Being nude short story


Being nude short storyI thought I share this story of being nude in not your normal place, anyone a nudist? This is just a little story about a kinky fetishism I came up with about me it maybe a little interesting to you but I just wonder if other people have done anything like this I have been finding out how fun it is to be nude in a strange place to be nude at all. . I have always enjoyed being nude but not in proper places like nudist beaches or camps of any kind so I can’t call myself a nudist. Very few times have I been nude with other’s in a semi-nonsexual way it’s, mostly all been sexual with partners or few times in group action thats a given of-course being naked is the only way in those situations.The My wife also enjoys being nude only with me we would watch TV many times nude it was fun, few time we even had dinner together nude, while dating our younger days we have sex in the middle of a field few people walked by watching and even at drive-ins theaters totally nude in the car. As we are older now it all went to shit it seems like no fun at all anymore for us mostly finding the time we’re always too busy. Being nude home ended as the k**s got older when babies we get nude after they go to bed now they being older they stay up later than us. I tried many times to get her to go to a nudist beach or camp’s it’s always a no she’s to self conscious about her body. I figure this is the best place to tell this story see if anyone else has ever done anything like this.Well anyway my story starts on Easter Sunday I had to go to my restaurant and grab few things need for our holiday dinner. The sun was shinny seemed like a nice day thinking about how I just need a day off from work and my wife and I need to have some fun. But here I was first day off in months and I cooking for 15 people. As I drove there I started thinking what kind of fun to have sexual or not, as many times sex ideas came popping up in my head. Thinking if we had gone away to for a Easter vacation dinner at a beach, HEY nude beach. How much fun would that be it be GREAT in my world in her world well all it would be is the roll of her eyes if I had asked her. Why not be nude feeling of freedom, excitement erotic thing to do why not. I said to myself when I get to the restaurant no one will be there why not take my clothes off and walk around grabbing the things we needed for dinner. Crazy thoughts I said to myself but again it be fun back and forth I go in my head. I get to the restaurant thinking should I do it no yes no yes banging around in my head. I get out of my truck get to the door still debating in my head. I unlock the door, step in, shut the alarm off then without thinking kadıköy escort I turn lock the door behind me both locks bottom and dead bolt. I then start taking my clothes off throwing them on the table, well there I was standing naked in the kitchen. It felt good fun and exciting. I walked out front first looking threw the kitchen window making sure no one was walking by the front of the building the place has big windows but I know that when the dinning room is dark with no lights on it’s hard to see in even during the day. I walked out front over to the coffee maker thats behind a lattice wall I started a pot of coffee. As the coffee was brewing I fix my cup with sugar and cream then I just waited for the coffee to finish. I walked over peaking around the wall looking out the front windows see if anyone was walking or driving by no one was reminding myself it was hard to can see in anyway. The building set right to the sidewalk so the roads only a few feet away from the building. I went into the kitchen walked around naked making sure everything was ok making sure the kitchen crew shut down the night before properly, went down to the cellar then back up out front to another part of the service area to go up to the second floor but I had to walk pass more windows. My dick and my balls were bouncing as I walked up and down the stairs. I came back down I walked right back out front to the coffee maker. Coffee was done I poured myself a cup of coffee leaned back had a few sips. Thinking to myself how crazy it was, WHAT THE HELL am I DOING! but it felt nice, relaxing but then again stressful thinking if someone walked in but the doors are locked I was thinking that 3 others have keys, the place is closed for the day no one will show up I think. It was a fun with some stress different stress not like the stress I am usually having with life and work, was it just exciting stress of being nude in work place, what ever it was it was fun. I started going around putting the things I need home together going to the walk-in freezer was a trip I tell ya, I couldn’t find everything I need that quickly it was fucking cold.(For those of you thinking of the Sanitary factor that wasn’t an issue my naked body wasn’t touching anything no food or anything and I wasn’t touching my cock then food with my hands, I am a professional)I went downstairs in the cellar for a few things while I was down there I realized if someone did come in my clothes were on the table near the back door if someone walked in they would see them laying there. I would have no time or no way of getting up the stairs before they entered I be caught. No üsküdar escort one should be there anyway place is closed for the Holiday what would they be there for I think to myself. No one has permission from me to be in there if the place is closed so if they see my car they wouldn’t come in, maybe? I carried up what I needed bring it all out front place everything on the counter to bag up to take homeOne of the most daring parts for me walking around the restaurant totally nude was that I had to walk out front even more to grab few bottles of soda out of the soda cooler which is right in front of the entrance to the restaurant. The front doors are full glass doors someone walks by there I be the Beefcake dessert special. I did anyway without hesitations walked over to the cooler and there I stood in front of the entrance doors. I opened the cooler doors grabbed a couple bottles walk to the counter put them down walked back for more I did this a few times. I need a bag to put them in I walked around the counter grab a paper bag walked back around to the front loaded up the bags with the bottles with my bare ass facing the door. I was enjoying it walking around nude back into the kitchen to the back door setting the bag on the table near my clothes, I had to make few trips every time hoping when I open the kitchen door to the front no one was looking in the windows.On the second trip to the dinning room I walked around the counter over to the cooler for some bottled water I look outside as a car was driving by slowly. The building is on a street corner so when a car has to make the turn they have to slow down in front of the restaurant. I see the driver glance over to the restaurant he turned his head then quickly turns back then cars out of site happen quickly. I had no time to react he made the turn he was gone all happen so fast I didn’t have time to hide or duck down wondering did he see me, oh well maybe. I stood there looking to see if he would drive back around but he didn’t, if that was me I would have if I seen a naked person in a store.I finished going around getting everything I need packing it all up I was there naked for over an hour. I had some time to kill so I went up to the second floor to my office went on the computer. I went on to check out some photos of people outside nude, nudist, flashing, voyeurism etc. It all was exciting playful in the right places, I’m not going to take big chances to much in public I’ll be leaving it at work on the off hours for now. I enjoyed it next I hope to get my wife involved so I am going to work on getting her to try it at a local nudist camp in tuzla escort our county. While I was on the computer I realized my clothes were downstairs I hope no one came in while I was up in the office. I went back downstairs cautiously finding no one there. I got dressed loaded up my truck and went home. I left work relaxed, in good mood a little excited it mellowed me out. It’s all a sexual thing I was in a state of eroticism, I guess in a dangerous and unlikely place questionable place meaning that was part of the excitement I guess. Over all I think we were born naked, so why don’t we live naked? Searching online I find more nudist places, beach and such, are being shut down in this country that’s sad in my eyes. I didn’t do it to get caught just to be nude in a strange place besides my home. I’v been to some cruising places where men flashing for sex but it’s not why I enjoyed it wasn’t looking for sex just to be nude, I was relaxed like nudist I know going “au natutel” I’m not ashamed of my body and I don’t always look at another naked person and get aroused human body is beautiful. I have never done anything so kinky before at work like this, well I have worn women lacy panties under my clothes.The next morning, that Monday, as I drove into work I had to think to myself about what I had done Sunday morning, if I would do it again. This time someone may show up early for work, theres more traffic on the roads, it’s my day to see salesman but I enjoyed it so much I like to try it again I was saying to myself. I got there I open the door stepped in, stood there a minute I hesitated but stripped down anyway. So for the next 4 mornings I did the same thing I got bare ass naked before any employees showed up for work. Wednesday morning was the 3rd time I didn’t hesitate at all I walked in locked the door got naked went out front made coffee like it all was just a normal thing. So this week each morning I got in early got naked just walk around making my daily work list checking things out, making all my phone calls I had to make, by the way the phones are at the counter in-front of the entrance doors but if anyone looked in it would look like I had no shirt on. I told my wife about it she started laughing about it she said “I don’t believe you, Everyone just walks in the back door” I told her that I lock the door and the only ones with keys are 3 others they always show up the same time for their shift so I get dressed before that time. I said “When you show up tomorrow morning you can see I’ll be waiting for you me standing there naked with a hot cup of coffee for you.”That was this morning when my wife was to show up early I waited she over slept and came in to late I had to get dressed because others were coming into work. Is this natural or weird todo anyone else get naked in their work place or any other places like this?I am kind of thinking am I going nuts.I wrote this sitting in my office nude completely naked at my desk.Crazy or what?

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