Before It Happened


Stan learned plenty about promotional sales from his father. He often marveled how his dad had managed to be so successful in the no-computer era when he began. There were no websites. Only mailouts and signs. Yet his father was the old-fashioned salesman. He did it with hard work, long hours and shoe leather. Stan had inherited is father’s work ethic and in the computer savvy era was doing quite well. He had several internet businesses. He had agents in other countries. It was a task to set them up, but that is where some of his father’s old connections prevented him from taking on some bad characters. Now, he just had to keep developing his main sites and hopefully the creative juices would enable him to expand his horizons.

Stan and his beautiful wife, Charlotte, (sometimes Charli to friends and family), met just after he graduated from college. She was a business major and had a master’s degree. While Stan was a very good-looking guy, 175#, 5′-11″, Charli was still the star of the marriage. She was a tall at 5′-8″ and weighed about 140#. She was very athletic and her muscles were toned from working out. With a double D bra and a firm butt, she was an amazing feminine specimen. She did keep herself fit by going to the gym four days a week. She had dark brown hair and gave off a certain radiance. Rarely did she show up anywhere in a unkept hurried sort of appearance. She wore the proper makeup for the time of day or night. Always the proper dress and shoes for the occasion. It didn’t bother either of them that when she dressed in 5″ heels, she was slightly taller than Stan.

Charli worked in the home office while Stan was there off and on. He had the outside sales and local agents that he spent some time with. Stan knew Lucas White from college. He was the first true friend that Stan had made who happened to be black. They often joked about him being a black White. He was an enigmatic success story. Lucas was an all-state football player in high school. Ordinarily this would have led to a major college scholarship. The only problem was that Lucas was 5′-7″ and barely weighed 150#. There would be some potential to put on muscle in college, but he couldn’t do anything about the height. Finally, he landed at a small junior college. At least he had some sort of scholarship and it was a start. He performed well his first year, but near his last semester there, he was cut from the team. That is all Stan knew about Lucas’ college football career. Lucas managed to get an associate degree in computer programming. He was smart and knew that he had to get at least a bachelor’s degree to make any headway in his job search after graduation. He managed to pick up work in his field during his last two years in college and would take on any kind of job that paid. He even worked temporary labor jobs and worked construction over the summers.

While neither man was the fraternity type, Charli was the ultimate sorority sister. She knew everyone on campus and had her pick of dates. She was conservative and kept to one steady boyfriend at a time. She knew none of them were ‘Mister Right’, but she was in college and it was a way of being escorted to all the functions. When she graduated, she managed to leave enough space from her last companion so there would be no strings attached. She did have sex with several of the lads, but it was casual and not completely exclusive on either part. She met Stan through mutual friends. Eventually they started dating. Stan fell in love and realized that she was indeed the one for him.

Stan was not monogamous in college. He managed to find some easy to mount girls and with his looks, he didn’t have much trouble attracting candidates. Most of it was once or twice until he or they moved on. Perfect no strings attached college sex.

When Stan and Lucas met, Stan was developing some ideas that he had run past his father. Lucas impressed him with his computer skills and Stan had him help with one of his courses where he needed to set up a functioning website. Lucas was glad to help. It gave him some real-world experience also. Stan introduced Lucas to his father. Dad was impressed with the website concept and told them that this had some very good potential as a business model.

After they both graduated, they drifted apart for about a year. Both were busy getting off to a productive start. During that time, Stan met Charli and didn’t have a lot of time for ‘guy’ stuff like sports and such. Stan was off to a good start and had expanded his original college idea. He was then making good money and felt that Charli would be not only a great wife, but a wonderful addition to his business interests. She was interested in everything Stan was doing and added a great deal of standard business knowledge while he was the promoter and salesman.

As the business grew, Stan thought he needed to improve his websites and add a few more. While he did have a good understanding of what he wanted, he did not have time to develop Bycasino the ideas and keep the business moving forward. He decided to give Lucas a call and see what he thought. Lucas came over the following week and basically told Stan that he didn’t understand why his business was growing as fast as it was.

“Really, Brother,” Lucas flatly stated, “Your websites are very antiquated and not very user friendly. I think I could double your business in a few of the websites and certainly improve it in some of the others.”

“Ok, Man.” Stan said. “What amount of time and money will it cost me considering your optimistic analysis?”

“It will indeed take some time. I would need to start over on your real prime sites, but the transition will be easy for the users. You will not see any drop-off because of customers not being able to navigate. That I guarantee. As for total cost, why don’t I send you my rate sheets. You decide if you want to proceed. I expect rapid results, so see if you gain enough business within the first upgrade. If I can’t do that, you can pay my cost of my time and we will still be friends.

Stan could not see how he could double his business with new websites but decided to give it a try on his third best moneymaker. If the results warranted, he would let Lucas go to work on the bigger ones.

The first month, the volume increased by about 85% in his third rated account. Stan felt like that was close enough to move forward. To keep his exposure to a minimum, he handed over some smaller sites for Lucas to work on. It was also inherent that Stan would improve the actual products in those minor lines. After three months, all was working well and the lines were growing, making it necessary for Stan to bring on additional suppliers. Additional suppliers meant more volume and then more competition. He was able to negotiate better unit pricing and the profit margin was also growing. That was all he needed to know, so he let Lucas begin work on his major lines.

As they worked closer together on the sites and supply, Charli was able to bring on some additional help for inventory, billing, etc. Stan had more time after a while and Charli made him promise to take some time off. They planned a vacation and Stan started back playing a little golf and racquetball. He knew Lucas was interested in recreational sports. He invited him to play both sports. Stan also knew that Lucas’ athletic prowess was such that he would get kicked by Lucas in racquetball. He hoped that he could salvage his manhood by being the better golfer. With his speed and agility, Lucas did indeed outshine Stan on the court. Stan was able to compete a little better at golf, but not like he hoped. Lucas generally beat his scores at that also.

Stan, however, was not humiliated. He took it in good stride and Lucas, to his credit, never bragged or held it over Stan.

After an outing, they usually had a beer or two. They became even closer. Stan wondered why Lucas never talked about his girlfriend, significant other, or fiancé. He finally brought up the subject about Lucas’ love life.

“Oh, Man, you don’t want to hear that sad tale.”

“Couldn’t be that bad, Lucas.”

“Actually, I do have a pretty active social life. See I dated plenty of college girls my age when I was in school. I didn’t have any trouble filling up my dance card, so to speak. I seemed to lack a sense of commitment and with each coed. One of us or the other just sort of drifted away. When I was in junior college, being a football player, I got more pussy than just about everyone. I guess you could say that I had a reputation around the locker room which spread around campus.”

“Whoa, what kind of reputation?”

“Yeah, well, uh I am kind of what you would call well-endowed. Girls talk just like guys do and I had a steady stream of pretty well-bred white girls looking me up.”

“Dude, must be nice,” Stan observed.

“Yes and no. See I fucked up. One of the assistant coaches was a young guy, first job out of college. I mean all you had to do was hang around the locker room and unless someone was unusually modest, everyone knew who had the biggest cock. Anyway, this coach was on a scouting trip. I knew he was gone. So, one day after practice, his wife asked me if I could help her change a filter in her air conditioning system. They knew that I had worked construction and all. Not that it took that much experience to do that little chore. But being who I am, I agreed. After I changed the filter, she asked if I would like something to eat or drink. Of course, I agreed. Well, you guessed it. Just as you could imagine, the air conditioning filter was not the real reason she needed help. She basically seduced me. I mean what red blooded male would not want to have sex with a gorgeous twenty-four-year-old wife.”

“You didn’t?”

“Oh, yes I did. She was totally infatuated and kept wanting to do it again and again. One night she gave me her room Bycasino giriş number at a local no-tell motel. I went over there. Turned out that the coach just happened to have a locator on her phone. He staked out the parking lot. It was bad enough when I left first, but she followed only a couple of minutes later. Long story short; they ended up getting a divorce and I ended up getting kicked off the team. He kept his job. I guess that was justice. After all, he didn’t do anything wrong unless you count not satisfying his hot wife. When I dropped her, she eventually left town and I finished my second year. There was no chance of a major college scholarship, so I did what I needed to do and paid for my college myself.”

“I understand, but what about now?” Stan asked.

“That’s the part you might not want to hear.”

“Oh, really. How so?”

“Like I said, word seems to spread. I very rarely have sex with a woman of color. Mostly always hot white women. But the young ones get clingy and start expecting a commitment. I am a male slut for adventuresome white women. They just keep coming. I guess it is the taboo element. Once they get a piece of what I am packing, it really starts. Some of these women wouldn’t want a lasting relationship because of the racial overtones. So, after they get plenty of big black cock, they settle for the sure thing of an upward coming white male to settle down with.”

“Have you tried to settle down with one of the clingy ones?”

“Not really. I would just fuck it up and cheat on any girl after I had fucked her twice.”

Stan was a little put off by Lucas’ conceit. After all, a big cock was not the only thing to build a relationship on. In fact, it was so superficial that it would almost be guaranteed that a relationship built on only sex would fail.

“So, Lucas,” Stan asked, “What are you looking for?”

“Look, Man. I shouldn’t say this being that you are a happily married white guy. What I usually do is find white wives, twenty-five to forty years old who have been married a while. They are so hot to trot for black cock. They can’t get enough. If I fucked one wife in your housing development, I guarantee that talk would get out and I would fuck at least ten more before I moved on. Sorry.”

“Wow, Lucas. That is a pretty sad story. Do you get pleasure out of breaking up happy marriages? That is sick and self-centered. I am disappointed in you.”

“I know. That’s why I shouldn’t have said anything. But the bright side is that it doesn’t break up any marriages that I know of. Some of the wives are very discreet and no one ever finds out. I might move on and some of them are then hooked on black cock. I can’t tell you how many hot wives have kept in contact with me and have asked me to find them a friend if I was certain that I would not service her anymore.”

“Then you have the ones who tell the husband. Then you have the ones who are encouraged by the husband to have an affair. And Black seems to be the gold standard for cuckold husbands. It is not enough for the wife to be taking a lover, taking a Big Black Cock punches all the tickets for taboo sex.”

“Holy, Shit, Lucas. Are you kidding?”

“I would not shit you, Stan. I guess it is a character flaw. I felt really bad about the coach and his wife getting a divorce, but not because I fucked her. She wanted it more than I did. I just think they should have worked things out. I mean, guys get pussy all the time. Some before marriage and some after. Sex should not make a relationship, but it shouldn’t ruin one either.

For a while after that discussion, Stan found himself taking a more wary view of his friend. It just seemed wrong to him to have this guy wanting to have brief affairs with white women. Not that Stan was a strict moralist. He had his share of women before he got married. That seemed as normal as any man who could easily find women. He couldn’t decide whether it was the fact that Lucas was breaking all taboos about marriages or the interracial sex aspect. Then he began wondering just what Lucas meant when he talked about women sharing his cock size and openly referring their hot wife friends to him. He wondered just how big a package Lucas was sporting.

Outwardly, Stan felt like he was superior to Lucas. Not because of race. He was just larger. Lucas was not a bad looking man at all, but he was just shorter at 5′-7″ and weighed about twenty-five pounds less than Stan. Stan himself was a handsome man and never had any trouble attracting women. So why was he feeling intimidated by Lucas stories of his sexual prowess?

He kept thinking about their conversation for weeks. One day while he was in his private office, he looked up statistics about the penis size of black men vs. white men. All the scientific articles seemed to indicate that there was no difference. But how could anyone know for certain? It was not like there were any scientific studies regularly published on the Bycasino deneme bonusu subject. In fact, information was scarce. What he did find was plenty of porn sites which openly promoted the enormous superiority of black cock size. Stan passed this off to just taboo sexual topics that have been perpetrated by porn sites to increase interest. But still, the myth was alive and well. And he had a firsthand witness when Lucas told him that many white women want to have sex with a black man regardless of any personal likes or dislikes.

Surely no one in their right minds would suggest for real that black men were more virile lovers. And the myth was surely just that. Stan was certain that many black men helped keep the myth alive just to succeed in finding an ample supply of what Lucas called ‘Hot white wives”. He wondered how Charli felt about interracial sex. He certainly was not going to bring up his conversation with Lucas to her. The last thing he needed was for his beautiful wife to become interested in the topic. Not that he thought that she fit the bill as a ‘slut wife’.

The curiosity lingered in Stan’s head. He was in and out of the office and had even taken some trips out of the country while Lucas had been working on the websites. A good amount of time Lucas was in their office working. Nothing had aroused Stan’s suspicion that Lucas had made any moves on Charli, but it would certainly not have happened with him there anyway. He wondered about when he was gone. At that time, Charlie was in the office by herself. What if Lucas had made a move on her while Stan was gone. It was a good question. How could he find out without bringing the subject up to Charli? It was a conundrum he could not solve.

Stan wondered about this. His mind was becoming more preoccupied with the idea of Lucas luring his wife while he was gone. Surely Charli would have mentioned it if anything like that had happened. Also, he kept looking into the myth of black cock being superior. After a time, the thoughts of black men fucking white wives kept recurring. He even searched on the internet. He could just imagine his friend seducing some unsuspecting white housewife. Then again, Lucas said that some of the women referred him to their friends. That didn’t sound much like a sadistic villain on the prowl. These wives were willingly risking their marriages for a tryst. What was more, some of them sought it as a novelty. For some women, according to Lucas, fucking a black man was like a rite of passage into full ‘slutdom’.

Once Stan became regular at watching video clips and reading stories of interracial sex, he found himself envisioning his own wife, beautiful Charli, being fucked by a big black cock. It was slowly growing to a proportion that he was getting an erection watching the videos and thinking about Charli. His own cock was not tiny. Well, around 5″. But most of the stories and such were exaggeration anyway. And he thought that some of the black cocks in the videos didn’t look real. But there were so many videos. Obviously, there were plenty of black men who did have enormous cocks. A statistical fact, he thought. He was sure that there was a proportional number of white men with oversized penises. That would balance the scale.

Soon, each time he and Charli made love, he would find himself fantasizing about a black cock in her juicy pussy. One night he woke up after dreaming that Lucas was in his bed impaling his wife on a grotesquely enormous black cock. He had to do something to clear the idea from his head. He wished that he had never had the conversation with Lucas. Lucas was probably just fucking with his head anyway. But the story of the football coach’s wife seemed very real. Also, Lucas expressed regret that the couple had gotten a divorce over the affair. However, it seemed like he no longer had any remorse over fucking pretty, white married women.

With his mind usually preoccupied with visions of interracial sex, it was little wonder that one evening an unintentional slip of the tongue opened a can of worms. They had been talking about the websites and how much Lucas had meant to the success of the product lines. Charli asked about inviting Lucas out to a nice dinner.

“I know you guys play golf and racquetball, but I only see him in the office. Now that the websites need very little tweaking, I don’t see him at all.”

“What does that mean, Honey?” Stan asked.

“What? What do you mean? I was just saying how good the business is doing and how we were reluctant to spend money on the websites until Lucas came along. It is the best thing that happened to us.”

“Yeah, I guess you are right.”

“You want to invite him? And is he dating anyone? He never seems to talk about a significant other. You should see if he wants to bring a date.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t know about that. He, uh, he doesn’t seem the type to get attached.”

“Why not? He isn’t gay, is he?”

Stan let out an ironic laugh. “No, I don’t think he is gay.”

“Why has he given you reason to think that?”

“Oh, no. It is just that I would have thought that working closely with him over a few months the topic would have come up. But he seems very professional in the office.”

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