this then yes, turn around. Jesus Richard muttered you’re no fun at all. When I felt Josh’s hand on my knee I jumped a mile high. I was so nervous that I was shaking all over.Thank god for booze I said as I reached over and took a long sip of my drink. If I wasn’t drunk you know I wouldn’t be doing this don’t you? Of course not Richard said while turning around. I felt Josh’s hand creeping up my thigh. I had goose bumps all over and I felt flush with a fever.I can’t believe I’m even doing this I said and drained my glass. I felt my pussy twitch and I could feel myself getting wet. Oh god I said this is insane. Yeah Josh said but it’s so cool and awesome. You rock. I nervously laughed and said when I whistle you won’t think I rock. I am going to whistle I said to myself right?.Oh my god I thought as I felt josh’s hand creep closer and closer to my now dripping wet pussy. I felt a shudder through out my body as I formed my lips to whistle. Ok I laughed that’s far enough I said in a trembling voice. You didn’t whistle Richard said. Keep going Josh until she whistles. You sure man? Josh said. Yes keep going and don’t stop unless she whistles.Oh god I said to myself for gods sake Anna whistle! Richard I said please honey close your eyes, please close your eyes for mommy. I looked at Richard and he nodded and closed his eyes, I let out a huge sigh of relief. I looked down at Josh’s hand I saw it stop and I willed it to move. Holy fuck dude I don’t think she’s going to whistle I heard Josh whisper.I was breathing hard through my nose and sighing out through my mouth. I watched as josh’s hand crept within millimeters of my oozing juicy cunt. I knew I should whistle, and whistle fast as he got closer and closer to my sopping wet pussy. I formed my lips to whistle but only a quiet sighing oh came out.Josh’s hand began to tremble either because he was unsure or it trembled with excitement. Once again he stopped his hand. He looked at me and I closed my eyes. I knew if I looked into his eyes I’d end the game. My head barely nodded and I bit my lower lip as I felt his fingers touch my pussy. Once again he hesitated, then I felt his fingers easily slide into my soaking wet vagina.I groaned out a long low whispering moan of yes as I felt his fingers invade my slippery wet cunt hole. My pussy gripped down on his fingers as they slowly explored the hot wet silky walls of my enflamed cunt. I kept my eyes tightly closed as I began to orgasm on Josh’s fingers.I shook and trembled in orgasmic delight as he rapidly finger fucked me until I exploded and cried out yes, yes oh god yes oh my god yes I’m cumming as my pussy gripped his fingers as it quivered through spastic convulsions of orgasmic pleasure. I fell back and pulled Josh down with me nothing mattered anymore except to feel his cock in my hungry wet pussy.I reached down and held ataşehir escort him and lightly stroked his cock before guiding it into me. My back arched and raised up as I felt him entering my hot wet pussy. I cried out and moaned yes, yes, oh god yes, it feels so good, oh god your cock feels so good in my pussy, uh huh uh huh that’s it Josh fuck me oh god yes fuck me.Being drunk only made me moan louder and longer as I felt his rock hard throbbing cock begin to pound in and out of my gushing cunt. The room was filled with my moans and Josh’s groans and the sound of his cock pounding my dripping wet pussy. The sound of a cock sliding in and out of me always makes me wetter than ever.I threw my arms around him and wrapped my legs tightly around his waist and held on as he began to fuck me with hard deep strokes that made my pussy make squishy noises as he pummeled my tight wet cunt. I glanced over at Richard who stared wide eyed at the sight of his own mother getting fucked by his best friend.Momentary shame flushed my cheeks so I turned my face away from his wide eyed stare. All that mattered was josh’s hard fat cock in my pussy right now. I blocked out any other thoughts as he fucked me faster and faster until I was a sweaty mess. I felt his cock begin to swell and throb harder with each stroke into me.I cried out yes Josh uh huh oh god yes, uh huh do it, uh huh cum in me oh god yes that’s it uh huh fill my cunt with your hot gooey sperm. Yes, yes oh yes I moaned out as I felt his hot young cum bursting out of his cock and filling me with jet after jet of thick strands of hot sperm. The warm jets of cum triggered my own orgasm as I felt it trickling out of me and running down onto my butt hole. I grabbed josh’s butt and pulled him even deeper into me as his hot sperm poured into my quivering wet cunt. I heard his groans and looked up at him and sighed out yes, yes Josh that’s it cum in my pussy uh huh that’s it fuck me, fuck me with your big hard cock. Oh god yes, fuck me, oh god it’s so good! Your cock’s so big uh huh yes Josh that’s it fuck me good, fuck me so good uh huh oh god I love your cock in my tight little pussy. Josh collapsed on me and I held him tight and rolled until I was on top of him. His hard cock still buried in my hot quivering cunt. I looked down at him and smiled as I grabbed his hands and placed them on my breast. I slowly rocked back and forth on his hard young cock. I let out quiet whimpering moans as I ground my pussy on his cock. I reached back and cupped his balls and moaned out when I felt him completely buried in my hot wet pussy. I closed my eyes and squeezed down hard on his cock with my quivering cunt. I concentrated on the wet squishy sounds my pussy made as I rode his hard throbbing cock.I leaned down and whispered in his ear, that’s it go nice and slow now. Mm you feel so good in my pussy. Oh Josh fuck me real slow with your big fat cock. Uh huh he whispered back this is incredible. I can’t believe how hot your pussy feels on my cock. Mm do you like fucking my hot wet pussy I whispered.Yeah this is the best feeling in the whole world he said. Uh huh it only gets better Josh I said as I kissed him gently on the lips. My tongue probed and parted his lips as I passionately kissed him as he gently fucked my dripping wet cunt. I felt rather than saw Richards hands on my butt.This time I turned and looked at him and sheepishly smiled as our eyes locked. I didn’t turn away as Josh’s cock moved wetly in and out of my tight silky cunt. I watched transfixed as Richard slowly stroked his cock. I sat back up and put my hands on Josh’s chest to steady myself as I slowly moved up and down on his throbbing hard thick cock.My head turned once again to watch Richard stroke himself. I thought oh god he’s gotten so much bigger than I remember. Richard moved closer to me holding his big hard cock in his hand. I saw the questioning look on his face and felt my pussy twitch and tingle. My mind was saying no Anna don’t , don’t you dare even think about it.I u*********sly wet my lips with my tongue all the while staring at Richard’s long thick cock. He inched closer and I looked into his eyes. I saw a pleading look on his face, as he inched yet even closer to me. Josh broke the spell by saying go ahead and touch it, go ahead it’s ok. I looked down at Josh and he smiled and said go ahead, you want to touch it anyway. I looked back at Richard and he said it’s ok mom if you don’t want to but it would be so cool if you did.My mind was reeling in circles as I listened to Josh and Richard.Josh took my hand and held it out just inches from Richards big hard cock. I looked at Josh and he shook his head yes. I thought just touching is fine. Touching isn’t that bad. Before I could do anything though Richard took my hand and put it on his fat cock. My fingers automatically wrapped around his blood engorged shaft.I slowly pumped my hand up and down his thick veined cock. Once again my tongue wet my lips. I felt a deep primal urge to take his cock in my mouth and slowly tease and suck him until his hot thick sperm shot out of his hard throbbing cock and washed over my tongue and down my throat.I knew then deep within me Richard was going to have me. I also knew though I couldn’t and wouldn’t make the first move if he wanted me then he’d have to take me. As if reading my mind Richard reached out and guided my warm wet mouth to his hard throbbing cock.Instinctively my lips parted and my tongue snaked out and flicked the head of his big thick cock. My hand continued pumping up and down the thick blood filled shaft of his swollen cock. I let out a sighing moan as he pushed his cock into my waiting wet mouth.My tongue swirled and twirled around and over his cock tasting and relishing the hot smooth skin of his long thick cock. Josh began slowly thrusting his hard cock once again into my hot slippery cunt hole. My hips moved on their own in a slow sensual grinding motion as he buried his cock deep inside my dripping wet pussy.I placed my hands on Richards butt cheeks as my hot wet mouth moved up and down the long thick shaft of his cock. I could no longer deny the hidden desire of wanting my own son’s cock in my mouth. Nor could I deny the need to feel his hot gooey sperm washing down my throat and into my waiting tummy.I began to feverishly suck and lick his big fat cock coaxing him to shoot his hot fiery cum into my mouth and down my throat. Richard began thrusting in and out of my mouth and his breathing was deep and fast as I felt his hot young cock swell and throb.He held my head and thrust until his fat cock slid down my throat and began spewing hot wads of his thick ropy sperm down into my waiting tummy. I gulped and swallowed as I felt his fiery hot sperm pouring down my throat in thick gooey streams of hot liquid heat. He held my head to his pubic bone as he emptied his sperm filled balls into my warm waiting mouth. I sucked and milked every last drop of his fiery cum from his hot throbbing cock until he pulled away and fell back with a long sated sigh.His young cock still hard and purple colored even though he’d just emptied his heavy balls into my tummy. Joshua smiled and said switch as he rolled me sideways. My cunt making a wet sucking noise as he withdrew his fat hard cock from my sopping wet pussy.I lay on my tummy gathering the courage to let my own son fuck me. I found the words and said hurry Richard hurry and fuck your mother with your big hard cock. Josh yelled out hell yes this I got to see. I felt Richard position himself behind me, his hard cock probing and searching for my hot wet cunt hole.I let out a long deep sigh and raised my butt up as I felt his hard fat cock penetrate me taking my breath away as I felt the size of his big long thick cock open up my pussy to accommodate the sheer size of his huge cock.Deep primal a****listic sighs and moans poured from my lips as I pushed back on his thick hard cock. My pussy was stretched wide open to take all of him in me as he buried his fat veined cock into hot wet cunt hole. I grasped the sheets until my knuckles turned white as he began to slowly twist his hips as he thrust his huge cock deep into me.I whimpered out oh god Richard uh huh that’s it baby uh huh do it to mommy, fuck her with your big fat cock. Oh god yes my sweet little boy give it mommy uh huh she needs your cock so bad. I was both shocked and aroused by my own words. A part of me felt guilt as I begged my own son to fuck me like a slut with his big hard cock.I also felt the deep sexual drive to be taken like a slut and fucked deep and hard by my own son. My moans filled the room with wanton lust as Richard’s big fat cock stretched my pussy to it’s limits as I clawed at the sheets while he began to pound my dripping wet cunt with his huge throbbing cock.Long deep sighing moans filled the room as he hammered his long fat cock in and out of my sopping wet cunt hole. I felt my pussy quiver and grasp and clench his cock as it slid in and out of my soaking wet fuck hole. My body soared off into a new sexual level of primal lust as my sloppy wet cunt took my son’s cock deep within the soft wet folds of my slippery pussy as he relentlessly pounded his blood engorged cock into me.I cried out yes , yes, oh god yes Richard fuck your mother uh huh give her your big fat cock oh god my sweet baby boy give it to mommy that’s it uh huh just like that oh god Richard you’re going to make your mother cum. Oh god yes uh huh oh yes that’s it fuck my pussy baby fuck it hard and deep just like that I moaned out.Richard grabbed my hips as he pounded me with lightning fast deep hammering thrust that sent me into a trembling orgasm as I screamed out , yes, yes, oh my god yes oh god Richard mommy’s cumming all over your fat hard cock. Richard’s own groans and grunts mixed with mine as he pummeled my hot tight pussy with his long hard cock.I felt Richard’s cock throb and swell stretching my cunt beyond it’s limits and little stabs of pain rocketed through my hot tight cunt as Richard began to scream out oh fuck oh god mom I’m going to bust a nut in you.He let out a long deep satisfying groan as he slammed his cock into the far reaches of my poor battered pussy sending me once again over the edge as I was gripped in the throes of orgasmic pleasure when I felt his hot thick sperm splatter and splash into my searing hot cunt.With one last final scream he kept his cock buried in my sopping wet pussy as he filled my hot quivering cunt with his scalding hot fiery sperm. I fell forward and sighed in disappointment when I felt his cock escaping from the hot wet tunnel of my battered cunt.Josh broke the silence of our sexual spell by saying holy fucking shit that was like the most awesome thing I ever saw in my whole life. I turned my head and looked at him and sheepishly smiled then closed my eyes as I lay there taking in what had happened between Richard and I. Josh apprehensively reached out and nudged my shoulder taking my mind off what had transpired between Richard and I. I slowly shook my head and grinned like a little devilish imp as I rolled over and smiled up at Josh as he positioned himself over me and ümraniye escort rubbed his cock up and down between my cum soaked pussy lips.I whimpered out a long moan as I felt his cock slowly burrowing it’s way into my dripping wet pussy. Once his cock was buried deep inside me he whispered let’s roll over with you on top. I whispered back why? So we can do like the porn movies he said. You know you try to take both of us at once.I giggled and said I don’t know about that besides Richard probably can’t get hard right now anyway. I heard Richard laugh and say do you want to bet mom? Oh my god I laughed don’t you two ever go soft? Richard said well this is like way to hot mom as I felt him nudging his cock against my already creamy filled cunt.I nervously giggled and said go slow , go real slow I’m not so sure I can take both of you at once. Josh said you can do it. You’ll see. I said I don’t know about this. I’m not sure this is going to work. I bit down hard on Josh’s shoulder as I felt a jolt of pain when Richard’s cock began to squeeze and push it’s way into my already cock filled cunt. Oh god I screamed out oh my fucking god I wailed as Richard’s cock poked it’s way into me. Oh god ,oh my god I threw back my head and moaned out oh my god I got both of you in me. My mouth hung wide open in shocked disbelief as Richard’s hard thick cock burrowed it’s way into my stretched out cunt.My breath came in huge gasping puffs of air as my hot wet pussy unbelievably took both of the boys hard throbbing cocks. I moaned out oh my god yes oh god yes as I felt the boy’s cocks opening my pussy hole as they began to slowly fuck me. Uh huh I moaned oh god yes I can’t believe I got you both in me, oh my god it feels so good. So good I sighed out.Josh smiled up at me and said see I told you, you could do it. I looked down at him and said yes I can and oh my god it’s incredible oh fuck it feels so good oh my god my pussy has both of your cocks in it. Uh huh Josh nodded and you love it don’t you? Yes , oh god yes Josh oh my god I moaned out as they found a slow fluid rhythm that sent sparks of pleasure washing over me as their cocks split me open.Richard groaned out this is so my dream come true. I looked over my shoulder at him and said what do you mean honey? Richard’s face turned beet red and he looked away. I said it’s ok my darling what is your dream come true? Is it fucking mommy? Is that it Richard?A new wave of juices flowed from my stretched out pussy when he said yes.I’ve always dreamed of doing it to you mom Richard said. Oh god I can’t believe this is happening I said, but oh god does it ever feel good I moaned out. It’s okay to fuck mommy Richard your cock’s so big and fat. Mommy loves your cock in her wet little pussy.Josh said I have an idea. What if Richard like did it to you in your butt? Now that’s real porn he said with a big grin. Oh god don’t tempt me I groaned. I love it in my butt hole.Oh god I moaned out you just don’t know how much I love to feel a hard fat cock sliding into my butt hole.Richard took his cock out of me and my pussy squeezed down on Josh’s cock as he continued to fuck me with long slow strokes. Richard put the head of his cock on my shit hole and said like this mom. Um yes like that but you have to get your cock slippery and wet before you try putting it in mommy’s butt hole.Come here honey let mommy suck your big cock and get it all wet and slippery so you can fuck mommy in her butt hole. Would you like that Richard? Do you want to fuck mommy in her tight little asshole?Oh god yes mom I can’t wait to do it to you like that. Say it Richard I said. Tell mommy you want to fuck her in her tight little butt hole. Yes mother I want to fuck you there, I mean I want to fuck you in your tight little shit hole. Then come here and let mommy suck that big hard cock so you can fuck mommy in her asshole.When I took him into my mouth I could taste my pussy on his hard turgid cock. I purposely gave him a sloppy wet blowjob to cover his fat cock with my saliva so it would slip past my anal ring without to much discomfort. As I sucked his raging hard cock my anus twitched in anticipation of taking such a big fat cock in it.When I took his swollen cock out of my mouth a string of droll connected my mouth to his cock. I looked at Richard and said. Now your slippery wet cock is ready to fuck mommy in her pink pooper. Are you ready to fuck mommy’s tight butt hole?A huge grin spread across his face as he said oh yeah I’m way ready to do it to you in your butt. Say it the dirty way I smiled at him. Say you want to fuck mommy in her asshole.Yeah mom I’m so ready to fuck you in your asshole. Then do it my darling son, fuck mommy in her asshole.I grit my teeth and sucked in a huge gulp of air as his big mushroom shaped cock head began to penetrate my eager shit hole. I huffed a loud ugh and groaned as his big cock snaked it’s way into my puckered shit hole. I moaned out a long sighing oh god yes Richard as his fat cock speared it’s way through my anal ring and entered my damp moist butt hole.I moaned and bit my lip as a stabbing pain permeated from my stretched out asshole as his fat hard cock descended into the deepest recesses of my bowels. Richard grunted as he gave a final thrust that buried his cock in my pink pooper.Oh my god I moaned out yes, that’s it god how I love your cocks in me, uh huh that’s it oh god yes give it to me fuck me just like that oh god yes Josh fuck my pussy uh huh fuck it oh yes it feels so good, god I love your cock in my pussy.Mm oh yes Richard uh huh do it to mommy fuck her in her butt. I want you both to really give it to me hard and fast. Richard said I don’t want to hurt you mom. I groaned out it doesn’t hurt Richard it feels so good, it’s ok, go ahead pound me with your young hard cocks. Really give it to me, fuck me hard and deep, both of you really pound me I moaned out as they began to fuck me harder and faster. I felt a rippling wave of pleasure engulf me as they began to really fuck me in earnest. My pussy clenched and quivered around Josh’s young fat cock as he began to pummel my aching swollen cunt with hard deep jarring thrust that sent my pussy into spasm after spasm as he plowed his way deep into my slippery wet cunt.My head hung like a rag dolls as sweat poured down my face as Richards huge fat and long cock reached deep into my bowels sending shivers of delight up and down my spine. All thoughts of regret flew from my mind as I felt their young hot cocks fucking me into a state of sexual bliss.I moaned out loud and long as the two boys thrust their cocks in and out of me. Screaming out yes, yes, uh huh oh god yes that’s it uh huh oh god your cocks feel so good, uh huh that’s it fuck me uh huh fuck me so hard and deep with your big fat cocks.I was a woman possessed like a sexual demon as I moaned and screamed out as their fat hard cocks pounded in and out of my dripping wet pussy and gaping wide pink asshole. It was as if I couldn’t get enough of their cocks to quench and satisfy my wanton sexual need and desire.My whole body and mind came alive with sensual pleasure as they began to really fuck me like savage b**sts. My wet slippery cunt was enflamed with pure a****l lust as Josh began to pound my pussy with hard deep thrust that sent me spiraling into a sexual frenzy. Richards fat long cock plumbed the deepest darkest nooks and crannies of my spastic bowels. Deep low a****l like moans escaped past my lips as they pummeled me into sexual submission.I was theirs to take as they wanted. My dripping wet cunt surrendered to Josh’s hard throbbing cock. My bowels yielded to the deep penetrating strokes of Richard’s long thick cock.Multiple orgasms flashed through out my body as they continued to pummel and pound my enflamed sex orifices with their hard swollen cocks. Joshua began to breath and blow out his breath like a freight train. His hard deep thrust sent blinding pleasurable pain shooting up and down my spine.Richard slammed his cock in and out of my asshole sending shivers of painful delight into my sex crazed brain. Fuck I heard them yelling holy fuck I’m cumming mom, I’m cumming in your asshole I heard Richard roar out. Yes baby yes cum in mommy’s tight littler shit hole uh huh do it Richard fill mommy’s asshole with your hot gobs of sperm, oh yes my darling son cum in mommy’s asshole I cried out as I felt jet after jet of hot scalding gobs of sperm shooting deep into my bowels.Oh god yes Josh bellowed out fuck oh god damn! , shit fuck I’m busting my nuts in your pussy oh god I’m cumming so hard he roared out as his cock unleashed what felt like gallons of burning hot sperm into my orgasmic pussy.I screamed out a long piercing wail as I felt their cocks ballooning and spraying me full of their hot sperm. Neither of them showing any mercy as they were gripped in the throes of pleasure as they pounded into me like two wild a****ls.We all collapsed in a sexual heap, gasping for air as we came down from the heights of sexual ecstasy . Sweat pouring off our bodies. My breast heaved as I drew in long deep breaths of air. My hands reaching out searching for their cocks. My fingers wrapped around both of them. I lay between them and said I hope you two are done for the night as a tender smile crossed my lips. Oh and Richard we can sleep over in the beach house anytime you and Josh want to as long as the two of you agree to fuck me like you just did.Oh mom Richard said as he gently kissed my lips you’re the best mom in the whole world. I smiled lovingly at him and said and you’re the best son a mother could ever hope for my sweet baby boy. Josh said yeah, you’re the best ever. I squeezed his cock and smiled at him. He too gently kissed me. Somehow I get the distinct feeling you two planned this. That’s what I heard you two talking about isn’t it. I smiled and you two are something else.I said I don’t know about you two but I need something to drink and about 12 hours of sleep to recover from you two. I laughed and said forget about it as I felt their never ending hard cocks beginning to swell again. Aw mom we can’t help it Richard said you make us get so hard. I smiled and sighed as I gently pumped their cocks. Oh god you two are going to kill me before this night is through. They turned and began sucking on my breast and nipping at my hard nipples. A deep sigh passed over my lips as I ran my fingers through their hair.Richard rolled on top of me. My legs opened and spread on their own as he slid his big fat cock into my cum soaked pussy. I couldn’t help but to moan out and wrap my arms around him and pull him down and smother him in deep passionate kisses.Our tongues danced a sexual tango. My hand reached out and found Josh’s hard waiting cock. I slowly pumped my hand up and down the hot smooth shaft of it. Richard ground his cock into me my hips rising to meet his. Josh said wait I have an idea. Richard do your mom like on her side from behind. Okay Richard said and rolled me on my side and slipped his cock back into sloppy cum filled cunt. Okay you guys I hope you don’t think I’m all weird and shit like that. He got in a sixty nine position. His hard cock bobbing in front of my lips. I opened my mouth and engulfed his rock hard cock.I moaned with pleasure when I felt his hot wet tongue on my clitoris. I slipped Josh’s cock out of my mouth long enough to say , mm you two are going to spoil me to death. Richard quipped or fuck you to death…which made everyone laugh! What a night of memories were made that night….until next time…Mrs. X.

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