Bill and Vicki


Bill and VickiBill and Vicki finally fuck after years of fantasiesThey say that your cousins are the first friends you ever make and in mycase, this was certainly true.Vicki and I are only four months apart in age and we pretty much grew uptogether. As babies, our parents told us that we were so close inappearance they were constantly confusing us with each other. Thankfullyour physical difference became more pronounced as the years progressed.Vicki began to show signs of beauty early on and I found myself beingattracted to her and all through our teenage years I had feelings that,at the time, I thought was love but looking back at them now, they couldbe described as lust. I frequently jacked off in the bathroom as Isecretly fantasized about have sex with her: the thought of sliding myhard cock into her sweet pussy fascinated me and filling her with my cumwas always on my mind.I recall one time going to the lake and for the first time in my life Isaw Vicki in a bikini. I had to spend most of my time standing inwaist-deep water so the rest of the people there wouldn’t be able to seethat my boner was producing a tent-like bulge in my bathing suit. Eventhen her tits were well-shaped; round mounds of flesh that pressedagainst her bikini top and seemed to try to escape into the open air.Oh, how I wanted to suck on Vicki’s sweet tits.Fast forward to the future: Vicki and I are now in our mid 50s and shecalled one day to give me some news. “Hey, Billy,” she said after Ianswered the phone, “I just wanted to let you know I will be coming intotown for a reunion with my side of the family and I wanted to stop byand see you, too.” Her mother was my dad’s sister, and she was coming infor the reunion on her father’s side of her family.My cock immediately began twitching as the thought of seeing her for thefirst time in years entered my mind. We soon made arrangements for herto come to my little apartment as she would only be in town for a coupleof days and her time was limited.When she arrived I discovered I was as attracted to her as I had everbeen. Opening my door after I heard her knock, I reached out and gaveher a tight hug. Her tits pressed against my chest and she had to feelmy cock growing in my pants as I pressed against her. “It sure is greatto see you,” she whispered into my ear.She and I sat down on the couch and we began reminiscing over old times.Soon the topic of affection came up. “One thing I will neverunderstand,” I said gaziantep escort as I looked at my cousin in the eye, “was how wedeveloped the reputation of being kissing cousins when we’ve never kissed.”Vicki shrugged her shoulders. “I dunno. I guess it’s because when wewere k**s they used to put us in the playpen in our diapers. Mommaalways told me that we kissed each other a few times.”I was almost regretful that I couldn’t remember back that far.“In fact,” she admitted, “when I told them I was coming over to see you,everyone began giving me a hard time about we might wind up kissingagain.” Vicki looked at me with a smile that REALLY began to turn me on.“Well,” I said with a smile, “we might as well not disappoint everyone.”I leaned forward expecting nothing more than one of thoseit’s-good-to-see-my-cousin type of kisses, but I was shocked when I feltVicki’s soft lips separate allowing my tongue to slide inside her mouth.I eagerly began to kiss her deeper with our tongues beginning to wrestlein a wet wrestling match. I could feel her hot breaths from her nostrilson the side of my face. My hands began massaging her back and my palmsbegan working their way downward to her ass as we scooted closertogether on the couch.Vicki’s response was electrifying as her breaths became deeper. My righthand was massaging the top of her ass from the back while my left handbegan to explore up her side until it brushed against her tit. I wasexpecting to feel her pull away as I touched her but instead, shepressed herself to me tighter. Taking that as permission to continue Ibegan to slowly massage her right tit and it felt magnificent! The sametits that I had admired when we were younger were now, seemingly, at mydisposal. I pulled away from our kiss slightly and as I continuedfondling her tit I asked, “Are you okay with this?”Vicki didn’t say a word. She simply kissed me again while this timerunning her right hand in between my legs where she began squeezing mythrobbing cock. “Holy fuck,” I thought.We continued making out for about a half hour. During that time webecame acquainted with our bodies in ways that I had only dreamed. Vickiadmitted that when we were younger she had her eye on me as well.“How do you like being kissing cousins?” I asked.She smiled and said, “What would you think about being fucking cousins,too?”Immediately I stood and took her by the hand. She kissed me as we stoodthis time she was opening giresun escort my pants. My cock popped out of its denimprison and fell directly into the palm of her hand. Vicki began fuckingme with her fist as she kissed me deeper. That was fucking wonderful!She began working her way down my chest, unbuttoning my shirt as shewent, until she became eye-to-dick level with me. The experience offeeling my cock sliding into Vicki’s mouth was almost indescribable. Thelady with whom I had grown up was now giving me the best blow job I hadever received. Vicki sucked on my cock deeply and reached in between mylegs and began massaging my balls; my head tilted back in ecstasy.I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled Vicki to her feet and said, “It’smy turn now.” She knew exactly what I meant.I helped her slip out of her jeans and was pleasantly surprised to finda beautiful, hairless pussy. I looked up at her and smiled and I guessshe could see the question in my mind. “I can’t stand having hair downthere,” she explained.“No complaints here,” I responded, “it looks beautiful. I gently nudgedher back onto the couch where her legs opened up.She reached in between her legs and spread her pussy lips open for mewhere I admired her little pink playground and she said, “Do what youwill.”I leaned forward and began kissing my cousin’s hot pussy. She tasted soawesome. Her juices were flowing freely down her thighs and I hungrilylapped up every drop. I went back in between Vicki’s legs where my lipsfound her clit and I began sucking on it as if it were a tiny cock. Asher clit throbbed in between my lips my tongue began batting it back andforth like a tiny punching bag and Vicki began to orgasm.Her hips began gyrating up and down and she began moaning loudly. Isucked on her clit harder and suddenly a gush of sweet pussy juiceshowered my chin and I opened my mouth and covered her entire pussy asit continued gushing and I enjoyed every drop.With my face full of her sweet pussy juice I raised up and began rubbingthe head of my cock in between her sweep, slippery pussy lips. I lookedat Vicky in the eye and then I heard her whisper three words which Iwill NEVER forget: “Fuck me, Billy.”Being obedient to my cousin, my hips shifted forward and my dick slidinside her velvet-like pussy. Her sweet fuck-hole welcomed my shaft as Ipumped in and out of her, fucking Vicki in the way that I had alwaysdreamed.Feeling Vicki’s sweet, loving escort bayan pussy was the best I could have ever hopedfor and nothing could improve upon this experience . . . or at leastthat what I thought, but Vicki had one more surprise for me.. She gentlypushed me away causing my dick to fall from her cunt and at first Ithought she was through. “I want you to do something for me,” sheexplained.She got up, turned around and stood on her knees on the couch and leanedover. Looking down I could see her sweet puffy, pussy poking out frombehind and the most beautiful puckered asshole I had ever seen. I didn’tneed any instructions.I leaned over and began licking her pussy from behind as my nose beganpressing against her little asshole. I slide my tongue out, ran it upand down and flicked it lightly across her anus. Then making broadswipes with my mouth, I began using my tongue as a paint brush and lefta wide trail of spit beginning at her pussy, up to her asshole, and allthe way up her butt crack in between her cheeks and then back down toher pussy again. She began moaning once again as she had earlier.A few minutes later I raised up and positioned my cock to fuck her pussyfrom behind. “Uh uh,” she protested, “not there.” She reached aroundwith both hands and spread her ass cheeks open. “There,” she said, “fuckme in the ass, Billy.”I couldn’t believe it. I leaned forward and pressed the head of my dickagainst her sweet rosebud and gently pushed forward. With a pop, my cockhead when inside her ass. “Oh yes, Billy, now fuck me deep.”I pushed my hips forward and watched as my dick began to disappearinside Vicki’s asshole. Her ass was so fucking tight and it feltwonderful as I began pumping in and out of her. Her moans became louderand louder as I plunged into her deeper and deeper. Fucking Vicki up theass was a dream come true.Soon, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. My cum began exploding insideher ass and my balls swayed back and forth slapping her pussy frombehind as I filled her rear entry with a gallon of sperm. Vicki raisedup, turned her head to the left; I met her halfway and began kissing herpassionately.I pulled from her ass and watched as my cum dribbled from her anus andcoat her thighs with my milky substance. Then it was my turn to give HERa surprise. I leaned forward and slid my tongue inside her ass and Ihungrily scooped every drop of cum I could find. Afterward I licked herthighs and pussy, cleaning my sperm from and filling my mouth with cum.I then turned her around and gave my cousin a passionate, cum-filled kiss.Well, that was our first time together. I can’t wait for our next timeas she wants to visit a swinger’s bar. I would love to watch her gettingfucked and then I would join in on the fun!

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