Big Daddy Tom


Big Daddy TomCraig’s Dad Tom: part two of a multipart story.Friday. Well it’s time to meet Craig’s dad he’d given him my contact number a couple of days earlier and it didn’t take him long to get all horned up and contact me, after the call he sent me a current photo of himself by text, it was only a selfie but I still had a wank over it. He organised a night out for Friday, a drink at a pub followed by a meal at a restaurant across the road. I’d never really been on a date night before especially one that included a visit to a restaurant. Well Friday came I finished work an hour early just to make sure I was in tip top condition for the date. Tom text me thirty minutes before I arrive to tell me where in the pub to find him, his actual words were look for the bloke you think has the biggest cock. It was still pretty early and it should be to busy. I entered the pub and looked around, oh fuck there was a massive bloke sat in a quiet alcove in the corner, I approached him and introduced myself. Tom stood up, fuck he was big, I’d say about 6.7 and very broad, the first thing the got my attention though was his blue eyes and short cropped beard and hair, he looked very hansom and was extremely well dressed, he asked me what I’d like to drink then went off to the bar, I couldn’t take my eyes off him the man was huge.Tom sat down and asked me if I approved, I replied, your a very handsome man, no Tom your absolutely fucking gorgeous. I asked Tom if he was all in proportion, he laughs and said “I fucking wish”. Then Tom said to me “I know your all in proportion”, oh Craig sent you the picture then, he smile and nodded. I thanked him for the picture of himself that he text me, I told him that I’ve already had a couple of wanks over it. Tom replied that’s fine son I’ve been a bit of a chronic masturbator over the past few years.I did ask him about Craig and how strange it was having sex with a father and son, Tom laugh’s, he’s not my son he’s an employee, they all call me dad at work because I call everyone son. I’ve known Craig about ten years since I employed him, we occasionally have the odd wank together and that’s usually after we’ve been to the pub and had a couple. It was a bit of harmless fun we use to have together before he got married. Tom went on, I suppose he told you about him catching me with another man, yeah he did Tom. He seen quiet concerned you were lonely, nice bloke Craig is, always thinking about me. So what did you two get up the other day, I explained that I picked him up at a cottage and we went and had sex in the back of my van, it was just a quickie,, we had a bit of cock play and then I rode his cock for fifteen minutes or so until he shot his load in me, Toms lifted his eyebrows in surprise and replied that he didn’t think Craig was that far into men, I thought he just like a quick wank. Well I didn’t really give him the opting Tom, I thought he looked a bit inexperienced and when he laid on his back naked I just straddled his waist and sat on his cock. At that point Tom started to relax he sat back undid his jacket and spread his legs apart, it was like he was opening up to me. He started to rub his big round belly, it really aroused me. We talked for further hour or so, kind of getting to know you session after we which drank up and went for the meal at the restaurant. The conversation carried on where we left off in the pub. He did remark on the age gap and he found it a bit disconcerting that a twenty three year old would date a sixty year old. Well Tom I prefer older mature men that look masculine. If your wondering about Craig, I also like chubby men. Tom ask if I wanted to stay the night at his place, I agreed and said only if you treat me gently, after the meal I insisted that I paid the bill, OK he said I’ll pay the taxi fare, I didn’t want him to think I was there to sponge off him and that I was genuine. We got a taxi back to Toms place as soon as the door shut he put his arms around me and kissed me on the forehead, he took me into his lounge ask me to make myself at home while he made us both a coffee, we sat and talked some more, I asked him if he had any fantasies or anything he’d like to do, he mentioned he’d like to have shower with me, oh like in the porn films I replied, that sounds good, he asked me the same question, well really I just like you to make passionate love to me and that we both enjoy it.We went up to the bedroom to strip off for our porn shower, Tom started on me by first removing my shirt he caressed and stroked my soft white skin. He carried on and took my trousers off, it was quiet obvious that my cock was fully hard, Tom pulled my briefs down and my cock popped out and slapped my abdomen, Tom stood back “what a fucking b**st you got there” he took it in his hand and gently squeezed it, he dropped to his knees and rubbed it around his short stubby hair beard, that made my balls tingle.I started to strip Tom, I went for his trousers first as I wanted see what kind of cock he had, you could say I was a bit cock hungry by this point. I pulled his trousers down to kadıköy escort reveal his red lacey briefs, I could see his limp cock pinned to the side and his large tight balls bulging out, Tom had shaved them, he commented that he did that specially for me and asked me if I liked it, I slipped them down and took his cock in my mouth and suck his foreskin back, Tom rubbed my head as I enjoyed his cock feast, his limp cock filled my mouth, I stayed down there for a good few minutes sucking and caressing his balls, by the time I’d finished Tom’s cock was solid. He had a nice perfectly formed cock, about five inches and fatter than the average, his bell end was cone shaped a perfect shape for penetrating my tight arse. Tom warned me at that point that he was a heavy cummer and that his spunk was really thick. I didn’t pay much attention to him as I was enjoying licking his pre cum off his bell end.I removed Tom’s shirt, Tom hand a large firm upper body with large biceps (like he worked out) he had a tattoo on both arms, his thick grey hair covered his chest. He did have a bit of a pot belly but I like this in a man as his belly can pin me down while he’s fucking me.We got under the shower and Tom soaped me up and I did the same to him, I still felt quiet nervous and Tom noticed he stood behind me hooked his arms over my shoulders and hugged me, I could feel his hard cock in-between my thighs, he started to slowly thrust his hips it felt fantastic, he started to do some mouth work on my neck and the lobes of my ears while he played with my nipples, I was in absolute ecstasy. I reached around to his cock and felt his warm tight balls. He whispered compliment into my ear and asked if I could stay for the weekend, I didn’t hesitate to say I’d stay, this was only the start and I already thought this was the best experience I’ve ever had, this weekend was truly going to be a memorable one.Tom asked me to put his arms around his neck, he then leant forward and with both hands he grasped my arse cheeks and lifted me up to just above his waist, I could feel him slightly moving his hips, he turned around so he could see my back in the mirror and man and direct his cock into my hole, his strength amazed me, I’d never seen this done before not even in porn films, his cock penetrated my arse he started to fuck me, he stood side on to the mirror so I could see him thrusting his hips, oh this was fucking incredible, I looked small compared to his large powerfull body. We moved into the bedroom Tom put some soft music on then laid on the bed, he open his arms and beckon me over, he hugged me and kissed my forehead, he ran his hands all over my upper body finishing at my nipples which he stroked until they were erect, it sent a tingle down my spine.Tom started to spoon me, he pushed his cock in-between my legs and very slowly thrust his hips, this felt like a prelude to the main event, I just laid there and enjoyed what he was doing to me. He guided his hard cock to my hole, I could feel his finger trying to locate it, I gave him a hand and directed his cock to the bulls eye, he pushed it in and I felt his bell end pop through the rim of my arse at which point he asked me if I was OK, he very slowly pushed his whole shaft in. I could feel his warm ball end as it travel down, he paused again and let out a loud Ahhhhh, he continued this at every thrust, it felt good and I didn’t want it to stop, he whispered are you enjoying this, I replied keep going it feels great. He kissed my neck and earlobe, his hand reach around and started squeezing my nipples, no I was in complete ecstasy and started let out some satisfying moans.Tom asked me if there was any position I’d like to do, I replied no, you pick your favourite positions Tom, he carried slowly thrusting his hips for a few more minutes, he the rolled me onto my stomach, this full weight was on me, his belly had me pinned down he lubed his cock up a reinserted it, he rubbed the side of his face again mine, he increase his rhythm slightly but still he moaned Ahhhhh at every thrust, he put both hands to the side of me and lifted his upper body off me, he again increased his rhythm to about one trust per second, I felt like I was about to cum, but I’ll hold it back until he cums. Tom couldn’t keep up with this rhythm for to long, he paused and sat beside me, he put some lube on my rim and started to finger me while wanking his own cock, when he finished the arse play he rolled me onto my back, he spread my legs and knelt in-between them, he pulled me closer and then folded my legs back and pushed them to the side, he took his position and slipped his cock back in me, he leant forward and put his hands by my side and started to fuck me, this time it was harder and faster, his moans got louder, he would slow down a bit then speed up, he started to wank me off, I’m cumin I’m cumin he said, and a dozen or so thrusts later he let out an extremely loud Ahhhhhh and he injected his first bit of spunk, he gave me another 3 üsküdar escort thrusts to dispense his full load into me, at the second, third and forth thrust I could feel his spunk shooting out my arse and dribbling down my back, he left his cock in me while he wanked me off, it didn’t take long for me to shoot, I told him I was about to cum, he wanked me with one hand and put the other over my bell end, I shot all my spunk into his hand after which he lifted it to his mouth and licked it out of his hand. Tom remarked that there’s now a little bit of me in you and a bit of you in me.After that we went back to the shower to clean up, we didn’t really have any choice we were both covered in Tom’s spunk, we had a bit of a laugh about it. We both got into the shower and cleaned each other up, we had a bit of fun in the shower after which we retired for the night and I fell to sleep in Tom’s arms.Saturday MorningTom woke up and started to stroke my face, I opened my eyes to see Tom smiling he asked me if I’d like some breakfast, yes please tom but not to much, he left me one of his bathrobes at the bottom of the bed, I’ll give you a shout when it’s ready. He’d had a phone call from Craig saying that he would be joining us shortly. Tom remarked that he only lives five minutes away and he still drives here, he usually pops in for breakfast and a chat on a Saturday and it usually leads to the pub in the afternoon. Craig arrived not long after and joins us for breakfast. Alright all, did you pair have a good sleep last night, with a big grin on his face. Tom is up and about and cannot do enough for us were all get chatting and Tom makes a suggestion, listen to this he says, Do you know how last night you asked me what my fantasies are, well I’ve have a new one. Tom paused and Craig chirp up, come on the tell us, I like us to go to the gym room and I’d like to see you two going at it while I watch. Craig and me both looked at each other and Craig replied I’m up for it, I replied, yeah should be good Craig’s in his jogging bottoms anyway. Tom smiled and did a drum roll on the table with his knife and fork. We’ll that’s the morning sorted Tom said with a big smile across his face.Tom had a gym at the bottom of the garden, we sat around for an hour or so before making our way to the bottom of the garden, Tom unlock the door and went in first, he took his bathrobe off and hung it up, he had the same red lacy briefs on that he’d worn was last night, Not only that he also had suspenders and tights on, he slipped a pair of stiletto shoes on and picked up a riding crop. I think Tom was playing a kind of dominatrix, he order us both to strip down to our pants with a crack of his crop on the table, we both stood in our briefs, Tom came around and inspected us, he stood directly in front of us and slipped his left hand down my pants and his right one down Craig’s. In a loud voice he said, now I want you both to fuck each other with these but before that, get into the shower an both of you clean yourselves up, shave you pubic hair then make out with each other.Tom sat down and watched while wanking his cock, we both followed Toms orders to the letter , we both started to laugh and Tom whacked us both on the arse with his crop. So we carried on and had a shower together and we were both hard, which actually made it easier to shave our pubes. We started some passionate kissing under the flow of the water. Tom walked towards us and started to feel our cocks and arses, Tom ordered me to finger Craig’s arse, he made Craig turn with his back to me and put his hands against the wall (By this point we were out of the shower). I slide my hand down Craig’s arse crack and carried out Toms orders, Tom asked Craig if he’d ever had a cock up there, No Tom, he said, but my wife has used her dildo on my arse, well your gonna get a proper cock up there in the next hour or so. Do you want his cock up you, Tom said, its a bit big, Craig replied, Tom squeezed his own cock and said I’ll use this to open you up a bit.Thinking about this now, at the time I would have thought this would have been a bit perverse, but it was actually quiet good fun. Tom’s hardly used his gym to work out he mainly used it for sex, he told me later that over the years he’s had quiet a few men that use to call on a regular basis one of which was Dave, the bloke that Craig caught Tom fucking. We’ll here more about Dave later. So the moral of this is don’t knock it until you try it.Next Scene Tom instructed both of us to bend over the cube (the cube was a large square wooden box about waist height and covered in carpet). He stood in-between us and rubbed our arse cheeks for a minute or two. He asked us a question, what am I going to do next boys, Craig shouted, fuck us, Tom replied, you would love that wouldn’t you , you little whore. At same time I felt Toms finger penetrate my hole, he was fingering both off us at the same time, this is prep work for when you fuck each other, he removed his fingers and relubed and reinserted them, you two like this , Oh tuzla escort that’s nice said Craig, I replied deeper Tom deeper. Are you two ready, yes came the reply from both of us. Well who’s going to fuck who first, I volunteered first, Tom pulled out a soft mat, get on your back with your legs in the air, now watch me Craig, Tom took his position to show Craig what to do, he pushed my legs back and Inserted his cock in my arse, Tom smiled at me and thrust his hips a few times, leant kissed me on my lips, Craig took the position that Tom showed him, he inserted his cock and started to fuck me, he was powerful on the thrusts, he got quicker and harder, Tom was on his knees at the side of us watching, Craig increase his intensity, he started sweating, tell me when your close Craig, with in a minute Craig shouted I’m cumin I’m cumin, Tom started to finger Craig’s arse as he climaxed.On your back Tom said to Craig, the poor sod was still out of breath, Craig got in position and lifted his leg, his big white arse looked gorgeous, I put plenty of lube on my cock, and fingered his arse for a few minutes relubing my fingers regularly, to be fair on Craig his hole looked like he would have any problems taking my dick, I eased my cock into his arse gently, Craig pulled his legs back even more, I made one hard thrust and Craig’s arse took my full length, he let out a very loud fuckin hell, I did a few more thrust to see if it bothered him, it didn’t seem to but the sweat was pouring streaming off his belly and onto his chest, I looked into Craig’s eyes as I started to pound him harder, that feels fucking great Craig are you sure you’ve never had a cock up here, Craig clench his eyes as I continued to pound him, I reached down to his chest and squeezed his nipple, I was getting a bit fatigued so I increased my speed, I repeated what Craig said as I was about to cum, Tom quickly stuck his finger up my arse , as soon as he penetrated me I shot my load, Fucking brilliant Tom said, now both of you lay next to each other on the may I’m gonna cum over you both.Tom stood up put one foot between my legs and one between Craig, I watched while he wanked his cock, his whole body from this position looked fantastic I felt like sitting up so he could shoot his load in my mouth. Toms legs started to shake his pre cum was dripping from his cock and his moans grew louder, Tom waned us when he came, his spunk oozing out off his cock dripped on my chest, he turned to Craig and his second squirt dribbled on Craig’s belly. Well we wrapped the session up by another Porn shower with lots of cock play and kissing.Saturday AfternoonWell as Tom and Craig had a tradition of occasionally going to the pub on a Saturday afternoon we all finish up at the pub for a meal and a few drinks, Craig went after the meal that gave me and Tom to talk about last night, I asked Tom if he enjoyed it, he replied I certainly did I’ve not felt like that since I met my wife, I asked Tom what happened, well the bitch left with my business partner not that I was interested in her sexually at the time I always like a bit of cock but had to resort to porn. When she left I just seemed to preferer the company of men and it was only a couple of years after that Craig caught me fucking Dave, I had picked Dave up at the cottage and brought him home on a Saturday, Craig called in as he usually does or he text me if he cant make it and caught me giving Dave one on the sofa, I heard him come in and thought fuck, I with drew my cock from Dave’s arse and stood up and that’s when Craig walked in, I was stark bollock naked with a rock solid hard on and Dave was on the sofa with his legs in the air begging me to fuck him, you couldn’t write that shit. I gave Craig a ring to explain and he came around and I told him everything, then he admitted that he was bi and asked me for advice on where he could pick men up from, typical Craig. Wait for this bit said Tom, we hugged each other and Craig said can you finish me off, I thought FFS he undid his trousers, got his cock out and I wanked him off.Anyways that made everything crystal clear, just one thing Tom, what happened to Dave, Oh he lives on the next road, I never new him, I picked him up in a cottage, you’d like him, he’s about Craig’s size but a bit fatter, fully tattooed, big cock and bollocks and he loves to be fucked. He usually gets away from his wife by telling her he’s coming around to watch a football match. Not seen him for a couple of months, I’ll give him a ring and organise a night in the week, i can fuck him then you can fuck him It’ll be a bit of fun with him. Usually give him a couple of drinks first, loosens him up. Well that was enough of the inquisition I put Tom through for 10 minutes or so. Well Tom that was a fantastic night and morning we had, I’ve never experience anything like that before your a very sensitive lover, Tom replied, I pushed it a bit this morning though, It was fun Tom and me and Craig enjoyed it. So what about this afternoon, I said, Tom replied I think we need some down time, I usually have a little sleep on the sofa on a Saturday afternoon If you want to join me, love to Tom, it’ll be nice to rest my head on your cuddly belly, oh we need to stop off at my flat and get a change of cloths.So I ended up staying at Toms for the weekend, we’ve got Saturday night and Sunday left. That will be in Part 3 and we have another special guest.

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