Before the Massage


It was a hot evening in the desert. He had waited for his massage all day and knew she would find ways to relief his stress. He did not know all she had planned to have him rise to the occasion. Before arriving he purchased the chardonnay and insured it was properly chilled. The long and soft leather cord was brought with him as she requested. He retrieved it from his camping equipment and felt it odd she had asked for this, but then he was not in a position to question much of her requests, as he knew that she knew.

Nonetheless, it was a time for him to escape and if he was to be put through any paces, well he decided that he would accept them as deeply he knew his secret fantasies were in her mind and with them evidence of his impropriety. Not that she would directly use this against him, but she expected a compliant client. Massage was a work of relaxation, touch, and stroke. She added new dimensions to her practice. Preparing her recipients for the massage was half of the fun.

Arriving, he parked, took a deep inhalation on the herbal moment, and grabbed his accessories and knocked on the door. It was several minutes before she answered. He thought he had not been loud enough, and he knocked again. She watched him through the curtains. She had worn her black cotton dress. The buttons were arranged conveniently in front and it was a low cut version. After showering she had opted to wear only the dress and some dangerous fragrance that her clients loved to smell. Waiting until he was nearly ready to knock again, she made a sound knowing he would hear and moved to the door. Answering, she smiled and greeted him. “Hello, dear Faxon, please come in.”

He walked in, bent over to give her a hug and glance into the soft black dress at a delicate cleavage he imagined he might be requested and required to serve. She motioned him to the kitchen and he carried the wine there. Retrieving two glasses from the freezer she handed him the opener. Opening the wine during the small talk of arriving he poured two glasses. They toasted the moment and sipped. She suggested he sit near her in one of the chairs. Now, Ms. Lina saw the leather cord and picked it up admiring its softness. She began tying a small loop knot and smiled at him. Ms. Lina laid it down and drank her wine.

She indicated the room was ready and asked if he would be showering first. As he had just come from the gym and a shower, he asked her if this would be OK. Ms. Lina smiled and said, “ I think that will be fine, I have the hot towels and the oil, I am sure all will go smoothly.” It was a wry smile with a wicked sparkle in her eye. He leaned back and wondered what “paces” he might face this evening. Her glass was empty and she yalova escort moved it toward him with a suggestive refill sort of gesture. He stood up and retrieved the bottle and poured. Setting the bottle down, he began to sit down when Ms. Lina reached over and moved his chair back under the table. Faxon turned with something of a blank look only to see the same little smile.

“Before you sit, I think your preparation awaits, don’t you?”

“Well, certainly, but I um, are you ready for me to move to the room?”

“No Faxon, not at all. However, readiness for massage begins with the proper attire as you know.”

Faxon looked at her, realizing she looked wonderful and attired most appropriately, he realized it was his attire she suggested needed to be changed.

“Faxon, I believe removing your clothing would be appropriate.” She took another drink of the wine and watched him react a bit nervously.

“Here . . . in the kitchen?”

“Of course.” And with that she touched his thigh with her foot, moving it from high on his leg down to his knee and then back again.

He slid off his sandals, and unbuttoned his shirt. As he reached the last button, she reached over and moved the daily paper on the table. Lying beneath it was a carrot that had been shaved and carved smooth. Along with the vegetable was a small bottle of baby oil. Faxon squinted and looked at her again. Ms. Lina lightly smiled and ran her tongue around her lips. She picked up her glass and drank while motioning to him with her hand to continue. He looked at her with uncertainty and curiosity. She smiled again and took another sip. She reached over and picked up the carrot and brought it toward her mouth. His shirt was now off and she commented about his belt.

“Fax, your belt out of your pant loops please. I would like to hold it.”

He complied and pulled it from his pants and handed it to her. She admired its rough leather texture and then wrapped it around the large end of the carrot again and again such that she had created a leather handle to the orange apparatus.

He motioned to the wine and she nodded approvingly, so he drank. He could feel himself being pulled into her web and was glad to have some alcohol again to calm his nervousness. After a small sip, she moved the carrot again towards her mouth and licked the end of it very suggestively. He immediately felt his cock swell and move within his pants. She glanced at the jeans and pulled the carrot from her mouth and motioned for him to continue. He unzipped the pants and they dropped to the floor. He stepped out of them wearing only his baby blue cotton boxer briefs. The fly was open and was being edirne escort crowded by his cock that had grown in size in the just the past two minutes.

Ms. Lina motioned him toward her; he was only 4 feet from her but stepped closer. She reached up and touched the side of his boxers and felt their smoothness. She glided her hand barely into the waistband and slid her hand from his hip to the middle of his stomach. Then she grabbed the carrot lifting it toward him while her hand in the waistband slightly pulled it toward her. His boxers pulled outward, his cock having more room to move now swelled larger and pushed toward the fly of the boxers. She motioned him to lean downward.

He was standing only a foot away, if that, only his boxers on his body. He leaned down and she motioned him further toward her. As he did, she kissed him and then raised the carrot to his lips. He pulled away slightly and she pulled on the waistband pulling him back towards her. He smiled and she pushed the carrot into his mouth slightly.

“Faxon, suck it, use your tongue and lick it.”

He complied and after a moment she withdrew it. She placed the carrot into her cleavage with the leather belt dangling over her breast. She pushed him upward so he was standing upright. She could see the tip of his cock now moving through the boxers. He looked a little embarrassed and she used both hands to open the fly releasing his cock out standing erect and pointing right at her. She paused, smiled at him, and took another drink. He moved toward his wine and she moved it out of the way.

“Fax, I will now dictate the steps of your massage.”

Then she put her hands on either side of his cock as if clapping her hands and glided them along the side of it and into the boxers. She reached under and grabbed his balls and squeezed lightly. His dick stiffened and the head became slightly purple. She commented that is how she liked the erection . . . to be full and quite hard. She squeezed quite hard on his balls and pulled them slightly and then let go. His knees buckled only slightly.

“Fax, a massage can be done only with full compliance of the client. You understand?”

He nodded yes.

She told him to drop the boxers. The moment they hit the ground she picked up the leather cord with the slipknot and used both of her hands to spread his legs a bit. He complied and she told him to bend his knees so that she could reach him better. As he did his balls dangled open and exposed. She slipped the cord around the base of his testicles and pulled the cord tight. He moaned.

She pulled the cord again downward and he bent almost into a squat position in erzurum escort front of her.

“Very nice and most appropriate,” she told him. She then bent forward and kissed the tip of his cock making it jump and quiver. Then she took it in her mouth almost to the base and he could feel her tongue circling around it.

Then, she pulled back and pulled the cord upward pulling his balls toward his cock and he stood up. Now, turn around she told him. As he did she repositioned the leather cord between his legs and pulled his balls back towards her. He moaned with a slight whimper of pain in his voice.

“Good.” “Very good.”

Now bend over the table and lean your chest upon it. As he did she pulled again on the cord, his cock was quivered as his balls were pulled back towards her.

“Faxon, now reach around with your hands and put them on your ass. Pull your ass cheeks apart as I want to take a good look at that anus of yours.”

He complied. Feeling humiliated and exposed, he felt her reach up and pull his cock down and at the same time she pulled his balls downward. Letting go of his cock she grabbed the oil and squirted over his butt crack and down onto his anus. He felt her finger moving along the edge of his ass and slowly circling and moving toward his asshole. Upon reaching it, she put more oil on it and lightly pushed her finger in just a bit and then back out. He moaned tremendously and she now grabbed his balls with her hand and squeezed. She squeezed again.

With the second squeeze his knees bent a bit and the pulled one hand to the table where she quickly reached up and slapped it.

“Get the hand back on your ass!” she commanded. He complied.

Again she penetrated him and went deeper. His cock twitched. His balls were being pulled downward. She lubricated the carrot and penetrated him. He moaned deeply. She moved the lubricated carrot in and out of his ass going deeper and deeper. Finally she had some 5 inches inside of him and she let go of the cord and left the carrot impaled. She walked around in front of him and bent over the table looking at him. His face was grimaced in pain and pleasure. She moved the wine towards him. He drank some and she pulled it away. She kissed him again and pulled his hands to her breast. He knew what to do.

As awkward as it was he reached down and unbuttoned her. Her breasts pulled out easily from the dress and he caressed them. She moved closer and he put them in his mouth.

She then stood up and walked behind him and pulled on the cord and removed the carrot from his ass.

She said stand, and as she sat down, she pulled him toward her.

“Kiss me” she commanded. He did. She moved him towards her breast and dropped further and eagerly sucked on her tits. After a moment, she pulled the cord again making him stop and rise. She said we are moving to the table.

He walked toward the massage table room and felt her hand slap his ass hard and pull the cord at the same time. He eagerly awaited the massage.

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