Birthday Surprise


*He will be so surprised, what a perfect birthday present* I think as the plane begins its descent into the airport… I have made arrangements with a limo service to pick me up here at the airport. I ordered champagne and it should be chilling right now…

I get off the plane and make my way to the entrance.. There is my limo, right in front ready to go… I have already given the service the address to the place that I want to go, and we set off in a streak of white to pick up my birthday boy…. It is approaching 5 o’clock and I hope to surprise him before he takes off for dinner….

The limo pulls up in front of where he lives… The driver gets out and goes to the door… rings the bell… A very handsome man answers the door… oh god is it him????

I see the driver ask him something and he nods yes… The driver then waves his hand toward the limo, where I am eagerly awaiting him… With a very inquisitive expression on his face, he comes toward the car….

The driver opens the door… He leans down and looks inside… I give him one of my sexiest smiles and say.. Hi, it is me, Miss Savannah… I see his eyes light up with laughter and surprise… He says…. Is it really you?????? I can only nod my head…

He climbs inside the car and the door is closed… “Oh my god, I can’t believe that it is really you,” he says…. I tell him “and why not?” He just shakes his head, the smile on his face getting bigger by the second…

I wanted to surprise you for your birthday… so, here I am to take you for a night out on the town and for a birthday adventure…

Your birthday adventure first needs to start out with a birthday kiss… I lean over and take his face between my hands, breathing in his smell; I slowly lick my lips, looking deep into his eyes, seeing the hunger and the desire, knowing that he sees the same in mine…

I slowly pull his face to mine, brushing his lips with my hot ones, slipping my tongue slightly between his lips, until he opens them and lets me taste his tongue with my own… our kiss becomes very deep and demanding…. I finally break away, breathless… The look of desire on his face is priceless.

I Escort bayan smile sexily at him and asked how he liked the first birthday present?? He just smiled and let out a small moan.. I then asked if he would like some champagne…. Of course he said, it is my birthday.. I pull the bottle out of the ice bucket and lean it toward him.. Would you do the honors I ask…. He gives me his beautiful smile and takes the bottle..

I knock on the glass partition and the drive opens the sunroof for us.. The night is so beautiful.. The driver has headed out into the country.. The stars are so bright and the sky so dark.. He takes the champagne and points it up at the stars, releasing the cork.. it flies off to never never land, and the champagne bubbles over the edges of the bottle..

He brings it down to his mouth, sucking the liquid up quickly so as not to spill a drop.. I hand him my glass and he quickly fills it up. We raise the glass and the bottle in toast *to cyber-lovers*.. And we drink…

I then ask if he is ready for his second present… he says of course, I can’t wait to see what it is…I move closer to him, my hands at the front of my silk blouse.

I slowly begin to unbutton each button; the smile on his face becomes wider with each button that is undone. He reaches over and says “let me help you with that”.. I oblige, letting him finish the job.

His hands move inside my blouse, finding my firm breasts waiting for his touch, my nipples rise at the feel of the warmth of his hands…. He reaches upward and pushes my blouse down from around my shoulders.. He moans at the sight of my firm tits held up by a black lace bra..

My nipples are hard as he reaches up to caress each one. My body shivers with delight as he leans over and sucks lightly on each nipple in turn.. I moan slightly, as he begins to suck harder, as though I am feeding him..

He moves up to kiss my mouth, his tongue snaking its way, probing my mouth, which is hot and moist.. my lips succumb to his demand and kiss him back hungrily… We pull a part, our breathing each matching the other in its heaviness. I give him my sexy smile and tell him that Bayan escort it is my turn…. He gives me a quizzing look, but then desire takes over and he knows what I am after..

He leans back into the seat, my body moves toward his, already seeing the outline of his hardness.. I reach forward, finding the button and the zipper of his pants.

I undo both, slowly, sexily, prolonging the lust each of us has built up. I pull his pants apart, then reaching in to pull his hard member free of its restraints. It springs forth into my hands, a slight moan escapes my lips as I whisper “oh yes”… I can hardly contain myself, the shaft is long and hard, the head is large and smooth, glistening with a small drop of precum.

I move my hand up and down the shaft, stroking it softly; I lean over, my tongue lightly licking the smooth head. His body quivers in response. I begin to nibble and kiss his hard cock, licking the shaft as I stroke it, up one side and down the other. His cock becomes harder with each movement of my hot tongue. I keep sucking and nibbling on his cock, letting him lean back and enjoy it..

My efforts become more intense, and I feel his balls tightening. I take each one in my mouth, savoring the taste of him. Rolling each ball around and around in my hot moist mouth, emitting moans of pleasure from him,.,.

I, quickly, before he knows what I am doing, engulf his cock with my hot mouth. Ramming the head deep to the back of my throat. Riding it with my mouth, stroke after stroke after stroke, his hands wrapped in my hair, holding my head, while he pumps his cock in and out of my mouth…

My pussy is dripping by now, as he pulls me off of his cock and up to meet his deep demanding kiss.. He whispers that if I didn’t stop he would blow his cum all over the car… I giggle nastily and kiss him hungrily back…. He unfastens my skirt, pushing it down to my feet, only to find that my shaven pussy is there, unclothed for his taking.

He pushes me back on the forward seat, pushing my legs up to my chest and leans over, tasting my juices as he licks my clit. I wiggle with need, as he begins to suck my clit and fuck my dripping snatch with Escort his hot tongue.

I can hardly stand it, my hips begging to move on their own, fucking his tongue. He moves one hand down as he sucks on my hard protruding clit, and inserts two of his fingers deep inside my hot moistness.

Caressing my g-spot, this makes my pussy even hotter.. The heat begins to build as the fire deep inside my snatch ignites even more powerful.. I tell him that if he doesn’t stop soon, I will be Cumming all over his tongue.

He just moans the word “good” and continues to suck my clit and fuck my pussy with his fingers. Without warning, he inserts a wet finger into my ass, fucking me slightly with it. I moan loudly, and tell him I am going to cum… He begins to fuck me in both slots, faster and faster, licking my clit and sucking on it harder and harder until my hips are moving to fuck his face..

The waves start to flow over me as my orgasm begins deep inside, making my pussy hotter than ever. My body bucks with pleasure as my cunt gushes with my juices as I cum all over his face… He instantly moves up to my lips, letting me taste my juices all over his mouth and inside on his hot tongue.

His cock, hard and long, finds its way to the mouth of my cave; he rams his cock deep inside of me, almost splitting me apart. I reach down and grab his ass, pulling him deeper inside on my hot wet cunt.. Pulling him with each of his thrusts.

His cock becomes harder as I fuck his tongue with my mouth as well. His thrusts become slower and hard, then fast and short… He tells me he is going to fill my hot cunt up with his cum… With one last hard deep thrust, he moans out in ecstasy as his hot load shoots deep inside of me.. He falls heavily on me, his mouth finding mine and kissing me softly, nibbling on my lips, telling me how hot I am, and that he always knew that I was.

I smile softly at him, asking how he enjoyed his birthday present. He laughs and pulls me to him, hugging me and kissing my hot mouth as he tells me this is the best birthday surprise he has ever had.

He reaches for the champagne, taking a long swallow, and then passing the bottle to me for the same. I then point to the picnic basket that he didn’t see, and he nods his head, saying he has worked up a powerful appetite.

I reach for the basket, but he pulls me back, telling me “but not for food”……………………………………

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