Between Friends Ch. 03


( Welcome to the third installment of Between Friends. It would be best if those who are new to this series read chapters 1 & 2 first before reading this. That way you would get to know the characters a little better. As I have said before these stories do tend to jump around and are not always erotic in nature. Enjoy!)

“Balls! Their ain’t nothing to fucking do tonight!” Kris grunted as she slammed her beer down onto the table in my room.

“Calm the fuck down honey, were gonna play poker tonight once Joce and Mark get here.” Jeff slurs already buzzed.

Like so many other nights the gang and I are sitting In my room in the basement of my house waiting for someone or another to show up so we could do something. Though tonight was slightly different then the norm we had a plan. We were going to play a game of poker while emptying this here keg Jeff’s dad bought for us. It seemed like a good plain to us only problem was that of course some people couldn’t make it or were late. Both Pete and Sue were stuck having dinner with her parents tonight and Mary our latest addition was stuck at home baby sitting her brothers. So that left Jocelyn and Mark who just recently started dating though to tell you the truth I hope they crash and burn being that I hated seeing my friend date the love of my life. But that’s the way the wind blows and I guess and I can deal with it.

About twenty minutes later they walk in through the door, Jeff jumps to greet Mark with a hand shake and then he slaps Jocelyn on the ass before walking back to the table where Kris and I were waiting getting the cards ready for tonight’s game.

“Hey James, how have you been? I haven’t seen you in awhile.” Jocelyn says with a smile while fingering her dark brown hair.

I force a smile and said, “Nothing much really, just the same ol’ shit different day.” But something told me she didn’t buy it as she looked into my eyes like she could read my mind or something. She was about to press further when Jeff slammed his fist into the table and announced that it was time to play. I kind of smiled to myself as I slithered my way out of her questioning and started pouring them beers while Jeff shuffled the cards.

The First couple of hands went to Jeff and I who were quite experienced with the cards while the others just handed over their money to us. We weren’t playing with a lot of money mind you just quarters and dollar bills. Rule was to bring 20 bucks with you in change and small bills and that’s about it so it was no biggie if you got cleaned out. Of course Jeff made these rules up being the card shark that he is so it really didn’t matter to him cause he always won anyhow and we poor sobs ended up paying him.

It might have been the twelfth hand or so and we were already getting low on cash and slightly tipsy when Mark started on one of his rants about being in Nam. Its really strange when he gets going about these nutty stories, he even changes the way he speaks. Personally I am thinking that he might be acting out his old man’s stories of Vietnam because the voice he uses sounds very çanakkale escort much like his fathers. His old man was in Vietnam from 67 to 71, from what I know from Mark it did one hell of a job on him when he was out in the front lines in the thick of it. My old man got drafted as well but he didn’t see any action. Lucky him I guess. I still can’t see what Jocelyn sees in him, but he is a good guy so I guess in all truth I really would rather see her with him then some other chump. I’m also thinking that I am spending way to much time harping on it as well.

“Man, all I gotta say is dat we were lucky that Tex had those cards stashed away with him when we got captured. Cause their was a whole lotta nothing to do round dat place I tell ya. Jus sitting here an playing wit you guys reminds me so much of that place… Cept with out the stink of the rotten corpses of my buddies out side of the camp and the fact that your not charley.” He mumbles to no one in particular.

Jocelyn just smiles and rubs Marks back as he yaps away. I really miss hanging out with her, we used to have really good times. She and I had so much in common, we both loved Anime and we were both computer nerds not to mention that she had been my friend since we were children. Its just so hard talking to her now especially since she is dating Mark and I am out of my mind with jealously.

“I beat da pants off of them boys I say. I won enough Smokes for a lifetime. “He laughs while looking at his new hand.

“Shut up Mark, we all know you are just talking about when you were in jail for a night.” Jeff grunts and he draws two new cards and places his bet.

“Now look at that Jeff my boy, it looks like the tables have turned. You see it is I who will be taking you money for once.” Jeff says as he scoops up his loot for the last hand.

“Guys I am getting low on cash.” I groaned looking at my very small pile of cash.

Jeff smiles and pats the piles of money sitting in front of him ” I’ll be more then happy to offer you a loan James.” He says with a stupid grin.

“No thanks Jeff, I rather just sit and watch then taking another loan out from you.” I remark remembering the last time we played and I took 3 loans from him and ended up owing him 60 bucks by the end of the night.

It was nearing midnight when the last of our cash had been taken by Jeff and we were all plenty drunk when Jeff suggested a game of strip poker. We had tired to play before and we got the girls down to their panties when they decided that they didn’t want to play anymore. Still we were all plenty wasted and who knows maybe I might get to see some skin this time around. It took Jeff a couple of times until he got the girls to go along with it. This might turn out to be a good night after all.

“I wish I’d brought more clothes with me like I did last time we played.” Kris complained as Jeff shuffled the cards.

“Ha! Well no backing out this time around. We play till just about everyone is in their birthday suits.” Jeff barks as he deals the cards.

From çanakkale escort bayan the look on the girls faces it appears that they had already got the first of their many losing hands before the nights end. We have it so that the person with the lowest hand must take off a piece of clothing until there are naked then they are out but must remain undressed till the end of the game. That last part I guess is so that we can enjoy looking at them while we play. Not bad rules if you ask me.

The first hands went to Jeff of course and already Kris had lost her socks and jacket, while Mark and I just lost our socks and Jocelyn was sitting pretty. So far so good, though the keg was nearing its end and that could be a major factor whether the game would get finished. But I still had hopes seeing that even if we are nearing the end of the beer we must have drank enough that we were all partly blitzed and would go on playing with out it.

“Alright finally! Joce it looks like it time to show us some ankle.” Jeff laughs as he lays his cards down on the table.

Jocelyn smiles and to much of our surprise pulls her shirt over her head revealing a black sports bra. Most the guys in the room held their breath and all was quiet while she sat back down, well that was until Kris slaps Jeff upside his head and commands him to deal the cards. Jeff then quickly shakes it off and deals the cards again though this time he had the losing hand and we all got to make fun of that fact while he pulled of his socks.

“Shut you yaps, this wont last!” Jeff says as he starts dealing the cards again.

It didn’t last long and again he was winning most of the hands. Both Kris and I took the worst of it both sitting in our underwear, her breasts just barely being held by her red lacey bra and her thong not leaving much to the imagination. While Mark was down to his pants and Jocelyn hers as well have had it pretty easy this game. Jeff since then has yet to lose anything more then his socks.

Jeff had started dealing the cards again when Kris streaks that the keg was empty. I thought that would have been then end of this game right their but luckily Jeff must have though ahead and he pulled out a bottle of whisky and sets it on the table with a huge shit eating grin. So by time he got those cards dealt we had all already had at least three shots each and were ready to roll.

“Man I am toasted guys, Hope I can finish this game.” Mark says through a burp as he slugs another shot back.

“Yeah man same here, I just want to see the girlies tits and I’ll be a happy man.” Jeff sighs happily while thinking of his reward.

“I’ll second that Jeff.” I said with a grin.

“You do know that we are still sitting at the table boys.” Jocelyn says with a smile.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing James meat at all either.” Kris says with a wicked grin aimed in my direction.

“Not going to happy Kris, Jeff’s lucky streak is about to end.” I say with a fierce blush while looking at my hand. Four of a Kind, escort çanakkale can’t beat that.

“Nice try but my hand isn’t the lowest, isn’t that right Kris.” He says while rubbing his girlfriends back.

She sighs and reaches behind her back and unclasps her bra then tossing it to the floor letting loose those huge D cups. Marks eyes were busting out of their sockets as he set his eyes on those lovely melons. Kris just smiled and leaned back in her chair slightly so that her back would arch and her breasts would stick out further while eyeing me up. This was turning into quite a show but the real prize hasn’t been won yet.

The next hand went to Jocelyn who had not really won much at all, Jeff finally had the lowest hand knocking him down a peg or two since he has been winning most of the game but he was still sitting pretty and the most dressed of us all. We played a few more hand and drank a few more shots to boot when it was nearing 3am and I knew that this game would be ending quite soon. It would be up to the next few hands to get the prize, though my chances weren’t looking to good at the moment. Jeff and Jocelyn were the last two who weren’t down to their underwear, the rest of us only had one piece of clothing left to lose. It was going to be very close.

“Man, this is one hell of a game.” Jeff grumbles. ” At this rate we wont be finished till morning.”

“What time is it Jeff?” Mark asked looking worried.

“About 3 am…. Why?” Jeff asked looking down at his watch.

“Shit man! I have to get going, I got work at 8!” Mark bellowed as he reached down for his clothing.

“Hold on, hold on! I said we wouldn’t stop till we were all naked didn’t I?” Jeff says while grabbing Marks wrist. “Now lets play one more hand, this one will be for all of the money. The winner stays in what they have on and everyone else strips!”

Kris grins and looks over at me then at Mark and nods. ” Sounds like a good idea to me.” She starts shuffling the cards.

“Damn it, I was doing pretty good at keeping my clothes on.” Jocelyn pouts.

“What’s the fun in that Joce?” Kris says while handing out our hands.

Now my hand was shit, I knew this but I was hoping to the “lord oh mighty” so was Kris and Jocelyn’s. It was the moment of truth, we all lay our cards on the table…

“Son of a bitch!” Jeff yells while looking at his hand.

“I WON!” Jocelyn yells as she slaps her hands down onto the table in glory. “Alright boys, take em off.”

Just my luck, I thought and I pulled my boxers down freeing my meat. Jeff and Mark did the same while both Kris and Jocelyn ogled at us. Though it was strange Jocelyn didn’t look at me at all, kind of upset me a little. But Kris made up for her by staring blatantly at my crouch while peeling off her thong revealing her finely tuned body and a small neatly trimmed patch of hair between her legs. Well even though I didn’t get to see Jocelyn in the nude Kris was a pleasant none the less. Jocelyn started dressing again as did Mark so everyone else took that as their queue and did the same, though Kris took her time teasing all the men in the room.

By 3:30 everyone had left and I was alone in my room running tonight’s activities though my mind over and over enjoying every moment of it. This was a night that will be long remembered by us I hope. Perhaps one day we will get the balls to do so again or drunk enough whatever came first.

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